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  1. Maybe we can have the NCAA do a full on investigation, so we can forfeit the home sold out streak, and put a half million people on suicide watch
  2. Be careful saying that, you might rekindle old hatreds
  3. If the team is posting 5-7 or 6-6 records the next couple years, this board is gonna be on suicide watch. Furthermore, the folks that were touting his return "home", will be wanting to run him outta town. I'm hoping he finds a way to unf*ck this mess, turn it around, and restore a little respect to this program.
  4. I'd like to thank the Cornhuskers football program this year for making appreciate the Av's that much more.

    1. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      The Avs are going to be TOUGH if they can get everyone healthy at one time. Wish they'd get things straightened out with Comcast so I wouldn't have to do the illicit streaming thing. It's okay but has a tendency to cut out at the worst times.

    2. walksalone


      They just got Mikko back from his "mini holdout", and everybody coming back healthy, plus reliable goal tending from grubby and the back up, I'm hoping they make the WCF

  5. This is a case of Tommie not hearing Tommie's name in a minute
  6. I don't think either side of the ball was very good this year. I think they need to rethink the offensive and defensive "scheme's" and hopefully recruit well enough, otherwise another 5-7 season is a possibility.
  7. And us old people remember what National Championships look like
  8. nobody, and I do mean nobody cares
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