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  1. Thank God there is no indoctrination going on in public schools.
  2. You know not all private schools are religious. Again, do what is best for kids. Not the public school system. Ohio does not have open enrollment. Not sure of the DOE thing. I would like to look into it. Charter Schools are not religious but operate as kind of a private school. If there is a voucher system, there should be open enrollment. White suburban schools do not like open enrolment. They don't want city kids. We are in the suburbs and take city kids. We change lives.
  3. To answer the question, I think here, all races like school choice. I think it just helps minorities more. Mostly white suburban public schools are in OK shape.
  4. As we all know, black communities are disproportionally affected by bad public school systems. It is true here. Black communities do support school choice. In Cleveland it is the minorities that take advantage of School Choice. Doesn't it make sense that the money just follow the kids? Teacher unions are among the strongest unions in our country. Cleveland public schools were online for more than a year. Those kids all fell behind. It wasn't the administrator's fault. It was the union. If we allowed all of the parents in this country to choose where their kids went to school, would education be worse?
  5. In prison people and going to be relieving themselves on him and more....
  6. Sometimes people grow up. Especially when they have had drug issues and/or hang out with the wrong crowd. I have seen kids in HS become different people.
  7. Make sense, I already have those.
  8. I have Hulu and have never figured out what the heck that is??
  9. SEC is ahead because their bagmen just transferred to collectives. Now the bagmen have to pay taxes as income. The real winner is the IRS.
  10. Instead of having the surprise of giving walk-ons a scholly it will be the, "come on down Bob! You no longer have a scholarship!" While I think the pendulum has swung too far towards the kids. There are still those that will suffer from the current situation if they want to stay at those schools. The processing of kids will be interesting.
  11. Any student can transfer and take classes. I think kids should sit unless their HC or position coach leaves or is fired. This entitled, AAU switching teams because my feeling are hurt BS has to stop.
  12. I think after spring ball might be the next wave.
  13. Went from a Power 5 too FCS, good work. I guess at least he ended somewhere. A ton of guys in the portal end up and home doing nothing. Like most things in life, the portal is only good for a blessed few.
  14. Is this away for the Dems to get Biden to go away?
  15. Husker Tradition and Dominance has died. That is what I think.
  16. Now that the program is run by adults, he has a chance to flourish.
  17. SEC's non con schedules always are weak. This is part of the reason I think it is time to ditch the traditional conferences and go to Divisions like the NFL. Create a three tier relegation style CFB and combine the FCS and FBS. Let's make it equal footing for scheduling.
  18. How many players opt out 2nd half. No longer any reason to play. Protect yourself for the draft.
  19. Harbaugh was too busy looking for an NFL job. Their win over tOSU was a fluke.
  20. They feast on the under-developed talent of the north. You know, the guys Nebraska use to develop.
  21. Watching the FCS championship game, they said a SDSU kid turned down NIL deals to stay there. (I am not sure if he meant real deals, or the chance at deals?? Not sure??) Got me thinking, since collectives are, "not part of UNL", can they reach out to kids at other schools? Just wondering if this is monitored??
  22. That also was another thing I had forgotten about. I became a Mike Leach fan after that situation, then reading his book.
  23. At least they cheat and win. Frost cheated and lost, and lost, and lost, and lost....
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