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  1. So this is what we know... Nebraska was right! (we knew that) Texas and OU will do what is best for them. (we also knew, maybe not as much with OU) The rest of the Big 12 were clueless (yes, again) Kevin Warren is a lame, weak and worthless leader (we have known this through every turn) Texas sucks!!! (still....) Really is anything here a surprise?
  2. They do care and they think they are an Ivy league. That is why a year ago the Prez's and powers that be followed the Ivy in cancelling sports. It took a push by AD's and fans to open up to sports.
  3. Minus the AAU ranking, if the Huskers were still in the Big 12, the B1G would take them now.
  4. I have wondered if the B1G has ever talked to Vanderbilt. Not that we want them now, but it is the one school that doesn't seem to fit in the SEC. It really is a B1G type of school.
  5. Not yet, hoping for that in a few years. We have been OK the last few years, but with our freshman class. It could happen. We are also growing. We might bet too big for our conference. We have 3 divisions and the bigger schools are on the other side of the city. They would want us going over there. No thank you! Trying to get across Cleveland in rush hour traffic? No way!
  6. That is exactly what I am thinking. FB is a different animal. Even in HS it is the thing that causes issues within conferences. I am back to coaching HS FB this year. I see us as a FB team getting our HS kicked out of our conference in 2 years. (I hope) Becaue we are kicking the crap out of everyone. KU might want to just play FCS FB, but given the current format, they can't. Just make FB it's own thing.
  7. Take this and make everyone else in a lower division. If some teams suck, you can move them down and other teams can come up. Get a committee to decide who goes up and who goes down. When you go down, you make less money. When you go up, you make more. If some of the teams in your senerio don't want to invest money to compete, let other teams in that will. This does not have to be tied to the current conferences. TCU has been much more competitive than KU. NCAA doesn't run FB, it does run everything else. For other sports, leave the traditional conference format. Bottom ti
  8. A smarter fool is still a fool. B1G needs to make a move. BTW Iowa State is an AAU School.
  9. On a side note. Am I the only one that when I think of PJ Fleck I picture the Dean from Community?
  10. We have done a crappy job with Omaha. We need to put a wall around it. I am not sure we do anything to help.
  11. I have no problem with Trev. I didn't like the decisions he made at UNO, but I understand them. I just remember hearing something about wanting diversity in their hire? I guess all those doors closed quickly.
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