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  1. If sports are cancelled there is literally no reason to pay for a tv service for the next year
  2. You did it wrong, your supposed to say wear a mask
  3. Ok- I am going to try to explain this in more detail for you. I am not opposed to masks- I am sure they will help slow the spread but not stop it because the virus is much smaller than what the masks prevent. BUT, like I said I don't see how they solve all the issues being raised by lots of people on this board about the logistics of the season. The players will not wear masks when they workout, when they practice, when they play other teams. So no matter how cautious we are now- infections are still going to happen during the season. Maybe Ohio State has to forfeit to Nebraska because they cant field a team. Those issues are not going to go away even if Bob wears his mask in the stadium or at the grocery store in august. So how are Masks in July going to solve those types of problems? I ask that question because the narrative is- wear a mask and we will have football. Ok so maybe football starts, then gets cancelled after 2 weeks. Then you will be listening to people b!^@h and say I wore a mask why is football cancelled. It is dangling a carrot with false hope that if you comply you will get this reward of college football. Seriously what if Herd Immunity kicks in some of these larger states and cases start to plummet August 1? Now that would be a real sustainable path to a full college football season. I am in no way endorsing being careless for college football's sake. I am just saying we are all guessing on what the best action is. Think how much the advice has changed: this is no threat to the US, minimal threat to be a pandemic, it lives on surfaces so scrub your groceries when you get home, its thought to be spreading on gas pumps- wash your hands, oh nevermind its unlikely it travels on surfaces its mostly within 6' of someone indoors. NO ONE KNOWS. I don't claim to have all the answers. I just don't think anyone else does either. If people think masks could help I have no problem doing my part- its not like its a big inconvenience in anyone's life. If they are wrong oh well I wore a mask for a couple months. If they are right then it worked. But don't sell me that the only path to college football is if you wear a mask. I don't want to hear absolute truth's when there is not one right now.
  4. I never said we shouldnt wear masks. You must have skipped a few pages. Pretty much my opinion matches that of Frost. Exactly. Not a fan of hypocritical behavior Exactly- the news has basically become this s#!t show of basically the old ESPN show "First Take" with Skip and Steven A.
  5. For the last 20 years has our seasons had any value of national relevance? Are any of those teams you listed a legit title contender this year? If not then they have little bearing on the playoff anyway.
  6. Not going to read them all. But this is great evidence to support we will have a football season. Lets hold a protest at memorial stadium every saturday.
  7. So are you saying Covid is more closely related to the common cold? If so someone let the medical experts know we dont have to cancel football for the common cold.
  8. No actually I got that information from a post many pages ago by Knapp. It stated the same thing. The common cold coronaviruses had no herd immunity. But the more dangerous coronaviruses have. So I didnt just pick SARS. Plus even if it was just SARS- that would be the most relevant comparison so yeah it is the best comparison.
  9. The problem with the media is there are too many personal opinions pieces. I cant believe some of these media outlets have gone that route- it puts someone's opinion and ties it next to their name. All it does is lose viewership from the other side. Wouldnt it make sense to have an unbiased network. Holy s#!t you would control all the united states viewership not just half of it.
  10. What kind? The kind that still has Nebraska.
  11. Yes I liked your post. That was a well thought out response that makes sense. I have no problem acknowledging things that make sense. This who tangent started because I said I dont understand how masks will help have football in the fall once it starts to spread in a team. Then everyone got on my a$$ that I am anti mask.
  12. As soon as you link something positive. Uplifting as I requested. Zero evidence? Do you not remember not being able to buy toilet paper, hand sanitizer, etc. Because people were hoarding materials. Im sorry there is basically no point in discussing further if you dont think there are political aspects to this. Now dont go off the deep end and say oh you are a conspiracy guy. I am not. I know the virus is real. It is killing people. But come on. Depending what media outlet you follow you will get extremes. The left makes it sound worse and the right makes it sound better. The truth is in the middle. So please dont act like the media gives a fair portrayal of what the truth is.
  13. So they are going to cancel the entire season for all states because 4 states cant participate?
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