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  1. Looks like there's also another younger brother named Princeton. https://tx.milesplit.com/athletes/11436838-umanmielen-princeton/videos https://www.si.com/college/washington/recruiting/texas-edge-rusher-recruited-by-lake-draws-deboer-offer
  2. So their names are Princely and Princewill? Alrighty then. Do they play the same spot or opposite ends?
  3. You 'member when we brought in a 5* DB from Ohio State? I 'member. Barely. You 'member when we brought in Les Miles's son? I 'member. Barely.
  4. Yeah, I think for a lot of guys these days, it depends on whether they have any realistic NFL chances. If they do, they want a team that can make them look good. If not, just take the best NIL deal available.
  5. Yeah, it sounds like we're willing to put up the cash, but it's gonna depend on who's willing to answer the phone when a 5-7 team calls. Supposedly the staff's preference is to get a name guy with multiple years of eligibility remaining, and then second choice would be a guy with one year of eligibility plus a younger developmental guy like Leavitt or Keinholz.
  6. You think back to like the year we had Ameer, Green, and Heard arrive at the same time. Ameer emerged as our top guy, but Green still went on to have a nice career elsewhere. But at Alabama, that's practically how it is all the time across the whole roster.
  7. Definitely seems to be a lot of smoke around Leavitt at the moment. Probably not a day one starter, but pairing him with Howard would be nice.
  8. Yet another thing he was right about...
  9. Verduzco seemed like the kind of guy who knows a lot, but isn't very good at teaching it. Like he'd try to just dump everything on you at once.
  10. Ohio State is the only 1-loss contender whose sole loss is to an undefeated team. But the lack of a conference championship certainly hurts their cause.
  11. Little more info: https://journalstar.com/news/state-regional/education/regents-ok-ground-lease-usda-center-innovation-campus/article_fd674e58-8fbf-11ee-8c6c-1bccadd35a50.html $1.3 million annually for 50% ownership vs $1.55 million annually for 100% ownership, doesn't sound too bad.
  12. Yeah, I mean it'll be pretty obvious who the donor is once the tail number is known.
  13. University of Nebraska Board of Regents approve anonymous donor's $1 million Learjet to be used by Husker coaches for recruiting https://www.ketv.com/article/nebraska-board-of-regents-approve-learjet-husker-coaches-recruiting/46013031 Just looking at used Learjet prices, if it's worth $1 million even this is probably a plane from the 1990s. Maintenance costs are probably significant, but hey. https://www.controller.com/listings/search?Manufacturer=LEARJET&sort=3
  14. We could've used another good WR this year!
  15. More than that, actually. 15 is the number of days for spring camp, but during bowl season practices are only subject to the same practice limits as during the regular season. So it can be more like another extra month of practice.
  16. Colorado State scored 42 in the second half. Creighton only scored 48 the whole game. That was Colorado State's first win over a top 10 team in just shy of 40 years. They've gotta be pumped, they're 6-0 and their next game is vs #18 Colorado...
  17. I didn't know Sean Callahan played for Kentucky!
  18. What games?! We've only beaten one single team with a winning record this season. I mean for god's sake, Riley beat twice that many teams that finished over .500 the year we fired him! In his first season, Frost beat three teams that finished over .500 (although one of them was Bethune-Cookman, lol). If you think we're actually doing better this year, try taking off the rose-colored glasses for a sec.
  19. This year is the easiest schedule we've had in ages. Frankly, if we can't even make a bowl game with this schedule, I would consider it a step backwards overall compared to the Frost era.
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