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  1. What would help AM and our team is to develop a great running game. If we did, we would have AM would have more success. Our winning percentage would also improve GREATLY! RTDB GBR
  2. Hungry and thirsty for GOOD Husker Football.
  3. Totally agree with that statement. I screamed it every kickoff.
  4. So with the development of super teams, maybe it is time to have 6 super teams and relegate everyone else to the G-league. Teams from LA and NY, find 4 other spots. Really it is getting ridiculous.
  5. Just when I think the Huskers seem like the biggest dumpster fire in college football. Tennessee just said hold my beer....
  6. I have always felt that you can read how good a HS program is by it's special teams. A coach has to have his hands on all of the details. If special teams aren't special? You may have a coach that is over his head. I know my view comes from looking at HS programs, but I think this may be true of CFB too.
  7. I am a big whatever with WR. I am however a WTF with the entire O side of the ball. Inefficient, ineffective and losing people.
  8. I know, you could have paid me half as much to watch from home and say, "we suck!"
  9. That is because D is see, hit , kill. O is "give me the damn ball."
  10. Cleveland is and always will be a pro sports town. They are still pumped b the win. As far as the Buckeyes. I think they realize that they got beat by a historically good team. They wish the DC would have made adjustments. Interesting thing with Cleveland is that there are many Michigan fans here. Some Notre Dame as well. Not comletely dominated by Buckeye fans. The good news for us is our old HC here at the HS was a ex Michigan player. Our new coach is a Husker. I thought this was a good place to sneak this in. https://lutheranwestlonghorns.com/2020/12/17/john
  11. I think he doesn't know how to dig himself out of the hole he is in. He needs to take a long look at what is working and what is not. Nebraska is a fish bowl. That makes it hard. As fans we worship our heroes way more than we should. We are also comple A-holes to our own players as well. I am also guilty of that I know. I think he needs to reach out to a guru that he can bounce stuff off of and allow the person to be critical to what he is doing wrong. Then he needs to listen. I think he came in and thought everything would magically change. It didn't. The B1G is competi
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