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  1. Did it ever occur to you that maybe there's the teeny tiniest little possibility that that sort of 'even worse look for the program' if Frost wasn't consulted might have been part of the reason why Moos was fired?
  2. Well, our current starting QB missed his whole senior year, what's missing 3/4 of your senior year?
  3. Yep. Don't forget that not all drives end in points - those yards still count toward the figure. Can't end up with more players injured if you use a player that's already injured!
  4. They held Oklahoma to their lowest point total since 2016, and you reaction is 'could be better'?
  5. Everyone keeps saying that special teams sucked, but wasn't it mostly just the FG/PAT kicking in this game? I don't recall any major mistakes on kickoffs or punts. (Well, there was the kickoff that was probably going out of bounds that OU picked up anyway.) Well, they didn't have another drive with four flags on them after the first one...
  6. The final score doesn't show it, but Tulsa was hanging with them until late in the 4th quarter. It was 20-27 until about 3 minutes left in the game. Ryan Day took defensive play-calling away from DC Kerry Coombs and gave it to secondary coach Matt Barnes, and thinks he's probably going to stick with this arrangement for the season. Not looking good for Coombs... https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/32233394/ohio-state-ryan-day-says-matt-barnes-not-kerry-coombs-called-defensive-plays-vs-tulsa
  7. Most of the narrative was ultimately framed by whoever leaked it to Oklahoma. We don't really know what was actually being considered, or if they would've actually went through with it. For all we know, they might've just been thinking about moving it to later in the season, like closer to the original '71 game. Or maybe it's true that they really just wanted the $$$ from an extra home game after the loss of funds to covid last year. Then you factor in whatever Moos's involvement was. Or maybe lack of involvement - a lack of oversight & being able to keep things quiet. Or even making/letting it be a possibility in the first place might've been one thing that irritated the higher ups.
  8. Worth remembering that in the last couple seasons, he hasn't exactly had receivers that you'd wanna be throwing 50/50 balls to...
  9. I see a jacka$$ looking for something to b!^@h about.
  10. Frost said he didn't want RB by committee, but going into this season I felt like that's what we were gonna see. That maybe have been the most amazing screwup I've ever seen, lol. It was 4th down - they would've had better field position if he'd just batted it away.
  11. I was surprised to see him at the start. Toward the end of fall camp, Frost said it was a 4-way competition, but everything I'd heard made it sound like Johnson was a distant 4th.
  12. JFC, some of you people will find any excuse you can to blame Martinez, won't you? We get it, you hate him and nothing will change that.
  13. I said going into the season that our margin for error with injuries at WR is razor-thin...
  14. @Nebraska55fan That came from Huskers Online (Rivals).
  15. No kidding. I see enough cringey stuff like that on other boards, rather not have it here.
  16. They were just a few years removed from winning the Fiesta Bowl, at least.
  17. I was just glad to see a deep throw from him. There's been a lot of reports that's great within 10 yards but bad beyond that.
  18. BTW, Ryan, do us a solid and send some more 5* defensive players our way!
  19. @seaofred92 Hey, you know what, you can just take your pick, bud - include previous years or don't. I really don't give a s#!t one way or the other because either way, you're still trying to hype up a win against Buffalo.
  20. *checks calendar* OK, sorry, had to double check that it is, in fact, 2021. Here's the complete list of teams Buffalo has beat, which incidentally is identical to their coach's list of career wins as HC: Wagner Impressive resume, and I'm sure your "numerous advanced analytic measures" reflect that! Not real sure what those NFL draftees have to do with anything, though - are they on Buffalo's team this year? Or the head coach that produced them?
  21. Yep, Buffalo now has the stats to show that they couldn't score as many points against us as a mid-tier FCS team. I bet they'll be playing in a New Year's Six Bowl this year! Seriously, are you people so desperate to find something positive that you have to hype up a win against Buffalo? I'm not nearly as doom and gloom about this season as some here are, but this is ridiculous.
  22. I've noticed that too. Through three games, our RBs have a total of five catches. Stepp had a single catch for 30, and the other four catches went for a combined five yards.
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