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  1. I didn’t expect much from this squad this year. But I didn’t think it would look that bad. They looked utterly clueless.
  2. I think an argument could be made for the I formation drive against OSU that ended with the OSU CB on his back intercepting AM’s pass.
  3. I certainly see where you’re coming from, and I am by no means convinced that Chinander is the answer. However it seemed his defense did give the offense more opportunities to score this year as opposed to 2018. Iowa is a perfect example. How many times did the D get the ball back for the offense, only for the offense to go three and out? D can only do so much. His defense was giving up less points, while the offense was less productive. I can’t fault the guy too much. The tackling though still baffles me. That’s probably my biggest gripe. Also, I’d like to see what his defense would look like with a bonafide pass rusher.
  4. 9/5 Purdue - W. Purdue usually starts the season poorly. I was never convinced Purdue was the up and comers they were made out to be in 2018. Their 2019 was fairly lackluster (as was ours). I think NU wins but Purdue gives a good fight. 9/12 Central Michigan - W. Should have more horses than they do. 9/19 South Dakota State - W. Same as Cent Mich. 9/26 Cincinnati - Toss up. I honestly don’t know much about them personnel wise. They’re competitive in their league, but I’d hope we have more horses than they do, but I won’t hold my breath. 10/3 @ Northwestern - Toss up. NW is such a quirky team. Sometimes they play like it’s the Super Bowl, other times they fold like a lawn chair. They always get up for their game against Neb. I’d like to think we have enough talent to walk out of Evanston with a win. 10/10 Illinois - Toss up. I think Lovie is quietly building a decent program. They’ve shown they aren’t scared to play physical. 10/24 @ Rutgers - W. 10/31 @ Ohio State - L 11/7 Penn State - Probable loss. I think they have better talent than we do, but I’m not convinced they’re the world beaters they’ve been made out to be. If Neb has piled up some wins by this point, I could see this being a “prove it” game for Frost and Co where they finally knock someone off and get some confidence. 11/14 @ Iowa - Toss up. Iowa will be breaking in a new QB, and will be looking to replace key pieces on D. I think this is finally the year, but won’t hold my breath. 11/21 @ Wisconsin - L 11/27 Minnesota - Toss up. I’m not totally on the PJ Fleck train. Dude wins 10 games at a program that was already in pretty decent shape before he got there, and people act like he invented football. If Neb enters this game, bowl eligible and with some confidence, I think they can finally play up to their competition for a change and steal a win. Being bowl eligible before the OSU game then stealing a couple down the stretch is ideal. Likely? Not so sure. It seemed the OL and Mills made some strides to round out the season. TE should be solid. RB should have more depth and less drama. No clue how things will shake out with WR. Can’t get much worse. For QB I think it’s a given that AM will start. I’m admittedly not convinced he’s the right guy and I don’t see any indication SF will move off of him. I’d like for Luke to see the field in some capacity. Defense loses lots of starters for DL. Hopefully Ty and Keem are ready to go. Any semblance of a pass rush would be nice. Lose a couple LBs and Lamar. I think there’s some hungry young talent, plus a few juco guys should probably be able to equate 2019’s production. Not really concerned about the secondary. A more productive offense would help the defense immensely. Hopefully Barrett is healed up. Would also be nice to see some recruiting for a kicker or punter. Special teams has obviously been a liability.
  5. I’m usually pretty “over” a loss the day after the game, if not an hour or two after. It doesn’t ruin my day/weekend/week like it did when I was 10 years old. But I gotta admit, for the life of me, I cannot get this one out of my head. 

    1. NUance


      For me this one wasn't nearly as bad as the CU loss.  Back then I thought we had a decent shot at an 8 or 9 win season.  This loss was just more of the same.  /sad horse

    2. Fru


      @NUance I was at that game, and yes that sucked bad. But I had that same lingering thought of “Well we’ll still get 8-9 wins and go to a bowl” seemed to ease the pain a bit. 

      Additionally, 2017 sucked but we got Scott and that felt like a huge win. We had regained hope. 2018 sucked but we ended pretty strong and there was this sense of “It’s starting to happen.”


      Nothing has felt good about 2019, nor does it seem to indicate 2020 or 2021 will be any different. 

  6. Disagree. I don’t see AM improving. I’m not sure if it’s mental, physical, the play calling or what, but nothing leads me to believe he’ll take any steps forward next year. His ineptitude, along with SF’s commitment to playing him will result in multiple 3 and outs and sputtering offensive performances. Thus leading to the defense constantly being out on the field and getting worked nearly every game.
  7. I’ve watched an inordinate amount of Iowa football this year. They are not the world beaters some folks make them out to be. Nebraska can absolutely win this game. Iowa lives and dies with Stanley. If he has time in the pocket, he can carve teams up. If he’s uncomfortable, he folds like a lawn chair. Have to get pressure on Stanley, and hold em on 3rd downs. Their RBs are average. Line isn’t bad. TE’s are a decent threat but they’re missing Fant and Hock. Defense is fairly stout. But our offense seems to be gelling right now. If Neb decides to show up and play with some moxie, I think they can win this game. If they bring the same energy as the Minnesota game, it’ll be a long day.
  8. I stopped by my grandpa’s today, and he’s been going thru a bunch of stuff lately. He and grandma were big Husker fans. He had some hanky towel thing out, that said

    “GO HUSKERS! Down with the candy police THUGS!”


    It looked pretty vintage. He had no recollection as to who or what the “Candy Police Thugs” were. Anyone know? 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. NUance


      I wonder if it was aimed at some policy not allowing candy into Memorial Stadium.  Just a theory... 

    3. Fru


      @MLB 51 Hadn’t considered that. My money would be on Kansas St. A buddy and I speculated on it being something along the lines of what @NUance suggested. Like maybe some kids were trying to sell candy outside of the stadium to raise money for a Girl/Boy scouts, and the U booted em off for not having a permit or some ticky tack thing.

    4. Xmas32


      That's a really cool towel.  I'd shoot an email to Mike Babc$%k, Shatel or someone else in the media that has covered the team forever.

  9. I wanna say that was Jack Gangwish.
  10. You ain't kidding. Good lord.
  11. Not gonna lie. I don't even remember the name Ross Dzuris.
  12. Fru

    Frank Solich

    I think had he been retained, he’d have probably been our version of Kirk Ferentz. Mostly 8 and 9 win seasons. 10 or 11 wins when the schedule lined up right. Threatened to win the division on occasion. Bunch of Holiday and Outback Bowl appearances.
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