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  1. Which is why I said you were being disingenuous.
  2. Exactly. And yet, your post (in super serious large red font) said: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ GOP Sen. Josh Hawley wrote a column in defense of the Oklahoma City bomber when he was 15 The Kansas City Star reported that following the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Hawley wrote a column for his hometown paper, The Lexington News, in which he warned against calling anti-government militia members domestic terrorists.
  3. Yes, he is....Because they are NOT LIKE McVeigh. Not everyone that believes in limited government and the Constitution want to bomb a Federal building...or storm the Capital.
  4. Me too. I think that literally anyone other than Hillary would have seen close to the same results as what we got with Biden.
  5. Welp, I thought we had gotten somewhere. Guess not. He didn't paint some militias in a favorable light. He pointed out that some people involved were not like McVeigh. Why are you continuing to beat on this?
  6. It was all new and unknown in March and April. Agreed.
  7. Absolutely. But it/he never said he supported McVeigh or whatever it was that you insinuated originally. (my damn jinky memory again )
  8. Read it again. Many of the people populating these movements are not radical, right-wing, pro-assault weapons freaks as they were originally stereotyped He was writing to distance some/most members of the militia group from the radical beliefs and actions of people like McVeigh, because McVeigh's actions created the response you are showing here today "because McVeigh did it, they ALL wanted to do it", which of course isn't true. C'Mon
  9. Thanks for the link. They opened based on the low numbers of the summer and early fall. I certainly expected them to send kids home after Thanksgiving, but luckily the spike had already passed. And, I have a jinky memory sometimes as well. Certainly has nothing to do with age, amirite?
  10. I read it more as in he was try to differentiate between the heinous act of McVeigh, by pointing out that others affiliated would never do something like that. "Many of the people populating these movements are not radical, right-wing, pro-assault weapons freaks as they were originally stereotyped" "Feeling alienated from their government and the rest of society, they often become disenchanted and slip into talks of 'conspiracy theories' about how the federal government is out to get them" That certainly does not look like it condones McVeigh's actions, or justify the 168 deaths
  11. I believe our highest point for the year was in April? I know that August was around/below 200 per day. Seems like we were top 5 in the Nation in April or May. And, if course I didn't mean actual numbers compared to California, but overall situation as far as opening or shutting down is what I was referring to.
  12. What's sad is you being disingenuous to score some unseen point. Please share with me where that says what the headline says it does.
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