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  1. Additionally, most of AOC's platform consists of policies that have been enacted and been successful in other first world countries.
  2. Fru

    Harrison Beck

    Imagine living next to this guy.
  3. Had plenty of opportunities, had plenty of open shots and good looks. Just couldn't get enough to fall.
  4. Fru

    Pet Peeves

    Obnoxiously loud typing.
  5. Fru

    The Republican Utopia

    Wait, you mean to tell me that the guy who paid nearly $300k to get laid, isn't a master deal maker?
  6. That's true, I spaced that. But even then, that stuff isn't their entire schtick, and is the kind of stuff one would expect from comedians, not a celebrated political mind.
  7. I'd be hesitant to say they're equal opposites. Daily Show and John Oliver are comedians lampooning the political landscape. Shapiro is being exalted as one of the great conservative minds of our time. Jon Stewart took up political causes and involved himself in pushing for legislation. Shapiro, to my knowledge, hasn't done so. Shapiro made his bones by going on college tours to "debate" ill-prepared college students. Noah and Stewart interview established and accomplished guests. I'm unsure as to why you think they're comparable.
  8. Shapiro talks quick and articulate, gives dubious statistics, often says "studies show" (without giving specifics on said studies), then demands precise details of people he's debating. Additionally he frames his opponents arguments in a wholly inaccurate manner, much like the ACO dancing tweet. He's quick witted and has made a living off "debating" ill prepared college students. His "Facts don't care about your feelings" trope rings rather hollow when the progressive policies he critiques as "insane" have been proven to work effectively in other first world countries. His affiliation with Breitbart, dissemination of racist cartoons ( https://thehill.com/homenews/media/354781-ben-shapiro-apologizes-for-racist-columbus-day-video ) and recent attempts to use charities as pawns to guilt/shame people into doing something, is enough for me to say "No thanks."
  9. Fru

    Harrison Beck

    Just scrolled thru his Twitter and Instagram. This is ESPN 30 For 30 level degradation.