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  1. Yes I would argue the rust belt “Protest Voters” had a pretty significant impact in 2016 as well. 2012 Wisconsin: 1,620,985 votes for Obama Biden and 1,407,966 votes for Romney Ryan and approximately 40k votes for “other” candidates. Dems margin of victory is 213k Dems win handily if all protest voters had voted R. 2016 Wisconsin: 1,405,284 votes for Trump Pence and 1,382,536 votes for Clinton Kaine and well over 150k votes going to “other” candidates. Reps margin of victory is 23k votes (with a worse R turnout than 2012), easily defeated if a fifth of the protest voters vote D. 2012 Michigan: 2,564,569 votes for Obama Biden and 2,115,256 votes for Romney Ryan with approximately 50k votes for “other” candidates. Dems margin of victory is 400k and win handily if all 50k protest votes had gone R instead. 2016 Michigan: 2,279,543 votes for Trump Pence and 2,268,839 votes for Clinton Kaine and approximately 250k votes for “other” candidates. Reps margin of victory is 11k with 250k protest votes. R’s are easily defeated if a tenth of protest voters vote D. 2012 Pennsylvania: 2,990,274 votes for Obama Biden and 2,680,434 votes for Romney Ryan with approximately 80k votes for “other” candidates. Dems margin of victory is 310k votes, and win handily if all protest voters had voted R. 2016 Pennsylvania: 2,970,733 votes for Trump Pence and 2,926,441 votes for Clinton Kaine with nearly 250k votes for “other” candidates. R margin of victory is 44k votes and are defeated if a fifth of the protest voters had voted D. 46 Electoral Votes between these three states, enough to swing the election, decided by approximately 80k votes with 650k votes going to candidates with no possible shot at winning.
  2. I would happily trade an ultimately meaningless P5 noncon game in Sept for a better shot at a playoff run. Buzz off, Josh.
  3. Feels kinda similar to the last handful of years where anything between 3-9 and 9-3 seems pretty plausible. Just find a way to 7 to secure a bowl and winning record and find a way to win at least one of the final 5.
  4. Good question. Trying to think back across all sports. I remember Callahan’s throat slash gesture got some scrutiny. Frost had a couple icy/childish moments, but nothing too crazy. But really aside from Bo I can’t think of anything major.
  5. This is an excellent one. I’ve often thought about how things would’ve gone if Bo had gotten it in 2003. In some ways it’s kind of amazing it didn’t happen. So Steve fires Frank with allegedly an NFL head coach waiting in the wings. I believe this was alluded to by Harvey Perlman in an article a while back, he claimed it was going to be a “wow” hire. I think in a later article it was said to be Mike Sherman who was with Green Bay at the time. Obviously doesn’t happen. So Steve is getting turned down left and right. Zimmer. Houston Nutt. Etc. I believe the search took over 40 days. He clearly had no plan and was caught completely flat footed. Steve had to have known this coaching search was becoming a disaster. He had to have known he made multiple critical mistakes. And the whole time he’s got a young, hot shot, fan favorite, D Coordinator that took over as interim and led the team to an inspired bowl win. Talk about an escape route. Why wouldn’t Pederson just hire Bo? He could’ve sold it pretty easily. A young NFL defensive assistant, comes to Neb as a savior DC, takes over the head job and becomes the face of Neb’s future. If Bo got the job I think he probably keeps most of the staff in place. Recruiting probably doesn’t drop off much, if at all, possibly even improving a bit under the new energy from the Bo hire. At worst they probably hover in that 7-5ish range with Bo never fully able to get over the hump. At best they could have very well made the 2005 or 2006 B12 Title Game, maybe even have won it in 2006 since OU was pretty pedestrian that year. Bo probably gets poached or given an extension and stays thru the B1G conference change and leaves some time around 2016, give or take.
  6. Rolling into next season with two true freshman and HH for QB scares me a bit. Kinda hope they get a portal guy post spring. Doesn’t have to be a world beater, just a guy for depth.
  7. Absolute hose job at the end of the game with that spike. Don’t know why that never gets much attention. Manning - Leaf is the obvious comparison. But that Tennessee team was stacked. Manning, Jamal Lewis, Peerless Price, Marcus Nash, Cedric Wilson, Shaun Ellis, Terry Fair, Leonard Little. A 5 point win over a team whose best player was one of the biggest NFL busts of all time… Or an absolute beatdown of a team stacked with NFL talent, draft picks and one of the best QB’s to ever play the game. It’s not close.
  8. I’ve never understood why the Minnesota comparison is so prevalent when discussing Neb’s modern day struggles. Acting like a program whose dominant era predated integration and any resemblance of the modern day game is somehow comparable to the what cfb has been for the last 40-50 years makes absolutely no sense to me. Some food for thought. From 1962 to 2003, Neb didn’t have a losing season. One .500 season in there, but never a losing season. No program can say that, let alone any of the 7 other blue blood programs. I also think the “Neb has been bad for 20 years” trope is largely overstated. Yes, we took a step back. But I ran the numbers in another thread a while back and from 2003-2016, Neb kept pace with most of our B1G peers for wins, losses, bowl games and top 25 finishes. The lion share of our “terrible” 20 year stretch is mostly indistinguishable from the likes of Iowa, Penn St and Michigan. It’s obviously been historically bad since 2017. But Blue blood status doesn’t just go away because of a couple bad coaching hires and a bad 7 year stretch.
  9. Certainly a possibility, but I was thinking more along the lines of chasing off our solid QB commit because a high profile QB flirted with us and we end up with neither. The Dylan news is certainly exciting and it’s fun to speculate. But it is not a done deal. This can go sideways quickly.
  10. We lose Kaelin. Dylan stays with Georgia.
  11. Ah, so this is how it blows up in our face.
  12. If only there was an example of a QB recruit initially spurning Neb and TO, only to come back. Guess we’ll never know.
  13. The chatter about Jim Tressell coming to Neb after the Bo firing was a pretty wild, though short lived, time.
  14. Yup. And the manner of the losses as well. Pretty difficult to feel much confidence after 4 one score conference losses largely from self inflicted wounds. Essentially a mirror image of what we’ve seen since 2018.
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