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  1. Here’s to hoping our senior QB will step up and perform like a freshman!!
  2. The difference is not necessarily mathematical, but rather manufacturing a scenario where achieving a tie is an acceptable outcome. In either scenario you have exactly one 2pt conversion opportunity to win the game.
  3. This is the best college offense I’ve ever witnessed.
  4. I believe he’s affiliated with that looser Mike Reilly.
  5. Everything at TB tastes the same. Menu should be 3 items: Small Taco Bell Medium Taco Bell Drunken Taco Bell
  6. That sucks. Was really hoping we’d lock him up until he transferred over the summer.
  7. 2 downs to get 4 yards. You’re not gonna punt inside the 30, right?
  8. Just kick it out of bounds. Quit even trying to look like you have any idea what you’re doing on ST
  9. The prop bet on AMart throwing a pick on 3rd and long in the red zone has to be free money. Glad it didn’t happen here though.
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