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  1. We got real good at the “drop one” part.
  2. Can’t wait to see how many offensive players we put in the list! #FireSatt
  3. But the types of teams that win these types of prizes are poor teams that get decimated by injuries. Like, a 3-9 team that finished with an interim head coach kind of bad followed by the top 2-3 positions across the board the next year sustaining multiple game/season ending injuries. A 2022 dumpster offense that loses every skill player that made it even limp along doesn’t bode well for any amount of quality depth needed to get through the Big10 2023 season. And it showed.
  4. So wait. Wasn’t a QB after all?
  5. They didn’t really create many on season so I’d suspect it wasn’t super obvious on camp.
  6. Not sure in the time of equality and NIL and all of the rigmarole why there is still a bowl requirement to allow for continued practice. Let all schools practice until December 20th. Why should the teams good enough to make continue to have and advantage over the horrible programs?
  7. Guess I’m not sure that’s true. I know we THINK it should be true. But haven’t seen anybody that has been able to use it to do it. Sanders has us all thinking it was the magic it seems it should be, but it turns out you can’t plug gaping holes in a year and that is even WHEN you bring in an NFL caliber QB.
  8. Well that’s true and that’s where we are at. You’re right. Nobody coming here better to play QB. So it’s the Chubb’s Kaelim show next year. So. Get ready to copy/paste all these threads for next year. We all understand it’s a 3-4 year project until it takes more than a year. There are no quick fixes to that QB room. In fact, may get that OLine fixed much quicker which is sickening to think about.
  9. I would love an example, if anybody can think of one, of a portal QB that transferred to a failing, losing program who hadn’t been bowl eligible and turned in a successful season. I think there is a lot of knowledge out there of portal players being pretty hit or miss, QB’s especially so. QB’s not transferring to top tie programs even more so. Point is, it’s likely Rhule wasn’t picking from the cream of the crop.
  10. In He’s got a new set of rookies every week. Easier said then done imo.
  11. Should have taken that time out with 30 seconds left….
  12. The reason it is frustrating is because so many things have been surprisingly good. We can see we are ‘this’ close to being an average to good team instead of the bad we’ve been for 7+ years. But alas, we are one minor position player short and it’s just so hard to as bad as we thought we’d probably be.
  13. Went from no lose November around here to no win November in a hot minute.
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