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  1. Husker03

    Who's OUR guy? Frost's already done this.

    Another thing I can't get a great read on is the culture/SandC things. I have always assumed there was a base level of competitive spirit and a base level of dedication to lifting/improving in all college programs. Maybe there is, maybe there isn't, I will probably never know for certain. Because of that, it is hard for me to say if what we are seeing is a lifting/losing culture that was far worse than most NCAA programs and therefore more difficult to dig out of as opposed to a basic NCAA program like a CU or Maryland. I mean, if it was really fritos and ice cream and show up willy nilly for game day here, that is so so so bad. If that is all an exaggeration and we were at least basic functional in those regards, makes it seem more like its another excuse. In the end it doesn't matter too much, WE can't change the timeline for improvement, we have to just trust that Frost and Co can change that.
  2. Husker03

    Colorado Rewatch

  3. Husker03

    Frost presser and big play comments

    He put it in our best players hand the down prior and he failed to even evade the rush and throw the ball out of bounds, let alone try to make a play to convert the down. OT was lost in the conservative first 2 play calls netting 2 yards. Hindsight is a bitch, but pretending the Martinez on the field yesterday was odds on any more able to convert on that last play over the kicker is wishful at best. At that point in the game, we had a 0.00007%chance to send it into double OT, which we would have most likely lost anyway.
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  5. Husker03

    BTN Bus Tour - In Lincoln August 19th

    Not trying to discredit Saban at all, but he does have the luxury at this point of having NFL talent across the board. No doubt he built a winner, but the autopilot level of it at this point does not allow for the easiest analysis of actual coaching prowess in the assistant field. Hopefully our organization can get there in the future, but for a "remodel" type project, it absolutely matters that you are able to hire and retain quality coaches as best as you are able.
  6. Husker03

    2019 Pundit Predictions

    And since you throw to your tight ends 6 times a season, this has me running scared.
  7. Husker03

    Youth sports.

    As a parent with kids ages ranging from 11-3, I am not sure what the answer is. While I hate that ultimately you have to have your kids started by the time they are 6, often having to move from low cost YMCA programs to expensive club programs by the time they are 9, I haven't been able to see any alternatives. For me, it is very important that my kids participate in sports, not because I hope that they get any college scholarships, but because of the other things sports bring to the table, ie, structure, discipline, work ethic, heathy strong bodies, exercise habits, etc. Due to the fact that there are literally no "free" or "low cost" options for these kids outside of the volunteer coach based YMCA programs until 7th grade years in school, I feel forced to fall into the expensive club based systems. I have been dedicating a lot of my free time and energy to help revitalize the Abbott sports complex here in Lincoln and it is solely to try to help facilitate more low cost avenues because I am passionate about access to youth sports in America and we are getting further and further away from it. It is a legitimate problem and I am not sure of solutions at this time.
  8. I'm telling you, there won't be the mental letdown's with this years team. The only game we lose is OSU.
  9. Husker03

    Fall Camp Notes

    Suspect maybe.. Expect is a bit overkill. I can see where it is a bit odd that he hasn't put on more in the year but we have heard nothing about him not putting in the work that has been asked of him. He's 19 and may be one that struggles more to bulk. I'm interested in seeing how the season goes for him. If he's out there for every snap and getting the touches we'd expect him to get, I'd lean more toward a build/metabolism hardship than anything. If we see him spending spells in the doghouse, I would give more credence to him not doing his part. Be a damn shame if he's doing all he can and showing out, feeling bad about it in his own head only to find people putting him on blast for things beyond his control.
  10. Husker03

    Pump-Up Video Season

    Papuchis in this one.. Forgot about that guy completely. What a schmuck.
  11. Husker03

    Fall Camp Notes

    If that's the case, where do we go to pick up our Natty?
  12. Husker03

    PreSeason Coaches' Poll

    I'll just put it this way, if we are commonly worried about how we will fare against Minnesota, we have much larger problems.
  13. Husker03

    2019 Fan Day - 8/1

    Caveman wouldn't do us wrong, I just know it. He'll be there sacking QB's Aug 31.
  14. Husker03

    Are we or aren’t we Rivals

    I hate Iowa football and every fan associated with it, so yes, it's a rival to me.. I want to beat them by 80 every year starting this year.
  15. Then the men can play football if they want a scholarship, as that is where the most scholarships are available for them.