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  1. walksalone

    ***Official Minnesota Game Discussion Thread***

    ill be getting some Moose Drool later
  2. walksalone

    ***Official Minnesota Game Discussion Thread***

    Yup, seriously... RIley sucked 3 years ago, the same way he sucked now, and a lot of folks were more than happy to say how we were entering a new era of Husker football now that Bo was gone... Hope ya'll got what you wanted...
  3. walksalone

    ***Official Minnesota Game Discussion Thread***

    Where are all the Riley apologists now????
  4. walksalone

    ***Official Minnesota Game Discussion Thread***

    First of all, you're in Jersey... Burn the hotel, and the surrounding town, pillage what supplies you'll need to escape...
  5. walksalone

    ***Official Minnesota Game Discussion Thread***

    I'm glad the Av's are playing in Sweden, because there dudes are getting out played by a bad Minny team... Thanks, first game I get to watch in a couple weeks, and you find away to f#*k that up.l.. Thanks Riley
  6. walksalone

    ***Official Minnesota Game Discussion Thread***

    I'm glad I woke up in time to see their QB smoke our entire team... Every time I see Mike Riley on the sidelines, I'm still baffled that people thought hiring this dude was a good idea... This dude is the poster child for mediocrity..
  7. Mike Riley needs to set a precedent, and be the first coach to resign at halftime
  8. and the Av's down 0-1 in the 2nd... Well, at least I'm not watching a Mike Riley coached team
  9. Well, I think I'll be keep track of the game here, the Av's are on Mike Riley need to man up, and resign after this game. He doesn't have the kids, and it shows on the field.
  10. I have to sit here and laugh at the geniuses that proclaimed on this board that this was a good idea...
  11. likewise I'm going to propose we replace Riley with an overflowing colostomy bag
  12. The sooner this game is over, the sooner they can fire Callahan Lite, and give the job to one of Riley's inept cronies, and the search for a coach can begin...
  13. walksalone

    **** Official Hockey Thread **** (NHL & College)

    I'm so glad Hockey is back
  14. walksalone

    What did we learn-Game 4 Rutgers

    That I need to get the BigTen network That I'm like one of many hoping that hapless tool gets fired #NotMyCoach