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  1. It's the large margin you're amazed by...right? Not the lean of the vote itself...the turnout.
  2. There seems to be only one or two "offended". I was even told I don't understand the English language. Why in the world would I apologize to you?
  3. You don't know. And worse, don't care. I explained my point, but as usual, you dismiss it and say you know.my intention better than I do myself. How long ago was it that you flat out called me a liar??
  4. I know this is tough for you to understand...just because you...or RedDenver... say so does not make it true. I implied nothing of the sort, and you didn't read my other posts contextually. Perhaps you can have someone with a grasp of the English language explain the term.
  5. And?? How is one synonymous with the other? Read my original post.
  6. I covered "elective" abortions with "just because". Haven't we been bombarded with what a woman does with/to her body is nobody else's business and they don't need to justify a reason? How would you classify that...? I also gave a nod to the myriad reasons they may make such a choice, without spelling out particulars. That seems to be what pro abortion folks want. Not sure why you are calling me dismissive.
  7. Wikipedia?!?! as a source...??? (I kid of course)
  8. You're choosing my vocabulary now...? It won't be if killed in utero.
  9. You're imprinting your views, not mine. You have chosen to put a label on me, without knowing me...much the same as you are accusing me of doing. You're simply bickering because you don't find my point, which is true, to be in line with your personal view.
  10. It's not callous at all. Anonymous is the word I'd use.
  11. I don't live in Indiana, and am not sure. Seems cumbersome at best.
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