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  1. Frost is a Fraud and only 12 more game before we can end the suffering and fire his a$$.
  2. I hope you guys aren't seeing any last minute win here, this is Frosts Huskers, it just doesn't happen. He will do some cute play and we will fumble or throw and INT to end it.
  3. I did actually. We find a way to screw ourselves every single time. Was hoping to be wrong, then the jinx was brought on.
  4. Have we even run the option since the first half?
  5. 4 mil is why, it's free money he knows he getting to win 3 or 4 games. Not many easiest jobs to have and then when fired gets another big chunk of change.
  6. Congrats Frost. You are getting paid millions to be a 3-9 coach. You sir are a lucky man but an awful HC at Nebraska. You should be fired immediately.
  7. Whoever said put a fork in the Hawkeyes was wrong...very wrong.
  8. Oline has given up blocking it seems, Manning just standing there watching You're. This team has already given up to being losers.
  9. We got Frosted of course. Stupid a$$ play calls and of course Special Edd Teams.
  10. What's it matter at this point, this team and coach is so inept we will find a way to just give them points anyways.
  11. HAHAHA God this team is a giant friggin mess. This team just can't win.
  12. There's the jinx taking it's revenge. As soon as it was stated we were going to win I knew we'd piss down our leg.
  13. Probably, but I would like to beat the sqwakeyes for once in like forever. So tired of listening to my family members sqwaking.
  14. If Smothers wins he will already have done something Martinez couldn't do, beat Iowa.
  15. I never got my hopes up to win, we have seen this same story every time. Get close to tie or win and either turn it over or just get a penalty and then the s#!t show starts because they can't handle the pressure. Same crap different day new coaches.
  16. Wow, huge hold, bear hugging him from behind, but commentators call it opening a huge hole.
  17. I'm betting if JoJo was still playing a lot of these plays don't happen for WI. We are missing him badly.
  18. Anyone else seeing the whistle going before the guy is down?
  19. I could just tell you again to take a long walk off a short pier. I admitted I was wrong 20 minutes before you decided to chime in. Maybe go mind your own business and learn to read rather than pick and choose what you want to see.
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