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  1. Jason Sitoke

    RB/WR Wandale Robinson

    If it were Nebraska being destroyed by OSU, it would help us because it would show ‘he could play right away’. God love us fans
  2. This feels like an off-season thread. Where we debate totally likely scenarios, like ’who would win if Nebraska ‘95 played the ‘91 Chicago Bulls in beer pong?’
  3. Jason Sitoke

    What if Nebraska has TWO games canceled this year?

    That's just a fancy word for money fun.
  4. Jason Sitoke

    Who's Had Their Husker Moment?

    Such improvisation. Such funk.
  5. Jason Sitoke

    Face facts. This is the worst Husker team in history.

    This was the first of many falsehoods in the post
  6. Jason Sitoke

    A closer look at Chinander's defenses...by the numbers

    You’re also talking about being a counterpart to UCF and Oregon’s offense. Perhaps look at yards per play to get a better indication.
  7. Jason Sitoke

    Jurgens to Center

    Well, clearly the ball is lacking ‘buy in’. Until the culture killing footballs are removed from the equipment closet, these kinda things will continue happening.
  8. Jason Sitoke

    What did we learn today

    Spirited discourse otherwise though.
  9. Jason Sitoke

    What did we learn today

    Slow down there eager beaver. Rome wasn’t built in a football season.
  10. Jason Sitoke

    What did we learn today

    Health is tantamount. See you next season.
  11. Jason Sitoke

    What did we learn today

    Yes. But we sucked in a different way today. A whole new way.
  12. Jason Sitoke

    Jurgens to Center

    This post should be getting a lot of cred right now.
  13. Jason Sitoke

    *** Official Northwestern Game Thread ***

    Well we are on a message board. In our infinite collective wisdom, we are debating the merits of the team. Within the context of our pissing and moaning...culpability is the main issue. The team lost. Who’s to blame? (Argument ensues). By Thursday we’re back on the optimism wagon. And repeat.
  14. Jason Sitoke

    Defensive Issues - Who's more at fault?

    I just don’t see that I guess. With the speed at which offenses operate these days, time wasn’t going to be an issue. NW even mismanaged the clock and still had time to go down the field. Giving NW the ball with 1 or 2 timeouts was pretty meaningless. Defense was either going to stop them or they weren’t. I don’t believe NW was going to run out of time. IMHO, keep your playbook open and call the series like you’re trying to move the ball, not bleed a couple timeouts.