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  1. “Coach, Hank from DeWitt here. What do you think about changing the tunnel walk music from Sirius? Should Nebraska switch to Nike from Adidas? You’ll never do all red uniforms, right? You hate Lil Red too, dontcha? When is the right time to play The Killigan’s song?”
  2. Fickell is my first pick too. I’d argue the ranked team stuff is appropriately emphasized. Dude is wanting top dollar, and his best win is a 2016 win against 19th ranked Navy. I also have to question him for hiring Joe Brady as his OC at Carolina. Brady had one of the thinnest resumes ever and his biggest claim to fame was a one year stint as a passing game coordinator for a team that had a record number of draft picks. Really Matt? That’s the guy you think is ready to be an NFL OC? My mother in law could have been the passing game coordinator for LSU that year and had similar results.
  3. So Jim Grobe was the interim after Briles got axed, and went 7-6. Did Baylor have any sanctions that Rhule had to deal with? Scholarship limits? Bowl bans? TV bans? As far as I can find Baylor got a slap on the wrist for ticky tack recruiting violations that didn’t take effect until after Rhule was gone. Sure it couldn’t have been easy to take on the Baylor gig at the time, but Briles, Grobe and Aranda have all had winning seasons at Baylor. Is winning there really the Herculean feat we’ve made it out to be? He hasn’t beat a ranked team since a 2016 game against Navy. I hope he‘s able to put a staff together, because if he’s the guy… I’m not seeing it.
  4. TO isn’t the Don Corleone Puppet Master that he often gets made out to be.
  5. Who knows if Trev shooting down 3 assistants at $1m each is even true. If it was in fact shot down, is it perhaps because of who the assistants were going to be? Brian Ferentz makes just under $1m/year. Doesn’t mean he’s worth it.
  6. Would love it, but I fear he’s too settled at Utah to want to uproot and start completely over. I think Kyle Whittingham, Gary Patterson, or Chris Petersen would’ve been excellent post Bo hires. The program was in a solid place and a competent hire could’ve seized the West a bit.
  7. Jon Bowling Roger and or Curtis Craig
  8. http://amp.thecomeback.com/ncaa/college-football-world-reacts-kirk-ferentz-buyout.html Article from this summer says $48m. Brian makes $900k/yr as possibly the worst OC of all time. Parker makes $595k/yr as an excellent DC. Things could get very interesting in Iowa City.
  9. Almost. I’ll have to check but I think his buyout is pretty steep. Not sure if Iowa has deep enough pockets to move on. Promoting Parker would probably be the move. But if they can’t move on from Kirk, can Parker possibly be lured away? Have to imagine he’s getting looks.
  10. It’s kinda poetic how Iowa and Wisconsin fans have been hammering Neb for years for moving on from coaches who won 9 games. Funny how things work out.
  11. Was at that game. A 3 win team with half a staff and a backup QB had them on the ropes, and their fans were acting like they won the Super Bowl. I’m with ya teach. The B1G West is not the murderer’s row they get made out to be.
  12. I’m glad someone finally said it. A lot of average to below average in the B1G West. The league has done a great job of rebranding mediocrity as “toughness.” Really a shame Neb hasn’t had their s*** together these last few years. The division has been up for grabs for years, hard not to think we left some on the table.
  13. Can anything just be normal?
  14. I think the drama of the 90’s bled into the “experience” of Nebraska football a bit. The gossip, stories and “Well I heard…” is an added bonus. Maybe Scott got hammered and blew off a meeting with a top recruit. Or maybe a 5 star QB with all the options in the world wanted to play for a top program, and not a 3 win team with a head coach hanging by a thread. Maybe everything isn’t a soap opera.
  15. Few things will compare to the excitement of Frost being named head coach. Obviously it went off the rails, but boy did everything in the world seem right when it became official. I wouldn’t say I’m excited for the rest of the year, but it does feel a bit refreshing at the moment, kinda like a weight has been lifted. Expectations are low. If the offense continues to gel, I think there’s enough talent on this team for them to win a shootout or two.
  16. Very true. We were all ecstatic with his hires. Dead on with him not really managing them when they got here. Not that an AD had to micromanage every coach’s move, but I have to wonder how things would’ve gone if Scott had an AD like Trev from the beginning.
  17. I think after roughly 40 years of success, the collective mindset was unprepared for what happened in 2002. It was such an outlier of a season, that no one knew how to handle it. You look at the history of every other blue blood from 1970 to 2002, all of them had a handful of down years. They knew that winning wasn’t always guaranteed and also not to panic when it happens. AD wise… Pederson was impulsive and unprepared. TO was never going to be the long term solution. Eichorst was emblematic of Perlman’s meddling. Moos was also not a long term solution and was seemingly asleep at the wheel. Trev finally seems to be the steady leader we’ve needed for decades.
  18. I disagree and stand by my two points - Coaches can get away with a lot of nonsense IF they’re winning. - Trev does not need a salacious Scott Frost tell-all book to justify firing a 16-31 coach.
  19. Is the native son thing still a narrative right now though? I haven’t seen, heard or encountered one instance of someone thinking Scott shouldn’t have been fired. I also think TO’s influence or opinion gets drastically overestimated.
  20. A few thoughts. Severe says “It wasn’t about the losses” … What? It was absolutely about the losses. Coaches notoriously get away with all kinds of buffoonery if they’re winning. Severe says a tell all book about all these shenanigans would allow Trev to “walk away” and say “this is why” as if Trev is feeling some kind of heat for firing Scott? Does anyone truly believe Trev wasn’t justified in firing Scott? Why would he *need* a salacious tell all book? I’ve heard all the rumors, and never thought much about them because I heard the exact same stuff about Frank, Bill and Bo, so I just chalked it up as typical LNK gossip. But what I really don’t understand is, if he truly wasn’t committed, didn’t care, phoned it in etc… why fire half your staff? Why go out and make some pretty excellent hires? Why restructure your contract? Why go through all of that when he could’ve just walked off with a payday last year? How was the team even as competitive as they were if everything was such a raging dumpster fire?
  21. Yes Iowa has had a really solid 10 year run, but they’ve also been very beatable. Scott produced the worst teams Neb has had since the moon landing, and they still took Iowa down to the wire every year. If it takes 7 tries and a historically bad Iowa offense for Campbell to steal a 3 point win, that tells me pretty much all I need to know.
  22. It’s mainly his record against Iowa for me. 1-6, with the only win being this year where Iowa has a monstrously inept offense. That’s not to say that beating Iowa is the end all be all, but I’d say right now it’s a pretty solid benchmark of where we need to be in order to compete for the West. We’ve had two coaches now that haven’t been able to do it, why go for a third that has already demonstrated he’s mostly incapable of doing so? Campbell also feels like one of those “He just needs better resources” guys. That’s not a path I want to go down again. If Campbell ends up being the guy, I could maybe get on board if he surrounds himself with great coordinators. Otherwise, I think Trev should aim higher.
  23. I agree. I think we can and will do better than Campbell or Doeren.
  24. - Fickell - Aranda - Whittingham - Gundy - Urban Campbell is 1-6 against Iowa. No thank you.
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