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  1. https://covidtracking.com/data/state/nebraska#historical There is some serious variance in day to day numbers, but if you will notice that there is no real stark difference between daily reported cases this week and those of 3 weeks ago. FWIW.
  2. This has definitely exposed major issues in adult care facilities. It seems as though once a resident became infected, it spread throughout the nursing homes like wildfire. Clearly there are issues in being able/willing to quarantine residents. Just a guess, but perhaps poor sanitation and lack of resources played a role? One thing that’s come out of this should be that public health is in everyone’s best interest, and if it means gov’t stipends or subsidies to allow for better care in these facilities...money well spent and cheaper/safer in the long run.
  3. Agreed on the reaction. Until we get clear signs that individual states have crossed a threshold and are experiencing secondary outbreaks, what should be the course of action? Is it a mistake to be undergoing phased reopening? Georgia is not a fun example I realize because they are mixing molecular and serological test results. However, hard to ignore the fact that they opened up gyms and hair salons over a month ago and experienced 13 total COVID related deaths statewide yesterday.
  4. I agree with everything you say, but what does that look like? Do you agree with opening up commerce as new cases remain steady? I have my own view on how we should move forward, but what I find most frustrating is there doesn’t appear to be a plan. Different states are forging ahead at different rates, based on seemingly different rules. In late March, everyone in the country knew what we were trying to do. We had all seen the graph of case volume vs medical capacity. I can’t speak for everywhere, but I felt there was a certain degree of solidarity and purpose. Almost 2 months later, I’m not sure what we’re striving for. It appears that a vaccine is not especially imminent. I keep hearing that we need a more testing capacity, which I agree with, but not for the reasons I’m given. I hear a lot about contact tracers, which I think is a futile countermeasure at this point, given the rate of infection. I read some version of ‘States are reopening as COVID deaths surpass X number’ article every morning. I guess I’m just curious what everyone’s opinion of what the next 90 days look like in their mind?
  5. I would agree that the president is a demented child. Assuming there is no coordinated federal response...what is the goal for the next 12 months? Broadly, the curve has flattened. Are we still of the mind that our primary concern is medical capacity to treat those that will inevitably require care? Are we now trying to suppress the virus completely until a vaccine is available? As a regular person with no political affiliation, what are we trying to do now?
  6. I think most reasonable people agree that mouth-breathing gumps walking around Costco without masks are stupid. Beyond that, anyone have anything to offer? What would be a good plan to move the country forward under the circumstances?
  7. I read the article and it sounds like they’re not distinguishing between viral presence and antibody presence testing results. I didn’t see where it was specifically stated how the results were augmented together. Is the claim that they are using both types of tests to inflate the testing capacity numbers? Are they counting the presence of antibodies as a positive for COVID? Either way it’s poor data management.
  8. It’s in semen and farts now?! Guess I have to cancel my 3:00.
  9. And here I am with my 6ft penis thinking I’m safe to engage in casual, socially-distanced sex during lockdown. Then this bombshell.
  10. Life vs money. That just sums it up, huh? Wouldn’t it be amazing if the situation wasn’t quite that simple and there might be options worth exploring that value life AND livelihood?
  11. Assuming that degree of infection is constant across all age groups, the effective mortality rate in those aged 18-44 is ~0.0575%. Still significant, but is an important data point that should guide a targeted plan to easing some mandates in coming weeks.
  12. It’s his acute business sense. He’s putting together a deal. Artfully setting up negotiations with the WHO. It’s a deal that rings of artistry and craftsmanship, and the skill is rare indeed. The execution of this skill is unique. I call it the ‘Art of the Deal’
  13. The issue I take is in the way the tweet is written. NO evidence that people gain immunity after infection? We have no historical data on viruses of this class that suggest people gain immunity after infection? The language of the tweet could have been written ‘not enough evidence yet to determine degree of immunity after initial infection’. I believe that to be more forthcoming. ive never tried kombucha before, so technically there is NO evidence that it’s not toxic to me.
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