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  1. Same thing that happened to Pepe...
  2. As we have been for like the last six years...
  3. Your first point should be split in two: how much of it was RB talent, how much of it was RB coaching, and how much of it was the line? And of course, the line's performance could be split into a question of lack of talent vs lack of coaching as well.
  4. CBS article, for those without an Athletic subscription: https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/inside-the-world-of-collectives-using-name-image-and-likeness-to-pay-college-athletes-influence-programs/
  5. @Decoy73 That's one rumor. It's probably safe to say the dude liked to drink...
  6. @Dogs In A Pile Yeah, Moos is kind of a weird case. Whether you think he should've fired Solich or not, you could pretty much figure out that Pederson was kind of a tool. And Eichorst especially, pretty much every single thing I ever heard about him had me like "What in the goddamn f#&%?" Moos, though, outwardly he seemed great. But at this point it's clear that things weren't right with him behind the scenes.
  7. Updated tweet above with audio. Says Byrne and Osborne were great, but otherwise there was "a real lack of leadership" in the Athletic Department, so I would assume he meant Pederson, Eichorst, and Moos all sucked. Wouldn't surprise me if he'd include Perlman in that group, too. Once upon a time, it was common for a coach like Devaney to retire and become the new AD. But these days, you're more likely to get a businessy kind of guy at AD, ostensibly because that's a bigger part of a modern AD's job. But you wonder if it's ultimately in a school's best interest to go that route...
  8. Damn, there's some dense people in this thread. 48% of the geographic area of the Omaha-Council Bluffs Metropolitan Area is in Iowa, and 13% of the population is in Iowa. Now class, who can tell me which one of those figures is actually relevant in this discussion? I'll give you a hint: do you think Mickey Joseph is recruiting people to play football, or do you think he's trying recruit a plot of land to pull itself up out of the earth and come play football for the University of Nebraska?
  9. If by 'nearly half' you mean 'nearly 13%' then you're correct. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Omaha–Council_Bluffs_metropolitan_area#Counties
  10. I'm not really seeing that. We replaced a 4* guy with a couple middling 3*s? If there's an improvement at RB, it'll much more likely come from improved coaching and OL play, rather than any talent upgrade. Although getting Ervin back from injury doesn't hurt.
  11. Just improving special teams will improve the record substantially. The rest mostly comes down to the O line. But I'll be honest: I think the odds of Raiola producing a quick turnaround with the line are slim to none. Maybe in the long run it'll work out, but as far as I'm concerned, we're starting from zero with the group that takes the longest to develop, and doing it with an unproven coach.
  12. Well it sure as hell didn't hurt his job prospects, here...
  13. I mean unofficially, sure. But are we really the only team in the conference where there's even a slight doubt? Are all the other teams returning last year's starter?
  14. Are we the only team whose QB for next year isn't decided?
  15. Make it two playoff wins for Zac Taylor's boys!
  16. I completely missed 'Claylor' there!
  17. Found the one I was thinking of. In 2019, Phil Steele predicted Nebraska vs Utah in the Rose Bowl. (don't ask me what's up with that pic)
  18. @commando Correction: it says 2022 on the tweet, not on the image they posted in the tweet.
  19. Wasn't that from a couple years ago? I'm pretty sure I remember seeing a Rose Bowl vs Utah prediction a few years ago.
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