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  1. Is it supposed to be ironic that the picture is a total fake too?
  2. Bart Simpson?? I like it! Someone sane to vote for! Who will be his VP?
  3. I am good not voting for either. For me, there is no choice. I slept great not voting for either of them in 2020. I get told from both sides that I am trying to elect the other guy. Many know I won't for Trump. If people want me to vote for a dem or a repub, don't put up senile people. Again, I am good not voting for either of these clowns.
  4. You can dislike a guy and still realize this is bogus. I am a never trumper, but feel this whole thing was polically motivated. This may backfire on the dems. Seems to have revigorated his base. People who hate him may vote for him because they feel this bogus. I am surprised about some people around me. I can also say this, Trump never helps himself out. Again, I will not vote for him. I will vote 3rd party again. I also will not vote for the clown he wanted to win the Ohio Senate seat. Many things can be true at the same time. Both/and does exsist. I can hate Trump and feel this was politacally motivated. If it makes you feel better to call him a felon, so be it. You may have to call him, "not my president" because of it. I still blame the Dems for not putting up a sane peerson too. Although Newsom may come in at the end? Who knows.
  5. About once a week Teach says something pretty smart.
  6. My wife will tell you I lie about my measurements all of the time.
  7. Does he have to take a brethalyzer to check out the cart?
  8. No Pro-Pally stuff at my son's graduation. Way more Yamaka's that Pally garb at Commencement.
  9. My son has commencement on Friday. Can't wait to see what nonsense will happen. His school is historically Jewish.
  10. Is it crazy that I think I would have put on a football helmet and jumped in it. Us GI guys are facinated with tornadoes. I have dreams that look like this video all the time. June 3rd, 1980 is when the dreams started.
  11. Except they can sit around the firehouse for weeks with out a call? Do they have to deal with insane parents? I jest of course too.
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