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  1. So...Oregon, Washington and ND to the B1G? Nice!
  2. Donations and smokes? Where can I mail some Marlboro cigs? So for a couple cases of cigarettes we can overthrow a country? NICE!!
  3. All of our OL guys are projects.
  4. In this new world, you just keep working it, so if there is a place he needs to transfer to latter.
  5. See, the most lively NBA conversation in a while.
  6. There is not much difference between the NBA and pro wrestling.
  7. The fear has always been that people don't want to vote third party because it would elect the candidate from the party they hate the most. I voted third party in 2020. It was the greatest feeling ever. I didn't vote for the lesser of 2 evil's. Look, unless these 2 die before election day, we are stuck with them. One is insane and evil. The other seems to have some mental health issues. I will vote for someone else again in 2024.
  8. This is where I am at. Also, we can't have more electives in HS because all of the mandated testing to graduated. As a private school we have shop classes and culinary arts. In this area, much of that has been cut at the city public schools. I think there is some of it in suburban schools, but not enough.
  9. Then let society pay for it, not students. It is a complete waste to make kids take classes that replicate the HS experience. This is why so many HS now offer dual credit so that the kids don't have to waste money on taking essentially the same classes over in college. Our top students are not taking these classes again in college. Some are graduating college in 3 years with taking a few summer school classes. My son chose a college that has no general ed. He has been knee deep in engineering classes starting his first semester his first year. He gets to take a few classes in what he wants to take. They tell the kids do what you are good and and do what you love. If kids don't know what they want to do? Take General Studies. If you know what you want to do, jump in and have at it. We spend more time educating ALL kids before 18 than most countries in the world. Remember, when taking special needs kids out of the numbers when testing in our country, we do fine. Many countries don't educate these kids in the same way we do. I would be curious what colleges around the world do with general ed.
  10. Yes, but some degrees can guarantee it will be really hard to find one. The best plan for college in this Gen Ed. days is to go to a 2 year college and pay nothing to get your 1 year of wasteful Gen Ed credit out of the way, then go to a 4 year college. Better yet, go in the trades. Our HVAC company hired a kid out of our shop class a few months ago. He starts June 1st. We have a major building project going on our campus. The electricians have been talking to our shop classes about going into their field. Some kids are listening. Most of the people working in this project are older. Someone needs to replace them soon.
  11. You want to make college affordable? Make the colleges co-sign the loans. Only lend money to those getting college degrees that lead directly to jobs.
  12. Get rid of Gen. Ed. That is what HS is for. My son goes to a school with no Gen Ed. Except for a few classes that the kids can pick. Gen Ed. Waste of time, waste of money.
  13. 2 things, this is a D-3 school and their rules are a little different. My son could have heard it wrong.
  14. The Covid thing is crazy. My son competes against a kid who is a 6th year thrower in hammer. He is working full time and taking 1 class and is competing. My son won't end up using his covid year. Too many bills to pay and too much life to get on with.
  15. I have seen coverage here on the local news. This is with all of the shootings in the Cleveland. The last several years there have been a ton of drive by shootings.
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