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  1. Well it’s halftime, I’m gonna go drop a Rhule
  2. I wonder if Brock can tell me what the Michigan o line tastes like?
  3. This team is painful to watch… How many seasons is it gonna take for Trev to figure it out
  4. We could run the table if these were our last 8 games Stephen F Austin North Texas UC Davis Chadron St Central Michigan Stony Brook Middle Tenn St New Mexico St
  5. Sweet baby six pound 12 ounce jesus is this that UNL dudes alt account? No Nike mentions though?
  6. After actually reading this, this is positively ridiculous
  7. We're three games in, and we're 1-2. I think we're a hell of a long way from knowing whether or not this was the right hire. I'm more than skeptical, and so far only in one game against an opponent we're supposed to clobber, we did so. If we somehow make a bowl game, I think that would give a little hope to this fan base, but I'm not sure that's going to happen.
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