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  1. He's technically still a player
  2. You are wrong, bro. We were so good in '95.
  3. Could hopefully lead us to the 6th best finish in the West.
  4. Still a long shot to come home, imo. Unless he realized what we all realize.. The world is pretty similar no matter where you live it at.
  5. False. The HC always takes the fall and always gets the credit. Case in point, Jim Harbaugh finally got it figured out this year. The end. Now, I know he brought in new coaches after last season, but as a casual observer, I have no idea who or what he did, only that he was a bad coach last year and is now a good coach.
  6. Nobody stays anymore if the NFL dollars come knocking, get over yourself.
  7. Ya, I agree and was thinking. As we sit here without any wins, without any offensive coaches, without our 4 year starting QB, rumored to be losing the best center we've had in decades.... It sure feels like possibly the darkest hour in program history. I don't like it.
  8. I’m heartbroken. I adored that kid. I understand every aspect of the equation, I just wish there was a nicer equation.
  9. Adrian actually does have a rocket arm. His problems are much more correctable than Logan's when it comes to throwing mechanics. Adrian lacks a bit in the ability to read quickly. Ultimately, I don't think he was a slow reader, but after 2-3 years behind a porous O-Line, I think he got the yips back there. I don't think there is a quick way to fix that and it may be permanent. But, if I am an NFL coach and I have to pick between those 2 guys, I take Adrian every day because his flaws have hope of being corrected with good coaching and the rest of the package with him looks appetizing. I maintain, you can't teach a rocket arm any more than you can teach a 98 MPH fastball. Some guys just have it, the rest never will and will try to hack it with curves and sliders.
  10. Can we please get some actual news? C'mon Scott, we can't take this malaise much longer. Throw us the bone.
  11. It is basically doubling the initial contract. If we look at first year only, it is approx 2mil/yr vs 1mil/yr. If the gamble works, he essentially "earns" a million dollars by playing next year at NU. If he pulls in 100-200k NIL while here that makes his next year earnings 1.15mil. He then earns and additional million each year he is on an NFL roster from there on out, making double what he makes those years if he comes out now. Money wise he stands to win if he stays IF the gamble to move up in draft works. He more than doubles his earnings on the rookie contract by moving into the 2nd round.
  12. I disagree that he is anywhere near his ceiling. Poor O line coaching and only playing the position for 3 years, sky is the limit with him. I understand if he decides to go, but if I am him I wait to hear what the new line coach brings to the table. With his Beef Jergy NIL flow, another year here lifting and putting out a$$ kicker film could very well net him quite a bit more money. From 4th to 2nd rounds is a large difference.
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