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  1. Called Frost “Biggest Impact Head Coaching Hire” of the 2018 cycle. “You can make an argument, has there ever been a better fit for a head job than Scott Frost and the timing of this?" Called Riley "Most underrated coach in college football" Said Pelini will have "instant success", and was #1 on his list of Coaches Who Will Exceed Expectations
  2. Have fun trying to keep travel equitable. USC and UCLA will pretty much always have the greatest travel burden no matter how you schedule it, but I suppose for them, that was the price that had to be paid to get out of the Pac 12. If the number of protected games per team is greater than one, then two or more teams from the 'main' Big Ten region will get stuck flying to the west coast more often. Then again, regularly playing games in southern California might not be bad for recruiting...
  3. Understandable, they're a minor program with stadium smaller than most SA high schools have. Long way to fall from P5.
  4. In all honesty, I wouldn't be all that surprised if the game ends up being a s#!tshow on both sides...
  5. That's what we said about the game in Ireland...
  6. We've got at least three non-Saturday games this year...
  7. Aw yeah, Charlotte at Maryland in prime time, baby!
  8. Sean Callahan said "We have exchanged messages, and all he said was 'Nebraska would be an awesome place to be...' He would not confirm if he has visited."
  9. ^ Last year was their first with Rich Rod, and they went 9-2 last year in FCS play. This year will be their first in FBS (CUSA).
  10. Yeah, 4 years eligibility according to his Twitter profile. The DC who originally recruited him to Oregon actually left just before signing day. Taggart went ahead and signed anyway, but must not have meshed with their new DC.
  11. Yeah, not much concrete to report, but it sounds like there's at least some interest here.
  12. Player: Harrison Taggart School: Oregon Position: ILB Height: 6' 1" Weight: 216 Visits: Twitter - a couple of our staff members are following him, along with some Husker media guys ESPN 247 On3 Rivals
  13. IDK if that's the case with the numbers in the tweets, but the recruiting sites do update their scores for transfers. Though they might not have much additional footage to base the rating on vs when the player was in HS.
  14. Andy Janovich: retired and loving it. https://www.golongtd.com/p/its-time-for-andy-janovich-to-enjoy
  15. @Decked The thing is, no one in the Frost era really played up to par. It's a pattern far beyond just a couple guys - during the Frost era, we were dead last among P5 schools at rate of turning 4-star+ guys into draft picks. Frost was fine at recruiting talent, but he was shockingly bad at player development. I don't think it's unreasonable at all to think that NPG - and any number of other Frost players - might have blossomed under other coaches.
  16. Realistically, the 'Power 5' pretty much ceases to exist after this coming year. It'll be more like Power 2 and Mid 3, maybe Mid 4 if you want to include the AAC. And as I said above, the ACC could maaaybe still become a power conference, but I doubt it will.
  17. @AZRaiderH8r What would you even make four real super conferences out of? At this point, even combining the remains of the Pac and Big 12 wouldn't make a conference on par with the Big Ten and SEC. Only way we're gonna have more than two super conferences is if the ACC manages to add the best remaining Pac and Big 12 teams, which doesn't seem likely.
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