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  1. Another thing to touch base on is everyone has always said Oregon was hard to recruit to. Isolated in the north west. So it just shows winning makes recruiting easy. So the narrative Nebraska is hard to recruit to is just an excuse. Win and the talent comes.
  2. I would say the 3 star kids he has taken generally are great track athletes with high end speed. So maybe need development in football so they don’t have the ratings of a polished football player but their ceiling is high. I believe Oregon used that same model in their building years before their recruiting took off after the Ws piled up
  3. Maybe I am alone in this but I think we have done very well with TE recruiting lately. So honestly it doesn’t bother me. The kid might see our depth chart and not like his chances of playing soon. Carter Nelson gonna own that position after Fidone is gone
  4. True, but I think his presence also changes the view of Nebraska. Now if we can string wins together people will really start to take us serious. If we had a good season without a 5* QB here people might take notice but no action. But with him here I could see people wanting to jump on board to ride the wave and media of Nebraska coming back
  5. I remember when Dylan Raiola was gone to Georgia. He has genuine interest in Nebraska so if we look good this fall- heads will turn
  6. Would like to see about 3-4 mid to high 4 stars or higher caliber kids in each class. The 3-4s we got so far are at the borderline threshold of high 3 to 4.
  7. Guessing if he does some camps this summer he jumps to 4 star range. Then about mid season after he plays half a season he will be upper 4* or close to 5. The kid doesn’t have any varsity playing time on film. He sat behind Dylan so far
  8. I agree. I think a project at QB is a bigger deal. Skill positions if you have the talent with the right coaches it could click fast. Who knows what kind of coaching he is getting in high school
  9. Yes. Whether he ever plays a meaningful role here is one thing. But the biggest value is having a 4 star QB committed early to help sell the rest of the recruiting class. Sends a message Dylan was not a fluke and we are going to recruit high level QBs every year. But my personal opinion is Dylan plays 3 years and gone. Kaelin plays 1 year before Dayton takes over as redshirt sophomore.
  10. When Dayton plays a few games and jumps to a high 4 star borderline 5 star and then commits we won’t care who we get in the 25 class. Dayton will be the successor to Dylan
  11. Perhaps Dylan looking good and creating buzz with recruits who were here that weekend of the spring game got him to visit. Plus having another 5 star talking bout us on social media is a plus
  12. It would really turn some heads if we got our 5 star QB last year and get 2-5 stars this year. I believe we are trending for that 5* athlete then pull this kid.
  13. But he didn’t. So he fell short like everyone else. Not saying a lifetime contract but it buys him a long damn time. If he does something no one has been able to do in like 130 years of basketball why would we think we could find someone else better
  14. If we do he will have accomplished something never done in Husker Basketball History.
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