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  1. Feels like there's probably more to the story than what we're hearing...
  2. The last couple years, we've basically been a decent pass rush away from being pretty salty on defense. With the addition of Mathis and with Nelson and Tannor continuing to develop, I'm cautiously optimistic about the defense being able to reach the next level this year.
  3. I think it's gonna be a mixed bag with the O-line this year. On one hand, we lost some talent that we don't really have a replacement for, and coaching up the other guys won't happen overnight. On the other hand, I think we'll benefit from a change in philosophy in coaching, especially on run blocking.
  4. Yeah, from the sound of things, there won't be a single guy who's the direct replacement for Jojo's role this year. Which isn't much of a surprise, really.
  5. I recall an online survey thing on LJS at the time Bo was fired. It was split pretty much 50/50.
  6. Corn is real?! https://www.facebook.com/reel/5646236455438834?fs=e&s=cl
  7. Almost looks like he has a backpack on under his shirt or something. His back sticks out way more than his butt in that pic, which is weird.
  8. It's a reprint from Athlon's preview mag, which went on sale a few months ago.
  9. @Mavric There were two hundred players at the FBS level who accumulated at least 500 rushing yards last season. In what universe is it even remotely close to acceptable for the Huskers to fail to produce an RB who reaches that lowly mark? You wanna talk injuries and RB by committee, and say Rahmir maybe kinda-sorta coulda-shoulda been an 800 yarder? That still wouldn't have even cracked the top 75! Even that hypothetical should be considered a dogs#!t performance.
  10. He said "Tampa Bay Buccaneers - scouts" (plural).
  11. None of last year's RBs have proven a goddamn thing. I mean for god's sake, none of them even cracked the 500 yard mark last year! If every one of them had transferred out at the end of last year, I wouldn't have batted an eye. With that said, Held should have been fired the day we started Wandale at RB, and Austin along with him. Maybe the new coaches can squeeze something more out of them, but as of now, I consider them unproven at best.
  12. The guy wearing Cardinals gear is a Tampa Bay scout?
  13. Teddy and Turner being back will certainly help, but the group has been so bad for so long that it should automatically be a major concern no matter who is there. And while Raiola might be a good coach in the long-run, he's still very much an uncertainty, and it's hard to see a relative unknown like him being able to engineer a quick turnaround with the group that takes the longest to develop and gel as a unit.
  14. Bo loved Osborne! It was Perlman that was the problem. And Bo has said he that he thought Osborne had earned the right to have some say in who his successor as AD would be, but of course Perlman said f#&% that. And so Bo went from having a boss who actually understood what it was like to be the head football coach at a school like Nebraska to Perlman's gimp who was worried about energy vampires and later thought Bob Diaco was the best coach on campus.
  15. The film I saw of Torres was mostly just him backing up a mile and bombing it. Hopefully he's got more in him than that.
  16. Yeah, Turner was injured in fall camp and was rushed back in before he was ready because Banks was getting his a$$ handed to him in the first game against Illinois.
  17. Did it almost look like football?
  18. Lincoln NIL Club sounds more like the name of a country club...
  19. Rush success rate was probably just due to having a decent OL, rather than scheme.
  20. Fair enough, I must have mis-remembered that article, or maybe somebody's post about it.
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