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  1. Heartily agree. And from what I'm seeing now about his "changes" it seems more like damage control then clever coaching adjustments. I fear for the team's future when that happens.. feels a bit like the football program (although the latest coaching changes there just may be the ticket, but that's a different area of this forum).
  2. Hmm.. I see they're using a commercial product that they have linked to on their "about" page: StatCounter, which they explain as how they get their numbers (https://gs.statcounter.com/about) So click throughs on that product's data is indeed where they're getting their numbers. Seems like a fairly good representation, and of course is better than nothing. Ideally it'd be good to see it done in a manner which gathers from more than that one product, especially being as how there are now over 1.86 billion websites out there, and 4.66 billion internet users. (I'm editing the same post instead of double posting) Just noticed this portion of the StatCounter FAQ, wherein they talk about how they obtain their data, impressive: https://gs.statcounter.com/faq#desktop-laptop It looks quite robust and it is updated daily.
  3. Haven't done the real search on Windows vs Linux usage world wide yet, but keep thinking back to a chart I saw a few years ago (not at distrowatch.. perhaps one of the online mags) which did place Windows at over 90% desktop usage and Linux was way down there at 2%. Desktop usage. As far as an OS for tools/work, I'd love to see true world wide data on that. I remember my journey beginning in '96 when I noticed boxed sets of CDs right next to the Windows CDs at Best Buy: TurboLinux, SuSe, RedHat, etc. That did not last long as Gates' crews began their scorched earth business tactics of disallowing shelf space for Linux distributions. So, the iso downloads began and that's still about it. My first was RedHat 5.* .. distro hopped for decades now but do have a daily driver of MX, the love affair between Mepis and AntiX.
  4. Did a search on "linux" in Husker Forums and this ancient topic/thread is about it, mostly. Interesting.. looks like not enough interest to begin a poll: What computer operating system do you use most? Generally talking about browsing/searching/using the internet, not texting or making calls, etc. - Windows - Mac - Linux - Phone or Tab OS (iOS, Android, etc) Except for servers Windows is obviously dominant by a huge margin, around 90% of the market to even 98% depending on which survey is used. But I was wondering about linux usage in this forum. I use a mix of Windows and linux distros (Manjaro, MX, GhostBSD). Mostly linux but keep up with Windows on more than one machine. Anyway, likely talking to myself here. Still wonder if a true poll on this subject would fly.
  5. I don't think T.O. or even B.D. would have given a s#!t.
  6. Sad to see him go before he was able to finish great offense games. His stats speak volumes.. tempered by the W/L stats. Lots of discussion about why we lost so many games with him as QB, some putting it on the O-Line, or Frost's play calling, etc. But, something clearly was wrong. I wish him well and I wish him victories no matter where he goes. Meanwhile, does anybody know if this transfer portal move was his idea?
  7. Lol yep. I was reading the OP in comedy mode until it dawned on me that it was dead serious. Oh well.. a nice for the OP. GBR, GB1G, BB1G West.
  8. Who is trying to get you (or anyone) to not stand by what they are saying? Besides you? As far as characterizing people's remarks as "false, unsubstantiated" being "thrown around," well, we've got a 3 and 9 record this year and you know the Frost era record here. If you want to pretend like your remarks are more substantial and less false, lmao ... have fun with that. I don't know you and you don't know me, but I don't think you'd like the end result of the tack you're taking if it's to place yourself more truthful than any other member/poster in here. My statements about the current moron running the football program don't need explanation.. my remarks about what he did to protect his job here could need explanation as they seem "inside info" when actually written or stated. Good. Look at it that way or look at it as not your version of critical thinking with your background but mine with my background. As far as ST as you opine as a "joke," damn right. Now is it inside info for us to google SF's statements about not liking kickers and now not needing a Special Teams coach, when we just got beaten by a team who showcases their ST abilities as a true specialty? How does that sentiment about kickers which was quoted in the Journal Star sit with potential good ST people? What do you think the result of those stated sentiments will be? We saw it all season and his previous seasons here; now it's come to a head.
  9. Silly. That can be said about every post in any forum on the internet except for stats. There is, of course, more to football (and life), fortunately, than stats. But you likely know that. Perhaps not.
  10. You made me think of his first game here as the HC. … and on. The fun… got drowned out and then forgotten, it appears.
  11. And we wait until next August; What will have changed by then? Housing prices peak and drop? Covid and all of its variants gone? Smash and grab rat-brained a$$h@!es gone? Infrastructure work finally begins? Frost becomes magically enlightened regarding his role in record breaking losses?
  12. That might go here: https://www.huskerboard.com/index.php?/forum/7-board-feedback/
  13. Let's think about that for a moment. They were his guys. Some of them friends for years. They were not released until an ultimatum was tendered. He would have been fine keeping them, I'm sure. As said by many here: Scott Frost does not think he is doing anything wrong. Firing those assistants was another way of placing blame away from himself for the losses. And the players are also gaslighted in his way of lacing in blame with generic compliments. The only conclusion we can draw from this is that the man is honestly, spectacularly clueless.
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