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  1. Did they lock down during the winter surge of 2020, or the summer delta wave, or Omicron this past January? They haven't even required masks yet. So...maybe....maybe not....maybe f*** yourself
  2. It's pretty encouraging (for me anyways) that the number of positive cases has been high for a few weeks, and yet compared to the previous low point (last summer), we have less than half the number of COVID-related ICU admissions.
  3. Look forward to signing him from the portal in 2026.
  4. You do realize there are 2 FBS football schools in the state of Oregon? One has double digit victories in 10 of the past 20 seasons. The other employs Mike Riley whenever he needs a job.
  5. I didn't expect the next pandemic to start so soon. "Just hours after saying the U.S. was out of the “pandemic phase,” Dr. Anthony Fauci, President Joe Biden’s chief medical adviser and a leading infectious disease expert, clarified that he should have said the acute phase was over." https://www.marketwatch.com/story/pandemic-is-not-over-yet-says-dr-fauci-and-who-says-omicron-accounted-for-99-7-of-all-cases-sequenced-in-latest-week-11651156876?mod=home-page
  6. Fauci is not the chief medical advisor for China.
  7. I remember Merck abandoned their vaccine effort (can't remember if it was development or manufacturing) early on in favor of developing a treatment. I'm sure it was disappointing.
  8. This was undoubtedly the biggest breakthrough since the vaccines. Merck's pill wasn't nearly as effective, and the monoclonal antibodies are strain-specific.
  9. So Fauci says the pandemic is over for the United States. I guess that officially bookends what ended up being an almost 26-month long public health emergency.
  10. I would have just said that I am unforgivably ugly.
  11. Maybe the conference will modify their system for us.
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