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  1. Husker03

    I’m serious, they kept it Sirius

    I’ve been to all the games this season, and the problem with the blend trend is they chose songs with lyrics which left the actual tunnel walk with everybody more listening to words as opposed to clapping and cheering. Out of sync clapping is a legit point, but it beats the heck out of the rap lyric derail.
  2. Husker03

    I’m serious, they kept it Sirius

    28-0 is a good start.
  3. Husker03

    I’m serious, they kept it Sirius

    That this was a Sirius move.
  4. All season tunnel walk they did the new trend blend at tunnel walk time. It was cool but lost the crowd right out of the gate. We also went 0-6. Now, I’m not saying, I’m just saying. Went back to our roots today. It starts today!! GBR!!!
  5. The prophecies say it will be broken, “When the stadium is filled by Frost in the fall,” which we thought meant Coach, but we just read it a bit wrong.
  6. Husker03

    What did we learn today

    He played to win Colorado by continuing aggressive play calling and not eating clock and it bit him in the a$$. With this particular team that currently lacks an identity and a fall back of things they can do in clutch situations, you’re kind of damned if you do and damned if you don’t.
  7. Husker03

    A closer look at Chinander's defenses...by the numbers

    Most of me just feels like we have to give Chin time, at the very least a few years just to be fair. Maybe he’s legit bad, very well could be based on history and current failures, but it’s far too early to tell how he will fare here at Nebraska, which is really all that matters now. I have to pause and remember that, if we are being honest, we have unanimously hated the DC’s around here since Pelini was pretending he wasn’t really the DC and it was McBride before that that we judged favorably. Apparently it’s a difficult area to perform well in as evidenced by our revolving door of suiters. I’m ok giving Chin at least a year or two to develop continuity and hopefully bring in better fits. It’s disingenuous to expect him to take Diacos nightmare and also one of the most embarrassing defenses ever dress for the school, strip away the senior class, leave him with scraps and tell him to field a champion. He may or may not be a great DC, but we can’t expect him to be Jesus.
  8. Husker03

    Face facts. This is the worst Husker team in history.

    Not much going on tonight in Pender, I take it?
  9. Husker03

    Face facts. This is the worst Husker team in history.

    You’re right about the seniors having been through coaching changes....
  10. Husker03

    What did we learn today

    We weren’t really in a position to win that game ever. From falling behind out of the gate to still being behind expecting a walk on sophomore back up qb with a week of back up reps under his belt to lead a comeback..... I’ll just say, we were never in a position to win.
  11. Husker03

    What did we learn today

    Good point, but things are trending in the right direction. This is the first game this season we were in a position to win. We should have won. We didn’t, but we have never been closer. That’s how things go with a crap rebuild. Nobody, staff or players, has phoned in the season yet. Everybody remains hungry. Hungry and weak, but much better than complacent and weak which is where we were. If we can keep everybody hungry, losses like this stop happening.
  12. Husker03

    What did we learn today

    There’s not a staff in the country that would not be in over thier heads. This was a massive undertaking. Most legiti staffs wouldn’t have been willing to even take it on. Scott and Co are handling it perfectly in 95% of the situations. Surely they deserve a bit of a pass for a scarce misfire here and there?
  13. Husker03

    Defensive Issues - Who's more at fault?

    This. I actually thought chinander mixed it up quite a bit today. We are just two steps behind in the secondary or two steps slow on the blitz. We just need a fraction more athleticism and the D improves exponentially.