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  1. Not sure if it’s just me, but it felt like he was always looking outside the state. All the other colleges then finally Minny. I don’t think it was from lack of attention from the staff.
  2. How about we take it old school and ask tom for guidance and run a wishbone, multiple I triple option?
  3. Wow QB sneak for 3 yards. They can we sneak an entire drive for a td. How are we that soft?
  4. They produced 2 of my all time favorite ballers Roger Craig and Trev Alberts! Nice, Iowa!! Nice!
  5. Well, what does he do well? What can Scooby do?
  6. T Mart’s Signature win (not game) for me, although not the lone person to be credited with the win, was the come from behind vs OSU in 2011. Poor first half, sparkling 2nd half.
  7. Saw a tweet from Mike Riley 9pm last night about adding a "deep threat from the south". Can't be Pickering, can it?? So who??
  8. Totally agree. Westy has good hands no matter who he plays for.
  9. Jason Verrett? Darrelle Revis, super bowl hero Malcolm Butler
  10. All from Louisiana, lets hire the coach that recruits Louisiana for them.They hired a NOLA high school head coach to recruit the area...
  11. Definitely not the norm but some schools do or did before when they had the talent. 2015 had articles on Wisconsin and Michigan state. 2016 had Clemson http://www.thestate.com/sports/college/acc/clemson-university/article104570776.html Not saying that we need to do that...just putting it out there.
  12. GlobalHusker

    DB U

    I was surprised to see a glaring omission from that list: UCLA! They don't have that many to be listed.
  13. We're the huskies again...dang it ESPN!!! Get it right!
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