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  1. I think next year is open QB competition for all. I think Frost made that comment to soften the blow to Luke. He is probably a little gun shy since Gebbia bolted after he proclaimed Martinez the man
  2. Hey if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen. Do we think it is any different at any major program with a rich history?
  3. Nebraska, where you train on the job to become a P5 coach one day
  4. So we bring in Martinez a mid to high 4 star ready to ball right off the bat. We ruined him after 1 season. But we are supposed to believe we are going to recruit a couple development projects and they will progress and develop the right direction?
  5. I just don’t understand where that confidence comes from I mean these players have lost 8 of their last 10 games. Honestly what game is a given?
  6. Don’t forget about Burrow wanting to come here. Our QB eval doesn’t seem real good
  7. This guy https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/30374836/ucf-mckenzie-milton-takes-one-more-step-inexplicable-comeback
  8. We are not just losing games we shouldn’t we pretty much lose them all. 2/3 of all games under Frost have been a loss. Our last 10 games have been ever worse 2-8. Or lost 80% of our games. So don’t act like people over reacting to a game or 2 of upsets
  9. I think they need to hire Peters as a culture consultant and just let him destroy these kids with weak mental psyche
  10. Honestly in year 3, with a junior 3rd year starter why are we simplifying things? That sounds like year 1 stuff. If your saying that in year 3 it tells me you have the dumbest team in America or you can’t coach for s#!t.
  11. I could take 1 position group. DB's. So we want to go out and recruit these big physical 6-1, 6-2, 6-3 DB's to play a physical style defense I would presume. Bump and Run- in your face defense. Then they get to Nebraska and get told hey stand 20 yards off the ball so you don't get burned deep. I mean come on. If you are 20 yards off the ball you can't help in run support. You are giving the other team a 10 yard pass wide open. Someone let Chin know you only need 10 yards for a first down.
  12. How many times in the last 15 years have you heard players say they are now focused, that game woke them up, or some version of that comment. Holy s#!t I cant handle it anymore.
  13. I get what your saying. The formula should get you back to a top 10 team- I could trust in that. BUT, we do have top 4 conference talent if you believe in the recruiting rankings. So even if we are building back to being a top 10 top 15 top 20 or top 25 program. We should at least be able to take care of the bottom half or bottom 1/3rd of our conference. I mean come on- there is no reason a bottom feeder Illinois should have 41 on us looking like a top 5 offense in the country.
  14. To the first sentence. Totally agree. I didnt expect a conference championship or natty year 3. But I did expect us to look like a good football team that would not be an easy win for anyone. To the second sentence. I totally agree on that front as well. If I can point out anything good I see in the program it is that we do have some promising raw talent. We have added size and strength for sure on the lines. It is not where it needs to be but it has improved.Ty Robinson and Casey Rogers have been impressive.
  15. I agree. In 2004 you could still sell the 70's, 80's, 90's success because you were just at the tail end of it. So you could say look- this is the standard around here. But our culture, tradition and standard of excellence has died over the last 15 years. We are so far removed from it that it's a distant memory and you can't sell people on that being the standard. Anyone with half a brain can look around a say "well that is bulls#!t" we suck and have as long as some of these kids have been alive. My concern with Frost is you could start to see some of these kids stop listening to h
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