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  1. He is a pretty smart kid. He just ignores it. He is an engineering major at a school that doesn't have general ed. He hasn't dealt with it too much. The most interesting thing I have heard was from a teacher who came from public school to our Christian School. She in her English class started telling the kids why people should vote for Clinton. This was 2016. I asked her why she would do that. She said the union would send talking points and they were encouraged to do that in class. I said you set yourself up for misery. I said the same thing would happen if she did the same with the Trump side.
  2. Sounds like a done deal. Had options of USC or Michigan State DC. Loyal to OSU. Someone needs to be
  3. My son in college would agree with this statement.
  4. Yes, practice would be better than sitting in the corner and pondering what you have done.
  5. ISU-KSU game has been fun to watch. Snow, snow and more snow. 42-35 2 minutes left. ISU leading.
  6. I will watch as many bowl games as I can. I love CFB. This year we will be busy traveling and seeing family and other events. Probably won't see as many as I would like.
  7. There is a better chance of those 12 seconds being taken off the clock and making us play for OT, than going to a bowl.
  8. Fire the nutritionist. These kids aren't eating right!
  9. There are a lot of bright spots. For some people it is hard to see when you have cranial Rectimitus. We actually have an adult in charge. Game day decisions need to improve.
  10. We are not going to a bowl. We are ranked to low in the APR If you want to go back to the Big 12 to win, let's just go to the MAC or the American Athletic? I need to take a break from the contestant whining and stupidity of this board.
  11. We need to start a Wisherville thread for stuff like this. Do we think we could talk Nick Saban into taking the Head Coach job next week? Do you think we can get a dome built over the stadium?
  12. YES 80's NBA! Maybe I will start watching again!
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