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  1. Tweet indicates it was a virtual visit. Hopefully a huge letdown so he will just come to Nebraska.
  2. Not trying to pile on the kid, but a lot of that was apparent on the field as well. I know there were projections from "experts," but those were based on his measurables. I think once it was proven that those measurables don't convert well, the game film wasn't enough to support teams taking risks on him.
  3. Have to think the fact that he can't go back to school and they can't really hand out grades for the 4th quarter means everybody gets an A!
  4. If we are a good team I see 7 wins there.. If we are not a good team then it really doesn't matter.
  5. Nah, the o-line is going to make that jump, of that I am certain.
  6. I'm here for the spring ball championship series trophy.
  7. No way that is true. Not at a major university in 2020, not with a father connected intimately with NFL, not with family support and the best everything available that money can buy. No way.
  8. He's not going to Wisconsin.
  9. Let's be honest though, a much more prudent discussion then COVID ending the sell out streak.
  10. It's suggested because you don't have to do it to get in the stadium, there are donation free spots available. It is suggested you donate a certain about to be prioritized into the seats you want.
  11. Meh, its all just public relations speak. He says, "we may suck," and we don't, he wins. He says, "We will be in the BCS playoffs 2020," and we aren't, he loses. He's just covering his a$$.
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