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  1. Ok fine Urban Meyer then. Possibly Bill Belichek
  2. We need some Omaha businesses to offer some NIL deals to LSU players
  3. If we move on from Frost next year. We need to make that kind of offer to someone. One of the big dogs. (Saban, Meyer, Jimbo, Dabo) Proven winners.
  4. You may be saying the exact same thing as a Husker fan next year.
  5. I hear he can handle decoldest weather Nebraska can throw at him.
  6. Or maybe he is ready to retire. But thought hell I might as well go sign a 3 year contract. Get fired in 1 year and get 2 years of buyout money.
  7. Not sure why anyone thinks our offense is good. 79 Nebraska 25.7
  8. He may like the idea of coming here and beating OU next year
  9. In a shocking move. Urban Meyer retires from the NFL. Decides he doesn't want the pressure of a head coaching job and decides he will be the OC for Frost.
  10. Plus I dont think anyone is going to try to steal our low 3 star commits.
  11. Hopefully he is good at the fair catch motion. Cause I dont remember us even trying to return a kick or punt all year.
  12. Does he really need Matt Davison to hold his hand during the interviews?
  13. Yeah Willy Korn falls into that category. Small school guy.
  14. So Vacation, interviewed for Miami job, cali to meet harrell and st louis to recruit. Got it.
  15. If we do move on from Frost next year. I think we need to be prepared to make some big moves like we have seen this cycle. Throw some money out there to steal a successful P5 coach from another program. In the past it was always- who is available. Based on this year it is who cares who is available. It is "who do we want" then go steal them.
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