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  1. But he didn’t. So he fell short like everyone else. Not saying a lifetime contract but it buys him a long damn time. If he does something no one has been able to do in like 130 years of basketball why would we think we could find someone else better
  2. If we do he will have accomplished something never done in Husker Basketball History.
  3. At the rate this season is going hopefully we get our first tourney win and then someone gonna have to rename this thread to how big of a raise is Fred getting?
  4. We did just land a 5 star and 4 star in the same class. I would think Dayton ends up a 5 star based on arm talent for 2026 class and I think we get him. For Manske do we think he is better than he is rated? Looks like .86 3 star. Seems like aiming low or is he under rated?
  5. Yes he looks as talented physically. He needs to grow another 2 inches and see if he performs in games as well. So mentally is he as good is a question
  6. How is Washington in the Natty game wearing adidas apparel? I remember some interesting guy on the board was blaming adidas for the huskers 20 years of misery
  7. From what I can see he was a low 3 star as a prospect and hasn’t played much the last few years. What is there to be excited about?
  8. They seemed way off on Raiola eval compared to other services. He floated as #1 or #2 overall recruit by most but ON3 had as 4 star.
  9. I wouldn’t be surprised if the SEC and BIG10 keep adding all the legit programs and those 2 conferences break off and for a new higher class of football that resembles NFL format.
  10. That would be phenomenal. Videos I have seen he has the same 5* talent as Dylan. If he has the same drive to succeed and mental ability we may be set for nearly a decade at QB
  11. I saw a video of him and Dylan training together with their QB coach. It looks like his arm talent is equal to Dylan.
  12. So if the info is real and chubba is going in portal. We gotta bring in someone as transfer to be experienced backup to Raiola right? Basically no one to push Raiola or execute a play if he would get hurt
  13. I kinda feel like their team rankings should be weighted more for positions of higher importance. For example a 5 star QB should boost your team rating more than a 5 star safety.
  14. So when do they re-evaluate for senior season ?
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