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  1. I hope he makes a transfer video with Tommie Frazier in 2 years
  2. I hope we can offer a better NIL package than Morehouse and Alabama State to win this one
  3. I’m sure the narrative changes if we end up landing the #1 OT in the country
  4. Throw in the fact he is a legacy so might be our only chance to ever land the #1 recruit.
  5. Makes a guy wonder if certain coaching staffs get known for having an eye for under radar talent and when they start looking at someone other schools might say maybe we should have a look too
  6. Another thing I don’t think being the QB on a top 5 team increases your chances of going pro and having success. If you have the talent to play in the NFL they find you. Look at the top QBs in the game right now. They did not play for the top teams at the time. Mahomes- Texas tech. Allen- Wyoming- Prescott- mississippi state. Rodgers- cal. Jackson- Louisville. I hope we point that out because many times the best QBs don’t go to the top schools so I don’t think elite QBs need to go to a top 5 school to make it tbh many QBs from top schools are a disappointment in the nfl and it’s probably because life is so easy on them in college being on a superior team to their competition it actually stunts their development making reads etc
  7. So it’s down to a 2 team race. Few weeks ago most thought he was a lock for USC. Anything can happen with this. I think it was telling Rhule was the first coach out of his mouth when he talked about connection with a staff.
  8. I really think if Raiola committed soon this guy and many others would jump on board. Flurry of high star kids would commit.
  9. Guys no one knows anything. After the Georgia visit everyone thought it’s done deal. Then he went to usc and the last week everyone thought done deal to usc- silent commit even. Now fong puts in Georgia guess and now it’s done deal to them again. But even wiltfong says his prediction right now is Georgia but wouldn’t be surprised if he goes to Nebraska. So no one knows
  10. It could be that Raiola made it clear he is going to take his time. Maybe the staff was hoping they could get an early commit out of him in the spring. If they can’t get that it’s not smart to have no backup plans if their top target may drag this out into the fall
  11. Amazes me how many of these kids seem to travel all over the country every week on their own dime
  12. It is an unofficial today I believe so all these kids gotta pay to come here
  13. Gotta keep stringing along usc and Georgia to keep his #1 ranking. Once he announces N he prob drop
  14. I think we need to ask him the tough questions to know where he really wants to be. 95 Huskers or 01 Canes ?
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