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  1. Normally we have to wait until November to talk about missing out on extra practices and being ready for next year.
  2. Yep. You’ve made us part of the old WAC. Livin the dream.
  3. There are some serious up and comers. 2020 has been quite a standout class on HB.
  4. I believe Palau has a slight advantage at the moment in per capita heifery. But this is a 60 minute ballgame!
  5. And the winner for ‘Most Words Without Actually Saying Anything’ goes to...
  6. Some of that you should’ve learned in high school civics class, to be fair.
  7. I think we’ve still got a ways to go before we decide that the northeast is better off because of x or y. Massachusetts has suffered more Covid deaths than Texas so far. Obviously Texas’ death numbers lag further behind, but it is also nearly 5x bigger in terms of population. New York State has suffered > 25,000 deaths. I believe the precautions certainly help, but there might be some evidence that these places were simply hit earlier than others.
  8. https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2020/07/herd-immunity-coronavirus/614035/ This was a pretty informative article I came across a few weeks ago. Sheds a lot of light on the so-called herd immunity threshold, and how it is extremely circumstantial on community behavior and can be heavily affected by small changes in initial conditions. IMO, places like New York City and New Orleans are showing signs of herd immunity given that they got hit hard early and have had possibly upwards of 20-30% exposure to the virus as a regional population.
  9. Agreed. I just had something else in mind when you said ‘shutdown’ I guess.
  10. These are preseason rankings. We’ll hit our stride.
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