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  1. If we beat Minny I could also see winning at W Lafayette...but still think we lay an egg at Terps after beating (finally) Wisconsin. Hawkeyes at HOME is a WIN.
  2. DevoHusker

    NFL 2019

    I am guessing his ball hawking abilities would suffer if he took a bull's horn up his kazoo
  3. I am sure it hinges on the D...and we may not quite be where we want to be...BUT I will say this: these kids are playing HARD again, and that makes up for some of the misses
  4. gotta be #4 we miss out on Callahan, which was the largest culture shift I have ever seen with regards to the Huskers...literally everything after has been trying to get back to stasis edit: mis read the list...obviously (from my reply above) I meant not fire Frank
  5. DevoHusker

    2019 PGA Tour

    Saw an post/poll on Instagram "how are you playing it...?" my answer was driver (tee it up again) driver (tee it up once more) driver and hope to end up somewhere within a wedge of the green...putting for bogey baby
  6. DevoHusker

    A meaningless preseason poll has Nebraska at #7

    everyone's pretty high on Michigan...
  7. DevoHusker


    same here still holding out hope for the Ryder Cup draw however...
  8. DevoHusker

    Holy $#@& Phil Steele

    just let us win the West and I will be happy...for this year, anyway
  9. DevoHusker


    what happened was you read too many "swing fix" articles, or watched a couple youtube videos on "how to create more distance" and those things are all going through your head when you step up to the ball...no way you could hit a good ball with all that going on in your head... ...at least that's what happens to me
  10. DevoHusker

    Holy $#@& Phil Steele

    Are we sure this hype wasn't generated by Remington Steele....?? Not Phil Steele...? (80's tv show reference for you youngsters ) sincerely hope Mr Steele is correct
  11. DevoHusker

    Roby Goes #45 to the Mavericks

    wish the kid woulda stayed...but the advisors were right, he went 2nd round, and it would be tough to turn down that cash...good luck young man
  12. Great win! Let’s keep it going...GBR
  13. DevoHusker

    Multiple Husker Game Times Announced For 2019 Season

    The only bad part about 11am opener is the bulk of the game will most likely be scorching hot... at least with night game or even 2:30 start you get some relief from the heat.