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  1. Was hoping that was a recruits name.
  2. Alright, competing against Illinois and UMass. Our LB coaches can’t coach or recruit.
  3. And then during the off-season, we can all talk about how we’ll win 10 games next year.
  4. He can fire an assistant or two and still be given time to get things right.
  5. Honest question... did you want Riley to be fired during his last season?
  6. I was pointing out that he didn’t recruit at a high level and still beat the teams he was supposed to.
  7. I didn’t realize I was conversing with a child.
  8. It’s not a talent issue when you lose to the Purdue’s and Colorado’s (first year HC) of the world. We aren’t beating teams we should be. It’s having Mo Barry and Will Honas repeatedly cover WRs and rbs on crossing routes over the middle. It’s bringing 3-4 guys over and over on a walk-on QB. It’s not a talent issue and never has been. If Bo could win 9 games every year with his talent, we can win 6 to 7 with this schedule. We got our teeth kicked in against our 2 toughest opponents. Keep waiting for the talent to show up.
  9. If his 15 tackle career is considered decent in your mind, I’d hate to see what a good career looks like. Frost is and was a great athlete, but let’s not hype things up to prove a point. Also, according to you, 99.99% of us should keep our mouths closed and have no clue what a quality coaching staff looks like because we don’t have those credentials.
  10. The eye test sometimes is much better than the stats. If he wouldn’t have been so indecisive and ran with a motive, we win that game. He was off on a lot of throws.
  11. If the line is 17 or less, get a flight to Vegas or call your local bookie and bet the farm.
  12. Ive been telling people all year we are on par with Indiana and Illinois. Crazy how far we’ve fallen.
  13. Crazy how part of me thought AM would enter the draft after next year prior to the South Alabama game.
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