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  1. Thanks Cdog. The additional footage shows that they were clearly told to "get back" and "move back" which they did not do. To your credit, in this footage, the Troopers were certainly vague about where "back" is...
  2. my guess is because the Troopers had already told/instructed the crew where to move, and Mr Jimenez was being intentionally obtuse to achieve a goal...
  3. Of course there is editing...the playback starts with the Troopers already there and the other protesters 100 yards away... What were the initial directives from law enforcement?
  4. IMO, CNN and Mr Jimenez accomplished their goal...get arrested on camera. Some pretty clever editing there, because there is no footage of what that group of Troopers did before, or what they told the camera crew and the rest of the bystanders. The right of free press is not universal... if you disobey a lawful order to relocate, move, evacuate the premises, you can and should still be charged/arrested.
  5. Justine Diamond wasn't long ago either...I don't recall burning down neighborhood businesses and a police station after that one. This whole situation is a tragedy, from the death of a suspect right on through to the response of the angry mob and the completely inappropriate comments from Trump. The ensuing fiasco will set that City back decades....
  6. I agree Jason, it is one of the major aspects that needs to be studied in depth
  7. https://www.forbes.com/sites/theapothecary/2020/05/26/nursing-homes-assisted-living-facilities-0-6-of-the-u-s-population-43-of-u-s-covid-19-deaths This is "one of those stats"... it can elicit strong feelings from both sides
  8. Man, I hear you. It is certainly a problem for everyone in this day and age...amirite...?
  9. So sad...those folks have no income, no employment and are food insecure... But by golly, they should be safe from the COVID
  10. ...and every team member gets a text blast from the coaches "and voluntary does not mean voluntary"
  11. https://www.newyorker.com/science/medical-dispatch/the-coronavirus-vaccine-is-on-track-to-be-the-fastest-ever-developed?
  12. Sorry Knapp, I don't have that access on this computer. However, if you search "Karen" and "racist" you will get the idea.
  13. I still am not convinced he wanted to be there in the first place...
  14. I saw several Twitter posts about the "Kevin" and "Karen" episode at Costco being racist...not sure I understood why? And, I was even more confused after reading most of the responses
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