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  1. I don't trust them at all. They think they are too big to fail. I have coached HS sports in 5 states. Ohio makes the least amount of sense to me in my sports.
  2. I talked to our student this morning who won the boat. He said people has suspected these guys for a while. He said he was in a tournament with them last year. Everyone donated their catch except these guys. He said that they were busted last year cheating. When he won the boat, he kept the fish and froze them because he knows people will accuse him of cheating. He said the cheating has increased because there is a ton of money in this now.
  3. I just caught this was in Cleveland. A junior at our HS won a Walleye contest earlier this fall and won a boat. hmmm?? I will have to ask him. BTW, we have to look into the fact that this might be an issue for baseball eligibility. I am sure it is not, but we still have to ask.
  4. I feel like it was a job he didn't want, but felt obligated.
  5. Amazing how healthy you can stay when your O-line isn't allowing you to get beat up.
  6. So this is what can happen when you leave the s#!t show called Scott Frost.
  7. Waiting for Tiananmen Square moment....
  8. I would love to be mediocre right now. 2016 team would have beat any of Frost's Husker teams.
  9. Mike Riley 2.0? I would take a .500 coach over this pile of travesty. Slightly tongue in cheek.
  10. I kind of thought 3-9 before the season started. That staff showed me nothing to think otherwise. I should have stuck with it. At least the dumpster fire will keep someone warm.
  11. The only thing the media needed to rant on is the XHCSF was a worthless coach who was ill prepared to run a program in the B1G. They didn't do that...
  12. I wonder if they keep showing the clip of him getting shoved into the bench. He should be screaming, they sliced my damn leg up. I could have been a contender!!!
  13. The key I am saying is recruiting, with development and culture we can compete now. The development is what has not allowed us to get depth. Right coach, I think right now. Just my opinion. I think the with the apparent dumpster fire our program has been we have been...wait for it....."close" to winning it now. Culture and development would have gotten us there. Again, IMHO.
  14. I think the right coach and we can compete in the B1G West immediately, Problem is I keep on thinking we have the right guy. We haven't, not sure who it is? I think we have recruited well enough to compete in the West now. Development and culture? Hell to the no!!!
  15. Iowa State has visited our school. There is a ton of talent here that is left over. Most of them end up in MAC schools. But, it really comes down to development. Can we develop kids to make them better.
  16. I am with you, I run with plenty of Repubs and I don't see it? Zero of them support Putin. Could it be that people don't follow these stupid talking heads? If AOC says something stupid, does it mean that all Dems follow her?
  17. I always like a nooner on a Saturday...well any day actually.
  18. I think Bill got the better end of the wife swap deal.
  19. I guess, really used a firm and did a national search. Riley was 1 man making a hire.
  20. Have we ever truly done a National Search for Head FB coach? Maybe when we got Callahan?
  21. I listen to DB's rant. He is right though, if he would air dirty laundry, he would get buried for that too. I was in Nebraska for the weekend. Got back last night. All of the rumors are out there and have been for a while. I think now that XHCSF is gone. It is probably right to move on. Look, I have some access to stuff in a previous regime because of people I know, but it isn't anything new, just is a basis to back stuff up. Same here, some of what we hear is probably true. If anything it just shows this: He wasn't the right guy. When we get the right guy, we can get to the point of competing in the West and playing for a few conference titles. There is enough talent in Nebraska, if we can keep them home and develop them.
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