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  1. I agree. The only piece missing is Mike Riley is not around to advise him to go to Oklahoma.
  2. Probably 1st team if he didnt miss a few games.
  3. Yes- then he will say he is 100% committed but going to visit other schools just to enjoy the process.
  4. Maybe I am not remembering correctly. But I thought we ended up not going after him. I thought Daniels was where our focus went.
  5. Yes- I used to try to work activities around the games. Now if something pops up most of the time I am like whatever I will check the score on my phone.
  6. Curious if Mark Helfrich was a good recruiter. Former Head Man and OC at oregon. Might be a good OC pickup. Someone else who knows the offense- take some weight off Frost to focus on the big picture of the program.
  7. As Frost has said before- what you think he is better than what we have? HAHAHAHA
  8. Yes- its very possible we want to wait until february to make sure his grades check out. So he is visiting other places for backup plans to schools that he could get into with his grades if he cant get into NU.
  9. Is that his dad in the middle kneeling in the front row? Need to see if he has any eligibility left.
  10. Anything new on Troy Walters? No one seems to see him in any pictures recruiting? Considering how s#!tty our offense was this year it might not be a bad idea to have someone else helping Frost.
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