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  1. Nuggets appear to be rounding into form. I honestly had last night chalked up as a loss (even took the Warriors in a pick em before the game) to a hot Warriors team trying to avoid the seconds straight season sweep. Warriors jumped out with Klay turning back the clock. Nuggets just kind of imposed their will and fell into their 2 man game and 3v2 high-low. Look pretty locked in at the moment.
  2. He's been on a couple NBA rosters before. I think he was with Philly last year or the year before. 2-way roster spots are generally reserved for young guys with high upside that teams are trying to develop into rotation players in 1-2 years. He's also just 6'2", which yes means he probably won't be able to guard most NBA players, and at that height his shooting numbers would almost assuredly drop in the NBA from what they are in G-League. I don't think he's part of an NBA championship roster, but you can't tell me he'd be any more of a liability than Jordan Poole is on the Wizards, and for much much cheaper.
  3. I think Luka gets worn out. I do believe (just my opinion) that his usage rate as a point guard can be detrimental to the flow of an offense, but with the Mavs supporting cast being so inconsistent, I can't really blame him. We'll see how things evolve in the next few years.
  4. Are your mavs gonna get it together soon? Lot of good teams in the west and not sure Luka’s gonna like being a lottery team 2 years in a row.
  5. I actually felt bad for Philly fans in Denver that paid money to see him in uniform. As a nugs fan, if you want to gift us a free win at home every year, fine by me. West us tough and we need the help
  6. Why can't he do a TPS report? Did he not put on the cover sheet? Did he even get the memo about the new TPS cover sheets?
  7. Still trying to figure out what Steve Kerr thought was important enough to publicly admonish jokic instead of talking to his own team during a timeout.
  8. Funny enough, Tony Brothers is Jokic’s Scott Foster. They do not like each other
  9. I agree that there is some inconsistency with how stars are officiated. I will say that as a Nuggets fan, there seems to be a league wide consensus to beat up jokic on a nightly basis. Lots of grabbing, and body checking as he comes off flare screens or short rolls. The whistle he has gotten this year has been ridiculously bad. He was averaging less than 6 FTA a game before yesterday. The Warriors without draymond were being physical with him and put the burden on the refs to call fouls…which they did weirdly. I personally didn’t like the game either with that many free throws. But you have to adjust to how the game is being called. Just a few days before the nuggets got 6 FTA for the entire game…a team that lives in the paint. Embiid and Giannis have shot 30 FTs multiple games this year. TL;DR, I agree with the overall point Kerr made…but find it funny that Jokic is now the poster child after last nights complete aberration for him. He is not the foul merchant that other guys are in the league and generally gets a pretty poor whistle.
  10. We all have our own list I’m sure. Which players/officials do you think he’s suggesting?
  11. Same reason I put out a tweet thanking Nebraska coaching staff…and ‘that being said’ was reopening my recruitment.
  12. Ah. It uses the melody of achy breaky heart. I hear it now.
  13. It’s in the ‘key’ of achy breaky heart?
  14. Snodgrass Fields. New band name. I call it!
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