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  1. This is then worst executed football game from both teams I’ve watched in years. Hot Garbage
  2. This play calling is so bad
  4. Hope that isn’t a clavicle
  5. I’m cool with never running up the middle again.
  6. I think mark mangino could gain more yardage on a QB keeper.
  7. Dude I’m so sick of this play calling
  8. Waldo

    Northern Illinois Week Pressers

    You don’t even know if the guy can kick it that far in a live game situation. From the sample size, I would say no. It went 35 yards
  9. Waldo

    Northern Illinois Week Pressers

    I would disagree. I don’t think we would have converted the 4th and 14 (momentum was gone) but you can either have a completion for a first, or a penalty such as a late hit, pass interference or defensive holding all giving you the first. The kick was probably in the 10% range. It was shanked because he may not be able to kick a field goal that far and understandably so.
  10. Waldo

    This Team Is Scared Of Husker Legacy

    I still love seeing the we lack talent argument like CU has so much of it.
  11. Waldo

    Scott Frost

    Not one downfield shot, vanilla play calling, very few, if any QB runs, the defense went less attack, more contain mode.
  12. Waldo

    From the outside looking in.

    Wow, we are setting the bar at a winning season. Sounds like we are Illinois. With the resources and support this university has, I think 8 or 9 win seasons, with a conference championship game appearance sprinkled in every 2 or 3 is reasonable. From what I’ve seen, that is what a lot of people on this board believe in. Yea the hype train’s brakes were cut and was rolling out of control, but every fan base does that. Go check out any other team’s forum over the summer. Maybe there’s is still a culture problem, maybe these kids don’t know how to win, or maybe we hyped up this staff and expected a UCF year 2. I just think the execution is poor and this staff gets outcoached far too often. The coaches had a great first half game plan. Montez hates pressure. Dude curls up 1 second before getting hit. Chin decided to stop bringing pressure. Montez with no pressure is a great pocket passer. We all could tell he is scared of pressure, and maybe the defense was just worn down, but it’s frustrating.
  13. Waldo

    Scott Frost

    I’ll take Huskerboard records for $400 Alex. “Which Poster had the quickest ban?”
  14. Waldo

    Scott Frost

    what did I start.
  15. Waldo

    Frost presser and big play comments

    Frost needs a strong running game to be successful at Nebraska. It can still have the same look, but it needs to be there. That’s my biggest worry in year 2. There is no inside run game so far and it doesn’t look to be an easy fix. The weather in Nebraska in late October and on can be very volatile, with wind, rain, snow, and cold all being factors.