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  1. And that’s why I said Mike Riley. Supposedly everyone didn’t buy in to him. I understand loud and clear. It probably happens to most new coaches.
  2. Their recruiting classes averaged 55 the three seasons prior to his arrival. Funny how everyone uses this excuse. Heard the same thing when Riley took over.
  3. This is a 5 year rebuild. Where is that schedule at?
  4. The passing game didn’t really improve with it though. I actually agree with Alien to an extent. The swing passes are horrid and that’s apparently a staple of this offense. Frost either needs to commit to a running first QB and pound the rock 65-70% of the time or learn to take more down field shots, use TE’s, and implement more crossing routes. We rarely go after the other teams LBs in coverage.
  5. Did Henrich actually burn his redshirt?
  6. Yea they only have twice as many wins as us and more than we’ve had in the past two seasons. They must suck.
  7. Thanks for the Philosophy course. The OP stated that maybe AM could get over his ‘mental hang-up.’ I took that as he felt AM had a different mindset while playing this year. Martinez didn’t play as freely and often second guessed himself. If you’ve ever played sports and had a bad game or bad stretch, a coach might ask if your head is right. That’s how I interpreted it. Not being able to read a defense would be more about understanding and less about mentality.
  8. Continually throwing into double and triple coverage and not being able to read a defense isn’t mental though. If he loses 10 pounds and gains some of his freshman speed and decisiveness, then I agree he will be the guy. This offense is more efficient with a run first QB and McCaffrey looks to be that at this point.
  9. I keep seeing people say this, or it’s always you, but this makes no sense to me. ST’s has sucked the last two years. We couldn’t kick the ball out of the end zone on KO’s, couldn’t kick field goals, gave up a KR TD today and others. There were a few good tacklers on the punt team, but that’s about it. Linebackers were horrid. Worst position group besides maybe the guards. What makes the LB coaches even worse is that they have missed on so many recruits. Why keep them to potentially stink up the place next year? I’m not a huge fan of Chin, but I’m all for the coordinators and Frost staying. But position coaches are interchangeable. If you can’t coach, and can’t recruit, what good are you for the program?
  10. No crap. You were being dramatic so I made it realistic
  11. Yea three years, 13 wins. Super entitled. He isn’t in the top half of the BIG 10 right now.
  12. Tannor is a position-less player. Too slow and lengthy to play LB and gets zero push and isn’t crazy quick at DE. I had high hopes for him.
  13. its crazy how bad Martinez is at throwing WR screens. Frost put Vedral in for a play just to run it.
  14. Maybe we can make it to 6-6 next year!
  15. Same here. Let that dude hype up a low rated Juco
  16. Not sure who you got beating them out?
  17. Looks like 1 rowing machine does more than our S&C program.
  18. Still wondering what that highlight video was.
  19. Did this guy ever jump into the dredge? NVM skimmed it that much I missed the part where he actually said something important.
  20. That looked like my mom playing catch with me. Woof
  21. Didn’t realize how small Johnson was.
  22. Triple bands, dark visor, arm sleeve, long socks, dark shoes, repeat.
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