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  1. Pete made just over $100k as mayor, and Chasten earned about $50k (2018 figures) as a middle school teacher. The median cost of a home in South Bend is roughly $82k... https://www.cnbc.com/2019/04/30/pete-buttigieg-says-his-monthly-mortgage-payment-is-450.html
  2. i too would have voted for him in 2016...he was preferable to the two we ended up with
  3. Regarding the Trump budget...what could go wrong with this decision...? https://www.policeone.com/k-9/articles/trump-admin-moves-to-remove-bomb-sniffing-dogs-from-travel-hubs-Xr4ITLaC0aUvunr6/ if the Obama Admin made this same cut, folks on the right would be losing their minds...
  4. Taking this in a bit of a different direction, did you all see this from the incumbant? https://www.cnn.com/2020/02/15/politics/trump-fundraiser-nelson-peltz/index.html?utm_source=CNN+Five+Things&utm_campaign=1004766b82-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2020_02_17_04_05&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_6da287d761-1004766b82-103387921 While the reported price per couple is obscene, the banner news here is that the figures provided equal out to 17 people (roughly)
  5. Thanks Frott. I think you and I are staying the same thing on the VA/DHS system... I appreciate your point of view and info on the M4A championed by Bernie...I just happen to think that it is untenable at this point in time. I do think that action needs to be taken somehow, but it has to both make sense and be affordable.
  6. Just that earlier you said public financing of public hospitals and Dr offices...I pointed out that the VA may be publicly funded, it is not available to the public. Thanks for your explanation. I will point out that the clinic I utilize had large notices posted a year or two back..."NO NEW MEDICARE/MEDICAID" patients were being accepted, anywhere throughout the clinic (about 25-30 docs of various disciplines). I assume due to the lower $$$ rates negotiated for those patients, so my area must contain the other 50% of the physicians you refer to above.
  7. just a point of contention Frott...I cannot access VA hospitals or Dr offices because I am not a vet. And, if all the businesses (medical facilities) in my geographic area choose NOT to accept the single payer policies set by the Government, where does that leave me?
  8. I truly don't think I understand the nuances Red... I was alluding to the fact that the "Medicare for All" plan is one of the mainstays of Bernie's platform, and from what I understand he means to extend Medicare coverages to EVERYONE. If Medicare/Medicaid is currently administered by the Federal Government, then how would Medicare for All be any different? My comment earlier was because you posted that "literally no one is calling for Govt run healthcare", so is this just another shade of grey?
  9. Thanks Moiraine...I certainly agree with you that the system is MESSED up here in the US regarding costs and profit margins...and something must be done to rectify it here at home. I just wanted to point out that free doesn't always mean better.
  10. i certainly didn't mean to get you fired up... I was referring to: ""Has it ever been wrong to point out Cuba's healthcare system is better than ours when it is? In my opinion it's more meaningful to point out when an inferior or poorer country is better at something important than we are. He's talking about transportation systems and the arts, not way of life in general. There isn't anything in his above comments that needs to be defended. I've been to places run by dictators that had some nice things about them, including things they're better at than the U.S. That doesn't mean I want the U.S. to be a dictatorship."" while someone's stats or studies may show that Cuba has a great healthcare system (though that link wasn't provided)...I invite you to please come speak to one of the 1000's of Cuban refugee folks that have relocated to Grand Island and ask them what they think of Cuba's "system" or to the Cuban physicians who fled Cuba because of the way their "system" compensates them. Also, check out this link https://myvessyl.com/top-10-countries-with-the-best-doctors-in-the-world/
  11. who currently runs/administers medicare/medicaid?
  12. no, it shows how ineffective/inept/unprepared he portrays himself...
  13. I have always thought the "legal gambling is abhorrent" stance from State officials as a being a bit disingenuous... after all, here in Nebraska, I can purchase Powerball and Nebraska Pick 5 lottery tickets, buy pickle cards, play Bingo, and bet Keno...all while betting on live horse races while I get my drink on...
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