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  1. People can b!^@h all they want about it not being pretty but I’ll take the W every damn day! He’s got these players playing as a team. Very fun to see!
  2. I’ve learned that despite playing 3 freshman wide receivers due to injuries yesterday(Coleman, Doss & Lloyd), 2 WR who didn’t play last year (Bullock, Hahn), a 4th & 5th string RB (Johnson, Fleeks), and a 3rd string QB at the start of the year, we are finding ways to win even if it is ugly. Give credit to the staff for developing players to contribute in a pinch.
  3. With Sherman, Gilbert and possibly Hood from the Georgia program, I am hopeful that they will help be the voice in the ear of fellow players of what it takes to reach a championship level.
  4. There was mending to do with the Raiola family after Frost screwed up the recruitment but also mending for Betts and the team. Either way, good to see proactive relationship building of reaching out.
  5. Very very impressed by him. His interview with the Husker Radio Network this morning showed his passion for football and coaching. DB said he is a potential coaching superstar down the road in so many words.
  6. Wonder if it was the same one that punched out a couple of my friends leaving a party for no reason in 1984. One guy with them had to have his jaw wired shut for 2 months. Lets just say he had connections in the city of Lincoln and got off easy.
  7. I don’t think anyone would question the work ethic of the Raiola family. He really was handed the keys to a Yugo and expected to have it operating like a BMW by fans. I definitely could see the possibility of a falling out happen by the way. Let’s see the results with a new strength and conditioning staff, some of his recruits, and getting the two guys who missed last season back. EDIT: A big part of the frustration might be Frost being too hung over to meet his nephew on a recruiting visit.
  8. His coach was on Hail Varsity this afternoon. His QB this year was in his first year starting as a Sophomore. He wishes that he had Turner back another year and he said he would probably have bigger numbers next year.
  9. After watching him in the Spring Game, he was so out of shape. Not surprised at all.
  10. Don’t forget that Joe Moglia who still has a lot of influence at Coastal Carolina was a Consultant for Nebraska when Beck was OC for Pelini
  11. Our last football coaching staff whiffed on one Heisman Trophy Winner in Burrow and possibly one other one in Duggan. Crazy how our trajectory COULD have been different with two Heisman winners OR crazy to think how Joe’s and Max’s trajectory COULD have been different.
  12. The university has a series of background checks for employees. If there was anything glaring it would have showed up along with personal references
  13. Pretty much puts an exclamation point on the last 5 years of the Frost era
  14. Interesting. Having Raiola couldn’t hurt our chances of flipping Dominic’s son at QB He came in behind the 8 ball with the roster he was dealt with at o-line. It was a known issue from the previous years.
  15. It’s an arms race in terms of head coaches nonetheless. It’s just funny that both announcements happened right after ours. Both schools realized they needed to strategically improve their HC of the programs.
  16. Interesting that Wisconsin fired Chryst not long after Nebraska fired Frost and then flip to Fickell after the hiring of Rhule. It’s an arms race in the B10. Wisconsin obviously views Nebraska as it’s benchmark in the West which is crazy considering what our record has been the last several years.
  17. https://footballscoop.com/news/matt-rhule-came-grips-rpo-game-smash-mouth-coach
  18. Alberts ran this coaching search as close to the vest and efficiently than any of our last 3! Give Trev credit for that. Hitting the ground running with an interview already on GameDay! We aren’t f’ing around for sure….
  19. Not necessarily saying that he will be held over but I think could be an asset if the fit is good. He’s solid for NU and has developed Reimer, Haussmann and others. His position has not been the issue on defense. most likely the new coordinator will bring his own guys though.
  20. Barrett Ruud would also be one to consider holding over besides BB and MJ. Beckton on offense has done a good job with our TE and recruting.
  21. I appreciate Mickey coming in and doing what needed to be done behind the scenes. Obviously FHCSF ran a much looser ship. He’s laid the ground work for whomever becomes head coach to hit the ground running better by instilling a more disciplined work ethic. Dealing with players that he never recruited and having to deal with a staff that he didn’t hire is a tough job. He’s done it with class. Thanks IHCMJ! I hope he is around next year.
  22. I really enjoy listening to 93.7 in Lincoln. Can’t stand John Baylor….but that’s off the 719 page subject at hand! HA
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