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  1. Guilty. Although I am not unserious about imperVatives...which is what the thread title promised.
  2. We need to start locking threads after a good joke.
  3. Is this the latest sign that we’re about to turn the corner?
  4. I assume CU is still making defensive adjustments since this thread keeps getting bumped.
  5. A small reason might be that he isn’t ready or isn’t as good as we hope. Just throwing it out there.
  6. done: a hyperbolic word people use to express frustration on huskerboard. No documented cases of a poster using this term and meaning it exist.
  7. Minnesota throws it sometimes when they get bored running over our defense.
  8. I feel like chinander guesses a lot. Tecmo bowl defense.
  9. Minnesota has ran regularly on 3rd and long. That is the respect this defense commands.
  10. Walk on o linemen aren’t feel good stories for everyone. Certainly Vedral would agree on that one.
  11. Cutback plays require defense to be disciplined. Therefore...
  12. I guess making our 170 lb freshman the bell cow behind this o line may have consequences.
  13. That will be one of many reasons we lose
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