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  1. The boys need to get healthy and ASAf*ckinP, they're one point out of the playoffs as of today...
  2. holy sh*t, that game vs the Islanders, was ridiculous...
  3. In a month Gabe and Natty Mac should be back along with the other walking wounded, and I'm hoping they have a January like they did last year, where they were just a juggernaut...
  4. if the playoffs started today, in the east, the Caps and Panthers would be out, mind blowing in the west, Flames, Blues and Nashville would be out, and even more amazing, the Av's are still in Congrats to that communist Cossack f*ck on getting in the 800 club
  5. Binnington is a first ballot, hall of fame c*nt
  6. The past two games our entire 4th line was made up of AHL call ups, and almost half our third line
  7. Attention, Av's PLEASE STOP GETTING INJURED thank you...
  8. Something even more amusing, Deion would rather go to a sh*ttier program than ours... lol

    1. Stone Cold

      Stone Cold

      Maybe he just liked colorados color scheme better.

    2. Decked


      Deion wasn’t even contacted by Trev out of 13/14 people. There was no interest. There is a reason why he didn’t get offered an SEC job. He still needs to prove himself. 

    3. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      That’s because his choices were s#!ttier programs than ours. So much for that Auburn or SEC gig. Hopefully, for his sake, CU can scrape together the funds they agreed to pay him.

  9. Good thing we don't have to worry about which bowl they'll be playing in....

  10. Its crazy to think Bo has been the most successful coach in the past 20 years 

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    2. Mavric


      Not just most successful.  No other coaches best season over that time has been better than Bo’s worst season.

    3. TonyStalloni


      Much of the blame for our failures over the last 20 years can be laid at the feet of our athletic directors. Their inability to seek council for coaching hires, to see that college football was entering a new era and/or making hires based on feelings rather than logic would lead us down a path for abject failure.

    4. suh_fan93


      Yet even Bo's teams barely beat anyone with a pulse.  Just goes to show you how low the bar has fallen.

  11. You're all wrong about Rhule... I saw him up here at BHSU in Spearfish, he was wolfing down a six pack and a pound at TJ's
  12. Well, W. Compton's got a twitter, so it's a possibility
  13. I thought I'd be taking you away from your 83rd season of NCAA 15
  14. I'm sure you could get Decked to do it...
  15. Every realist has a smidge of defeatist in there young grasshopper... Do you think they'd really do that?!???!?!??!?? Mike Riley was Callahan Lite....
  16. Essentially you're getting the same thing, mediocrity...
  17. I might take one of those Texas high school coaches over Rhule
  18. That I'm a realist? Thank you, I appreciate your candor...
  19. It's not so much that his favorite coach might get hired, but someone that will pull us out of the pit of despair and mediocrity... In 500+ pages there's not been really anybody that I think has the ability to do that. Right now Trev is just hiring a placeholder until an amazing coaching prospect magically drops in our laps. (which chances are slim and none of actually occuring) Why don't we take the Colts approach, hire somebody coaching at the high school level in Valentine, Ord, Norfolk, etc., and hire them. Could it be any worse than it is right now?
  20. But that dedication to struggle for mediocrity will continue...
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