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  1. DevoHusker

    ** 2019 Opponent Previews : Ohio State (Game 5) **

    I cant decide if Urban leaving is going to make much of a difference or not...
  2. DevoHusker

    Fighting Erstads at the B1G Tournament - Iowa

    Great seats! Enjoy and GBR!
  3. DevoHusker

    Fighting Erstads at the B1G Tournament - Iowa

    any chance they try to move game times around...? Considering there is a 70-80% chance of T-storms around current first pitch time?
  4. DevoHusker

    *** Official 2019 Season Countdown Thread ***

    100 days is both a long time and the blink of an eye...depending on what angle you view it from... (wise words from an old goat)
  5. DevoHusker

    2019 B1G Tournament

    Let’s keep the underdog streak going!!
  6. What a great way to get the tourney going!
  7. I am in... for the early hot games ...
  8. I would worry less about alcohol and more about streamlining the exit after the game for those of us in the North Stadium...what a nightmare
  9. There is no WAY I make it to the end of this thing without falling asleep...
  10. DevoHusker

    Colorado Tickets

    subterfuge by the CU Athletic office....?
  11. This seems to be the prevailing view from beat writers....and I for one am all on board
  12. DevoHusker

    Predicted First Loss for Each B1G Team

    After 7 years of undisciplined play and sometimes players afraid to be out of position, then three years of rainbows and sprinkles and players not being invested, I think the culture change will show that the Huskers are better across the board and we won't be talking about Northwestern getting lucky...we should've won last year FFS I do think Pat F is a good coach and LOVE it when we come out on top
  13. DevoHusker

    Homelessness and Drug Addiction

    I agree with two of your points. We need a different, more effective approach...and, no matter what tools are developed and used...there will always be homeless drug addicts
  14. DevoHusker

    JUSSIE SMOLETT: All charges DROPPED !!

  15. DevoHusker

    JUSSIE SMOLETT: All charges DROPPED !!

    (ouch...quite possibly too soon... )