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  1. Woohoo, I got my first MVP tonight, defending the motherland!
  2. We've lot a lot of territory, down to fourth place by that measure. Our eastern line is gone at this point, with Wisconsin and Michigan pouring through. Ohio State is largely unopposed in the northeast, and now they're posed to invade the Pacific Northwest via Alaska. Our A&M allies lost SMU to Meatchicken, who had just a 0.02% chance to take it. It looked like we were moving toward a non-aggression pact or even alliance with Stanford, but they sent quite a bit after us. It sounds like there may have been some blunders by Stanford's leadership, waiting to hear what happened there. Edit: Stanford leadership says they screwed up the orders on their end, and are expecting the consequences from us tomorrow. Of course, for all we know it may have been deliberate - they could be in alliance with Wisconsin and Michigan or something. We did hold the motherland tonight, though, but frankly we got lucky. Meatchicken sent 41 players after our home turf, but we held the line with 21 players. We also somehow held onto Wisconsin's home turf, pulling one out of our asses and defending it despite just a 0.07% chance to do so. We continue to climb in star power, though, greatly exceeding our modest numbers. We still need more numbers, though, so get 'crootin!
  3. Also: UTEP has finally been eliminated.
  4. Mixed bag tonight. Wisconsin did take Wyoming, with only a 36% chance to win it. That breaks our wall and opens up a lot of other territories to attacks from the Badgers. We also lost KU to Meatchicken, that was a cointoss fight. For some positive news, we moved just ahead of Georgia Tech for fourth place in star power. We also had a few rogue players take Wisconsin's home turf with just an 11% chance to do so. They also took Illinois. The thing is, those two territories are now isolated behind enemy lines, and will probably fall pretty quickly. It looks like our general strategy is going to be to defend the eastern front as best we can with our allies, while focusing our offense westward. Frankly, OU is a weak ally, relative to everyone else on our eastern front. I think they'd be better off leaving the east to us and Texas A&M, while they go fight Stanford in the west. A&M completely owns the state of Texas now, so there's that. One thing to watch this turn is the battle for Alaska. Nebraska and Ohio State both border it right now (you can enter Alaska from Maine). We want to grab and hold that one, because it's a chokepoint with only a couple borders. If you're not sure where to go, I would suggest defending Boise State or Utah State.
  5. This shows quite nicely why washing your hands (and other parts) is about the simplest and most effective thing you can do to protect yourself. Looking at the structure of a coronavirus, something to note is that it's encased and held together by a lipid membrane, more or less a microscopic layer of oil. You know what's friggin' great at breaking down lipids? SOAP! It doesn't need to be antibacterial, doesn't need to be sanitizer, pretty much any ordinary soap (or detergent) will destroy the virus.
  6. One of the biggest problems in the world is that people tend to be bad at judging risks, and a lot of people are really, REALLY bad at it. http://socrates.bmcc.cuny.edu/jsamuels/math150/article-judging_risk.pdf
  7. @Wordek Yeah, it's too bad that we lost Misery yesterday, hopefully we can get it back.
  8. By the way, Wisconsin is not our friend. https://collegefootballrisk.com/territory/Wyoming/2/4 Wyoming, Nebraska, and KU form a wall on our eastern front. Wyoming in particular is considered one of our most important territories to hold right now, because it borders so many other territories. If Wyoming falls, that opens up four other territories to attack, which would be much harder to defend. If you're not sure where to go right now, I would suggest defending Wyoming. Iowa and Louisiana Tech we'll probably abandon to form a more defensible front line.
  9. I feel like some people are overlooking Cincinnati. In case anyone missed it, Cinci is preseason #17 and probably the top G5 team.
  10. Meatchicken has abandoned the mitten, and is thought to be migrating southward to join up with Texas. Texas had a 31% chance to take Louisiana and a 20% chance to take Rice, but somehow took both of them last night. This s#!t is why we left the Big 12...
  11. @Husker03 ˙ʇno ʇᴉ ǝɹnƃᴉɟ ll,noʎ 'uʍop-ǝpᴉsdn ɹoʇᴉuoɯ ɹnoʎ uɹn┴
  12. @GSG When you defend, you get a 1.5x multiplier to your star power for that day.
  13. @JoeHuskers! Texas and Michigan are probably our main priorities. BTW, if you didn't notice, you get a bonus from defending territories. Defense matters, too! We need to contain our enemies before we can vanquish them.
  14. @GSG Luck. They took four territories that they had less than 30% chance of winning. RNGesus was very kind to them yesterday. We might need to talk to Alabama about helping with containment.
  15. Curious thing. Yesterday, a few rogues from our side took the Minnesota territory, which was held by the Badgers whom we have a non-aggression agreement with. So we agreed that today, we would allow the Badgers to retake Minnesota. The thing is, they went way overkill on it, sending a much larger force than necessary. They also left a couple territories somewhat lightly defended, which Michigan took. Now people are wondering if Wisconsin is secretly allied with Michigan... So right now, the discussion is about whether we should be going after Texas or Michigan (along with a few people who are obsessed with Stanford, lol). Personally, I say go after Texas. We have actual allies against them, and they're the weaker of the two targets. Try to take them out ASAP.
  16. Hoo boy, now we've done it. We're in first place with fifteen territories. We control a pretty big chunk of the map now. Problem is, we're in fifth place for number of players, and now we've got a big target on our backs. We need more players!
  17. Tonight, we slaughter the Buffaloes! https://gfycat.com/incomparablefantasticarabianwildcat One of the more amusing things to happen in turn 1 was little ol' UTEP taking two territories... https://external-preview.redd.it/RczWyC2nEz_TcYeTGlXtsCdd1seWDpdC4sbP0afei2g.gif?format=mp4&s=58dfbf78c0feaf58aad0babdeeac7ee3aa87a1ff
  18. Ultimately, the goal is to eliminate all of the other teams and control the whole map. If you click on a territory on the map, you can see who controls it (click it again to make the popup go away). Generally, you should avoid attacking territories that our allies control and focus on other territories. I'll try to keep this thread updated with the status of that stuff. For the most part, we're probably going to focus on westward expansion, as we did last game. Boise State, BYU, Colorado, and Air Force would all be good territories to attack today. Or you can join the Discord and have an attack/defend order sent to you daily.
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