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  1. We seem to have a legit shot at more high caliber players than I can recall this early in the recruiting process. Per 247 we are in the warm category with these 4 recruits. FYI if all 4 committed today it would take us to 5th in the rankings. Thomas Fidone- .98 Terrence Lewis- .98 (5 star) Avante Dickerson- .96 TJ Bollers- .93 I like the direction things are trending with this class.
  2. Him and Fidone commiting would really turn some heads and could lure some other top talent to visit the Big Red.
  3. I agree. We have a lot of high end talent giving us a hard look. If we could string together 7 wins showing good progress this year I think we could see a huge uptick in our landing these kids and recruiting in general going to the next level. The fact this many high level kids are looking at us after 3 straight pathetic seasons is amazing.
  4. Suh Tossed around all the guys in the NFL. The only thing that held him back after the first few years was his attitude
  5. I think some of the top recruiting schools that have tons of local talent. Say Florida. They dont need to send out as many offers because their hit percentage is going to be alot better because your odds of keeping a local kid home to play in front of mom and dad is a way easier sell than what we have to sell. So we have to maybe pursue or feel out more kids to see which ones are interested in Nebraska.
  6. Who were all the early enrollees so we know who his 40 time competition was?
  7. I have not watched film or claim to know much about this kid. But I have seen a few posts in different threads about wanting this kid really bad. I see he is kind of a mid 3 star rated kid. Are we expecting he will get a big bump throughout the season?
  8. I am with you on this one. We have seen tons of high end talent moving around these past few years.
  9. This would be a good payback to Iowa for Noah Fant.
  10. If this kid doesn’t commit I am going to blame it on the boogie
  11. Now that was a jam, definitely not bad.
  12. If the kid believes Hoiberg will get the train moving. Lincoln has the facilities and all the other sports like Football that can be a draw. If he is a football fan, he may want to be part of that sports club. Just saying that if Nebraska gets good and the basketball choice is equal. Then Lincoln wins with all the other things it has going for it.
  13. Sounds like he has a big interest in staying home and playing in front of his family. I think we might have a chance to pull this off.
  14. His decommit bumped up our avg player rating to over .90
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