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  1. dvdcrr

    What did we learn: Illinois

    They are not 3-7. They are 3-1, damn near 4-0.
  2. dvdcrr

    Bowl Eligibility

    They re not good enough to be in the playoff. Smoke Navy by 30 then maybe.
  3. goddam, a spartan from Denver, I feel so sorry for you already. If I had 50 yd line tix I'd give them to you just for that.
  4. dvdcrr

    What did we learn: Ohio State

    And in 1995 Tom Osborne's "antiquated" offense that was "too slow" to run the option against Warren Sapp (according to Chris Collinsworth) put up 508 yds and 63 points against ASU. Oh yeah, forgot to mention that was BEFORE HALFTIME.
  5. dvdcrr

    What did we learn: Ohio State

    I learned that a 1st year Cornhusker coach, Scott Frost with a true freshman QB and patchwork line can go into Columbus against a 3 time national champion urban liar, with 5 years worth of top ten recruiting classes, and very nearly come out with a W.
  6. dvdcrr

    It's Tuesday, which means...

    heck Iowa is the bowl game. Get a good W.
  7. dvdcrr

    End of NCAA College Football?

    This makes me think it is going to take a lot of ad revenue to justify that, so get ready for even more commercials. Personally, I wonder when most folks will just tune out. I have already gotten to that point. I've got over 150 channels, smart TV, movies and kids to go outside and play with. I don't have to try and stomach the 2018 Ad pack.
  8. And dude I am so NOT missing Gebbia right now.
  9. dvdcrr

    Officiating Bias Against Frost?

    When I see that 21 game stat, I think OMG our D line must have really sucked, and we must not have been very aggressive with the blitz!
  10. College football is completely predictable: Bama Clemson Bama Clemson Would you like some Clemson with your Bama? Alabama didn't earn their playoff spot?No Problem! Bama!
  11. dvdcrr

    What did we learn today

    You just never know whats inside a guy, until the squeeze.
  12. dvdcrr


    The refs can't get it right because: 1. The rules are so crazy now that it is nearly impossible to have an objective understanding of how they are to be applied. (Are we trying to ensure fairness in competition or actively engage in social engineering or simply trying to enrich the NCAA and by extension, the media and advertisers). 2. The reliance on and ultimate deference to the replay booth has allowed the officiating quality to lapse. What's the need to make a timely correct call when neither timeliness nor your observation ultimately matter? 3. Officials are calling many more penalties on punt returns, kickoff returns, and interception returns. Are they just looking out for the blocking in the back more, or just not willing to allow them to play? Is it because there are more striped shirts on the field? I dunno, but would be cool if those inconsequential fouls would be disregarded, so the long runs would stand. Way more exciting that way.
  13. You folks who pick away at the staff have no concept of the difficulty of taking a thoroughly mediocre and mismanaged team and turning that into a real championship team. If you bail on Chinander or Frost at any point this year, you are a FOOL. These 12-0 coaches KNOW what it needs to look like. It is taking awhile to attrite the team, weed out the losers, loafers, never-would-be-Huskers. Even the decent players were so lulled by the easy Riley atmosphere that it is taking a bunch of time. But make no mistake, when Frost gets his guys and gets them ready, and when Chinander gets his guys, they can really field a team. I watched UCF twice last year. Tough, fast, complex! That was a hell of a team and the Huskers could be too. It was night and day difference watching them, vs. watching the JV Riley Huskers. Scott is weeding and growing that JV team. Fans are so wishy washy, and think they know everything. But no-one would ever offer YOU a multi million dollar contract. They wouldn't offer me one either, but I am not the one on here trying to act like I know X and O football better than Chinander. You have to earn that. Scott Frost has earned it. Eric Chinander has earned Scotts respect. And he should have yours as well.
  14. dvdcrr

    Call your shot: How many wins left?

    Wouldn't it be epic if Frost & Co hammer tOSU