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  1. Fru

    Urban's Health

    I hope Urban is still around for a while. I'd like to see Frost take him to the cleaners a few times.
  2. Fru

    Obligatory "Is Iowa a Rival" Thread

    It seriously does.
  3. Fru


    "Early Showings of ‘Aquaman’ Set for Amazon Prime Members" https://variety.com/2018/digital/news/early-showings-aquaman-amazon-prime-1203032549/
  4. Fru

    Obligatory "Is Iowa a Rival" Thread

    Surely you can't be serious.
  5. Fru

    How Liberal Am I?

    Because Republicans are almost none of those things that you listed. They've somehow curated the image that they are, but it's nowhere near reality.
  6. Fru

    Obligatory "Is Iowa a Rival" Thread

    Iowa Fan: "Huskers need to stop living in the past! The 90s are over!" Also Iowa Fan: "How bout that 1939 Heisman speech by Nile Kinnick baby?!"
  7. Fru

    The Republican Utopia

    It won't ever stop. I'm still amazed and baffled at how the GOP maintains any kind of support after they attack war widows, Gold Star families, POWs, and now the man who ran the operation to kill Bin Laden.
  8. Fru

    NFL 2018

    Sending good vibes to Alex Smith. As a Chiefs fan I always appreciated him. Class act. Hope he's able to recover.
  9. Fru

    Gun Control

    That'd be a fascinating read for sure. I've worked and studied in the mental health field for several years, and marijuana use seems to divide folks. None of the science is settled, but of what I've read and seen thus far is that it can be helpful for some things like depression, but very damaging for major mental health issues like Bipolar and Schizophrenia.
  10. Fru

    Gun Control

    Wow, that's some interesting findings. I'm curious if the suicide rates for folks who tested positive for THC were also experiencing bipolar or schizophrenic symptoms. I know the science isn't completely settled but some studies have shown marijuana to have a really negative impact on folks with Bipolar and Schizophrenia.
  11. Fru

    Trump's cabinet

    This is the guy guarding the nukes.