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  1. NFL on the resume as well. He does bring his assistant buddies with him though. Something to consider.
  2. Frost is scouting Tiki bars, looking for good waitress talent....then BBQ ribs for the hangover
  3. If he's our Plan G, who's our Preparation H?
  4. I asked for you to make sense of his argument. You’ve instead restated his unfounded assertions. I think we’re done here.
  5. You posted it. Tell us what it means and why it’s interesting. You have 2 choices at this point: 1. Admit you have no idea 2. Spend the rest of the night trying to sew together his stream of crap into some kind of semi-coherent argument.
  6. This isn’t a case of whether you support his conclusion. What I’m saying is the guy is muddying the water. He is presenting crap and pretending like it’s evidence. The equivalent of saying something like ‘grass is green, therefore Oswald acted alone’ except somehow more condescending. I don’t see him engaging in any open forums with the experts he’s supposedly refuting. He’s a hack because that’s the nicest term I can come up with. He’s full of s#!t and he knows it. Retweeting this stuff or linking it is irresponsible because it makes it seem legitimate and worthy of debate. Throwing it out there and saying ‘this seems interesting’ or ‘what do you think of this?’ suggests that you understand what’s being presented and deem it good for discussion. I’m telling you it’s not interesting and that you don’t understand it because it’s bulls#!t. It is to be treated as no different than the crazy homeless guy mumbling on the street about aliens experimenting on him.
  7. I know youve been critical of the experts in this thread. All I’m wondering is why you wouldn’t apply the same criticism to this Twitter hack?
  8. It’s already known that omicron did not diverge from alpha, beta or delta. This isn’t new. Once again, he’s just data mining unrelated information to restate his unproven allegation. Basically using Omicron to plug his previously stated BS.
  9. Frost has always said we’re just a few players away
  10. I understand that you follow him because you say he has been right about something. But even if that’s true, the blind squirrel metaphor comes to mind. I am not a geneticist or an expert in infectious disease, and I would bet most of his followers are not either. Given that, I would expect some kind of logical progression starting from a well understood jumping off point whereby he walks us through each step carefully and eventually arrives at a conclusion. Anyone that has ever had to present something technical to a wide audience knows this, which is why it is done with a lot of care. This guy makes no attempt to do that. Why? Because there isn’t a logical progression. He has a conclusion in mind (and so do his followers). His tweets are mostly data-mined graphics followed by some combination of smugness and complete monkey jargon. He is obfuscating, which is a dead giveaway that he either has no idea what he is talking about, or deliberately trying to misguide others. This particular graph I found in the Twitter feed of an actual expert on infectious disease, Dr. Trevor Bedford…and incidentally he does not draw the same conclusion. It’s also telling in reading Dr. Bedford’s tweets that there seems to be an actual effort in explaining what these graphs mean and what they can tell us, even though his audience appears to be other experts in this field of study, rather than the public at large.
  11. Do you, or either of the folks agreeing with you, care to explain specifically what this guy is talking about and why this graph makes a ‘prohibitively strong’ argument?
  12. Nah. It will be over taken by similarly named threads started by noobs. Over under on pointless threads started is 100 by Spring ball.
  13. Man, we've uncovered a lot of what is clearly going wrong with this team in 14 pages. My question is, are the players doing back squats?
  14. Some really good takes here. I agree that this is to be expected. Did anyone honestly believe that Frost could fire 4 coaches and the veteran players who’ve been coached by them recruited by them, and bought into the ‘we’re a family’ adage weren’t gonna be pissed? 50 year old office workers lose their s#!t during corporate reorganizations….what would we expect from 20 year old kids? Moves needed to happen, but I don’t blame the players for flipping their lids. Also agree that this is what happens when you do the hard thing. Frost fired his friends. Everything he touched turned to gold at UCF. Now he’s made a true business decision and this is the typical fallout. Friendships lost and some of his players are done with him. Might be too late for him to be successful here, but Frost is at least wearing the big boy pants and making decisions for the program, and only the program. Still think he gets fired next year, but I see nothing wrong or surprising about any of this.
  15. Too bad we don’t have a Recruiting section on this board, much less a profile thread for this particular recruit.
  16. Are we correct in assuming Ron Brown won’t/can’t recruit? I would think that’s why you can’t keep him in place. Lot of ground to cover when recruiting for Nebraska and everyone has to do their part
  17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTsqBeqIt60 Yes, but are you into the whole brevity thing?
  18. Agreed on the money, but no on everything else. Objectively, this is a sinking ship that no one with ambitions would be excited to join. I could be wrong, but outside of special circumstances (untenable personality conflict with the head coach, and need to find a new opportunity fast), we are not going to be getting the 'pick of the litter' as a feller once said. Hope I'm wrong.
  19. So what was the carrot? Did Kelly give him the boot? Is he making a ton more money here? Is he being promoted to OC?
  20. Gotcha. They say don't be picky and get shots in arms...so well done.
  21. Good to hear about your symptoms subsiding. Did you mix your vaccines?
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