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  1. I don't know if anyone really ever wins in a pissing match like this. You may or may not get your satisfaction but you will be losing a neighbor for sure. Do you want that? Just be living next to a cold enemy? Do you want to try and remain amicable? If you don't give a damn hire the best attorney and get after it. If you want to remain amicable grab a rake and some seed and a dripline. I once saw a dispute over a little dog get so bitter a quick survey of property was done and a solid privacy fence put in so close to the neighbor's house that you could scarcely walk along the house.
  2. I remember watching the Bulls in 1991 take out the Bad boys and then overtake Magic and the Lakers in 5. It was like watching a 18 year old son finally take out his dad in 1v. 1. Jordan and the Bulls finally just became too much for any team to handle. Just too much. Too dangerous, too dynamic. Too young. To put this in perspective, the Lakers had reigned mostly supreme for the last ten years. Magic, Worthy, Jabbar... They had to respect Pippen. You had to guard Paxson, Armstrong sideline to sideline or they would assasinate you from 3 pt. You had to out work Horace Grant (Good luck!)
  3. Kobe possibly just a better pure scorer than Jordan, but Jordan was clutch, played D, and had all the intangibles.
  4. Greg Robinson: https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.tmz.com/2020/02/19/cleveland-browns-greg-robinson-arrested-marijuana-border-patrol/ The first stage is denial...
  5. Dwight Schrute, look it up.
  6. We just spitballin' here? I said name one.
  7. stars, shmars. Snoop Dogg ain't got no stars, He still rocks! Lawdy Lawdy we likes to party, sing it ... I know you know it!
  8. Are we related? Who's your daddy?
  9. Name one prep QB who made the finals in Nebraska last year who was better than Harsh. One.
  10. Sun Tzu said Know yourself but not your enemy, win half your battles...know the enemy and yourself....PUMMEL THE HAWKEYES. Hawkeyes is a literal Chinese translation.
  11. they did pass that is for sure. Probably for the best for Harsh honestly.
  12. Well that's what I heard...
  13. And that is worth something, you are correct.
  14. I do not have any connection to this kid other than just the fact that we watched him in the Class B final and he is a hell of an athlete. So for the fourth time, what miffed me was Nebraska should especially be targeting good in state kids like him. I don't think anyone reached out like Craig Bohl did to this kid. When you are a lets face it struggling program like Nebraska is now, if you are bleeding even a few good kids from your own state it is too many. The apathy wreaks of incompetence frankly. That kid showed everything you want on the field there in Memorial and they let him w
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