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  1. The strain.... goodness that guy was a weirdo, always bugged me he held his clip on microphone. He his coaching with Riley again at the New Jersey Generals.. probably a good place for him.
  2. #58 overall player for the 2023 class a CB committed to LSU, a 6'5" converted basketball player (Ismael Smith Flores) who is currently projected to go to Iowa, could be more but I didn't look too hard.
  3. He needs some work, I’ll give you that…. But this kid is a TD waiting to happen… legitimate sub 11 speed… throws a pretty deep ball, but definitely needs some work on releasing the ball quick. I would be incredibly happy if we got him. He’d be so hard to defend in an RPO
  4. Pep Hamilton is gonna be out if a job soon in Houston, experience in the BIG, good recruiter
  5. Yeah he has position he calls rover that’s in the safety/LB hybrid role. It’s the role Urlacher excelled at at New Mexico
  6. Satterfield was getting 900 from SC, I’m sure he’s over a million
  7. Just gettin Nouilli and Teddy back, healthy and strong, that is a huge improvement
  8. This is refreshing, looking at other boards and people are calling for Rhule’s job, some fans are just awful. People forget that Nouilli was out all year & Teddy P was out most of the year, forcing Corcoran to play out of position.
  9. I dropped a 45 plate on a big toe in high school, now it grows in all weird and is essentially fused…. Think I might be a star in the unnatural toe world.
  10. Franklin signed a new 10 year deal last year, I imagine that buyout is hefty
  11. Your name is literally “Huskerfollower4life”
  12. They’re private jets, the Charlotte plane hasn’t been in Nebraska for a good long while..
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