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  1. Huskers93-97

    Pipeline Camp and Frosts Experience

    I agree. We have a history and catch phrase like pipeline to sell these kids. Also I love seeing us do something different- make the big men feel special. The skill positions always have their camps to shine. I can see this paying major dividends over the years.
  2. Huskers93-97

    OT Chandler Durham

    1 team is definitely different from the other 6.
  3. Huskers93-97

    Baseball Coach Search

    First time P5 coach so I would assume he is cheap. Potentially a high ceiling head coach. Guessing DVH would help him as a mentor if he asks questions considering he was his coach once upon a time.
  4. Huskers93-97

    ILB Malik Reed

    I actually think Hannah could be a great player for us. Getting him and Henrich in the same class was a great pull.
  5. Huskers93-97

    Baseball Coach Search

    I understand looking at the last 2 years and thinking Oh Crap Mike Riley on the downward trajectory of his career all over again. But there are some major differences and reasons I would not be concerned about that. First off teams can just have a down year or 2 if they missed on a few recruiting classes-hitters or pitchers, etc. They play in the south so their week in and week out competition is much better than he would face in the big 10. He is a proven winner at D1 level. Riley never did crap his whole career- outside of pulling some big upsets. Riley was already in his 60's so his career was winding down. OConnor is only 48 so he is still a young guy. Just a few years removed from back to back college world series finals appearances and winning one of those. So I dont think he forgot how to coach. Career coaching record of 700-288-2 .708 win %. Compare that to probably our best coach ever DVH. 688-381 or .644 win %. When you look at his career he had 1 or 2 year blips where he would only win 29 games or something too. Here is the last 6 years record for Virginia 2019- 32-24 2018- 29-25 2017- 43-16 2016- 38-22 2015- 44-24 National Champions 2014- 53-16 Runner up in National Championship
  6. Huskers93-97

    Wan'Dale Robinson cited for possession of marijuana

    Someone please just tell all the young guys living in the dorms to go over to an older players house and smoke with them in the living room.
  7. Huskers93-97

    Baseball Coach Search

    I think after the Football and Basketball hires by Moos. I think all options are on the table. Moos apparently can go out and get his guy- even someone who people laugh at and say is not realistic. I remember early on Hoiberg was a pie in the sky dream and Frost loved Orlando and his wife didnt want to live in Nebraska.
  8. Huskers93-97

    Mo wash cited for drug paraphernalia

    Pull up the Husker Roster and look at the names below Washington on the depth chart.
  9. Huskers93-97

    Mo wash cited for drug paraphernalia

    So what state can I move to that doesnt have laws? What team could I play for that doesnt have rules? Listen- I see you have like a total of 34 posts. I am guessing you are a fan of another team and you would like us to Kick Mo off the team so you can scoop him up and "give him another chance".
  10. Huskers93-97

    OT Alex Conn

    Very possible. I think when we first got in on Wandale last year he was like mid 80s. Then climbed to upper 80s and finished at like .95
  11. Huskers93-97

    Mo wash cited for drug paraphernalia

    Did Mo get busted for smoking an illegal substance? Or did he get written up for having a device that is used for smoking an illegal substance in his dorm room? Was the device his? Lot of unknowns if you ask me. Maybe it was his room mates? Maybe it was the kid next doors?
  12. Huskers93-97

    Mo wash cited for drug paraphernalia

    Exactly. Does anyone think the Peters brothers were angels. Come On. I think they probably drank their fair share of beer, did things they were not supposed to. Wasn't it one of the Peters brothers who was accused of assaulting some young girl. Or tried to and people held him back. Maybe that was just rumors. Yes the team had good leadership and held each other accountable. But some have this dream of this good ole boy team we used to have and its not reality. For the record, I strongly believe in leadership, guidance, accountability and punishment that fits the crime. It just gets old with making a mountain out of a mole hill and trying to compare things to a standard of thinking we were choir boys in the old days.
  13. Huskers93-97

    Who's Next?

    Should we create a new thread called. "Who's Next....... To enter the transfer portal"
  14. Huskers93-97

    OT Alex Conn

    Gotta love bitter fans. I dont know anything about this kid. But Corcoran is rated over .98 this kid is rated .86. I find it hard to believe a .86 has a higher ceiling.
  15. Huskers93-97

    Mo wash cited for drug paraphernalia

    The backup runningback.