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  1. We knocked them down one notch in the AP poll.
  2. That can be chancy.. complicated. It would be interesting to know if the Husker team captains are taking care of that end of it. It was the source of anxiety when Real Nice Guy Mike Riley left and things seemed to dwindled as to accountability on the practice fields and even in the gym. That was a little while back, or course. But.. just wondering.
  3. Notable mistakes: Both teams with 70 yards in penalties, but Oklahoma can garner all the penalties they want I guess.. but ours lose us games. And our our kicker, my gawd.. what? Two of those kickers... we lost points that would have taken us in a whole different direction in that game. Our D did amazing for what they were up against.
  4. I just think we saw the limitations of the team and coaches as they come into a game as fired up and confident as they could ever be. It might as well have been a bowl game they were prepared and ready for. And they lost a game full of their mistakes that they well could have won with fewer of those mistakes.
  5. We could have had this. It's still coaching issues: Discipline (lack thereof) wrt penalties. Steadiness on Special Teams (a kicker, please?). Clock management. But, yes, mixed feelings because the positive is obvious improvement.
  6. All that great work to get down there and our kicker can't deliver.
  7. I"m proud of our D. Not perfect. but, hey, this is THE NUMBER THREE TEAM IN THE COUNTRY.
  8. Just kidding... but we got pushed back several times after we made contact. That's nasty stuff. They have the horses.
  9. I respectfully request this thread by locked.
  10. I've had similar thoughts (and prayers). What the hell has happened to our Huskers that that's where our sensibilities are now.
  11. Yes, expectations and it’s handmaiden grief on Sunday following a loss have dwindled over the years. Now it’s about some sort of imagined beginning point of a turnaround for the program.
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