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  1. Husker03

    What Did We Learn? - Michigan State

    Meh, you can hand wrestle 5 yards if the ball isnt in the air. Ticky tack fabrication of a hold even if that was the call, which it wasn’t
  2. Husker03


    Give ‘em the throat slash!!
  3. Husker03

    Guy Thomas gone?

    But he didn’t leave and that is all of the difference.
  4. Husker03

    Defensive Philosophy

    Scott was a safety in the NFL, if you think he doesn’t value defense I think you would be mistaken. I think it’s more of philosophy of, take with the game will give you. As mentioned above, currently the rules heavily favor the offense. Good news, Scott runs one of the best offense of scheme’s in the country, and as such can recruit premiere athletes that want to come play in it. Defense, no matter the scheme, just isn’t a sexy sell to anybody, and as such I think these coaches just understand they will probably not ever get all of the best defense of players signed on. I guarantee if you offered them a Suh, Amukamara, and Lavonte for next years team, they would not say no. They just know they can be in the driver seat on offense, so they’re going to focus there for now. Nobody is conceding to having a crappy defense, they are just being realistic with in the confines of Nebraska football as it currently stands.
  5. Husker03

    Guy Thomas gone?

    Who is this Guy?
  6. Husker03

    WR Wandale Robinson [Kentucky Commit]

    Sure. But the pull for Wendale to stay home was strong. Now he can have the top two things on his list. Close to home and guaranteed featured spot in a promising offense playing for a rising coach.
  7. Husker03

    WR Wandale Robinson [Kentucky Commit]

    Because now Brohm is in his backyard.
  8. Husker03

    What did we learn: Illinois

    They’ve improved so much this year, I don’t doubt for a second next year will be another light year leap in the right direction.
  9. Husker03

    DE Ty Robinson

    But it’s pretty much fact, correct?
  10. Husker03

    What did we learn: Ohio State

    Obviously I’ve never had to try to kick one, so can’t directly speak to how easy it hard it is to pull off. That said. I’ve seen hundreds of attempts over the years and have NEVER seen one go the way yesterday’s went. I honestly do not think getting the kick executed in a forward manner is that difficult. Now, the perfect angle and bounce? Ya, that’s a different story.
  11. Husker03

    What did we learn: Ohio State

    Yes and no. He didn’t just mess it up. Messing it up is it going out of bounds or not making it 10 yards. He’s a scholarship kicker that didn’t even get the ball heading downfield. That’s pretty much on him. Nobody is even talking about him at all if it was just a failed onside kick. It’s the manner in which it failed that makes him culpable.
  12. Husker03

    What did we learn: Ohio State

    I think you’re misunderstanding the random part of random coin flip. I understand that in hindsight his decisions can be criticized, but, imo, he had method and justification for calling them exactly as he did. Freak meltdowns by the inferior team left him on the wrong side of the coin flip each time
  13. Husker03

    What did we learn: Ohio State

    Wrong. Not naive at all, he’s still going to set the tone, absolutely. He never said he was going to do it in the first 6 games. In fact, he basically said we aren’t going to be real good out of the gate, but you’d better hope you don’t get us towards the end. Seems like it’s been pretty damn accurate, actually. I hope he never changes a thing. Many things that look folly with mediocre players/fit automatically look genius when things are corrected.
  14. Pretty easy to prove a black eye, stitches and dislocated shoulder.