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  1. MSU has probably the worst QB I have ever seen in FCS/FBS, that kid is so bad. If he is still playing by the time we get them this should be a win for us.
  2. I would love to see us at least punch Michigan in the mouth once this game. So far we are laying down and just letting it happen. I am seeing no desire to even be on thefield from either side of the team.
  3. Our secondary is MIA this game, every WR for Mich is damn near wide open every pass play.
  4. Didn't get there the last time i was in town and only stayed the night, but that dang gumbo was good. Guess it could have been I drove for like 8 hours before i ate there too.
  5. HH with a pass completion and a catch in 1 play, and a tackle today. Not too shabby for a QB lol.
  6. I need you to go to the Firehouse Restaurant there and eat some of their gumbo and then come remind me how good it is.
  7. Would love to get at least one crack on JJ this game, currently he's laughing at this team.
  8. No fullback and the RB ran into the pile the same time HH did.
  9. Could Newsome be any further from the ball there? He went wide unblocked and was 5 yards from the closest player, the guy with the ball.
  10. So far looking like I may just go finish yard work by halftime.
  11. I think it's illegal to look for the ball, it has to be since we do it exactly zero times per game.
  12. Just saw it said it would play on the fox business network.
  13. Just realized it was OUR Casey Rogers who ran the 4th and 8 in the 2nd to pretty much ice the game.
  14. Unfortunately the Illinois coach might eat HH before the game starts. That boy got chunky.
  15. As a realist I say this in the nicest way I can, please put the pipe down. Crack is whack.
  16. Pray for our QB, one of them will probably get hurt unfortunately. Our oline gonna be worked and mostly be on Corcorons side
  17. Shrinkage gonna fix all this guys ails.
  18. I think we win a few more thanks to D and the run, namely Purdue(they are god awful) but I don't know how many we can get. I will say 2 more wins at this point.
  19. Slow your roll, we aint anywhere near back, We have no oline and we have a really hard time getting to the QB against what should be inferior teams.
  20. That's not a hold, thats a mugging and possibly a murder on the field.
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