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  1. from the LA Times just yesterday... https://www.latimes.com/politics/story/2019-10-31/pete-buttigieg-struggles-to-convince-black-voters
  2. Huskers 31 Boilermakers 17 200 rush 200 pass
  3. I wish more opposing viewpoints/stances could debate their views with civility like this
  4. or me...or my entire family...or most non-Maga folks I know
  5. falls in line with "most ever" and "biggest in history" and "my daughter is hot"...
  6. I am sure both felt they had a lot to lose...
  7. I think you are right regarding National elections. State and local are much less stringently enforced...? not exactly sure
  8. ...maybe for the office they were removed from...but no "office of public trust"? how could that ever be enforced, and what would be the parameters?
  9. Thanks for the link Landlord...very heartwarming. As to the numbers, you are correct. Without comparative accounting, from other candidates that have been either a Congressman or Senator for just short of 30 years, they are just numbers in a vacuum. I was merely sharing my opinion that four meaningful pieces of legislation in 30 years seems a bit lean.
  10. Not solely, no...but it is definitely a criteria. I think it reflects upon the record of someone who has been on the Hill for 28 years. And, s#!tty bills that pass show that others can get behind that same s#!t...instead of s#!t that can't garner enough support to pass
  11. yessir my bad...I was thinking of candidates
  12. A very misleading number... I literally just counted from your link. On the 2nd and 3rd page alone, 65 entries to "designate such and such day"... including the massively popular one to designate October of 1991 as "Country Music Month"
  13. Thanks RedDenver. You may have guessed I am not a Sanders fan, and would only vote for him if he is the last candidate standing for the general election from the Dems (a result which I think would re-elect Trump) I was pointing out that a career politician bragging about standing in more picket lines than anyone else, but not having much else to hang his hat on (3 of those 7 I attached, since 1991 btw, are re-naming post offices ) I think Bernie is too old, too socialist, and could play an extra in Grumpy Old Men the sequel.
  14. and, from other's point of view, not much else...
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