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  1. I have to ask because I am not going back and watching the film. If we did not get pushed around then why was their 10 yard wide holes for their running backs to run through? Is our scheme seriously to let them block you, open a huge hole and put it on the linebackers to tackle people? Because Bama and Wisconsin run a 3-4, so do the patriots. And i dont see many people get past their Dline on run plays.
  2. I am also jealous of their position of being 2-0 the last 2 games.
  3. I hope we are always looking good if our competition is Boise State and Oregon State.
  4. I doubt he is decommiting from one mess of a school to commit to another mess
  5. I love Frost. I think he will get us back. But at the same time I love the article. It was refreshing to see someone call it how it is. Not dance around because they are afraid they wont get future insider info. I dont think it makes Frost's seat warm. I think if anything it makes some people happy to hear something said publicly we all think. Frost kinda put his foot in his mouth with some of those comments. So what. Move on. Nothing wrong with saying that out loud in my opinion. Hopefully it makes him more cautious in the future. I know next time Frost says we got a damn good team I want to believe its true.
  6. I agree. I think Wisconsin and Paul Chryst enjoy punishing Nebraska.
  7. Maybe this is when we will be back. We need a time machine.
  8. There goes the last 3 minutes of my life I’ll never get back
  9. I agree. I know the offensive line is all time bad. But I was hopeful somehow we could do something creative to get those guys the ball in space.
  10. I am going 2022. Hopeful we can do something special like win a conference championship while we have Wandale. Some of this depends on if we are willing to look at a more seasoned staff. I think they are nice guys but I think big time football is above their skill set. They flourished in the AAC against lesser coaches. Big Ten coaches are much smarter
  11. What if we just take out all the offensive lineman and insert 5 receivers/runningbacks and have them all go out for a pass like youth flag football? Im game. Time to revolutionize football
  12. I wish I could feel your positivity. I have felt that way every week so far this year. Ok this is the game we are going to start clicking. I dont feel much hope the rest of the season.
  13. The scary thing is we heard the defense was winning the matchups in fall camp. So we know our defense sucks- maybe it all makes sense why our offense is so horrible. Because even South Alabama has a better defense than us. So we were not prepared to play anyone.
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