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  1. Just saw the video. What a chaotic, violent $hit$how to come up on. Might there have been a better solution? I might be able to think of one, but it would take me longer than the 10 second window demanded.
  2. While you’re sifting through the data on the interwebs, take a hot minute to search ‘confirmed vs actual covid cases’, and see how arbitrary it is. I have a feeling you know this already, but unfortunately admitting it wouldn’t allow you to remain on the precarious perch you’ve somehow found yourself on.
  3. Or you could provide another arbitrary number that you find more convenient.
  4. That’s a funny way of spelling ‘sorry, I was wrong’.
  5. Let’s do some back of the envelope arithmetic. According to cumulative numbers from the Covid Tracking Project in early March, the US had around 29 million confirmed cases of infection, with 515,000 deaths. Estimates vary on the actual number of infections, but conservatively it’s likely at least 3-4 times the number of confirmed positives. Let’s call it 3: 3*29,000,000 = 87 million cases. This would put the mortality rate at: 515,000/87,000,000 ~= 0.6% Some research done in December roughly estimated that an adult’s odds of dying once hosp
  6. Please tell me why it’s 96%? That would be the topper here. You drive us down in semantics about a number from clinical data, then just toss out your own with no basis.
  7. I have a couple questions off the bat... 1) How was the game knotted up? 2) What was your dream primarily about? The way you tell it, you were just checking in with the score when you got a free moment.
  8. The clinical trials were essentially 100%, which is the actual data we have in hand. The breakthrough cases, particularly ones resulting in severe disease and death, aren’t tracked the way the subjects in a trial are, so it’s possible there are other factors to consider. Your source indicated ‘at least 94%’, which I interpret to mean if every single instance of severe disease being reported after vaccination is considered the result of vaccine breakthrough...which I would think is unlikely. To recap, the statement was made that J&J vaccine was clearly inferior to the other 2, an
  9. Sorry, I thought what I said was pretty common knowledge at this point, so I didn't feel the need to qualify it. But thanks for pointing out that there are breakthrough cases.
  10. What is being quoted is data from the clinical trials. 100% and ‘perfect’ are not necessarily mathematically equivalent. Just means the outliers are statistically negligible.
  11. J&J, Moderna, Pfizer all protect 100% against hospitalization and death
  12. I thought that dog had elephantitis, until I saw the label
  13. Nothing more needs to be said.
  14. How did we go from cops to ice cream without even touching on donuts?
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