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  1. Yes, I just remember him having a hard on for USC and Miami in the early 2000's. He would list off like half of their roster as the reason they were the best teams ever.
  2. We are officially f#&%ed. Mark May has the worst take of anyone ever.
  3. I agree. I still support Frost. But you can support Frost and still acknowledge the short comings of his job so far and the program in general. Too often on this board some posters think frustration and criticism of the program means you are against Frost and or the program.
  4. I give it less than an hour and someone will try to explain to you that is only because recruiting services are behind on ranking players due to no camps.
  5. That could be true. Which I think sometimes what side of the fence(excuses vs reasons) you are on depends on what your expectation was. I think many expected Frost to come in and be this generational coach. We heard how we was the next Nick Saban etc. So I think when that kind of hope and expectation gets put out there people obviously have high standards. Now a coach of the caliber of Saban, Meyer and those generational coaches would turn things around quicker, they would have bad s#!t happen and over come it. Frost has not overcome most of these issues. So perhaps it may just be true that Fr
  6. I get it. But everyone deals with departures. Its not exclusive to Nebraska. The transfer portal is hurting every P5 team in America. So since all teams are dealing with the same issues. That just sounds like an excuse to me.
  7. From the athletic. We are #7 in the country for having the biggest disparity between recruiting rankings and on field results since 2017. We are the only blue blood on this list. Florida State and Tennessee are borderline. Underachievers: Power 5 TEAM RANK 247 +/- 1 Arkansas 103 30 -73 2 Rutgers 112 54 -58 3
  8. I was just responding mostly to your quote about magically getting good players. My point was it sounds like we now have good players and they have been in the program developing physically for a few years. So we dont need any magic. Supposedly they are here.
  9. Osborne recently said it looks like we have the players to compete with anyone. So if we only win half or less of our games whats the excuse? Are you going to say Osborne doesnt know what winning talent looks like? He said it is up to the coaches what they get out of that talent.
  10. Frost is averaging 4 wins per season. I don't think there is any room to take a massive step backwards. I don't see how we could go much further backwards.
  11. I think trying to put an exact number of wins to the season to define it as a success here in July is not realistic. I think it all depends how those wins and losses look. I think at the end of the year most people will have a feel of if the team is trending in the right direction or still treading water. Until the year is done we don't know. The schedule could be as tough as it is on paper right now. Or some teams might not be as good as their preseason ranking. We all know preseason rankings don't mean crap majority of the time. I am hopeful for the season but I am reserving further judgemen
  12. Dude its been like 20 years since we won games at that level.
  13. Anyone that has watched all the games under the Frost tenure would probably agree we looked the best the 2nd half of year 1. Simple way to put it- under the Frost tenure has there been a period that other teams actually had a concern or worry in playing Nebraska? The 2nd half of year 1 other teams were concerned with us. Urban Meyer essentially said that. Nebraska was a dangerous team. We actually threatened Ohio State that year. Ohio State has not been threatened by us since.
  14. Did anyone actually have anything negative to say after the 1995 Season? I find that hard to believe.
  15. I agree. I think Tom Osborne actually just gave a recent speech where he said the talent is here to compete with anyone. It is up to the coaches what they get out of that talent. So I think Tom Osborne agrees too. It's time.
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