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  1. I’m sure if any Republican said that, she wouldn’t think it was a joke.
  2. Surprised it took all day for someone to bring this up. When will libs realize that any race/sex/age can vote for whoever they like. Thinking differently creates the impression the person can’t think for themselves. Honestly, is Biden liked by blacks because of Obama? I don’t get it.
  3. VERY? Come on. Cherry picking one article doesn’t constitute a legit sample size. The virus could have long term effects on the lungs of any aged person, but what the poster stated isn’t wrong either. The average age of death is something like 70 years old the last time I checked.
  4. You are trying so hard. Neither of those posts trash the kid and both state he has some talent. If we all cried with you, would that make you feel better?
  5. So many hypocrites on both sides when it comes to sexual assault and party allegiance. I remember the Kavanaugh thread on here. Most would have hung the man before the trial, but it’s pretty quiet when it’s their guy.
  6. I’ll bet you 3 gophers he doesn’t sign with Minnesota.
  7. Have you ever had a beer with a coach?
  8. I think those working at The McDonalds, gas stations, and grocery stores are getting the shaft. They are exposed to tons of people and aren’t getting the same compensation as someone who got laid off from the movie theater. Sucks to be them right now. For those of them living paycheck to paycheck, I would probably want to be laid off right now.
  9. I was using them as an example of people who make lower end incomes (over half the store I would imagine) and are asked to work around a ton of foot traffic when peoples are sitting at home collecting larger than normal paychecks
  10. If they aren’t $2400 a month, then it’s not worth people around people all day
  11. Crazy people are making more money being unemployed during this than they made working. Feel bad for the grocery store workers making 12 bucks an hour missing out on free money.
  12. Just the paragraph above I stated I didn’t vote for him or Clinton, meaning I can see a problem.
  13. I always laugh when people get on me for not voting in the last election. Yes, I can b!^@h that those are the two best candidates in this country and can b!^@h about a two party system. Also, I’ve seen so many memes making fun of Biden’s memory problems today and yet, there are people here who dismiss it. Probably in large part because they will convince themselves of anything anti-Trump.
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