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  1. Still the same passive-aggressive troll. Nothing insightful, humorous, or compelling about your posts. Thanks for dropping by.
  2. People better get us now, cause we’re gonna get better and better.
  3. Yeah, this is my favorite. We have bumper stickers that flex where our mother's decided to birth us.
  4. The team has improved where we all felt they were weakest. In the trenches. I just witnessed an NBA title from the Denver nuggets where the franchise didn’t skip steps and trusted continuity. I believe in Rhule and I think the team we saw today will be much better come November. I hate losing to CU, but these are the ‘trust the process’ days.
  5. It is unfortunate that we don’t have a competent qb. Could have sped up the process. As it is, we will be grinding out games with a rushing attack and defense. Short term could be ugly. Might be good character building in the long term though.
  6. Sad. Team has lost their edge. Buckle up. Gonna get ugly I think.
  7. You can’t put sims back out there. You just can’t.
  8. Nebraska has been the better team most of this game. Down 10-0. Gonna be a task to keep the kids in the game when they have a qb that undoes everything with his decision making.
  9. Gus Johnson doesn’t often speak poignantly. But he just called like it is. Sims is the problem.
  10. You cannot have a low ceiling quarterback t losing you games. Sims is not talented enough to be this erratic. I think it’s time to bench him. We need a guy to take snap and hand the ball off. And he has managed to put the ball on the turf when simply trying to do that. 3. Times.
  11. Just have to laugh anymore. Good ends up bad. And bad ends up horrifying. Husker life.
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