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  1. Andy Janovich is on IR, He was the Browns starting FB.
  2. When we look at a new coach I am looking for certain traits. *Instill the type of toughness that makes SEC and B1G programs great *Establish relationships with their athletes and instill greatness during their time and UNL and in life. *a coach that develop athletes into top level players with a chance at a NFL career *A coach that can instill a culture of accountability and winning driven by the athletes *I don't care if they have any ties to the program. Our 2 best coaches played at small colleges. One was a Bronco and the other was a Scotty. We don't have to have a Husker tie. Trev will let them know about the traditions.
  3. Wow, we are still 10 days out and they are nervous. Can you imagine the response if this would have happened under Riley?
  4. Wow, I go off to FB practice and the place blows up! Winning cures every thing, but if we don't win?? In other news we put the wishbone in today. (just a set to give teams something to think about) Somewhere Barry Switzer is smiling....
  5. There are still people who think that he is going to turn it around. They just need to do this... Change Culture preach and demand toughness Develop players That alone puts you in the top 3 in the West. Not Rocket Science
  6. I think after 4 years we know what this staff is. We have a weak OL, bad special teams and a soft attitude. The only way we improve is (outside of getting rid of the staff, which I still think is unlikely) Replace our OL coach Get someone to focus on special teams
  7. I have learned we have no culture We have no toughness We have no brotherhood amongst this team. I went to my son's CFB game yesterday. One of his roommates is/was the starting QB. At half they replaced him. Back up QB led them to a win. I asked him if his roommate was hurt. He said no, he knew this might happen. Their defense is really good. O sucks. On Sunday last week, the coaches told the team there are no starters this week. He said top 2 QB's both took snaps. Back ups were given chances all over. The O looked completely different 2nd half. I feel bad for his roommate. Seems like a great kid. With a bye week. Open up the whole thing and see who in the heck wants to compete.
  8. Yep that is where we are...sad. I just don't see them making the change. Too many people think he is still the savior.
  9. They need someone that will bring toughness back to Husker Football. They need someone who will hold the kids accountable. They need someone who can develop players. We need someone who can get this team to 6 wins, then 8 wins and then to 10+. I don't care who this is, but for the love of god, find the right person.
  10. I have always said that he should get 5 years. He doesn't deserve it, but I think he gets it. I have a feeling that Trev is going to try and work with him for a year. Not sure. This I know. I trust Trev.
  11. Saying Iowa fans are stupid is redundant. And for the love of god, make sure you wave. I have never seen a fanbase weaponize something that is meant to be about the kids. Every time a team doesn't put the right effort in, they go crazy.
  12. Harbaugh is a douche, I have met many fans that are the same way. They are delusional. I am going to go to work tomorrow and hear about how the refs kept this game close. I would almost be on it. The fans I am around expected a 4 TD victory.
  13. I kind of sat here wondering when the bad thing was going to happen, and there it was.
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