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  1. The strain.... goodness that guy was a weirdo, always bugged me he held his clip on microphone. He his coaching with Riley again at the New Jersey Generals.. probably a good place for him.
  2. #58 overall player for the 2023 class a CB committed to LSU, a 6'5" converted basketball player (Ismael Smith Flores) who is currently projected to go to Iowa, could be more but I didn't look too hard.
  3. He needs some work, I’ll give you that…. But this kid is a TD waiting to happen… legitimate sub 11 speed… throws a pretty deep ball, but definitely needs some work on releasing the ball quick. I would be incredibly happy if we got him. He’d be so hard to defend in an RPO
  4. Pep Hamilton is gonna be out if a job soon in Houston, experience in the BIG, good recruiter
  5. Yeah he has position he calls rover that’s in the safety/LB hybrid role. It’s the role Urlacher excelled at at New Mexico
  6. Satterfield was getting 900 from SC, I’m sure he’s over a million
  7. Just gettin Nouilli and Teddy back, healthy and strong, that is a huge improvement
  8. This is refreshing, looking at other boards and people are calling for Rhule’s job, some fans are just awful. People forget that Nouilli was out all year & Teddy P was out most of the year, forcing Corcoran to play out of position.
  9. I dropped a 45 plate on a big toe in high school, now it grows in all weird and is essentially fused…. Think I might be a star in the unnatural toe world.
  10. Franklin signed a new 10 year deal last year, I imagine that buyout is hefty
  11. Your name is literally “Huskerfollower4life”
  12. They’re private jets, the Charlotte plane hasn’t been in Nebraska for a good long while..
  13. Yeah, talks out of his hind quarters quite a lot
  14. Incorrect DeBoer’s current deal is 5 years 16.5, we could easily double that
  15. After watching that Nebraska Radio Network interview, he definitely looks like he’s happy with himself
  16. Ok… I’ll bite, are we going to be happy?
  17. We do know that… why would they waste time and leave it up in the air when they could’ve steady the ship weeks ago by announcing Mickey. If and this is a huge if, they announce Mickey after what’ll be almost 12 weeks, it’ll be seen as a failure in everyone’s eyes. Furthermore, Matt Rhule is not going from NFL head coach to offensive coordinator at a big ten west school, not happening.
  18. I agree, he’s looked incredibly competent and though not flashy, solid and fundamentally sound. But for some reason I feel like we have a better shot at Urban Meyer than him, not because we aren’t a better job than K State, but I feel he’s content.
  19. I agree completely, I’d add Gary Patterson at 72C
  20. Mickey isn’t ready (unfortunately, I love the fire, recruiting prowess and attitude), Blake Corum is pretty good, we are wasting Tre Palmer, our o-line stinks, Hartzog & Haussmann are future leaders on the defense and Whipple needs to retire (I appreciate him for taking a chance on, but psychically he looks worse and worse each week.)
  21. Fingers crossed it’s Kiffin, that way it can be Friday immediately following Iowa or before or whatever, Ole Miss plays Thursday.
  22. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/ncaafb/look-former-nebraska-coach-furious-with-bo-pelini-theory/ar-AA13XW79?li=BBnbfcL Read that, absolutely dumb take by SM.
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