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  1. I would personally rather have all 3 of the big names from the 2022 class. But I think it is a good look if we can keep any high rated guys in state.
  2. I agree. Publicly airing your displeasure with the schedule does not change the schedule. Nothing we complain about publicly would change the schedule so it is pointless- it only does harm- no good.
  3. Yes- it's like dating a girl. If you don't tell her you love her every time you see her they think you don't like them anymore.
  4. There def seems to be a larger than usual uptick in this class for high end talent in the 500 mile radius.
  5. Reading that I would have never guessed it came from a major publication. I would have guessed it was from some online blogger. Honestly I feel that way about a lot of journalism these days. Its all pretty opinionated, short on facts and unprofessional.
  6. You would think the more time he spends talking to Fleck the more he would realize, "maybe I cant deal with this guy for 4 years"?
  7. Sounds like the BIG10 was dumb when Delaney was there too. We handed over our competitive balance to drawing a name out of a hat. Come on- is this my work fantasy league draft order selection? The question is when we drew out of the hat did all the pieces of paper say Ohio State?
  8. This is absolutely correct. We are trying to re-build to what we once were. Winning battles for recruits would be much easier if we won more games- if we had a better shot at making it to the conference title game for exposure would help. Even if we know we wont beat Ohio State in that game. But when we constantly finish like 3rd or 4th in a weak division it doesnt help our moral or recruiting. On the flip side if we get our s#!t figured out and field a top notch team again every year. We should handle the west division- so even if we lose a cross over to Ohio State we should in theory still win the West most years. But we need to get to that point
  9. Like Maverick said earlier guys. The only reason the schedule seems tough is because we have sucked for 15 years. It is on us to change that. If we were rolling into this year with any of our teams basically from 1970-2001 we would not care who we were playing. We would probably relish the chance to play and beat ohio state, michigan and the rest.
  10. So your saying undefeated national champions?
  11. Hey u got me pumped up. Now we just need frost to get the team built back up so they can do those things. I long for the day thinking like that is actually realistic again. So that way other programs actually fear and respect us instead of looking at us like the 40 year old fat drunk guy talking about his high school glory days
  12. Yes plus another advantage to this schedule is the 2nd half of season if your winning you have something to sell recruits. Look we are trending up type of narrative
  13. 12-0 after we beat the super bowl champs
  14. Work harder. We gotta win battles against the likes of Kentucky. Wandale
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