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  1. Ya, those contract hangups with 70million over 18 months to the 3rd power times infinity squared almost ruined everything.
  2. I heard Yeazy's are all the rage for great coaches.
  3. Not really understanding how Mickey all of the sudden wants to be a HC when he hasn't angled that way for 25 years. It was just an easy in and the state of Nebraska was almost duped into allowing it to happen. Hiring Mickey would have been 100000x more embarrassing than the degree of stupidity we see with Iowa and Ferentz. Kirk at least doesn't lose 60% of his games. I also don't get the concern for the split locker room. Mickey hasn't even been in town for an entire year yet. It is not like he is some keystone in most of these kids' lives. Also, I would be suprised if over half of the locker room next year isn't brought in new by Rhule anyway. I'm all about keeping Mickey for his connections to the state, his recruiting prowess, his WR coaching chops. But to pretend keeping him is the only way to move forward with success is undermining Rhule and his chops before his plane even lands. Rhule is a grown man, a well regarded professional in the industry. If we don't trust him w/o Mickey training wheels, we really really really botched this hire.
  4. Good chance he brings in Chinander, who is well regarded as one of the elite DC’s in the country.
  5. Yep. And if Fickell have off a vibe that he was at all disinterested, you gotta let him go. I think you have to court the guy that wants to fix the project/problem and not just throw more money at a guy who’s heart isn’t in it.
  6. So take away the timing. The only thing that makes sense is that Nebraska didn’t seriously pursue Fickell. And the only reason you don’t do that is because you are after Rhule.
  7. With Fickell willing to move to Wisconsin for only 6 million, it makes me think Nebraska never approached him with 8. Trev has Rhule in his sights 2 weeks before Carolina cut him loose, I think.
  8. This is what I believe but I’ve been pretty naive for 20 years.
  9. Wisconsin fans convinced Fickell jumps to OSU the minute they decide to move on from Day. My question. Assuming we are having 10-2 type seasons with Rhule, who does he leave us for?
  10. Doesn’t really matter. With OSU running up against Michigan every year and now Riley and USC coming to town, Nebraska and Wisconsin BOTH owe it to the conference to get their s#!t together and start fielding some legitimately competitive teams in this side of the division. Bring in Fickel imo. Our guy better be ready to go toe to toe with the best.
  11. Where’s he going to go? Two years wasted to ACL tears takes a bit of shine off his prize. He’d be smart to at least listen to what Rhule has to say.
  12. Possibly. But we were surprisingly competitive the past 2 seasons with a complete circus leading the show. It will be fun to watch Rhule work, but if he brings in a good to great staff, I’m pretty confident we could see 8-4 type results next year.
  13. I hope Trev is able to get some great sleep for the next few days until he has to start watching out to Steve Nash to try to flip him.
  14. I’ll always remember him as the little b that transferred out last minute after being beat out. Fluff piece about bible studies and rehab doesn’t change that.
  15. What is your malfunction, it’s not hard. His contract with Carolina was for 10mil/year for x number of years. They fired him 4 years early. So. He gets 10mil for 4 years from them. like many contracts, they include a clause that if he seeks other employment in those 4 years, the panthers have to pay him that much less. so. If he signs with NU for 5mil/yr then Carolina pays the 10 they owe him, LESS the 5mil NU pays him for a net of 5mil/year owed by Carolina
  16. I don’t care but institutions tend to care.
  17. Sound's like Prime is in some hot water over a poorly run childrens prep school. He's not likely a candidate at a p5 at this time. That will need to blow over in my opinion. Also undermines his self declared, "I always win," mentality. Does anybody hear something? Me either.
  18. That would be a strike out looking
  19. The Big10 move is the only thing that we did right over the past 20 years and is one of the few reasons we remain relevant and also have the finances to spend on coaches. Also. Coaches don’t give 2 poops about rivals. You are right about recruiting challenges. But, that’s the only thing that made sense. Trev has his guy and it will be a home run, I have little doubt.
  20. If we end up with most of these mentions as our hire, I will be on a self-imposed 3-4 year ban.
  21. Has anybody just thought of calling Trev and asking him who it is? Seems simpler.
  22. Makes sense that Urban would be willing to easily keep MJ on board as WR coach since he is probably not wanting to bring back Zach Smith in that role.
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