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  1. dvdcrr

    Bold Predictions for 2019

    After an injury and brief QB competition Scott Frost is granted permission by the NCAA to start as Husker QB having defeated Vedral in a cage match. He ends up playing at Safety too...
  2. dvdcrr

    Husker player safety and targeting

    I mean I am just trying to stay out front of the NCAA rules committee, making sure SAFETY (profit) is the top priority. And so going along with this, I had another idea. Impact testing has been going on by helmet manufacturers and Universities. They are using embedded sensors which measure deceleration of the brain. We should take those sensors and put them in all helmets. Then we could hard wire those to a little red spinning light on top of the helmet. So when a severe deceleration ( hit) is detected, the red light is activated on the player's head. When an official sees the spinning red light , the player is automatically ejected! Perfect. Then we could spend a full 15 minutes just watching replays of the hit while the coach's objection is lodged and adjudicated. That would really ad to the game! George Halas would be proud!
  3. dvdcrr

    Are we or aren’t we Rivals

    Gimme #1 Nebraska against #2 OU on Thanksgiving. I'll take that over Iowa every time.
  4. dvdcrr

    Husker player safety and targeting

    I mean we really need player safety because that is the most important thing. So we may need to take it even further. We know that any contact near the head or shoulders can be dangerous. We also know that contact near the knees is dangerous as well. As a league, though, since knee injuries are not likely to bring major class action lawsuits, we care less about those. A limp is a limp, but at least it wont get in the way of luctrative profit taking. But back to the game and how we can make it "better". What we need to do is identify a "Safe Strike Zone" similar to the baseball strike zone. This zone on a player will be from mid thigh up to just below the sternum. Each play (EVERY PLAY) will be video reviewed for a minimum of 2 minutes to be sure that no hits are allowed outside of the "Safe Strike Zone." If a player is found by review to have committed an infraction by creating contact outside of the "Safe Strike Zone" they will be immediately ejected for the entire game or at least 4 total quarters of play if the infraction occurs in the 2nd-4th quarter the player will be benched the next game. IN ADDITION one member of the coaching staff must also be ejected, after all it is they who have failed to instill a culture of safety in practice. We must be serious about CTE. The total game time for a 60 minute game will be extended to 8 hours. But this is perfect! We can run ads between EACH PLAY! And we can make millions!
  5. Look we all know player safety is the most important thing. CTE and brain injuries are becoming more understood, and it is now apparent that cumulative contact to the head is a contributor not just the severe blows. In order to change the violent culture of college football, the NCAA in consultation with its attorneys, instituted a penalty called "targeting" and implemented severe consequences for any player flagged for "targeting". However we still see concussions and total player safety is not yet assured. Obviously the goal is total player safety along with reduced liability for Universities and lucrative revenue streams. So in order to ensure these things I believe we need to go further. I propose a new penalty to complement the "targeting" foul. There are times when a player, usually a defensive player lowers their head while flying into the play, and TRIES to target the player but MISSES. However their intent to cause harm is clear. So we should inhibit this behavior with a new infraction called "Attempted Targeting". The penalty for Attempted Targeting will be the same as the penalty for actual "targeting" after all, damage could have been done and we must inhibit this behavior. "Attempted Targeting" infractions can be booth- initiated by conference officials at a remote site. To be sure that the reviews are thorough, each "Attempted Targeting foul should be reviewed for at least 4 minutes, allowing our Sponsors an additional 8-16 minutes per game of advertising. The Universities, advertisers, and media will all make more money and players will be safer to boot! I think this is a great idea, what say you?
  6. dvdcrr

    Are we or aren’t we Rivals

    If Twinkies had a rival would it be Ho Ho's?
  7. dvdcrr

    2019 Husker Football Schedule

    I think the toughest games (in order) are 1. Northwestern 2. Iowa 3. Purdue 4. Wisconsin 5. Minnesota 6. Ohio St.
  8. Realistically, and I am just being real here, a reasonable successfull season in 2019 would look like this: Nebraska gains momentum all year, winning a couple of close contests against Colorado and Ohio St. Then towards the end of the season they explode on the scene, setting new NCAA records for margin of victory against Wisconsin and Iowa. The Iowa win is SO epic that the NCAA convenes a special meeting to form some kind of 75 point mercy rule or something. Kirk Ferentz asks if he and his immediate family can move in with Scott Frost. Next Nebraska Hammers Michigan SO HARD in Indianapolis, that Harbaugh takes his team back to Rome and STAYS. It becomes apparent By JAN 1st that the National Championship is just a waste of time for these Cornhuskers, and Jerry Jones starts calling to get Nebraska into the NFC Championship Game. Scott Frost accepts the challenge. Nebraska beats the Dallas Cowboys on a WanDale Robinson 55 yard catch that was reviewed twice. In the Superbowl, the Patriots find they are no match for the explosive Nebraska offense. Belichek breaks down in front of the post game press corps, explaining in truthful detail all the X's and O's all the preparation they put in, just to get hopelessly destroyed by Nebraska. He cries. Tom Brady announces he has had enough. The reality of facing another matchup with the Chinander D is too daunting. So he scoops up Gisselle and heads back to their French chateau. A team of scientists from Canton Ohio descend upon Lincoln as they hope to study, document, and preserve for all time, the methods which have sponaneously produced the greatest athletic achievement in the history of man. In 2020 the NCAA announces that that forevermore there will be no college football. No one will ever be worthy of picking up the pigskin again, Nebraska having attained complete perfection. Well those are my humble, realistic expectations anyway.
  9. We are going to beat Ohio St. Going to climb the mountain and defeat Northwestern, then if we can Respect Purdue who hammered OSU last year, and also get past Wisc. anything is possible. Have to respect the back half of that schedule.
  10. dvdcrr

    Team Talent vs. Wins Per Talent

    Bear Bryant mathematical formula: Team Talent- Team Wins = Number of Daily Sprints Its true cause its on the internet.
  11. dvdcrr

    CBS College Football All-130 ranking

    Selection committee on getting into the playoff: " If Iowa is your champion...yeah, no. "
  12. dvdcrr

    Are we or aren’t we Rivals

    Hello we are from the B1G office and on behalf of our business partners and the other 12 teams in our conference we would like to inform you that your rival from now on is the University of Iowa. We have determined through surveys and focus groups, in consultation with branding experts from our sponsors that approximately 76% of the fans of our league are OK with a Neb./Iowa regional rivalry. Of course we do not and will not expect the level of your play or relevancy of your program to approach the level of our real gem, the Michigan , Ohio St. game. Therefore, please be reminded that nothing you do, should ever take any excitement away from that match up. Ideally we would like to see the winner of the Neb./Iowa game ultimately lose to the Mich./Ohio St winner thereby giving us a chance to make the NCAA/Capitol One "national championship". On behalf of the B1G, thank you for being a part of our conference, and if you (Nebraska or any other West div. team) need anything, please contact the intern for our assistant to the 2nd Vice President of Communications. You may do so by filling out the contact form on our website. Stay Golden!
  13. The League has initiated a review of the above GIF and upon further review, found it to be targeting...
  14. dvdcrr

    Are we or aren’t we Rivals

    All true rivalries have to be ORGANIC. You feel it in your soul. As in "those guys suck and we have to BEAT the tar out of them. It is fine and dandy for Athletic directors, media outreach, branding specialists, and conference officials to say, declare, and decree that two teams SHOULD BE rivals. But then again two families can look at their son and daughter and say well they SHOULD marry. That doesn't make a real couple. It is a REAL rivalry when both fan bases say it is. AND what generally brings both fan bases to this realization is a combination of two things. 1. The passion and heat of the chase, i.e. both are good and legit contenders, and 2. Those guys keep coming around here and are a legit threat to our greatness so we have to beat them down. If they beat you, you hate them because of all that was at stake, and of course it had to be THEM. So we get to Nebraska Iowa. Iowa winners of of 5 of 6 when the Nebraska fans KNEW we were down. SO no passion or special animus involved. AND other tough teams are doing the same to us. Northwestern, Wisconsin, semiannual Michigan and Ohio St. Boatracing. ASK the Nebraska base, ask the Iowa base. No we are not rivals, not yet. More like a pair of trout trying to swim upstream and jump up past the Dam that is Mich/ Ohio St. SO NO there is no special hatred for Iowa. No rivalry. They are just a tough team on a schedule FULL of tough teams. Look in your soul. Who does your gut tell you, that you hate? That is your Rival. And for me, my rival is the true master of and primary threat to College Football: Capitol One/ NCAA. The unholy alliance of greed that threatens the equity, purity, excitement, and true nature of the sport. this last part is slightly tongue in cheek; an effort to spread my view that the NCAA and other entities are using College football merely as a vehicle to wealth, regardless of the game itself.