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  1. Huskers 28 Boilermakers 27 Land 194 Air 246
  2. Hopefully he gets his MOJO back
  3. I certainly don't disagree, but I think Bienemy is the real deal, and his hire fits several needs in LV
  4. NSFW Language...but, boy is he spot on.
  5. So...you're saying we got a chance...?
  6. He's been paid (roughly) $20 million dollars and produced 15 wins...$1.3 million per win. I was chugging right there with you. Expensive Kool-aid.
  7. You are correct...and Purdue was better in all 3 phases.
  8. After this season Mike Riley will have won more in 3 years than Scott Frost in 4 years... And we fired Riley. (rightfully so)
  9. Try Kearney next time...you might alter that opinion
  10. I actually like Gerson's columns in the paper.
  11. I am all for common sense changes to gun laws. Have stated such many times. Just showing that a determined nut job can kill multiple people with any weapon. It's the criminal nutjob, not the weapon
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