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  1. You think there’s someone out there that has a bench max of 300 that can throw up 225 faster than a guy with a 500 max? I’d be curious to see that.
  2. It is here. It’s recruiting season...where we always win our division.
  3. I think you can make the argument that NU played against slightly worse offenses this year than last. Couple that with the addition of Darrion Daniels...and Barry, Honas, Jackson, Bootle, Davises all one year older and playing in their second season in the system...pardon me if I don’t jump for joy because we now give up 5.61 yards per play rather than 5.8 last year.
  4. I wish someone would compile information on the various recruits we’ve offered and provide updates as they become available.
  5. ...and continues to whatever the hell it is now.
  6. LaVonte David strips Braxton Miller. Big play, that became bigger because of what followed.
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