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  1. I don't trust them at all. They think they are too big to fail. I have coached HS sports in 5 states. Ohio makes the least amount of sense to me in my sports.
  2. I talked to our student this morning who won the boat. He said people has suspected these guys for a while. He said he was in a tournament with them last year. Everyone donated their catch except these guys. He said that they were busted last year cheating. When he won the boat, he kept the fish and froze them because he knows people will accuse him of cheating. He said the cheating has increased because there is a ton of money in this now.
  3. I just caught this was in Cleveland. A junior at our HS won a Walleye contest earlier this fall and won a boat. hmmm?? I will have to ask him. BTW, we have to look into the fact that this might be an issue for baseball eligibility. I am sure it is not, but we still have to ask.
  4. I feel like it was a job he didn't want, but felt obligated.
  5. Amazing how healthy you can stay when your O-line isn't allowing you to get beat up.
  6. So this is what can happen when you leave the s#!t show called Scott Frost.
  7. Waiting for Tiananmen Square moment....
  8. I would love to be mediocre right now. 2016 team would have beat any of Frost's Husker teams.
  9. Mike Riley 2.0? I would take a .500 coach over this pile of travesty. Slightly tongue in cheek.
  10. I kind of thought 3-9 before the season started. That staff showed me nothing to think otherwise. I should have stuck with it. At least the dumpster fire will keep someone warm.
  11. The only thing the media needed to rant on is the XHCSF was a worthless coach who was ill prepared to run a program in the B1G. They didn't do that...
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