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  1. Someone voted 4-8 lol. I need to buy some Anheuser Busch stock just in case that person is right.
  2. 08/31 - South Alabama W (1-0) 09/07 - @ Colorado W (2-0) 09/14 - Northern Illinois W (3-0) 09/21 - @ Illinois W (4-0) 09/28 - Ohio State L (4-1) 10/05 - Northwestern W (5-1) 10/12 - @ Minnesota L (5-2) 10/26 - Indiana W (6-2) 11/02 - @ Purdue W (7-2) 11/16 - Wisconsin L (7-3) 11/23 - @ Maryland W (8-3) 11/29 - Iowa W (9-3) Seems like we will play 2, maybe 3 ranked teams during the year, with 2 of them being in the 15-25 range. My prediction is more of a prove it, than maybe how I actually feel. I think we may split the Wisconsin and Ohio State games, but until we can actually beat them, they are losses. The schedule has the tough games (sans Purdue) at home. If the defense is even average and Martinez stays healthy, I think 9-3 is attainable, even with a bad loss or two. West 1.) Wisconsin 2.) Nebraska 3-7 meh
  3. I think a lot of it has to do with our schedule. Has to be one of the easiest on paper for a top 25 team.
  4. my bad. I haven’t even read the thread since this morning and was just being dumb. I’ll refrain from such posts
  5. Because there is no way it works without disrupting all college sports. The minute the NCAA starts paying the men’s basketball team, they will have to pay the men’s bowling team or women’s soccer team, etc. There is just no way it works without blowing all of college sports up. I’m in favor of people making their worth eventually though and the NCAA will have to figure it out (maybe the professional sports leagues make their own amateur leagues.) I just think a free/reduced education is also worth something.
  6. Waldo

    DT Nash Hutmacher [Nebraska Commit]

    I saw him recently, and don’t think he will be as productive at 330. He looks closer to 6’ 3” than 6’ 5”, and is already killing it in the weight room. I think 315 will/should be his peak playing weight.
  7. Waldo

    WR Zavier Betts [Nebraska Commit]

    I don’t think it’s disturbing. The strangers are the ones that allow students to get a free education through their support and in turn, allow some student athletes to make it to the NFL. People aren’t dissecting his individual grades, just looking at broader scope. If it’s purely just grades (not testing), I would hope a high school student could get it figured out in two years. Kid is a baller though.
  8. Waldo

    Democratic Debates

    Agreed on Buttigieg. If I didn’t know any of the candidates before the debate, I would think he was the favorite. I really hope someone young wins the nomination.
  9. Waldo

    Democratic Debates

    Sanders and Biden looked their age last night. It’s pretty crazy how old they are. Would crush Reagan’s title as the oldest president by 11 and 9 years if elected to two terms.
  10. Waldo

    Democratic Debates

    Yang looked like the younger brother watching his older bro and friends drink beer, deciding if he should join or go tell mom and dad. I wasn’t impressed with any of the middle 5 candidates. Not sure of the winner, but Biden was the loser.
  11. Waldo

    Democratic Debates

    Better response than any candidate tonight. You could have been #11 tonight
  12. Waldo

    Democratic Debates

    I would look at countries that were closer in size and population if I were to compare. But I agree that change needs to be made. Our current situation and Obamacare were not the answers. Maybe one of these candidates have it.
  13. Waldo

    Democratic Debates

    I might try to hit Canada up and get back to you... I do need a little dental work. But no, we wouldn’t get covered more than likely. It irks me when people compare our medical situation with counties that have 1/10 the population. While their system may work, you can’t compare it. Bernie stands out in this group though
  14. Waldo

    Democratic Debates

    When they asked if they would cover illegals, everyone just looked at one another before they raised their hands. Not a Bernie fan, but can applaud the guy for having his own platform. Everyone else just jumps on the next hottest take. Biden was all over the place in his response to the question. Not impressed.