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  1. Did they lock down during the winter surge of 2020, or the summer delta wave, or Omicron this past January? They haven't even required masks yet. So...maybe....maybe not....maybe f*** yourself
  2. It's pretty encouraging (for me anyways) that the number of positive cases has been high for a few weeks, and yet compared to the previous low point (last summer), we have less than half the number of COVID-related ICU admissions.
  3. Look forward to signing him from the portal in 2026.
  4. You do realize there are 2 FBS football schools in the state of Oregon? One has double digit victories in 10 of the past 20 seasons. The other employs Mike Riley whenever he needs a job.
  5. I didn't expect the next pandemic to start so soon. "Just hours after saying the U.S. was out of the “pandemic phase,” Dr. Anthony Fauci, President Joe Biden’s chief medical adviser and a leading infectious disease expert, clarified that he should have said the acute phase was over." https://www.marketwatch.com/story/pandemic-is-not-over-yet-says-dr-fauci-and-who-says-omicron-accounted-for-99-7-of-all-cases-sequenced-in-latest-week-11651156876?mod=home-page
  6. Fauci is not the chief medical advisor for China.
  7. I remember Merck abandoned their vaccine effort (can't remember if it was development or manufacturing) early on in favor of developing a treatment. I'm sure it was disappointing.
  8. This was undoubtedly the biggest breakthrough since the vaccines. Merck's pill wasn't nearly as effective, and the monoclonal antibodies are strain-specific.
  9. So Fauci says the pandemic is over for the United States. I guess that officially bookends what ended up being an almost 26-month long public health emergency.
  10. I would have just said that I am unforgivably ugly.
  11. Maybe the conference will modify their system for us.
  12. Sounds like she checked every box on your list.
  13. I did my best the first time. Let’s just shake hands at this point and acknowledge what an apparent waste of time this was.
  14. I am equally perplexed at you bringing up mask mandates. Not sure where on this odd tangent we find ourselves in I ever spoke to that. This is/was my only point: The fatality rate of Omicron is significantly less than any flavor of COVID that came prior…due to some combination of immunity in the population and characteristics of the strain itself. I didnt realize this was such a polarizing assertion. I thought most knew this.
  15. I'm actually asking you to look at data that's freely available. These are not advanced analytics or archaic graphs. I offered my endorsement of what some other qualified folks have offered in terms of estimated infections of BA.1. You could also do something as simple as cases/deaths for both Omicron and Delta, and you should still reach the same conclusion I did. If you're unwilling to do that, and want to stand by 'this guy is smarter than you, and he says...', that's fine. I too, believe you to be reasonable. Which is why I was a bit surprised by 'are we to move forward with your increasingly tortured insistence that more deaths equal less deaths if you adjust the words, or go with the motherf#&%ing Chief of Mortality Statistics at the National Center for Health Statistics'. Not sure I'm the one digging my heels in here.
  16. I think it's also an odd popular argument that we're irresponsible if we dare to adapt our thinking and accept that circumstances have changed.
  17. I guess I would simply ask to move forward with the idea that words mean things, and when evaluating data...these distinctions are important. Are we saying Omicron daily death number peak was higher than delta? If so, then true I guess. Are we arguing whether Omicron has killed more people than Delta in total? Glancing at the numbers, I would say it's not clear one way or the other. Considering Omicron infected far more people (not up for argument at all), an individual's risk of dying of Omicron is clearly less than it was with Delta. When evaluating how deadly snake venom is they use tests like LD50/LC50, which is meant to independently verify a person's chance of survival if they were bitten. Whereas if we just decide that the most dangerous snake must be the snake that has killed the most people throughout history, that doesn't necessarily tell me everything about how an individual might fare in an encounter. As we move forward into an endemic stage, it is as important as ever to evaluate our own risk tolerance individually. For me personally, I want to know how well I might tolerate a COVID infection, particularly measured against something that I'm historically used to living with (yes, like the flu). 2200 deaths a day is only part of the story. How many people were infected in total that eventually were hospitalized and died would give me a better idea of my own individual risk. I'm not linking articles or headlines to make my point. I'm looking at the same data you (presumably) are.
  18. I agree let’s not drag this on. All I’ll say is that article is looking at daily deaths alone to define its own version of deadly. If you’re interested enough, you can do some quick envelope arithmetic with the NYT data over the delta and BA.1 surges to get a better picture of the infection-mortality ratio. Omicron was quite clearly less lethal than delta.
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