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  1. Crusader Husker

    Who wins a fight between all of the Big Ten coaches?

    It is obviously time for tag teams! Scott Frost and it a classic twist, Harbaugh!
  2. Not a surprise. I am sure Urban did the same thing.
  3. Crusader Husker

    Who wins a fight between all of the Big Ten coaches?

    Urb, he would cheat his way to a win.
  4. Crusader Husker

    Ohio State Domestic Violence Saga

    Could it be retaliation for Zach exposing his source?
  5. Crusader Husker

    CFB Coaching Carousel 2018-2019

    If purdue opens up, Mike Leach would make the B1G West even more interesting. Definitely a division with diverse personalities.
  6. Crusader Husker

    CFB Coaching Carousel 2018-2019

    One of my vendors son's plays for Bo. The father went from Nebraska was stupid for firing him to this year Bo is an a--h---.
  7. Crusader Husker

    CFB Coaching Carousel 2018-2019

    Bo may not be at YSU next year. Rumors he may be fired.
  8. Crusader Husker

    Illinois week pressers

    That is because he is rocking the Herbie hat. Everyone is happier when hanging with Herbie!
  9. Crusader Husker

    May as well get hypothetical today..

    Votes, but misses top 25
  10. Crusader Husker

    Adrian Martinez Injury

    Rumor mill is Taylor Martinez just hurt his foot again and is out indefinitely.
  11. Crusader Husker

    ** 2018 Opponent Previews: Ohio State (Game 9) **

    Was the cyst from his Florida health issues? When I see people discuss his health issues as, "health issues," it is when he as at Florida. There was some sentiment that he left because Florida was going to have NCAA issues or because he no longer had the QB (Tebow) that brought him the greatest success at Florida. His 2010 team was his worst. Honestly, I think the Florida job took a toll on him. Much like Coach Osborne in his last few years. That is probably what we are seeing now.
  12. Crusader Husker

    Ohio State Spread

    I was going to say the same thing. We need to get better to be better to get respect.
  13. Crusader Husker

    Ohio State Spread

    I would be shocked if tOSU looks like anything but a playoff contender coming into this game. I expect our O to come out slow and pick up momentum during the game. I expect out D to give up 55 points. I would love to be wrong.
  14. Crusader Husker

    Keith Williams

    I liked KW, but I think the current staff is doing fine. If there is an opening and he fits into what coach Frost wants to do, then they should hire him. Our Dynamic Duo is on the verge of having an EPIC year. I see some improved and great blocking on some of these long runs. I can't complain about the current WR coaching job being done.
  15. Crusader Husker

    tOSU Gametime

    The sign says tOSU. It is the official name?