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  1. Hopefully NHL 20 when I get out of work in 4 1/2 hours
  2. SP+, FP, EI-EI-O.. whatever the hell all that means, it's not that complicated.. What needs to be fixed are both lines on each side of the ball. If SF can figure what's wrong with the O and D lines, that will be the start to getting this team right
  3. walksalone

    Joker Movie in the Works

    No, we got a lame a$$ "death metal" batman... Google Frank Miller Batman, and you'll get a better idea, and see that the CB batman isn't close to that... I'm not gonna lie, I am laughing...
  4. walksalone

    THE Solution for the Husker Offense

  5. walksalone

    Just a little patience

    Orrrrr.... Is Minnesota us, but with better hockey?????
  6. walksalone

    Just a little patience

    Why does it matter? If i go to 13 or none? Does it make me any less of a fan?
  7. walksalone

    Just a little patience

    Well, those that are sick of "tomorrow" can probably find a comfy spot on the bandwagon of the current flavor of the week... I'm happy with what we have, and optimistic to see where it'll go
  8. walksalone

    Just a little patience

    While true, their fans are no different from us, they just want their team to be good
  9. walksalone

    Just a little patience

    Just think, you could be a Syracuse, Tulane, Kansas, New Mexico, (etc.) fan.... Perspective...
  10. walksalone

    Just a little patience

    This is almost exactly what I was going to say. It's almost if it'd been better if SF had gone a respectable 10-2, instead of running the table. Also it might have been better had we not been ranked. Husker fans collectively haven't had the best couple of decades, and now any glimmer of hope is looked upon as this program coming back...
  11. walksalone

    Joker Movie in the Works

    The correct answer is, neither... In this incantation, Batman is in his middle 50's, he's been through the fights, he's weathered, scarred, tired. I don't want some pretty little POS playing this Batman, (the only incantation I like), I want a tough S.O.B. playing batman... Possibilities: Sean Bean, Randy Couture, maybe Russell Crowe
  12. walksalone

    status update