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  1. How does Heisman finalist strike you?
  2. Won't be an issue thanks to the sellout streak.. But for serious.. People want to pretend that things like that don't matter and are silly, but its the fanbase and the high level of program support across the country that keeps NU in the conversation. The brand still generates plenty of money for the major "leagues" to want a bite.
  3. Fine imo. From where the program stands right now, I don't think you take any chances. Critical to get some game experience where you can, critical to get bowl practices where you can, critical to get revenue back into Lincoln. Pride is no reason to not take opportunities when they present themselves imo. We've spent the last 20 years swallowing ours, I can't believe there would be much left that could get in the way of trying to move forward.
  4. Again, I am not sure. I am just saying that you can't look at some empty seats and say that is indicative that it is propped up. The vast majority of the tickets are still being purchased by mom and pop fans. The attendance numbers in the stadium are a still north of 80K even at Fordham games. No, the program is not at the shining star standing-room-only level it was in 1997, but, the people of this state are legitimately still paying to support it with their hard earned Nebraska dollars, and I guess I don't see the point in trying to nitpick that.
  5. Not necessarily true at all.. Yes, there have been games with poor attendance for sure but up until this year the U only sold entire season or bust.. I've had tickets to a few games that I haven't made it to here and there, so while our seats will show up as empty for that game, those tickets were in fact sold and legitimately count into that total. Now, you bet if I could buy only the games I wanted I would do so in a heartbeat, but the same is true at every venue in America for NCAA sports.
  6. Make fun of me any more and I'll show you!
  7. Cam winning the Remington as a Jr would be about the sweetest damn thing to happen to NU football since 1995.
  8. If Frost and Adrian are truly who we thought they were back in 2018, we will be fine. 8 wins out there for the taking for a good, not great team with upperclassman leadership on both sides of the ball. If not, doesn't much matter anyway.. Either the light is at the end of the tunnel this year or we find out we are truly in the dredge.
  9. Tell you what, I think that more and more moving forward this is all moot. People are being conditioned to not want to go out and do things as much anyway. Door dash, Amazon, remote work on the increase, etc, we are becoming a society of homebodies. I think all events are going to struggle more and more moving forward as more people who have gotten used to rarely having to go out to get things they want/need become a larger and larger portion of the population in general.
  10. The excuses we hear about difficultly recruiting 85 of the most talented players in the nation to the middle of the country USA are legitimate for sure. Fred only has to convince 1/5 of those numbers and, if he's bringing in the right ones, they are only planning on being here for a year or two anyway before they cash into the NBA, so its not as big of a deterrent as it is for football where 3-5 is the norm for most. That said, if Frost starts churning out 1st second round pics right and left, all of the sudden those cornfields don't look so lame to the hot shots. So.. In general, same rules
  11. Great season takes a small shot and makes it a slightly less small shot as well..
  12. Jesus Frost hands down. Really, need to still consider when we win a Natty even if it takes 10 years.
  13. I'll tell you what I do know. If Trev, Bolt, Hoiberg and Frost end up being the right guys for the job, we are set up well for a long, long time. It's a big if, but F'n A, it would be so nice..
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