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  1. Thought I'd hit up some Gamecock boards and see how they felt about Satterfield. Some mixed feelings after how strong they finished this year, but the majority seem glad he's gone. Some choice bites... This one from a staffer @ 247: That comment about running the ball feels uncomfortably close to what we heard from Riley - what was said about wanting to run it clearly did not match what happened on the field. And the comment about trying to mix pro-style passing with power running and some spread elements made me think back to Shawn Watson, although that's probably over-simplistic.
  2. @ColoradoHusk I mean either way, he's fleeing the scene of a crime, and apparently after the cops have already been called. I fail to see how 'seeking counsel' really changes anything, here.
  3. IDK if this has already been posted yet, but... So he was arrested over an hour after the original call, and the arrest was made at San Mateo - apparently Steve Taylor's house, like Mickey tried to flee and hide at Steve's.
  4. Newly found footage of Trev deciding not to make Mickey Joseph the permanent HC:
  5. Question: Per LPD's Twitter, MJ was arrested for "domestic assault". Does that definitely imply that the victim was a member of his household, or could it have been someone else who was at his home or something?
  6. Instagram doesn't give a timestamp, but it looks like the last one may have been just before his arrest at around 2pm.
  7. @Comish That song has crossed my mind as well.
  8. I would imagine that he'll probably address the team over this. I mean at the very least Trev probably will, but I imagine Rhule will as well. Remember Ron Brown's speech/prayer at the Penn State game after Paterno was fired? IDK if you watched Rhule's intro presser or not, but the dude talks like a preacher (his dad is a minister, and it clearly rubbed off on him).
  9. I don't think Nebraska will win a National Championship within the next five years. (Posting in case I'm some kind of reverse Nostradamus.)
  10. ^ On a scale from one to yikes, rate how well my post from a month ago aged.
  11. Give them to the starters, period. It means something if the players make it mean something.
  12. BigRedBuster running through sheetrock:
  13. Oh naw. Bojangles chicken biscuits are dry AF. If you have a chance to get a chain from that part of the country and you don't take Cookout, you screwed up big time.
  14. A more polished speaker than you'd expect from a guy who looks like this: I wonder how much it costs to buy a regional fast food chain. Wouldn't surprise me if Rhule could buy the whole thing out...
  15. Over 10,000 watching the YouTube stream already, and the intro isn't for another half hour.
  16. Hmm... Satterfield is the OC for South Carolina... which currently has the #103 rushing offense in the country. Was #93 last year. May not be your first choice if you're a Run the Damn Ball guy.
  17. I had both Rhule and Fickell toward the top of my list, with Fickell a bit higher. Sure hope Trev picked the right one...
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