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  1. How is the culture this bad? No one seems to care and everyone is just going thru the motions. This is why it's difficult not to have an extraordinarily cynical take on Fred, especially with the news about his secret contract extension. Hard not to think he simply saw a chance for a massive payday, and is sleepwalking his way thru it until his contract is up, or until he gets fired. Either way, he gets paid.
  2. Probably Win: Anything can happen on any given Saturday, but I feel pretty safe saying these are probably wins. - NW - North Dakota - Georgia Southern - Indiana - Rutgers 50/50: No clue on these. Wouldn’t be shocked if we beat all of them, also wouldn’t be shocked if we lost to all of them. Some of these teams have decent pieces, but I don’t think they’re the murderers row that some fans make them out to be. Improve ST, OL and Red Zone efficiency and I’d like to think we could nab 2 from this group. - Purdue - Illinois - Minnesota - Iowa Probable Loss: I doubt we win any of these, but I won’t fall out of my chair in disbelief if we win. I’d like to think we get 1 of these. - OU - Michigan - Wisconsin At the moment, I think 8-4 is not only attainable but kinda necessary. This program and fan base also need one of those 8 to be against OU, Mich, Wis or Iowa. 6-6, or 7-5 would obviously be an improvement on paper, which I’d take over 3-9 any day. But a lame Bowl Game wouldn’t be enough to wash away the pain of losing to Iowa and Wis again.
  3. LOL! That’s incredible! It wasn’t a bad place to see a game by any stretch, but yes it just felt a little too pampered.
  4. Yes it is lol. But to that end, no amount of traffic flow improvements or distractions during TV breaks is going to make me say “Gosh, this experience is infinitely better.” Neb has been a game day attendance anomaly across any level of sports for years now. Get back to competing and winning the West, and any concerns about attendance will disappear.
  5. My requests are simple. Bucket seats and beer. I’m assuredly in the minority here, but I kinda like the Game Day stadium struggle. To me, that’s part of the charm. I want my stadium to feel like a stadium. If I want to be perfectly comfortable with good WiFi and all that, I’ll stay home. I went to Globe Life Field for a Rangers game last fall, and while the stadium itself was new and impressive, it just kinda had a soulless presence. Felt less like going to a game and more like going to a mall.
  6. It's difficult not to have an incredibly cynical reaction to this. That being said, every week I become more and more grateful that Trev is running the AD.
  7. Makes the most sense. The Western IL, Creighton and NC St losses looked like a young new team still figuring out how to gel together and work the kinks out. Indiana, Michigan and Auburn look like a team that has given up entirely. They look like they’re taking absolute zero coaching from Fred and are just playing for themselves.
  8. I’m guessing he’s probably taken his final snaps as a Husker. Genuinely bums me out he never really got to experience a marquee win.
  9. Yup, it goes both ways. When people hear gunshots and see a guy running around with an AR15, one could argue they “feared for their lives” and acted to stop it.
  10. After seeing some of the buffoonery of the prosecution, it was evident that it was going to end this way. I thought they might get him on the reckless endangerment charge though. Do I understand the rationale for the verdict? Yes. Do I have trouble with it because Kyle willingly inserted himself into the situation by needlessly running around a riotous situation with a weapon? Also yes. I keep coming back to these thoughts… If Kyle stays home and plays video games that night, no one gets shot by him, and he’s not on trial. If Kyle goes to Kenosha to help clean or whatever, but without a weapon, does he get accosted for being perceived as a threat or a mass shooter? Probably not. Kyle’s choices led to this and to not see him bear any semblance of responsibility is deeply troubling.
  11. While it’s nice to know we aren’t the only ones having some tough sledding right now, the statistical anomaly of how we’ve gotten to 3-7 is what’s so soul crushingly painful. Texas being bad does make me happy though.
  12. Helfrich strikes me as Lubick 2.0. Oregon connection. Seems he’s been out of coaching for a while. He may be more of a seasoned play caller, and would probably bring some decent assistants. But if it were up to me, I’d probably opt for someone with more current B1G experience. It might be ambitious, but Herman or O’Brien would be my targets. I wonder if making them Associate Head Coach would provide any sway in getting their attention. Maybe something along the lines of “Come be our OC and Associate HC. If Neb gets turned around wins 9 games a couple years in a row, you can stay on and get a fat pay raise or parlay it into a head coaching gig. If Scott goes 5-7 and gets axed, you can take over.”
  13. Fru


    I feel like this is the case with most of the B1G. They all seem to play a brand of football that is weaponized mediocrity.
  14. Agreed. You don’t take a pay cut and axe half your staff to hire up and comers who are going to learn on the job. You do what you can to go get established coaches.
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