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  1. Hopefully he gets a waiver to enroll next week.. He's a day one starter. Kid is a monster.
  2. Silver lining about the current state of NU football and 100 different coaches over the past 15 years is that it is tough to have racial inequality culture issues permeating throughout a program that doesn't even have a semblance of a culture. That said, hope the current leaders both better than this and also watching closely.
  3. I need Mavric to tell me he is going to be a Husker.
  4. I never said they don't get it at all nor that they can't spread it. I just said that current evidence indicates they are huge spreaders. https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2020/07/20/892354171/kids-get-coronavirus-but-do-they-spread-it-well-find-out-when-schools-reopen
  5. Because, according to the current evidence, they don't. Makes no sense at all but kids under 10 barely vector Covid for whatever reason. The evidence is sketchier in the 10-18 age. The numbers are out of South Korea and they didn't break it down into smaller groups, but the 10-18 age transmits at a lower rate than the adult population but a higher rate than the almost non existent transmission noted in the under 10 school agers. The thought is that there would be a gradual increase in the transmission as approaches 18, but again, not enough numbers to accurately call it.
  6. I don't think it is a "gamble" by Frost and company as much as it is, "the only option available currently." It is not like they are displaying a lack of recruiting effort. They are busting a$$ trying to bring in talent, but the fact remains, the talent isn't interested at this time. The next best move is to pray your evaluation on developmental players is best in the league and woo those guys in over the other mid tier programs in the nation. I'm sure if they could target and reliably land a lot fewer 4 and 5 stars guys, they wouldn't choose this 3 star developmental player "gamble."
  7. I can give you the crap leadership part, but its not fair to fault the citizens for "crap" attitudes. Our entire country is build on distrust of government and its over reach. It serves us very, very well most of the time. Pandemics happen to be an instance where that attitude is very harmful, but it is what it is. You cant have your cake and eat it too. You can't have free thinking democracy and force people to all think the same. The leadership needed to do a better job of conveying the science, and the science needed to be more solid. Entirely different game here if masks would have been recommended from the jump.. They should never have said they were contraindicated back in March, that didn't jive with science. There was a bunch of panic caused by bad science at the beginning, including the ability to transmit on surfaces. Virus' don't operate like that. The wishy washy science the entire time doesn't help convince a free thinking population of extremely varying demographics that anybody knows what they are talking about.. There will be push back when the message is not unified. I realize the science is evolving, but we would have been much better served with a "we are not sure if masks help, but we recommended them because decreased respiratory droplets in any capacity makes sense to reduce transmission," and, "we are not sure if this can spread via dry surfaces, but most virus' can not survive on inorganic dry material, so we need to focus on respiratory transmission for now," etc.
  8. The question is.. For 10 million dollars, how much do you care about <insert_vulnerable_relative_here>? ;p
  9. Was going to say, I have several family members I would offer up in exchange for 10 mil....
  10. It actually just means enough of the population is immune to the disease that the disease can no longer spread. Depending on the virus, sometimes you CAN get herd immunity to a high enough level that the disease is eradicated, aka polio, smallpox, etc. Some virus' are tougher buggers and you can only get herd immunity to high enough levels that the virus' still exist but can't run rampant through a population, ie measles. Outbreaks of these virus' occur in clusters here and there because populations that have been protected by herd immunity start believing the these virus' no longer pose a threat and opt out of simple measures to keep them a non threat, ie vaccination, leading to a drop in overall numbers of "immune" people in the population which allows virus' again to snag a foothold and begin spreading again. Moral of the story.. If you can be vaccinated, get vaccinated.
  11. Not necessarily. As hard as it is to discuss, there is actually a value placed on a human life, and all lives count as the same value. It is necessary equation used in a lot of areas we don't think about, from insurance policies to hazard pay. A human life is currently valued at 10 million dollars. That's the brutal variable used to decide if the economic loss outweighs the loss of life. https://www.npr.org/2020/04/15/835571843/episode-991-lives-vs-the-economy#:~:text=Economists say each human life is worth about %2410 million dollars.
  12. But that's where the masks and face shields come into play. Between negative Friday tests and masks and faceshields, I would think that football field would be about the safest place in the city for a kid to be outside of his/her own apartment in isolation.
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