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  1. We can’t cause we’re just fans on Husker board. But someone probably can.
  2. Watching Iowa Michigan. Nearing halftime…Iowa has 85 yards of offense. 45 of it came on 2 plays.
  3. Not sure winning is any kind of Illinois tradition. Nope...I fact checked: Illinois Fighting Illini football - Wikipedia
  4. Deion’s burner account isn’t as interesting as I thought it would be.
  5. Nebraska hasn’t fired any head coach that had previous success or subsequent success as the head coach of another P5 program, with the possible exception of Mike Riley’s early OSU years. Just get a solid guy and let’s win more than we lose, as a start.
  6. I thought your coaching career ended more ominously after you took over the girls fencing club, despite little to no experience in fencing?
  7. If truly all of the things we’re hearing are true, then he’s broken as a person. If that’s true, then it was likely a long process over the past few years and he left a very different man than he was when he arrived.
  8. Ummmm. No. He was head coach at university of San Diego, where he went 29-6.
  9. Maybe. But where’s your miniature giraffe? I thought so.
  10. Excellent. We were definitely losing steam. Thanks for dropping by.
  11. I think he means that the girl is actually a guy, and he roofied your tequila shot. And you wake up without your wallet and one of your kidneys. Takes me back…
  12. I feel that I have very little insight into the process because I do not work for the AD. You’re posting a lot about how the process should work, and yet you admit you are going to extrapolate what the process must have been if it lands on a guy you don’t believe in.
  13. So how will you ever know if he reached out to a candidate? It sounds like if he hires Campbell, you’re going to assume he ‘zeroed’ in on him and didn’t shop the job to others.
  14. Maybe the Branch Davidians took over the Haymarket?
  15. The question remains, if he makes everyone's ignore list, does he still exist?
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