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  1. It's the most, 'meh,' news ever.. So I plan to continue to be pretty, 'meh,' over it.
  2. Money talks.. And you can make a lot of money in the Big10, even as losers. Just ask NU.
  3. See, that is where you are mistaken.. For Californian's, if you aren't in located Cali, you are on the East coast.
  4. It is a plenty popular view. In fact, the most popular view is most likely to go back 10 years and keep college football as was. That said, what is happening is obviously big business. As a result, just because the SEC didn't add teams overnight 6 months ago, does not mean it is not going to happen. It absolutely is going to happen. And the reason it is going to happen is because the reality of the business. As mentioned earlier, nobody is lining up to watch Washington State play Kansas any given Saturday. That game won't sell, so there is no reason to have it. USC vs Nebraska? Still a huge draw. Nebraska vs Kansas? Not going to move the needle. So, as Kirk Herbstreit said.. You can make money with the new bloods and the blue bloods. Nebraska lucky to be a blue blood. For now. But, moving forward, the SEC and the Big10 are the only conferences to be in a position to add the best of the best and remain in the money. To think they are not likely to do exactly that is folly.
  5. I think UNC goes no questions asked if they get the chance.
  6. Or maybe they are not going to college to be hot, but rather to study and get a degree.
  7. Is he even good enough for us to want?
  8. Meh.. Although, I guess low risk these days as, if they don't work out, ship em out and upgrade with the portal!
  9. One of the 4 plays was blocked nicely. The others had defenders in the backfield as soon as he got the ball. Same as we’ve seen here for 15+ years.
  10. Not sure what blockers you were watching but I’m pretty sure that’s exactly the same blocking he had in college.
  11. Kid needs to go to a place where he has the best chance to live up to his own legacy. If that isn’t at his dad’s old school and his uncles 4 month employer, so be it.
  12. So, we are going to be good?
  13. One has more money for flash and therefor attracts better quality athletes to begin with. Top 10 recruiting class 2019, churned out one pick in 2022 draft, same number as OSU. My point really wasn't even NU vs OU as to where Rodgers would do better.. My point was that he could have gone to AU or USC which would have at least been something different. Instead, he went to the same place his previous coach, which already was not churning out studs, will be his coach but now in an environment not nearly as conducive to grinding like its a mission. Maybe that is ok with him, and maybe I am wrong. But, at first glance, it doesn't look like he made a decision targeted at becoming the best damn football player he can be.
  14. I was mostly talking culture. Imo Oregon has a “Riley-esque” culture, which doesn’t lend itself churning out studs from those that weren’t studs to start. Doesn’t matter who the coach is if the program is all ice cream and sprinkles.
  15. Color me shocked. Hope he loves going nowhere with his talent. Oregon a decent place to go if you are very talented, but I haven't seen anything to indicate they can develop well at all.
  16. He's not fast enough to play the position he plays nor tall enough to move to a position that would allow him to be a bit slower and still excel.
  17. While my theory as to our hitting vs pitching has been shown to be inaccurate, I will stand by my conviction that indoor practice is a very poor substitute for the experience on the field.
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