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  1. Honestly, I Haarberg can be the man we all hope he can be, Smothers with a slightly underwhelming arm is good enough to be a great backup.. I mean, as long as he can accept reality should that come to prove true.
  2. Probably nobody. I think that is just part of Frost/Duval's job to make sure that they don't put themselves in a position that somebody would feel like saying that.
  3. Nothing. He's been at practice as of late.
  4. He'll be fine and end up a Heisman finalist. Going to be a fun year for a change.
  5. Omaha kids tend to think Nebraska as a state in general is lame. They grow up thinking they have the best the state has to offer there and when they have become bored with that after 18 years, they set their sites on what they perceive to be bigger and better things. Maybe they find something out there wonderful, but I am guessing that most of them will end up seeing that going to school and playing football in the college scenes are similar about anywhere you go. Ya, maybe you can ski a few more times if you go to Denver and maybe you can beach a few more times if you go to Miami, but all i
  6. The good news is RB is the easiest position on the field to come in and make and immediate impact, so lack of experience there doesn't bother me near as much as lack of talent would. Do we have talent there? No idea. But if we do, that position much less of a liability. WR a different animal. It is dismal when looking there. On paper we look to have more talent there, but nobody can argue that experience isn't king at that position, and we are far short in that department. I don't expect anything earth shattering there this year. If AM can come out improved at his position
  7. Will be interesting ultimately to see how Mr. Wandale stacks up when his time comes. Just to see if we had a Rondale v2.0 on our sideline or something a little less shiny.
  8. We haven't had an upper classman on the roster since TO was walking the sidelines.
  9. So, you're saying there's a chance.....
  10. The reality is this could be as simple as coaches blowing smoke about how recruiting to this place is hard, game day atmosphere is the best card in our deck, no game day atmospheres in 2020 and now not until October 2021, etc, which somebody caught wind of blew out of proportion. It could also be as horrible as a coach single handedly think he is a god and going over everybody's head to try to be a wuss and skimp out of a tough road matchup to save face and his job. The reality is, with the meatgrinder of a schedule, I am not sure that I believe Scott was worried about the L too m
  11. Ya, at the end of the day, similar to the football forum.. More success will lead to more interest. I love all things NU so I hang out in the basketball section during the season, but I don't live and breath it near as much when we are bad, which we usually are. But there's always next year!
  12. But when does spring ball start?
  13. I don't think it is fair to lob this criticism toward John Cook. The guy knows how to have the girls ready to play.
  14. But that's the thing. Most of his options are not recent consistent winners.
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