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  1. Does that make him the favorite?
  2. These past few pages are an example of why I’ll never vote blue in the near future.
  3. Checks Politics section once a week... sees Knapp still crying over Trump.
  4. Never would agree with the last sentence. I enjoy deciphering numbers and statistics, and the death numbers really don’t make sense. If they do, then the Governors in the Northeast have some explaining to do. Trump definitely folded during the pandemic. He prioritized his pride and ego over taking care of the people. His age really seemed to have caught up to him since all of this started. It will be nice to have a president again.
  5. Does posting the quote a second time with a picture of his daughter make the quote any different? Finally got around to watching the Netflix documentary on Epstein. Crazy how long he was able to prey on young women/girls and get away with it. I hope Maxwell talks.
  6. Why do New York and New Jersey have death rates 7-8 times higher than Florida, but both states have younger populations?
  7. It hasn’t been below 90 for 7 days lol. Just bring underwear and some crocs. The hospitals were at like 80-90% capacity the last I heard. I don’t follow the Covid news all that much, as I mostly work from home. Most restaurants are still open, just need to be masked up. People are definitely taking this more seriously after the Memorial Day spike.
  8. Yes. Most places won’t serve/check you out if you’re not masked up. It went from 50 percent in the grocery store to 95-100% after the spike and mandate.
  9. “Conservatively” while using the highest diagnosis rate I’ve seen. If we’re truly at the 500k a day infection rate, then that honestly takes away from the seriousness of the virus imo. Here in Phoenix, mask wearing is finally being taken seriously. Hopefully when rates go down, we learned our lesson and keep them on while out and about.
  10. Another example of lefties being too emotional. That’s a crazy statement
  11. Just saw this. I just can’t see how this year gets played with the current virus outbreak.
  12. As long as he works out better than the last famous father/son duo.
  13. Stating the program helped more than just Kushner, Trump, Moscow Mitch, and Trumps Campaign dude means I defend them? Or was it the comment about Trump living in your head that got you upset?
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