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  1. I don't buy it either. Opposing teams fans and the media talk more about the 90's than anyone else.
  2. Somehow they found the worst possible way to “respond” to the Illinois game. Imagine Iowa was 1-3, and was on a 5 game losing skid to NU, and they said “We’re growing mustaches.” I don’t think I could be more ashamed of these guys.
  3. Wild how this program finds new ways to be embarrassing. Absolute buffoonery in these quotes.
  4. I hate to bring up anything negative, but Kade is a devastating liability. The mustache was funny and I'm sure he's a great teammate. But I never want to see him in the red zone ever again.
  5. Defense stepped up in a massive way. Props to Chin.
  6. I’m calm. I’m sad, frustrated, depressed, and angry at myself for caring as much as I do. I try to remind myself of the Mickey Mantle scene in “A Bronx Tale” to help temper my emotional investment in this dumb little game. But my overwhelming disappointment is turning towards aggressive apathy. But above all, I’m calm.
  7. Take the bye. Get an extra week to prepare for NW. Hopefully Iowa can beat em up a bit this week. Get out of Evanston with a victory, and hopefully have some confidence going into a meeting with a likely 1-2 Penn St team.
  8. Rewatched most of it. Offense actually moved the ball pretty well. The fumbles by Luke and AM were killers. This game kinda reminded me of the Wisconsin game last year. O would get a decent drive going, but just couldn't finish.
  9. I think you might be on to something. If memory serves he tweeted something a few weeks ago like "I've never been this sick" and then quickly deleted it.
  10. I get why you’re saying, but there are instances like Larry Coker or Gene Chizik inheriting loaded teams and then sputtering. Not saying that Day will be lumped in with those guys but wondering if he’d have the same success somewhere else is a fair question.
  11. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.newyorker.com/magazine/2020/09/28/a-young-kennedy-in-kushnerland-turned-whistle-blower/amp Some truly shocking and disturbing details in this.
  12. Imagine 200k Americans dying in 7 months from a Pandemic during a Hillary Clinton Presidency.
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