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  1. I come here to read posts about the future of Husker football...not rehash things that happened 10 - 15 years ago. My suggestion is for the mods to create a Husker History forum so this ITG can have his circular arguments with himself. I can then ignore these stupid threads.
  2. The best thing that could be added to the south stadium is a replay board for the fans in the north end zone that is comparable to the one located in the north stadium. I used to have season tickets in the 94th row of the north end zone and the lack of a large enough replay board was irritating.
  3. Players don't need to understand a vision; that's a buzzword used for and by fans with an elementary, outsider's amount of knowledge. Players need to know the playbook. At the end of the day, Langs has a playbook, with specific plays with specific lines drawn in different directions, that the players will have, learn, and practice, under tutelage and with correction along the way. Having concern about offensive philosophy is fine, but the players 'not understanding the vision' is probably the most nonsensical reasoning possible to get to that concern. Hahahah. Hahahahahaha. Having a philosophical understanding of what you're trying to get done is extraordinarily important and anyone who has coached or listens to coaches will m consider that over and over. Vision produces mentality and only a fool wouldn't understand the importance of mentality in football success. That's taken care of in practice, namely, in fall practice, via coaching. Whether or not the players can produce a satisfactory sound byte answer to the media to sate plebs like you and I doesn't really have any bearing on if it actually does or doesn't happen successfully. Keep whistling dude. And deflecting with personal attacks. Everyone one of the players under TO understood what they were doing and why they were doing it. And the player quotes are just a part of it. Listen to the Benning interview or the OWH videocast. Or use your own damn eyes. And then try to tell me there's a coherent offensive philosophy to what Langs tries to do. Even in his interview with Benning, he didn't articulate one. I am not one to post often here and read this board especially for recruiting profiles. I understand that there are two sides to every story and that not everyone is a fan of coaching staffs...but this poster has taken over this board and has made almost every thread all about him. This me against the world mentality doesn't wear well. It's gotten old very quickly. I wish we all had the "outstanding" football knowledge he has...:,)
  4. If he had been listening to his employees like a good boss would do - he would know these things. Why else would he take a grad assistant job if he wasn't interested? Lame excuse if true.
  5. Yep, today through Monday evening. Leaving the RUSH concert last night, they had the big screen at Memorial Stadium lit up and highlights rolling around 11 pm. Wonder if it was specifically for O'Brien's visit? That was kind of late.
  6. I disagree completely. Pelini and his staff spent the last few years dwelling on negativity. Dirk reports things as they are...so his reporting reflected the same negativity. Then the clueless and butthurt Pelini fans blamed Dirk for pointing out their boy was a complete a****** and a poor coach. Great column. I'm psyched about Coach Riley and this staff. Finally we have adults and competent coaches running the show in Lincoln. Riley seems like a hell of a good guy. Pelini - being the narcissist the he is - could not handle criticism in the open. You hit the proverbial nail on the head.
  7. On a cold, dreary February day...nothing got me more ready for spring than that video! I agree
  8. Our family turned in our tickets last year after having them for 15 years. Went to 3 games last year and had no problem finding tickets at or below face value plus having better seats than the 95th row of the North end zone (where our old tickets were) each time. Would be more apt to put in our name for tickets in the future with the new coaching staff.
  9. This is more of a form letter. They didn't sell all season tickets last year until less than 2 weeks before the 1st game because of people turning in season tickets over the previous regime. They actually had to advertise on TV which was a first. Doubt they'll have that problem this year.
  10. I for one was not particularly impressed by Anderson today. Outside of the one play for loss, he looked confused and out of position when the plays started. He played the first couple of series and did not go back in again for a long while. Tentative is the word I would use to describe Zaire's play.
  11. We learned that Nebraska would have an excellent chance to win the Sun Belt Conference this year. That is all. Don't get carried away with superlatives. The speed on ASU's defense was similar to Southern Miss - no better. This is a game we should have won like the score indicated. Tougher challenges await.
  12. Really? You're going to quote Steve Pederson to support your argument? That's how crazy people are right now? Just saying we're back to 2003. What was true then is true today.
  13. You go right ahead and call him down at Louisville. I'm sure he'd love to talk to you about the Nebraska offense this year !!!!!!!
  14. What's the famous line used? "I won't let this program gravitate towards mediocrity" I feel that's where we're headed...mediocre coaching staff, mediocre recruiting, mediocre execution on the field, mediocre discipline on the field.
  15. That Jake was on the 2 deep at guard is more of an indictment of how far our recruiting and offensive line talent has fallen than a shout out for how well Jake Cotton is. Remember - this is the same offensive line where we have had no real back up plan at center for the last two years!
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