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  1. In the same breath, Iowa fans will hype Nile Kinnick’s Heisman speech, then tell Nebraska fans to “stop living in the past”
  2. Very suspicious. FWIW, at the 2:04:02 mark is where Rozier gets injured. Looks questionable to me.
  3. Send some good vibes his way https://www.omaha.com/huskers/blogs/unlv-assistant-former-husker-barney-cotton-on-waiting-list-for/article_7843c888-6c36-5b0e-a63f-41b6074ce502.html
  4. It is very difficult to watch that clip and not think something was up. #1 overall picks don’t drop gimmes like that in a National Title game. I’m curious if there was some funny business going on with Rozier too. The most electric offense that college football has ever seen suddenly has two of their top 3 players go silent in the biggest game. The Chad May one is probably my favorite. He really had a rough day https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LhBS1ksAtEc
  5. I think so too. I imagine there was all kinds of buffoonery with MR.
  6. Some good ones mentioned here http://dirtylaundryblog.blogspot.com/2008/04/husker-urban-legends.html?m=1 And here http://dirtylaundryblog.blogspot.com/2008/04/husker-urban-legends-speculation.html?m=1 Some interesting ones - Tommie and Sapp’s exchange in the 94 Orange Bowl. - LP benched the first half of the 94 Orange Bowl for telling TO to F off - The abuse of Chad May - Pederson firing Frank via note under the door - Irving Fryar deliberately dropping a pass in the 84 Orange Bowl (never heard that one before)
  7. Agreed. SO many games last year where the other team’s QB was just chillin in the pocket.
  8. Is he the guy the guy that beat up a woman on a sidewalk during a psychotic episode? Wasn’t he buck naked too?
  9. I also recall hearing once that after the loss to ASU in 96, Frost went off on TO in the locker room after the game. Frost routinely paid the price in practice for his outburst. Absolutely no clue if there's any validity to it. I think the Peter brothers have been fairly vocal in saying they roughed up Scott quite a bit when he came back from Stanford, and the whole thing with LP.
  10. These aren't really crazy rumors or anything, but a few stories that some of y'all might get a kick out of. They come from a friend of mine that was on the team for Callahan's last season. - Gruden was around constantly. Always hanging out with Bill and the players. Said he was a cool guy. - Before the USC game, Callahan tried to rally the troops by giving some big speech. Apparently it didn't go over real well. At the end of it Callahan singled out Carl Nicks and was like "Carl, you've got a daughter right? Well I want you to imagine that USC D-lineman doing (insert horrible string of disgusting things here) to your daughter. That's how I want you to play tonight." - Constant fights and scuffles during practice. One in particular where Victory Haines' nose was broken so badly, he had to have reconstructive surgery on his airways/sinuses, effectively ending his football career. - One RB would brazenly steal things from the lockers of "weaker" players (kickers, punters, Freshman) - Several players blazed up before games.
  11. Nah it was definitely Frank that I heard it about. IIRC, there was also some connection between the girl and David City.
  12. I always assumed Bo passed by the booster (or his son) in the Cornhusker and they just exchanged “F you’s” and then the story grew into something it wasn’t.
  13. The Solich womanizing/impregnating a coed one always seemed fishy to me. Maybe it was legit, but he just never struck me as that kind of guy.
  14. FWIW, I heard a slightly different version of Bo and the Cornhusker Hotel story. A booster’s son was spouting off about how his dad was “going to get Bo fired.” The team stayed at the Cornhusker the night before the UT game, and as they were leaving, Bo spotted this booster’s son. Bo and Carl (somehow) had a sheriff or LPD officer stand look out as they coerced the booster’s son to the basement/parking garage and as the officer stood watch, Bo and Carl unloaded profanities on him, threatening him etc.
  15. Fun thread idea. Mine are basically the same as everyone else 1982 - Friggin Penn St. and those garbage calls. 1983 - If Rozier stays in the game, I think we win a close one. 1993 - I hate to use refs as an excuse, but wasn’t there some funny business going on? I wanna say I heard somewhere that crew was investigated and not allowed to ref a game together again. If only Byron made that kick. 1996 - If I recall correctly, wasn’t there a flu bug going around during the Big XII title game? I think even with the loss to ASU, had they beat UT, they could’ve snuck in. 2009 - If only this team had any kind of offensive threat. They’d have been dangerous. 2010 - If T-Mart avoids the injury during the Mizzou game, I think this team makes a run. D wasn’t as good as 2009, but was still very solid.