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  1. Giving a gal a Bill Cosby sweater, should be illegal

    1. Redux


      Why?  Fruity Pebbles are delicious!

  2. Bob will be serving up small pox and firewater to my ancestors in a couple weeks
  3. Bob, has Mr. Young wronged you in some way, shape. or form? Your vitriol for Chase might suggest that he's had relations with someone you're close to.
  4. Whatever he does, he'd better unf*ck himself quickly, or some of these wackos on the board will be heading toward his house, not unlike this...
  5. This post reads like the football version of the Notebook..
  6. Bill Callahan 2.0 I remember John Lynch, saying that to Chucky when the Clownahan led Raiders got stomped by the Bucs
  7. What in the actual f*ck did I just watch??


    Thanks Frost & Co., this weeks gonna be a total sh*tshow thanks to you

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    2. walksalone
    3. HuskerInLostWages


      Pretty close at this point.  Got 3 pheseant on the smoker and in laws coming over in 1.5 hours, drinkin heavily to kill the pain of the game and the in laws inevitable entry to my house.

    4. walksalone


      Go easy mighty warrior

  8. And for Jackie Gleason to come back from the Dead, head straight to Pender, find Thurston's momma, and punch her right in the mouth
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