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  1. Sounds like an excuse to me. He was a .95 rated safety coming out of high school. Transitioning to CB shouldn’t be that big of a leap compared to a guy like Cam Taylor who played QB in high school and made a name for himself as a true frosh. So Cam Taylor got a lot figured out in 1 offseason but your saying LJ has a good excuse after 4 years?
  2. The main reason in my opinion he has any draft stock is because of his size and athletic ability which is drafting more off potential and not because he is a great football player. NFL has made lots of mistakes chasing measureables. See Jamarcus Russell. I dont know how you can defend him when he looked lost out there half the time, didn’t go 100% all the time. He in my mind is the typical kid with great size and athletic ability that was highly rated out of high school and is saying the right things at the end of his career and putting in enough effort now so he gets some NFL $$$. Because he never acted like the type of competitive kid I would like to see on the field in his career at Nebraska
  3. I get what your saying. But from a pure stats standpoint I dont think it will be hard to replace what he brought. If anything if the new guy is more disciplined and actually looks back when the ball is in the air we can stop more balls, less PI calls etc. Like I said he is not a bad player, he is an average player. In my mind I wouldnt mind if he came back and I dont really care if he leaves. To me I hope we have recruited better, more aggressive kids with better ball instincts so our production goes up. When you have 3 straight losing seasons- I cant help but be happy to turn the roster over. Because obviously what he have and have had was not good enough.
  4. I dont think people are excited for him to leave. I just think he was just an average player and it shouldnt be hard to replace him with someone equal or better. Here was his stats from 2019- I would think you could plug about anyone in and replicate this if not do better. 30 tackles, 2 forced fumbles, 3 interceptions and 12 passes deflected. If that is 2nd team all big ten it must have been a down year for DB's. 2019 SEASON STATS
  5. On my drive in this morning I was listening to 1620. They had an NFL Analyst on the radio talking about all the prospects and how things were going down at practice this week. At the end Benning asked him about Lamar Jackson. He said he is a talented kid, he has good make up speed. But he needs to learn to play with his legs and not his hands. He is very touchy with his hands and has drawn a lot of flags for holding. Also he has shown to be unaware of when the ball is in the air- he used an example it was a 1 V 1 end zone drill and he did not turn around. The guy said that was a red flag he was not even looking for the ball when he knew the ball was coming. He said as of right now he will project to be a 3rd or 4th string corner on an NFL team which will mean he should expect to contribute as a special teams player. He said Lamar was aware of that and was eager to do whats needed to help. That doesnt sound like 1st round to me. Benning then said that analysis is pretty spot on. Essentially all the things that he is doing down there summarized his career at Nebraska. As far as things he needs to work on.
  6. Prochazka is our Corcoran/Benhart of this class.
  7. When was the last time Nebraska had a 5 star tweeting GBR to another 5 star? My guess is never. If they had twitter in the 90's would be the last time.
  8. Probably more talented. Maybe Frost can channel his inner TO and keep him under control enough to get a few years out of him like Phillips.
  9. According to some guy on the rivals site Scott Frost and Ryan Held just started following this kid on twitter. Supposedly he has struggled making a decision and is tied to Deion Sanders. Sanders was an advocate for helping us land Maurice Washington so maybe this pays off for us? 5 Star Runningback.
  10. Showing as a .9792 now on 247. Guessing that means he isnt getting a bump to 5 star. A few weeks ago he was over .98. I thought many were predicting he goes to 5 star
  11. Probably the same guy at LSU who started the Mickey Joseph rumor started the Bo Pelini rumor.
  12. Doesnt hurt when you have a top notch runningback like dobbins to find the holes, make guys miss, run over guys, run away from guys. Basically do everything right.
  13. I thought it would be interesting to look at the player ratings for the 2 super bowl teams. I only did the top player at the 4 offensive skill positions. QB, RB, WR, TE. I think if anything it shows that a lot of ELITE talent gets overlooked. Only 1- 4 star in the bunch. 49ers QB- Garoppolo- .78 RB- Coleman- .86 WR- Sanders- .70 TE- Kittle- .81 Chiefs QB- Mahomes- .88 RB- Williams- .86 WR- Hill- .93 TE- Kelce- .76
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