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  1. Since Quarantine began, I've started drinking whiskey a few nights a week. I've never been a big liquor guy so I didn't really know where to start, so I've been sticking with Jameson and Slane.
  2. Wait, you mean to tell me that a competent Federal response at the beginning stages of the pandemic could have prevented the catastrophic death toll, job loss, and disruption to daily life?
  3. Granted he’s an elite talent at our weakest position, but I have a difficult time believing SF and Co would put up with that. I could maybe see them tolerating a talented guy with a bad attitude. But kowtowing to a dude actively trying to sabotage the team? Come on now.
  4. I think PJ is a decent coach, but I also think he’s slightly overrated. He didn’t have to build that program from the ground up. Jerry Kill had done a really nice job there, getting them to winning seasons and bowl games. It was not a program in shambles.
  5. Looks like the new Senate is sworn in about two weeks before the President, meaning Pence would have to swear them in. If Trump leads the charge of "I'm not leaving" and if there's a blue wave in the senate, would anyone really be shocked if the rest of the GOP followed suit?
  6. I think the real question is would the rest of the GOP back him? They've empowered him from day one, why would they oppose him now?
  7. I think it just reiterates things we already knew. A segment of the population will simply say "F*ck you, no" to anything, even if benefits them. Efforts to decrease pollution from car emissions have been put in place, and yet there are people who alter their trucks so that they emit and pollute more. We all benefit from clean air, why do that? We can't agree on clean air or clean water, why would we be able to band together during a pandemic? There are people who vote against Medicare for all candidates, measures, etc, when they themselves would benefit from medicare for all. If you don't care about your own life, why would you care about anyone else's?
  8. - Taylor Martinez gets too much unnecessary hate. - Bill Callahan gets too much hate. To be fair, this dude walked into an incredibly toxic situation. He recruited incredibly well, and seemingly ran a clean program. I believe he cared and did his best, it just didn’t happen to work, which I can respect. Unlike another pro style coach from the west coast we hired.
  9. *face palm* Ha, I had no idea that was Marsellus Wallace!
  10. Where do we get one of those Iowa 2015 schedules?
  11. Did they get the “Arby’s. We have the meats!” Guy to narrate that?
  12. Agreed. Had Frank been retained, I think at best he’d have essentially been Kirk Ferentz. Multiple 6, 7 and 8 win seasons. The downfall of the program was not letting Bill Byrne do his job, and a lack of stability and unity at the top.
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