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  1. DevoHusker

    The Way to Early 2020 Presidential Election

    This gives me someone to watch...I will wait to see if your assessment holds, but (said in best Morgan Freeman voice)... "I hope..."
  2. DevoHusker

    The Environment

    yes, Cliff....that's what I took as their intended message as well
  3. DevoHusker

    The Environment

    hey Schriz- that article talks in circles...I get what the premise was but when you read it, and look at the diagram, it describes...at least what appears to me... to be the exact opposite of what they are insinuating.
  4. DevoHusker

    The Republican Utopia

    but if someone believes the wall would be beneficial, but not the appropriate way to spend current budget... prefer to spend El Chapo's seized funds for the wall...and spend current budget funds for more appropriate line items...?
  5. DevoHusker

    Green New Deal

    thanks, good deal
  6. DevoHusker

    Green New Deal

    and...what specifically did not eating beef do to improve your health? (actual inquiry for my own knowledge)
  7. DevoHusker

    Green New Deal

    do you still eat poultry, pork or fish?
  8. DevoHusker

    The Democrat Utopia

    my original comment, and stance, is based on the fact that you said no one should make 365 times more than someone else. I asked a legitimate question; "are they doing the same job?" because if your answer is yes they are, then your original view is correct, they should make roughly the same for performing the same job. But your assertion seems to be that because society values LeBron James to the tune of $39mil a year that we should somehow take money from him to compensate the (also well paid in this scenario) an Information Technology Systems Manger who makes $106k per year. My point is that some people ARE valued/compensated more than others based upon their value, whether it is perceived or realized
  9. DevoHusker

    The Democrat Utopia

    illiteracy is nothing to joke about I read just fine...but thanks for assuming because I am low income I am also low functioning...
  10. DevoHusker

    The Democrat Utopia

    that seems to be exactly what you are debating...
  11. DevoHusker

    The Democrat Utopia

    ...but are those two people doing the same job...?
  12. DevoHusker

    OT: selling my most prized Husker possession?

    After copious amounts of photo preservation...on your hand as you swear on a Bible...drink champagne...as you stand all Tommy Smith and John Carlos on a podium...et al then yes, sell it and invest in your son's future. Cool deal to have had one though...!
  13. DevoHusker

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

  14. DevoHusker

    Thoughts and Prayers!!!

    just to be clear, not on campus: Penn State issued the following statement Friday morning: The safety of our students is a top priority at Penn State. Our thoughts are with those in the State College community impacted by this tragedy. State College Police responded to the shooting in the borough last night as it was not on Penn State's campus. The alert system includes incidents that are within Clery-reportable locations. Nevertheless, we understand our community concerns and the University will continue to review processes.
  15. DevoHusker

    Trump's America

    sorry...it said that 600,000 of the 700,000 here on temporary worker visas overstayed ... roughly 85%