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  1. So are RB's though. Rhamir looks great and Yant had everybody in the state flying his flag after NW. Not sure you can really say that Held is not holding up his end if you are accepting the current WR play as "playing well".
  2. I understand that concern but he can go a long way toward proving the vision next year. It actually sets up nicely for him if he is going to make a run. Win 3 out of 4 to close the season, pick up the momentum that actually does exist nation wide in progress made. Recruits no longer see a team getting blown out against top 10 teams, they see and hear us going toe to toe. You win 3 of 4 to close the year. 2021 recruiting is already a crap shoot thanks to the NCAA not knowing up from down coming off a global pandemic that also made the previous season sketchy. Point is, if you are going to have a bad year on the recruiting trail, 2021 is the year to do it. So, pick up end of season momentum, hit the transfer portal hard to rid the program of non contributors and keep any super sr, jr, so whatever that you want for next year. Come out blazing in 2022 and go on a roll, change the narrative, sell the vision from there. Still have plenty of underclassman to patch you through 2-3 successful years while things heat up on the trail. Finally, keep developing well. I think at this point we have to acknowledge that these coaches are getting great level of play in most spots out of less than phenomenal "talent" based on HS rankings. I think they can keep doing that. I believe the O-Line is just young where they have talent, and lack talent where they have age. You can scoff at that all you want but I used to hear Rudd couldn't coach LB and then there's Reimers. I was hearing Chin can't coach D and then theres concern he will leave for HC spot. It easy to say, "blah blah blah," in the moment, but objectivity requires that you look at the entire picture with its moving parts. Frost with a good 2021 finish and a great 2022 is what is best for our program and our state. If he can't do that, I'll join you at the fire w/ my pitchfork.
  3. Year 8 may be it no matter who the coach is. That's the problem.
  4. Yes and no. It's all out of whack right now because of Covid. Also, I think we like our chances in the transfer portal. We don't have to convince kids coming out of high school that the glitz and the glam of fancy places makes a difference. I think once they go out into the world and realize that, by and large, football is football, they look a bit more into places like NU. Basically, we can do better among a crowd of young adults that have been a little humbled than we can do with high school hot heads who have been the cats meow at every turn in their young lives. Obviously it will take a bit of both, but certainly I think, when the dust settles, NU will ultimately benefit from the transfer portal more that it will hurt us.
  5. No, even the 90's Huskers had off games. ALL TEAMS DO. Bama had one last week. The truly great teams are merely the ones that that have enough talent that even playing at their C level, they can beat teams playing at A level.
  6. Tanner hasn't played well in many games this year. Tanner is not the guy you want to use if you are trying to prove a slow and steady consistency point. Tanner through 2 INT's yesterday when "typical Tanner," showed up and then Minnesota completely abandoned the passing game because they realized they had already worked a jackpot miracle out of Tanner. To add to the fallacy of your point, you mention "giving him a pocket." Have you even seen a pocket more than 30% of our snaps this year? We are lucky we have a mobile QB this year or this team would have thrown in the towel after our 3rd loss to Buffalo. Finally, the fact that Adrian is able to take off at any time changes the way defenses are forced to play us, which makes the passing game much easier than it would be if we didn't have a runner back there. If we had a "statue" QB, he would need to be not Tanner Morgan quality to make a difference, but Joe Burrow quality to do so. Joe Burrow QB's aren't coming to Nebraska at this point in our program history, so you can't pretend you replace Adrian with the best out out there, you have to replace Adrian with the high 3 star guy you could get to come in and sit for 3 years as a 2nd or 3rd stringer while he develops. At the end of the day, when it comes to phenomenal talent, Adrian is the best we could have ever hoped for back there. He had a stinker yesterday, no doubt, but no QB has their best game every time they take the field. Don't pile on him because he's an easy target.
  7. Inconsistent teams gonna inconsistent. There is nobody on this team that can be trusted to bring B or A level play consistently. Until they develop that part, let down games are going to happen. We came with our C game yesterday. Minnesota brought their A+. I don't expect any team to bring A 12 games a year, but you either have to be enough superior as a team that your C game can win, or you have to find at least your B game and have that be your bottom.
  8. Yep. Trev's our guy and Scott's our guy and all feels right in the world today. Going to take 5 years to heal my heart from the depths we went through to find our way, but eventually, we will be whole again.
  9. If this is repeated I apologize, but I'll tell you they can say all they want about improving the stadium experience in the future, but at both the NW and the Michigan games they didn't pass out almost 1/2 of the stadium chairs and they ran out of food before the end of half time. For a 6:30pm game, this is really disappointing. I would certainly say if they are going to stick to the policy that you can not bring in your own stadium seats, then they should really have enough to pass out to pretty much every behind that wants one. And if you are going to host a night game and not allow people to bring in their own snacks, you should really plan to have enough popcorn and pizza to feed people until at least 9. I wasn't "upset" about any of it.. Just saying that if we are really trying to improve the experience, we could go a long way by just doing our current bare minimum, but doing it well.
  10. As would be expected for a position switch at the P5 NCAA level for a true freshman. I hope he wins the Rimington and all of the doubters have to jump on the N midfield in their whitey tighties while chanting "Scott Frost Rules," for 5 minutes.
  11. You see the win out? Because that is ALL that I see. This is where it starts to get fun. After 15 years, this is where it starts to get fun again.
  12. No way. The kid is a winner, not a doubt in my mind.. He had a game winning drive against MSU. His punt team made it so that it didn't end up being a game winning drive, but with 3 minutes left, he marched his team down the field and took the lead. Players who consistently lead game winning drives do so when they have consistent and high caliber team mates around them. I don't think for a second that he would falter at all if he had an o line that could give him more than 1.5 seconds in a randomly collapsing pocket or if he had tight ends and WR that were automatically where they needed to be on routes consistently. Only when the entire team functions like clockwork can you reliably expect the QB to go fetch a win. AM's biggest issue is that he covers up so well for these things for so much of the game that when the impossible odds finally catch up to him, it falls apart and people stand there and rake him over the coals for it. The fact that we are even in games with the o line that we have and the inconsistent WR's is a testament to his talents. The fact that it breaks down when we are overmatched and opponents finally pin their ears back with nothing to lose is not the sign of choking, its the sign of where we really are as a team. But we will get better. It's just not only Adrian out there responsible for it.
  13. And I'm saying if coaches are at all scared he's not solid on the plays a close game is the last place you feel good about sticking him in.
  14. It only cost us in hindsight. We go up 7-0 on the opening drive that really punches Michigan in the mouth. Going up 3-0 or 0-0, there isn't a lot of difference in momentum, MU feels like they "won" the drive after giving some big plays. Punching that in to culminate a dominating offensive drive really throws the momentum in NU favor. I'd go for that TD 100 times out of 100, so I won't talk about would have could have should have in the rear view.
  15. One of the biggest things for me is that we compete with good teams consistently. A lot of teams can get up or get lucky for a ranked team Matchup here and there. But these boys going toe to toe week in and week out. It’s not a flash in the pan. It’s legit good and it’s legit consistent. I’ll also say, I don’t think we necessarily have all world freak athletes at many positions on the field, which means I think a lot of this is coaching and relationships and culture and buy in. Has me pretty excited for the future. I’ll say it again. Scott stays. Hopefully all of the coaches he chooses to keep stay as well.
  16. 5 years ago we would "choke" to the tune of 52-10.. Choking isn't new around here, but this choking is markedly less embarrassing.
  17. We had lead with 5 minutes left and our d couldn't stop them. The d couldn't stop Oklahoma when it needed to either. Listen, this D is great, but lets not rewrite reality here. They could have sealed the win for us yesterday as well, and they didn't. All parts of the team played very well yesterday, we should be proud of them. But as in every game, there were plays that made us almost win and there were plays that made us almost lose and you can't just pick the ones that fit a narrative.
  18. The thing is.. Every team has boosters. So if it were that then a lot of teams would do it. The boosters don't buy but a fraction of tickets when they do, and attendance numbers still stay high which means boosters are buying them to give away as a perk to whatever company they are running. Long story short, pointing to an occasional booster block buy to undermine the entire thing is stupider than the streak itself.
  19. Bitter pricks around the country look at it like that. Most reasonable people understand that the damn stadium has sold every ticket for a long long time, a lot longer than ANY other school in the US. I am sure it is tough to wrap your head around when you cheer for programs that, say, have had success for small stint of history over the past few years. The fact is, NU has been horrible for 5 times as long as either of the programs in your handle has been good and we still fill the stadium weekly for our boys.
  20. Picked NU by 8-14 because I don't love our chances in a close one. There are a lot of great things we have shown over the past 4 games, but we haven't yet proven that we can execute with games on the line nor that we can coach to win close game. I would love to be wrong if needed and we win by 3, but would enjoy the experience a lot more if we are just up by 10 with 1:30 left.
  21. Agreed. Add to that the carousel at RB we have seen this year and I am not sure we can even be confident in him getting time this week. The good news, it is great to have 3+ "above average" backs to choose from. It is a luxury looking for 'elite' that we haven't had since Abdullah imo.
  22. But our offense is horrible......
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