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  1. I would agree to minimal difference between a low 4 star and a high 3 star, but I think there is, by an large, a significant difference between a low 3 star and a low 4 star. A class composed of low 4stars would be highly preferrable to one composed of low 3 stars.
  2. I don't know for sure but could have been. Every year is different. I mean, you have every right to be worried about recruiting this year. The product looked a lot better down the stretch last year and we had a lot more to offer at that time as well. The shine has come off. I hope we are able to sign what we have and find more to fill the class after that. I think the only "good news" we can look at at this point is that there are more and more kids decomitting and hitting the transfer portal between now and spring than there ever has been so hopefully we can hit on a few of those. Just saying that the December early signing date is not the only chance we have, it just the new chance that has only been in place for a year now.
  3. Not even close to true. Just a quick tally of starters shows 50% of the ones young enough to have been ranked were 4 stars and 10% were 5stars. So while 2-3 stars did account for 40% of the starters on a team lauded for doing more with less year in and year out, the majority of the team was still composed of 4 and 5 star prospects.
  4. Team doesn't have the capacity to go toe to toe with any team for 4 full quarters, let alone a physical team like Wisconsin. We come out of the tunnel lackadaisical and will officially phone it in when Wisconsin scores on their opening drive.
  5. It is, however, part of what is wrong with the ENTIRE team. Nobody out there wants to take everybody's head off every single play. Everybody is "trying," but nobody is "trying to kill," and it shows.. Every Saturday
  6. I'd give it up if I could. I've tried for 15 years to not care. I can't quit you, Husker football.
  7. IMO this goes back to not near enough guys on the team having any sort of a killer attitude. These are the little things that Scott preaches and hopefully can get corrected. You score when you should score, you don't get an illegal motion penalty or a false start or a hold to ruin your chances. You flipping handle your business and get the mfng 7 points when you should, and almost all of these games move into the W column.. But the team has to have that sense of urgency in the 1st quarter, in the 3rd quarter, in the 2nd quarter and sure as s#!t be able to find it with 4 minutes left in the 4th..But ya.. Needs to be there the entire game.
  8. Kid is already a hero in the city, he's getting touches, we are building the team around him. Really, couldn't be going any better for him at this point outside of our shoddy record, but he's in the locker room, he knows what is going on and he is in the practices and sees the young talent coming. He's a smart kid and level headed and I just can't seem him jetting.. He's poised to be the face of the program for the next 3 years.
  9. The microcosm I am most worried about as it pertains to this is... Is Scott trying to be in charge of too much mid game and therefor missing on too many things? I would never expect him to give up on play calling duties as he is the offensive guy, but I wonder if you can't be in charge of overseeing all decisions in game while being so focused on calling plays. I see these freshmen getting one or two snaps and I wonder if the pre game plan was to get them involved more, but midgame for whatever reason, different personel packages were put in at each juncture and all of the sudden the final whistle blows and you look back and realize certain guys were actually only on the field for 3 snaps and then he has an "oh s#!t" moment but its too late. I think it is something that he will need to look at and delegate monitoring that to somebody else, but ya, it is a huge thing to have botched imo. Learning curves for him, I hope.. And I hope he's a quick learner.
  10. I actually wonder if it should be looked at another way.. I wonder if our coaches see our glaring weakness' and lack of LB/DL, OL talent and spend the week analyzing film and do design ways to minimize the deficiencies, which is actually "good coaching." However, when the team adjusts to the hail mary scheme that was the one way to minimize our lack of playmakers across the board, our coaches have no response because there is no response. If you are somehow magically able to scheme a way to call defense when you lack playmakers at any position, once the adjustment comes in there isn't much to fall back on imo. They need time, they need guys.. I think Chin's may actually be ok in the long run.. For our sake, I sure hope he is. We need guys.. My biggest concern is how to get those guys. My fear is those guys are going to have to be the Stallbird's for a few years, which means the process is going to take so much longer than I want it to.
  11. Stuff like this is going to lead to Huskerboard attrition setting in.
  12. Well heck, that would give any guy the yips. Explains so much!
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