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  1. Husker03

    Tim Miles Hot Seat Watch

    I think you’ve missed what is happening in the athletic department. No longer is what happened in the past the acceptable way to view things. No longer the fact that football “was great in the 90s,” is a justifiable way to allow it to continue to wallow in mediocrity. On the same note, no longer is the fact that Nebraska basketball, “has never been very good,” a justifiable excuse to let it continue to be poor. Moos isn’t one to accept a defeatist attitude in any sport, let alone one of the three revenue generating versions. It’s not like it’ll cost the U a lot in renovations and rebranding, etc, it’s all already in place, we are only lacking the right guy which can and will be easily remedied in short order.
  2. That last free throw rebound sequence pretty much epitomizes this season.
  3. Husker03

    Tim Miles Hot Seat Watch

    Maybe an assistant actually knows how to manage a game? I mean, the talent is there. They just don’t play for Tim.
  4. Husker03

    Tim Miles Hot Seat Watch

    What are the chances of a mid season firing?
  5. Husker03

    WR Demariyon Houston

    Or brother with NFL level attitude/pointers.
  6. Husker03

    Miami Sucks - Who Can We Steal

    So he’ll be here Monday then?
  7. Haha. Me too! If it helps at all, I think there’s a “swaaaaannnggg” in there somewhere. But I’m not sure. Maybe like, “da da da da da da swaaaaanggggg, da da da da da da swaaaaannngg. Da da da da da da swaaaaaaang, da da da da da swaaaaaannggg.” But even that that could be completely wrong.
  8. I’m old and out of the music loop. There’s a hype song that plays at football games and basketball games which is hip hopish and I really can’t make out enough lyrics to even run an internet search. Anybody cooler, younger people than me mind posting links to any of the hype songs you can identify in hopes I can put a song with the one that goes, “daaaaaa da da da da da da da, da da da da da da da daaaaaaaa?”
  9. Husker03

    Huskers Save The Universe

    Wait for it.... Wait for it.... Nevermind.
  10. Husker03

    What did we learn: Iowa edition?

    One thing I will never forget Frost saying after one of the early season games where A-Mart threw a bonehead pass, Frost said, "He made a bad decision for sure there, but Adrian is the kind of guy that, now that he's done that, won't ever do it again." At the time I rolled my eyes a bit after watching our previous 5 QB's continue to make the same bad game decisions over and over again. But sure enough, as the season played out, Adrian DIDN'T make those same bad decisions over and over again. The kid really does learn from his mistakes. As a freshman, there are many mistakes to be made, but I guarantee he will never throw backwards toward the sideline to a receiver again, etc.. The kid is jaw droppingly mature for a senior, honestly, and he's not a senior.
  11. Husker03

    What did we learn: Iowa edition?

    1) we don’t have the size or talent yet to match up with the best o-lines in the big 10. No scheme or d-cord could do any better without exposing glaring holes in other areas. 2)yes 3) yes 4) yes 5) D came up big in several crucial situations today, you just don’t notice the stops they did make. Can’t expect them to be 100%. Key is, don’t allow the team to get in a position where every drive in the second half is a crucial situation. 6) see #1, you’re saying the same thing here in point 6. 7) yes. 8) yes 9) yes. GBR!
  12. Husker03


    Disagree. His head was up, looking at the play, the helmet to helmet contact was just incidental and that is legal.
  13. Husker03

    What Did We Learn? - Michigan State

    Meh, you can hand wrestle 5 yards if the ball isnt in the air. Ticky tack fabrication of a hold even if that was the call, which it wasn’t
  14. Husker03


    Give ‘em the throat slash!!