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  1. There should be a real time Madden screen up for every fan to select plays during the game and the team should have to run whatever play gets selected the most by Husker fans. And this should apply also defense, blitzes and the lineup. The only problem will be getting those 46 Army guys and 71 Nebraska guys on the field.
  2. The 2 real reasons bama got back to the top: 1: They identified the best name in coaching and got him by ponying up the cash, and 2. By being in the geographic middle of the nations best talent pool. M-A-G : Miss, Ala, Georgia. A prevalence of a certain type of athlete has always been there. Less than 500 miles from every blue chip athlete they could want. There are other things too (cash, recreational substances, companionship) being provided in spades by "friends of the program"
  3. And lets get relevant all around. I got done watching us get slogged by the Hoosiers in the punkin chuckin contest only to turn over to the wrastlin' to watch the beatdown by Iowa. Fun times!
  4. Bo used up this talent in 09' and 10'. Is that all a coach does is use up talent? Did Bo use up Demorrio Williams? Lavonte David? Or did he help make them? Callahan was using up Suh, Bo unleashed him.
  5. Hey look at the bright side, Nebraska hasn't lost a bowl game since 12/30/ 2016!
  6. The Nebraska fan base is way more hungry for a championship than the players are.
  7. A coach has to have some buy-in from his colleagues and his team. Diaco was brought in after whats his name supposedly fired his friend of 20 yrs. Yeah right. Eichorst made Riley fire Banker or otherwise Eichorst did it himself and then they brought in Diaco. Diaco had no chance here, the players and staff gave him no chance. A D1 coordinator is kind of like a big time evangelical preacher. You've got to know your bible a little, but you've got to get people believing you are speaking the truth. THEN it is cash money time. Thing is, nobody at NU even gave him a shot. No buy-in whatsoever even from the 15 people who actually knew who he was in the hallway, and didn't mistake him for a piss ant graduate asst. I have no doubt the guy can put together a decent defense at Purdue, if they just care enough to listen, and buy some of the BS and just go with it . He will put in 4-6 yrs there, make cool mill and help the team get som 6-8 win seasons. And no one will be any the more sad. GO PURDUE boil-on! or something
  8. Nope. Never understood this take, never will. TO was top 5 best offensive minds in football. Ever. OC or HC while winning 4 NC and 2 more NC came down to the last play. Calling the plays. Offensively, Saban treats OC like rented mules. Integrity and Scruples? Hands down TO. Sabans treatment of Miami situation, recruits and 2nd team QBs. Not great. I think TO also has him beat on all time winning percentage. TO was adriving force behind the pioneering of the best weight program in football at a time when weight lifting was frowned upon. Vision. Could Saban do it in Lincoln? (He wouldn't even try.) Could TO do it in Bama? Oh Yeah!!! Saban many top 5 recruiting classes, TO probably none or 1 and YET: Lombardi winners under TO: 4 Lombardi winners under Sab: 1
  9. Muschamp only knows one side of the ball Zook couldn't cut it at Illinois either, McElwain is a good coordinator.
  10. It helps if the Chancellor can long snap as well
  11. If you play 3 yr. at NU and don't make it to a bowl it is your own darned fault. 44 dudes need to look in the mirror.
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