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  1. Noah Fant had 78 catches in 3 seasons at Iowa, with 39 being the most in a single season. All but 1 NFL receiver averaged less than 8 catches a game this year. 3-5 catches a game would be realistic for any top TE in college, especially in a cold weather state. Agree that Iowa is the better choice with their recent TE success, but TE’s are drafted based on potential more than any other position.
  2. He is on record saying he would retire before putting on a Hawkeyes uniform.
  3. Should have made it #11 in 2023 and I would have believed your model
  4. Would you rather be stuck on the Coronavirus cruise ship or be an Iowa fan for a day? 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. 308_Husker


      I'll re-up on the Rona everytime.

    3. PaulCrewe


      Or trying to navigate this site with it’s s#!tshow of ads or an Iowa fan.  Honestly would lean towards the dark side 

    4. HUSKER 37

      HUSKER 37

      I'd pick the Corona ..even without limes

  5. IMO, the only way this hurts Nebraska is distance. If a player from Florida or California comes here and plays well early on, they may be more willing to return home to play at one of the P5 schools that maybe didn’t offer them. Like stated already, this hurts schools like Purdue and Indiana more than it would Nebraska.
  6. Waldo

    Bo to LSU?

    I’d take Bo back tomorrow just to witness the meltdown of this guy. Can we put this thread in the disposal?
  7. OP witnessed the greatest punt in Memorial Stadium history and believes this guy should be a 3 way starter.
  8. Waldo

    Bo to LSU?

    @N is for nowledge feelings on Bo to LSU?
  9. For every one of these kids that pan out, there are 4 or 5 that cant hang. Burrow was a miss by the last regime and he was a 4 star out of HS, not even in the same argument as Mr. Harsh.
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