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  1. Really? My thoughts went to asking why Joe "temporarily suspends" his campaign appearnces this morning, and now we learn that Kamala will be campaigning with Barack next week...gives the R's a lot of fodder for speculation
  2. Not a techno, but I like the current font and I think the new set up on long posts is an improvement.
  3. Agreed that is the strategy. So, the answer is to make sure enough of the 48+million voters that didn't bother in 2016 get to the polls.
  4. Absolutely do not disagree. But that is an Admin level decision, and should be addressed at that level. I completely understand that there's some f#'d up stuff here, but don't think the response and riots are justified. Imagine what will happen if the Floyd grand jury reaches a similar finding for 3 of the 4 cops there. Chauvin deserves full prosecution, imo.
  5. I get that point of view. Another point of view is that the 3 officers at Taylor's apartment were not aware of the incomplete/poor/fishy intelligence, and were doing what a "reasonable person" would do. They had a valid warrant, announced their presence, and returned fire when fired upon. The cop that got shot and the other one in the doorway literally did nothing wrong. The 3rd officer spraying 16 rounds indiscriminately is an idiot.
  6. They had the correct, albeit secondary, address. They were at the address listed on their warrant.
  7. Thanks for your view. The officers were still in the doorway, allegedly announcing they were police (differing witness accounts) when he fired on them. I disagree with the bold of your view. If the boyfriend hadn't fired first, she would not have been shot. I would imagine this will all be covered, for public consumption, in the civil trial.
  8. The main suspect was arrested an a different location. They served 4 warrants at roughly the same time, due to a drug distribution ring. There were reports of drugs being delivered to Taylor's address.
  9. They entered with a valid "no knock" warrant, and were met by a man shooting at, and striking one of them. They returned fire, and the girlfriend of the shooter was struck and killed. How is this racially motivated and/or how were the officers "out to get" Taylor? It was a tragic ending that was precipitated by Taylor's boyfriend shooting a cop. The idiot officer spraying rounds through a patio door deserves all he gets.
  10. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said on Thursday that there would be an "orderly" transition of power in 2021, after President Trump refused to commit to a peaceful hand off of power if he loses in November. "The winner of the November 3rd election will be inaugurated on January 20th. There will be an orderly transition just as there has been every four years since 1792," McConnell said in a tweet.
  11. In what way? What charges did you feel were justified, if you have read up on the case?
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