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  1. This just in, Covid cases on Northwestern's campus are starting to spike this Sunday.
  2. Screw Wisconsin and their bucky badger!
  3. Well, we need to put a team out there that puts fear into people. Not sure how long ago it has been since that has happened. The fan base takes this personally. Unfortunatley they won't let us strap it on and take them on. At least I can't, I have exhausted my eligibility.
  4. Just do it like we do in 5th and 6th grade football. If too many kids get hurt we just threw them a kid or two so we could all just play. Where is the Monte Cristo of the bunch. He can be the Wisky QB? The other players just have to tell them what to do every play!
  5. So I went on the thread to see if there was an update on Mertz. What did I find? THe stupid convo from will "we have a season?" thread that should have been somewhere else?!!! WTH, people! Get your poop in a group and quit crapping on all of the threads. Take it where it belongs. Sometimes I feel like we need a Day Care director instead of Mods!
  6. Teach, is he better suited for inside? At least I think he was playing at OLB?
  7. You might be salty, but not wrong. OSU is good enough that the refs don't need a call from the B1G office for help.
  8. In Vegas? I lived there 10 years. Have you stopped from last night?
  9. John Cooper agrees with that statement.
  10. They need to get skinny in the hole and git in where you fit in.
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