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  1. Ah, ok. That makes sense...not fitting the culture. So then it would be same to assume then we would be recruiting him hard because he’s a Nebraska guy and we still want to keep the in-state talent, in state.
  2. I’m merely stating that he’s looking to play outside. Rather than in the state. If either of these guys don’t fit our defense, then are we recruiting them only because they live in Nebraska? Or is it because they have talent that we want?
  3. Reading Hail Varsity makes me think...is this AD 2022
  4. Or maybe it took him a couple years to finally believe that Lincoln and Mike really AREN’T related. I mean why else would one Riley tell him to go to the other college, if they weren’t family!?
  5. I appreciate his consistency of not wanting to be N. Personally, I like him Better there than Minnie.
  6. When I was 18, 38 was really, really old to me. Now I’m past 38, 18 seems really, really young! Perspective I guess.
  7. Team beef or whatever team Nutmasher is on.
  8. Would be nice to see more hires like that. Like Bama hiring all those coaches as analysts. Gotta believe it can only help. We need a lot of help!
  9. Looking back at the entire recruiting effort and his reactions, I’d be (happily) shocked he picked us.
  10. “For some strange reason, it had to be....He guided me to Tennessee.”
  11. Matt Anderson in the portal https://247sports.com/college/nebraska/Article/Nebraska-Huskers-offensive-lineman-Matthew-Anderson-transfer-portal-158658122/
  12. Headed to the FBU Freshman all America game. https://247sports.com/college/nebraska/Article/FBU-Freshman-All-American-Bowl-2024-recruits-Jadyn-Davis-Tyler-Aronson-Daevonn-Hall-KJ-Bolden-Camdon-Frier-Hevin-Brown-Shuler-IMarion-Stewart-157261604/
  13. At least our d is getting good rest for the 4th quarter.
  14. Since we’re on the topic of last game and Last place in the conference...It would be cool to see Smothers get some burn. See if he can make some throws.
  15. Did my eyes deceive me? Did 2AM just complete a deep pass??
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