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  1. This is more about emotional importance, than actual stakes, but Penn St 2020 will probably always stand out in my mind. An ugly win against an ugly opponent in a monstrously ugly year. The momentary distraction from the world that that win provided at the time was definitely needed.
  2. Was so devastating. I remember being in a bar downtown and thinking “Finally, we got em.”
  3. Lots to choose from but 2015 Wisconsin was quite the kick in the d!ck.
  4. Definitely. It's not a murderers row, but they all always play Neb tough, and Neb always seems to shoot themselves in the foot somehow.
  5. I get what you're saying for Mich and Wis. They were definitely underwhelming last year. I just think they're more established and have more firepower than Neb. As far as potential losses from the original list, I could honestly see a case for all of them except SE La. But on the other hand, I also wouldn't be surprised if Neb beat all of them. I'm just not confident that that'll happen. The defense should likely keep Neb in every game minus OU and Ohio State. This season will depend entirely on whether or not the offense can finally put it together.
  6. Need to get six wins out of Illinois, Buffalo, NW, Mich St, Minn, Purdue, SE La. and Iowa. I just don't see it.
  7. Wisconsin and Iowa back to back would be a fun new way to end a season.
  8. When you fight it, do you win?
  9. I'm sure I'll get laughed at for referring to the Unemployment Insurance law again, but here goes. https://dol.nebraska.gov/PressRelease/Details/153 "Quitting A Job Without Good Cause Workers who quit a job without good cause are not eligible for unemployment insurance benefits." So if someone voluntarily quits without good cause, they're ineligible for benefits.
  10. Lol well clearly something isn't working right. Just because you have difficulty hiring doesn't mean there's a nexus for rampant Unemployment Insurance fraud. If companies are struggling with hiring and retention, some inward self reflection might be more beneficial than claiming it's everyone else's fault.
  11. I was merely pointing out that there are a litany of things that can disqualify someone from receiving Unemployment Insurance. The notion that folks just type in a few things, kick back and collect checks unfettered just isn't accurate.
  12. I don't mean to imply that fraud doesn't happen, it does and it's generally caught. No system is perfect. However the process your friend describes is not entirely accurate (depending on which state he's referring to. Different states have different requirements). There are a myriad of things that can and often disqualify someone from receiving benefits. Sounds like poor hiring practices.
  13. Well gosh, I guess nothing exists besides YOUR experience.
  14. Refusing a reasonable job offer disqualifies someone from receiving Unemployment Insurance benefits. https://dol.nebraska.gov/PressRelease/Details/153 "Declining Suitable Work Under the law, if an unemployed person is offered a comparable job to their previous job at comparable wages and hours and refuses to accept the job offer, they will be disqualified from benefits."
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