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  1. Hopefully, we get good enough someday that when the opposition sees a bunch of 1-9 roll out on the defensive side of the ball, they know it's going to be a long day.
  2. If he’s really going back to usc we are probably dead
  3. I didn't "funny" your post, but I assume the fact that its main point was, we need to score more points than they do, is why it draws such things. If you need to pat yourself on the back for the "prediction," by all means, do so. Understand that to many it appears as if obvious prediction is obvious. In fact, your post actually hinted that Nebraska would need to score more than 81 to beat them as that was the lowest point total they had put up over 9 previous games. We didn't even do that. We did enough to win, it was beautiful. But we didn't light the world on fire offensively. We played offensively in the exact ballpark we had for much of the season and defensively tough as we had all season. Together, we did enough to win. But we didn't magically find 92+ points in that game to secure the win.
  4. He had a nice coming out party for sure, but teams are figuring out how to contain him more recently. He will always be a physically limited NCAA player. He's great when there is enough talent to allow him to operate behind the scenes, but his recent trending output indicates we will still need some other legit threats on the court to allow him a role.
  5. Agree. They don’t do all this if he’s not N. He is. This media stunt is pretty much confirmation. The only reason he’s looking at us is the culture, family tradition, and because he likes the idea of helping bring back the program under a professional like Matt Rhule. We are the only school that offers that. Doesn’t matter how much better the other programs are. If his motivation was playing for the best of the best. He’s not even taking our calls. That’s obviously not what’s driving him. He will be our guy 2024.
  6. I’m sure they would be concerned but there nothing anybody can do about it. Family is family and you can’t regulate that. Also. He’s not the only highly ranked recruit in history to have family ties at schools. I’m sure there are loopholes for all of the major contenders as well here and there.
  7. Ya, but that is still a problem all the same. And it's on the coach to not let that happen.
  8. I don’t buy it as ochaun was only in our program for half a year. Our S and C program may have been terrible, but ochaun wouldn’t be the right litmus test at all.
  9. Sadly. I think Fred is our best option for the next few years. That said, he’s not going to move the needle in Husker basketball. I hate to sound defeatist. But. Husker football is a long shot to become something again. Husker basketball can never be anything, NIL or no.
  10. This is so sad because this team went from fun to watch to miserable to watch in 2 weeks.
  11. It'll be awesome if he chooses NU, but if he doesn't, then he's probably not that good and we didn't need him anyway....
  12. I think we are applying for a waiver due to the Frost pandemic.
  13. The Texas State thing never made sense to me anyway. I understand a bit if he wants to play QB, fine. But you'd have to assume the dream is the NFL, and if that is the end goal but every major schools tells you that you aren't good enough at QB to help college teams, then the likelyhood you are good enough there for the NFL is not great. Convert to something else and get to work imo. Unless your goal is recognition as a good QB at Texas State.. Then go there.
  14. I'll believe it when the ink is dry.
  15. Ugh. That and the time drag is the opposite of good. But. It’s on Rhule to pull him in, and, if not, find a super quality replacement that he can win with. Sadly. In my heart, Dylan was already signed.
  16. We told him to fly a kite and he decided to fly off the handle instead.
  17. Or prefer to drive around town high and drunk as opposed to wasting time in class and practice.
  18. Nah, when Urban Meyer gets so bored during a broadcast of your defense getting schellacked by a mediocre Oklahoma team that he quickly and flippantly exposes on national TV how inept it is, most G5 coaches are going to also realize you aint got the chops. It was only because Frost was, literally, dumb, that those coaches were ever here.
  19. Yikes. My 12 year old is more creative w/ twitter than this.
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