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  1. Michigan has looked very pedestrian so far, and all they've played is cupcakes. Unfortunately, team health has reared its ugly head, otherwise I think we could have made this a game at home.
  2. The offense has looked no better than a Frost offense so far.
  3. We've lost to worse Colorado teams in recent years, so a loss really shouldn't be that much of a surprise here. While Colorado has depth issues, they have a few players that do have elite talent, and that can't be said about our roster. Also, I think with this being Deion's first home game, their crowd will be more energized than usual, giving them a distinct home-field advantage.
  4. My takeaway is that I'm prepared for another season without a bowl appearance. It's clear that there is still a long ways to go in terms of recruiting in the trenches.The QB play also didn't show much promise. Also, it will take time to erase the loser culture that has infected the program the last two decades. All the current players on the roster have known is losing.
  5. I don't know what people were expecting. This was a four-win team last year, and dramatic improvements typically don't happen in just one year.
  6. I think that the new additions to the league will help NU in recruiting. Having exposure on the West Coast never hurts.
  7. Callahan and John Blake proved that it is still possible to recruit an elite class to Nebraska. If the chosen candidate is truly the right guy, the recruiting will take care of itself. Results on the field and national perception also matter. If the hire is perceived as bad along with NU's recent mediocrity, the recruiting will remain average. If the chosen candidate has a proven track record of winning and the hire gets national praise, the recruiting will almost instantly improve. More than anything, NU needs to change the perception young players have of NU, which is a losing program. An entire generation of recruits do not remember the 90s or early 2000s for NU, so fixing the perception of the program along with a hire that gets national praise are the keys for NU returning to contender status. In my opinion, Mickey would be considered a "safe" hire and add to the narrative that NU can't let go of the past. This would do the program no favors in the long run in my view. With this hire, NU can not only hire a qualified candidate, but also announce that they are not leaning on the past anymore and are willing to forge a new identity for the modern era of college football. With the booster support, fan support, facility upgrades, and new Big Ten TV deal, NU is in a position to make a solid hire here.
  8. I think if it was Rhule or Meyer, it would have been announced by now. Rhule might take a year off before considering another job. I also feel that if it was Mickey it would have been announced by now. In my view, it’s most likely another sitting college head coach.
  9. Mullen was in a recruiting hotbed in Florida, but he couldn’t seem to put it together outside of 2020. The rest of his years there were middle of the road. His offenses are good, but he yes yet to prove he can handle HC responsibilities at a big name program like Florida or Nebraska. It’s a different kind of pressure coaching at those places when compared to Mississippi State.
  10. Just on the slim chance he comes, the spotlight he would bring to NU would be amazing.
  11. Though the results aren’t mind-blowing, he made the best out of a tough situation. I will say that the competitive spirit of the team has improved drastically since Mickey’s first game.
  12. It looks like Matt Campbell isn’t a candidate anymore. I’m glad because I don’t want NU to be mediocre for another 5 years.
  13. Deion is a cleaner version of Urban when taken into account the kind of recruits he would bring in. Both would recruit at a similar level, but one has a much better image at the moment. I don’t think many would consider Deion a sleaze bag (as a coach at least).
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