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  1. New day, time to do work. #GBR!
  2. To go from one out away from being in the driver's seat, to having to win 3 games straight. A huge gut punch and mentally going to be hurt to overcome. The battle tonight will all be mental. Put this behind and focus on knocking out the Huskies.
  3. I feel like Husker men sports may be cursed. ☹️
  4. I'm not mad about the drawing, I think more so than anything I'm embarrassed for Stanford. Quite the way to overshadow a championship. hats off to the Husker women for competing at the highest level and with class.
  5. Micheal

    *** Official Ohio State Game Thread ***

    Happy with the effort, proud of the team. Also positive on turnovers! On to next week. GBR
  6. Micheal

    *** Official Ohio State Game Thread ***

    Time for a Cornhusker touchdown. GBR
  7. Micheal

    *** Official Ohio State Game Thread ***

    Really proud of this team right now, offensively and defensively they are just playing very solie confident football. GBR
  8. Micheal

    *** Official Ohio State Game Thread ***

    These refs are an absolute joke, they have no idea what they're doing. They have to ask Urban what they should do.
  9. Micheal

    *** Official Ohio State Game Thread ***

    How can you stop the game if no flag has been thrown?
  10. Micheal

    Nebraska is ranked 9th.

    Eh, it's whatever they want to think. Definitely better than teams like Georgia State, UMASS, Coastal Carolina, Boston College, we could go on.
  11. Micheal

    *** Official Purdue Game Thread ***

    I'm tired of 4th and 1, in shotgun and a half back draw getting stuffed. Seriously it didn't work the first 5 times it won't next time either.
  12. Micheal

    *** Official Purdue Game Thread ***

    We need some adjustments at halftime. We need success, we need something.
  13. Micheal

    *** Official Purdue Game Thread ***

    So many dumb mistakes. Just don't get it.