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  1. @Guy ChamberlinI am not trying to bust your chops regarding your own view. I just take exception to hyperbole, anecdotal at that, presented as fact regarding what outcome was inevitable. Empathy for POC is needed, of course, but not by way of something totally un-provable.
  2. Couldn't remember which thread was correct. Feel free to move.
  3. You are the one who said if you had been black you would have been killed...?
  4. LPD has a helicopter?... Kids have been doing what you and your friends were doing for years. Black and white kids. How many adolescent black kids did LPD kill back then...? Or now..?
  5. Crazy guy acting crazy vs lady trying to kill another person with obvious intent. I probably woulda at least tased the guy when he got close to me though.
  6. She probably could have been. And she likely would have killed the girl she was going to stab. Or the probes may have missed, or because of her large size and loose fitting clothing, it would not have been effective. And if any of those things happened, the cop would still have to shoot her, but then there would be 2 dead girls, and folks would still blame the cop.
  7. Here is part of the problem. Ms Jarrett is a well respected former advisor to President Obama. This is her tweet about the unfortunate incident in Columbus OH. Read the first few replies to see what really happened. This will count in the statistics of "black person shot by police". Many have already jumped on the bandwagon that she should have been Tased, or tackled, and blame the officer.
  8. hence my use of the qualifier
  9. I don't disagree with the bold...but I think a LOT of people did catch COVID, and they either didn't know they had it, or they experienced none of the symptoms that have hit you hard. Combine that experience with being an anti-masker, and still not getting their a$$ kicked, it doesn't surprise me that they won't get a shot.
  10. That would seem to be the applicable answer for most situations. There will still be outliers, but that simple common courtesy would seem to solve a lot of issues. And, for the record, I am talking about respectful interaction by both sides of the equation.
  11. 10,000,000 arrests and 50,000,000+ police citizen contacts a year. Have you ever had an interaction with a cop? Did they abuse their power with you? You said you don't have to respect cops. Did you yell epithets at them? Did you refuse to do what they asked? In my interactions with police, they were respectful to me because I was respectful to them. My son is in a related field, and has lots of cop friends. He said they abide by the tenet "ask-(sometimes more than once)tell-make". If the action is completed with "ask" then 99.9% of the time there are no other issues.
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