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  1. Nebraska now has an FBS-high 27 turnovers and a minus-14 turnover margin. I hope the new average QB can overcome that (with the same OC?). I agree with those sports writers who are opining our play calling as instrumental in our turnover woes.
  2. What we learned, Maryland edition:
  3. We don't have a turnover problem. We are a turnover team. Our D is keeping it from becoming a rout.
  4. So this 2014 thread of great concern by a "new" member has not been nuked. Nor has the "new" member. Huskerboard dot com seems tolerant to the max. Hi Max.
  5. Yeah. Very similar feeling about that. But I'm heading over into (somewhat shaky) confidence area of this game just to help with the vibe out there. We win.. WE WIN.
  6. Turtle Soup: 16 Corn Squeezins: 27 Thrown Wobbly Squawkers 101 yards worth Carried Loaves of Cornbread 216 yards worth (Special Teams will score 6 or so for us not counting PATs)
  7. Does that mean that in those few weeks the Illini backup QBs were able to develop and the Husker backup QBs were not?
  8. I'm sorry but we had the best time in the pouring rain at Scott Frost's never-happened 1st game against Akron. It panned out to be a perfect portent of his coaching tenure here, and we laughed through the pain in much the same way we had to do as he coached us into nothingness (we hope and pray for his complete turnaround and success in the coaching world). We laughed, we drank, we watched the spectacle of fans having impromptu fun in the downpour.. we were then told to leave because God was speaking about it all with His lightning bolts. Greatest (non) Game of All: Akron at Nebraska September 1st 2018.
  9. Isn't that the 3rd time this season we've done a reverse sweep?
  10. Wow. I mean freaky WOW.
  11. Turnovers: Yep. Penalties: Yep: ...... but, Redenbacher's Pride: 26 Lacedaemon's Shame: 19 Aloft: 210 Trudging: 196
  12. Lovin' the hope. Turning and squashing memories of that same logic getting trashed by (then) unexpected losses. Holdin' the hope. Plus, tbh, I think you're right.
  13. One thing I learned, from the post-game words by Purdue HC, was that "Nebraska has no ball security...... so we can take it away almost every play and WIN WIN WIN!" To paraphrase a bit. Kidding aside, our propensity to fumble the ball, Special Teams (he was referring to) and Offense, is prep video for our opponents? Nice.
  14. Our DC has his stuff together today. Great responses and sets.
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