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  1. I would settle for a winning record, then double digit wins and restart a winning tradition. If you complete 74% of passes but don’t win who cares. It’s 74% because most were less than 10 yards. Get real boys. Some of you love excuses more than winning I think
  2. We need to put things in perspective. Because I see guys post stuff like this on this board. Or other similiar comments about talent. Those evaluations and thoughts make sense to me and hold water when you are comparing against an opponent like Ohio State, Penn State etc. Teams who have better talent across the board and specifically on Dline and Linebackers who is mostly who are Oline is blocking. You cannot blame the offensive line for Martinez or any other QB looking like dog s#!t against the likes of Illinois, Iowa, Purdue, Minnesota. We out recruit everyone in the big 10 outs
  3. I agree with the media/fan assessment of the new guy being the future savior. BUT, has anyone progressed and developed into said savior? No- that would lean on development and recruitment.
  4. Not to make an excuse for the negative thoughts. But we as a fanbase have had basically the last 20 years worth of conditioning from the program to have us get let down. I have been the homer positive fan for the last 18.5 years but the last 1.5 I have gotten tired of being burned over and over and over.
  5. Sounds like mixed reviews about smothers in the media. More positive thoughts about Haarberg. That seems to be a bad sign about how we are recruiting. Seems like lately the new arrival is the best looking but needs development. Then the next year he doesn’t look ready or can’t throw very good but the new kid is the best of them all just doesn’t know the offense. I think if we truly recruited a great talent they would stand out
  6. I like the optimism. But Fant is doing well in the NFL and Fidone was basically a 5 star.
  7. Dude it shouldn’t be that hard. Have you seen Martinez the last 2 years. We tried Mcaffrey last year it was so bad. Freshman Adrian beats out Sophomore and Junior Adrian. I am just saying pretty much no other legit school wanted Luke as a qb, hasberg isn’t beating out anyone anytime soon. You don’t give yourself much options when no one else is ready. How many years running have we had no depth behind our starter?
  8. Did you think any QBs recruited after Martinez were going to come in and compete for the job right away? Or did we hear they all needed a year or 2 development. That’s what I remember the narrative being
  9. McAffrey is not recruiting over. Haarberg is not recruiting over. I dont think you can say Smothers is recruiting over anyway. Martinez is the highest rated and most sought after QB we have landed and that was year 1. Smothers may end up being a badass but we have no idea. Saying oh well he committed early to Nebraska and shut his recruiting down so thats why he didnt rise in the rankings or get more offers is not good enough for me. Do you really think the top teams in the country would not have pursued him if they thought he was gonna be the next Marcus Mariota. I doubt any of the top teams
  10. For me our offense was pathetic, predictable and hard to watch. I don’t see how any sane person would think we had the 35th best offense in the country. It looked like we were the 100th best- which is pretty much where we were in most normal statistics I feel like SP+ is like polishing a turd. But at the end of the day we still have a turd.
  11. Do the top schools take project QBs or the best available every year? The top teams go get the best they can. I remember the Osborne staff talked about how their job was to recruit over the current kids on the roster. Not say oh we have good players no reason to try to get a kid who could beat Martinez
  12. I’m not worried about Duval. I’m worried about developing our WRs so they can actually play in the games mentally
  13. I agree. But more reason to snag a high profile kid every year. No more development projects. Those kids transfer out now too with the portal so might as well recruit a stud and if he wins the job you got an upgrade. McCaffrey was a sub par QB development projected who was supposed to be content sitting behind Martinez and look how that worked
  14. I think he is running scared right now with Frost about to take us to the next level.
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