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  1. Fru


    The hit on Martinez's slide at 1:28 would have surely been called against Nebraska
  2. PJ Fleck ' Aaron Eckhart in "Bleed for This"
  3. Fru

    UFC = WWE

    I'll never understand the cognitive dissonance it takes to love Khabib and hate McGregor.
  4. Fru

    Call your shot: How many wins left?

    At worst, 1. Bethune Cookman. At best, 4. Minnesota, BC, Illinois, and steal one from Iowa or MSU. What I think is most likely, 2. BC and Illinois.
  5. Fru

    NU Alternate/Throwback Unis for Illinois

    I think they would look infinitely better if they didn't have the faux straps, and were just plain white with the leather look. Like the ones the Redskins wore a while back
  6. Fru

    NU Alternate/Throwback Unis for Illinois

    I like the jersey and pants. But the helmet....
  7. Fru

    Officiating Bias Against Frost?

    NU has earned themselves plenty of penalties. Purdue is the only game that sticks out to me where there seemed like there were multiple bogus/ticky tack calls.
  8. Fru

    Tips to help dad with limited mobility

    My family and I have always picked up/dropped off outside the student union on R St. Approximately half a mile walk to the stadium.
  9. It's a nice change of pace from "Looses"
  10. The only Wisconsin game I've watched in its' entirety this year was when they played Iowa. What stuck out to me about them was how sound they are. They make very few mistakes. They don't really set the world on fire, but they do almost all of the little things really well. If this NU team has any shred of hope at making this a competitive game, they're going to need to play perfect and capitalize on Wisconsin's mistakes. Muffed punt, tipped pass, etc absolutely have to turn into points. Not just a 3 and out and give the ball right back to them.
  11. Fru

    Depth Chart Changes

    They both fell down. That's as far as I analyzed it. I bet you're fun at parties. You remind me of the Patton Oswalt bit about Germans not understanding jokes and bringing everything to a grinding halt. K.
  12. Fru

    Depth Chart Changes

    Have you ever razzed a family member or friend over something dumb they did/happened to them? You still love em, but can playfully laugh about it? My post/remarks are in that vain. Relax and dial back your self righteousness. I admire and respect the heck out of both Cotton and Lightbourn. They've both had athletic careers that I can only dream of.
  13. Fru

    Depth Chart Changes

    I'd say they're both embarrassing and perfectly encompass the state of NU football and their respective moments. Seems similar enough to me.
  14. Fru

    Depth Chart Changes

    His hissy fit afterwards was the cherry on top.