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  1. I perked up because I work in Douglas county. I also spend a lot of time in Louisiana and South Dakota. If Douglas county is VERY conservative, then what are those other places?
  2. Look, when you start with a false premise to make a point…nothing after it really matters. But maybe I’m doing the P&R thing all wrong.
  3. But it’s not really true, though. Mutations occur more readily in willing hosts (unvaccinated), but that doesn’t mean the mutations necessarily steer away and fail to target vaccinated hosts. Delta is proof of that. Similar to antibiotic resistant bacteria. The mutations take hold in weakly resistant people who are perhaps not taking the correct antibiotic dose, etc. These infections eventually breakthrough and you’ve got a dominant bacterial strain that is much more robust.
  4. Douglas County is not ‘very’ conservative by national standards. Trump won it 52-45.
  5. I reread it several times, as it was confusing. I couldn’t care less about the political whataboutisms that dominate the thread. But spewing garbage deserves at least a gif in response. You’re welcome. .
  6. We will see about this. I'm hearing about models that are predicting a rise all the way through Fall. If the vaccine is truly preventing infection in most exposures and with Delta being amazingly contagious... I would expect to see quick, intense flashes of community spread in low vaccinated areas, with the hotspots changing every few weeks. I've been wrong more than I've been right when I've ventured guesses in the past year and a half, though.
  7. I'm with you here. The only thing novel we can do at this point is reward vaccinated people with privileges...notice I did not say rights. Why? Because being on a cruise ship is a privilege. Being at a ski resort is a privilege, etc. Not vaxxed? That's fine. We won't make you. But look at the rest of us having fun. Isn't that where you really want to be?
  8. Found a good article that discusses the role of public health officials and whether they should be purely informational or message shapers. It’s why I empathize with Fauci and also believe he deserves a fair amount of criticism. https://slate.com/technology/2021/07/noble-lies-covid-fauci-cdc-masks.html
  9. And I hate the term ‘socially distance’ with a passion. I was hoping it was leaving our lexicon soon. infection doesn’t give a sh*t if you’re social. It’s just DISTANCE!
  10. I agree that you’re about to see people who have done all the right things up to now finally say f*** it. Why? Because after 16 months of learning opportunities…our best idea as of right now is still ‘please put your mask on’. And when someone says ‘no’, we say ‘pretty please’. Apparently that’s easier than mandating vaccines for travel, hotels, cruise ships, etc.
  11. I actually think it's backwards. 'Dongs follow thongs in throngs' or something. It's embroidered on my sofa pillow.
  12. Not sure 15 months of remote learning produced too many beefcakes.
  13. Looks like some businesses in New Orleans are requiring proof of vaccination to attend live shows. That would be something we haven't tried yet, and I'm on board with it.
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