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  1. At least of of them on D can catch the friggin ball and end this game.
  2. Good lord, a time out called and a play called and they still f it up. We may have the dumbest players in div 1, absolute morons
  3. MJ has no marbles. Whipple can ride his scooter back to Lincoln and then GTFO.
  4. We are the laughing stock of the B1G at this point. They are actually laughing at these losers.
  5. Here we go, that ball is theirs. Damn we are so friggin bad.
  6. Dragged 3 of our guys 4 yards. Just f'ing tackle the guy.
  7. I hope you guys are ready for us to lose, this team is so weak mentally that they will end up losing this game.
  8. Just go forward and stop friggin dancing around. Lost us more yards tha. He would have going forward.
  9. That works for me and it was faster than passing the ball on 4th
  10. Haha the first time he doesn't call a fair catch inside the 10 it doesn't go into the endzone. If that doesn't portray NU luck nothing does.
  11. Oh look a coach that puts his money where his mouth is while our cower and let their nuts shrivel.
  12. Back to arm tackling I see. 2 TFL's both ended up gaining 5 yards.
  13. Ffs go for it, our coaches have no juevos for their last game coaching at NU.
  14. That's a quick score, could have been 10-0 but our kicker missed a chipshot.
  15. If Petres is the best Iowa has for a QB, I would hate to see their backup. That guy is horrible.
  16. We just find ways to keep from scoring now haha.
  17. 105 pass attempts without an INT, truth be told he only completed 5 of those passes.
  18. Is he talking about the change in QB when Chubba was crapping the bed? I haven't seen anyone asking for CT to be pulled.
  19. We will be up by 2 with a minute to go in the 4th, throw an INT in the RedZone and Iowa will kick us in the nuts with a 43 yard fg to win by 1. We suck, we don't know how to win.
  20. Nothing, we are given a win on a silver platter and we absolutely find a way to f it up and lose. This team is so bad in nearly every facet.
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