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  1. He just has to retire for a few months. Health scare or something to get out of that.
  2. Looks like it was merged into the who is next HC thread. Which is silly imo. It is not like 162 page threads are soooo much more streamlined then a new topic here or there. But alas, not my board I guess.
  3. Every school has boosters.. Nobody else has a sellout streak. It hasn't ended because it hasn't ended. The tickets have been sold, that is literally what that means. It's not called the "sell out streak to any one person with an income level under 100k." We did and did.
  4. Context is key here as I was responding to a post by a person who comes to one game/year telling the 90k in Memorial that they need to continue to show out every week because the program deserves support. I was just pointing out the reality is, many of us who go very regularly have seen plenty of crap football over the past 10 years and don't need to be ordered to continue to waste 56 hours and $2000+ every season by somebody who drops in every now and again and still enjoys it, win or lose. This entire thread is about the sellout streak.. And it WILL be over if we don't trend up soon. We are not obligated to be fans of a messy product. That doesn't make me a better or worse fan than anybody else and that is honestly the last pissing match I would ever care about. I care about the fact that the team I love is bad. Real bad.
  5. “Because he laid out pretty clearly the rebuild he thought necessary for the Nebraska job. Nothing about what he said sounded like a job he ever had, or ever wanted.” The twinkle in his eye, though, said he was excited about the challenge l!
  6. Still could happen. Just needs to change to Jesus Urban tat!
  7. I've been at all of the games in Memorial that we have lost. It's getting old and hard to do. Easy to say support the boys through thick and thin if you haven't been doing it through all of the thin....
  8. One of my all time favorite games! The energy that night was electric. I about came out of the stands to punch a Miami player, that's how horrible they were. This game and the Michigan game last year are the only ones I can think of that felt like the old time great games. 2 games in 20+ years. We need more of them!
  9. This is so true. You’d much rather be the Urbanman Empire if you could.
  10. I’d bet Trev isn’t even sure what he’s thinking at this time. I’m sure it’s a pool of moving parts. If he can lock down, announce, and bring in anybody until after the season anyway. He’d be silly to be any too far along in the search.
  11. Deion has made it pretty clear that he is building something and has a different focus than him and his coaching aspirations. He does not want the NU job as it doesn't align with what he is looking to do. It isn't fair to blame it on some form of old stiff whitism.
  12. Seems odd as there were reports to the complete contrary yesterday.
  13. The boys aren't playing hard for him, though. The team doesn't care. It's likely not Mickey's fault at all, but it is what it is. He won't be our answer as he doesn't yet command respect from the men. And how could he? He's only been with the team for a few months. The interim coaches that have a chance are the long term coordinators that the team starts to believe in more than the failing head coach. We needed that person on the staff.. We don't have that person on the staff. Its a fire.
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