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  1. I think if the B1G was smart they would have seen what everybody else did and start the schedule earlier, not later. It reminds me of all of the big school districts around here that started remote and were going to start back in person during flu season. What were we thinking? Too bad we don't have the Leaders and Legends divisions anymore. That would have been the only place you could have used the word Leader in the B1G.
  2. I didn't read this thread so I apologize in advance if this has been said... Scott needs to figure out who Scott is first. He needs to figure out what is important to him and his program. He has lost a lot of confidence in himself and others around him. He needs to figure out a rock solid foundation on how he wants to program and go with it. He has a lot work to do to get where we all want it to be. It will take time once Scott gets it figured out.
  3. Yes, my point is we have the talent to beat these teams now. It is our fault NW, Iowa and Minnesota are relevant. We have the talent NOW, to beat these teams. The dysfunction of this team leads me to believe we will go 0-2 and have to play PSU again. I hope they prove me wrong. I guess for me the "what if" is what if we actually played well.
  4. What if... we had beat NW, Illinios and Iowa like we should have. We have the talent, but we seem to be dysfunctional on Saturdays. I am guessing we are dysfunctional during the week as well. HCSF needs to spend more time addressing the issues that haunt this team than the officials and the clapping. HCSF is starting to embarrass himself and the FB program.
  5. HCSF needs to stop blaming: The previous staff about 90%+ are your kids and The officials Get it done and quit making excuses!
  6. HCSF is not going anywhere soon. Unless he knocks up a cheerleader he has 3 more seasons. Unfortunatly it may be year 5 or 6 of the Frost era until he gets it done. We need patience, not becasue he deserves it but because it is the way it is going to be with Scott.
  7. D-Line played well. LB's played well in Run D, but sucked in pass D. OL is an embarrassment.
  8. Matt Campbell. Rumor around here is that Michigan may want him.
  9. Let this be the week we dominate the 2nd half! Please?!??!?
  10. We should just have 2 QB's in the back field. Wherever Cam snaps the ball that guy is the QB on the play. Of course no one including us will know the ball is going. Cam needs to take a seat.
  11. I wish you were right, but he is here for at least 3 more year. Bank it.
  12. We are just not very good. O, D, Special teams, and coaching. It will take years for Scott to figure this out.
  13. Truth be known I thought for the longest time that Black Friday was named that way because of the Colorado game. I knew nothing of this shopping thing. Grog is some good stuff every now and then.
  14. So reading the stuff from players and coaches are starting to sound like, Blah, Blah, Blah.... Translates to me as we are clueless and no one is leading. That and moustashes. There is no reason to think this team can win a game until sometime in 2021. And maybe then not until Nov. 13th. So freaking sad. We suck, we are Kansas Football
  15. I think there is 3 ex-Huskers starting at other programs. Gebbia at OSU, Vedral at Rutgers and O'Brian at CSU. Which one do you want back?
  16. It is tough watching CFB the rest of the day and watching teams competent passing games knowing we look like a junior high team trying to throw the ball around.
  17. I think 2AM as QB is the way to go with LM getting at least 20 snaps a game at different positions.
  18. People are saying leaving the Big 12 was a mistake. ISU and KSU would absolutley kick our butt right now!
  19. At this point you have to figure out which QB is less of a hot mess!
  20. Time to claim Covid out break and shut it down.....
  21. All crappy football aside. This sucks with Colin Miller..
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