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  1. I think Scott Frost should give a speech and implore the staff at 247 to vote their conscience. If they can honestly look themselves in the mirror and say that 28 programs had a better recruiting season than our beloved Cornhuskers, then by all means, keep us at 29th.
  2. What specifically makes you think Duval was 'old school'?
  3. I would also argue that the Big 8 was about as dominant that year as the SEC is now. 4 teams in the top 9. And Nebraska handled them easily.
  4. I think Georgia is gonna win this. 96 Nebraska had 2 losses, including an ugly shutout to Jake the Snake and ASU
  5. Man. After all we’ve been through together.
  6. Never. He broke my heart and I won’t give him a chance to do it again.
  7. A+++++. I'm going to postpone his HoF nomination until he wins the Spring game.
  8. Then came back and pounded the Cavs the next night. Denver has maybe the best starting 5 in the league and they play a fun half court offense. Lots of off-ball movement and passing.
  9. It's a fixer upper. Takes time to change the culture of a place.
  10. Probably will set them back for a half decade. A true fleecing.
  11. Are we just trying to get the page count up?
  12. Odd that you would click, let alone post, on a thread titled 'Arrival/Departure List'
  13. I guess Hausmann out officially. To Michigan. Sucks.
  14. Lakers have a chance at making the play in. That’s pretty much it. Nola, Memphis, Portland, Denver, LAC, Phoenix, Golden St. all have better rosters. Dallas is riding Luka to the playoffs. Better hope Utah or Sacramento hit a cliff. Lakers have a hole to climb out of, and I’d bet Lebron or AD or both will break down before they do.
  15. Rather we should come up with a list of inevitable misspellings of our coach's name. I'll start: Matt Ruhle
  16. You started fast....and then kinda petered out
  17. I stand corrected. I didn’t remember him being a DC and then scanned over his Wikipedia, which actually only refers to him as an assistant coach during his second USC stint. Lazy research by me.
  18. Never been a defensive coordinator. Wouldn't mind having him coach the DL and lead recruiting, but that ship sailed.
  19. It’s not true. If it was, he’d have to sit next year anyway: https://huskercorner.com/2022/11/29/nebraska-football-fake-spencer-rattler/amp/
  20. He’s a former NFL Fullback. (Huskernation collectively orgasms)
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