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  1. Where would Frost be without MJ on the recruiting trail? Makes you further ask WTH was the coaching staff doing the last 4 years on the recruiting trail?
  2. One thing about Trev from his time at UNO and Lincoln is that he is bottom line oriented. He won’t sign a sh!tty deal for the university.
  3. I never understood how doing the broadcasting in house would be a money maker. Slowly we are hearing more and more about how Moos screwed things up. Too bad Alberts wasn’t here two years ago. Would have already been on the trajectory upward by now I think….
  4. What did we learn? It’s a culture problem in our program and it starts with the head coach. - mental mistakes - special team mistakes - penalties In a program where culture is not a problem, those get fixed or minimized.
  5. Bingo. My feelings would be hurt until I looked at all the stash. Maybe if he feels bad enough, he offer to will work for half his salary until he goes to a bowl game but I doubt that will happen.
  6. #1 and 1A on the list is Matt Campbell. With OU and Texass leaving the Big 12, it creates questions of opportunity for a program like Iowa State. Now is the perfect time to swoop him up.
  7. Trev is already cleaning house within the AD of those who aren’t contributing. Davison is on the list after the broadcast season is over whether he runs for Congress or not. Everything I’m hearing is Trev is strategic and is to the point in asking questions for accountability.
  8. Losing to Minnesota, Purdue and Illinois like we have been doing is inexcusable. We wouldn’t be having this thread at 6-3. This year to this point should not have been considered to be that difficult. Overall, it probably is better though like you said.
  9. That’s what Pelini constantly did that made me furious. In his head, he was the greatest defensive mind in college football. They just didn’t execute. Bullish!t. There is a certain level of narcissism in all football coaches but when you’re on year 4 and they’re YOUR players and YOUR culture, it’s inexcusable.
  10. The problem is we don’t have a QB in the program to challenge him which is sad. Our Weekend At Bernie’s QB coach has been a huge problem. At this point what the hell? Why not though!
  11. The combination of bad play calling and bad decision making by our QB is a perfect storm of ineptness
  12. Hoiberg is not afraid to shake things up if needed. Major upgrade in talent across the board in the top 10. Depth will be much better. Looking for NIT minimum - NCAA not out of the question! Expectations are HIGH
  13. What does it say when missing a FREsHMAN OT makes such a big difference in a game outcome ?
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