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  1. Meh, I'll take a W no matter how it comes.
  2. Disagree. You can't hold everybody else on the team accountable and then let a player here and there get by with not doing what is expected of the team. Doing so may allow for some immediate benefits but will erode the long term confidence in the rest of the team. I am sure Frost is pulling his hair out wishing his stars would just do what they are supposed to do when they are supposed to do it, but he can't cave or he looks a fool to the rest. It is his job, however, to figure out how to get them into the fold. Sounds like he is doing that, but you can't just throw out the fold because it is
  3. We are a lot better team this year.. We aren't elite yet, but we are going to be good. I think people underestimate how different this game look if we have the talent edge at even ONE position on the field.. We don't. We played every down like men for the first time in 15 years. That will go light years against mortal teams this season.
  4. Or the wheels are coming off after 3 years.....
  5. a) I would contend that this just depends on how you look at the overall reality. Kind of like setting records at a class C school in a Nebraska high school vs being the number one recruit in the nation. Obviously that is exaggerated, but I judge JD more on what he brings to the table as a receiver overall, not just how he stacks up against mediocre receivers that have been at Nebraska recently. We are already putting him into a category even in that small pool as being not as good as Stanley Morgan and comparable to Westercamp, both of which, if we are looking at receiving talent across the
  6. The difference is.. Receivers like Spielman are a dime a dozen.. Ones like Manning and bets are rare diamonds, the likes of which haven't donned the scarlet and cream since the days of Fryar. I would have much preferred JD to be out there wearing an N this year, but if his attitude was one more of dissent than of unity and progression, and he was not going to be able to commit his heart to it 100%, then I am happy he found a place that suits him better and will not worry about finding receivers that will be able to make up for his lost production.
  7. This is exactly what I thought. And then, because I am not a Bo nor LSU fan, my next thought was, just wait until they run up against a Melvin Gordon, which is actually the weak spot in any Bo D.
  8. JD is good, not great. He had a place as a #2 receiving option in a college offense that contained and NFL #1 receiver, an NFL RB, and a dual threat QB. He struggled mightily when asked to rise into anything more. I won't buy that he was weak or didn't try, I absolutely think he gave his all while on the field. In the end he is a 5'9 receiver that lacks elite speed and will always be somewhat limited because of that. I think he felt he could be more than that and is seeking a chance to show it. I think he will find that he's a good role type player and hope he truly enjoys his senior year of f
  9. Neither. He's never been rumored to be off the team, just back in Florida with coaches permission when there was no football to be had, combined with the snakebitten fear from the other defections that he might decide to stay there. He didn't.
  10. I've heart rumblings that Mo is still around the town and the team. Sounds like he has maybe expressed the thought that he was needing to do some work in the maturity department and is wanting to try to prove he can be what he needs to be both as a man, a student, and a teammate. Again, could be inaccurate, but if true, even though it sounds like the road to good graces is long and winding, we may still get to see what he can be yet.
  11. If I had a Dollar for every recruit we lost to Oregon....
  12. The Huskers need to thank the Big10 for Roundball Shaman...
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