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  1. Schools should teach kids how the think, not what to think. Schools have never been meant to be echo chambers.
  2. I am sure this has been discussed, but I don't know the answer. To what degree can Russian Citizens access the outside world via social media and news?
  3. If it helps, and this is my fault. I am addressing Christians who have worked hard to fight abortion. Not sure if that helps to understand my statement or not.
  4. I consider myself Pro-Life. I think if people that are pro life spent more time and money changing hearts instead of laws, the world would look different. You know what else is Pro-Life when you take the politics out of it? Death penalty Poverty Hunger (i am sure I am missing a few other things.) How about we make those thing illegal too. You want to change the world? Take those things with the vigor that you take on abortion with. Heck poverty probably has more to do with abortion than any thing else. Work hard to fight those atrocities!
  5. I thought it might be, "yep, that is Vladimir, one more dead general."
  6. Sooo, we cheat and still lose? Nice, I suppose if we didn't cheat we would have been the best 2-10 in NCAA history.
  7. Christians are never supposed to follow things that morally go against what we are taught.
  8. There are limits. I am always amazed at what people think they know.
  9. Must not study the Bible much either. This one is also specific.
  10. If the man studied the Bible, he would discover God chose Biden, Obama, and all the rest. As Christians we are to follow all leaders. There is always to be respect and honor to the Office.
  11. Is it just me? I am picturing a bunch of guys in a white van driving from place to place starting fires and moving on.
  12. If Dems said they stood for Jesus, Evangelical Christians would become atheist just to be on the opposite side. I would call myself conservative, but not a Republican. I would say I am fiscally conservative and socially libertarian. I am tired of the enemy of my enemy is my friend, when sometimes the enemy of my enemy is just and idiot. This is how Trump won in 2016. Evangelical Christians sold their soul to the devil.
  13. The old guard is being swept out of the NBA. LeBron not even making the playoffs. Change is coming.
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