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  1. Jason Sitoke

    Intro song suggestion

  2. Jason Sitoke

    Colorado Tickets

  3. Jason Sitoke

    Colorado Tickets

    They're making an effort to keep NU fans out. I got 8 and the presale guy actually looked me up to make sure I was an alumnus. It's going to end up backfiring, as many CU season ticket holders can pay for the whole season by scalping the Huskers game at these prices.
  4. Jason Sitoke

    CB Kendrick Simpkins

    You just made the list, buddy.
  5. Jason Sitoke

    Injury Reports Coming to College Football?

    I think you mean 'probable'. Otherwise we're about to go down an intense existential rabbit hole.
  6. Hope this gets settled soon. I'd hate for it to drag into the season and become a distraction.
  7. I’m too lazy to read the whole thread. So who ended up being our rival? Did the vote happen yet?
  8. Jason Sitoke

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

  9. Jason Sitoke

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

  10. Jason Sitoke

    "Not Even Close to Where It Was a Year Ago"

    I'm predicting an undefeated offseason.
  11. Jason Sitoke

    OLB Steven Parker [Kansas - Signed LOI]

    Could be a take. I'm down with OPP
  12. Jason Sitoke

    *** 2019 Recruiting ***

    Gotta save those scholarships for down the road. Otherwise he won't have room for all the 4th graders he just offered.