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  1. Here is another question. Did we make the intelligent hiring while waiting over 40 days hiring Callahan? I know it is different, but with an early signing program, this feels like it is taking a long time. Another question: Is it diligent searching or a lot of no's?
  2. The point being they don't always make decisions that benefit the student athletes. Remember when the Ivy leagues shut down fall sports last. B1G followed right along with them. I get the education part. It has definitely risen the the academic reputation of UNL.
  3. Over/under number of pages this thread will be before the start of spring ball? 80?
  4. I agree with everything you are saying. It is true. The B1G spends too much time thinking it's the Ivy league. I think with FB they should drop all conferences and go with 16 team pods, but I hugely digress into something that will never happen.
  5. I am just saying, they will load the at large bids with SEC teams. The bias is crazy. They don't play crap for non-con. They feast on FCS teams in Nov. I just get tired of them. We need more SEC-B1G match ups in the non-con.
  6. The push they need to just get more SEC teams.
  7. Assuming Michigan wins it will be 1. Alabama 2. Michigan 3. Georgia 4. Cincinnati
  8. Should be, but they are SEC. Nothing else matters. When we expand to 12 teams there will be 4 or 5 SEC teams in.
  9. People within the Steelers organization have also privately told people this is Big Ben's last year there too.
  10. So after reading the last couple of pages I am really hungry for Piezon's Sausage Pepper Pie pizza. Other than that just the same old drama that seems to follow this team for more than a decade.
  11. I see it is time to start several new posts speculating about 1) Whether to fire HCSF. 2) Who should be the new coach. 3) What are record will be with the new coach. Make sure to add a lot of polls.
  12. Our junior OL just went their for an unofficial game visit. Loved the visit. Tavita Thompson is coaching there. He really liked the staff.
  13. This is who we are, "The school of close." We are close to winning and close to hiring quality assistants.
  14. You have to think most people look at the job at our place as a 1 and done proposition. The person has to really believe in what Frost is selling. You are going to have to get someone who was fired, or a person who is looking to step up from their current position.
  15. If true, I hope you aren't surprised? I have a whole thread about being underwhelmed. This is what I expect. I am at the expect the worst and you won't be disappointed. It has cut down on my drinking.
  16. One of the best ways to descried the situation with 2AM.
  17. I am sorry I misspoke, We are a really bad power 5 team. I am not mad anymore. Just disappointed. I still love the Huskers, just hate losing. I just get get owly during ANOTHER bowl season of no Huskers. But I still appreciate your blind optimism. I will say this for the hundredth time. I hope HCSF turns it around next year. It is easiet that way. I just feel it will be the same. In respect to the hard schedule? Next year 6-6 should be about equal to this years 3-9.
  18. WOAH, big fella. I was just hunting for comments. Sorry I missed how good we are and we are so cLLLLLLLLLose! I will just let the Huskers prep for their bowl.
  19. Whether you have blind optimism or eyes wide open objectivity, you are a fan. Someone can call 3-9 a pile of crap and still be a fan. I love the Huskers, but hate losing.
  20. The situation in Lincoln is such a cluster, it is hard to care and hard to get mad. There will not be a big hire, just make the right hire. The CFB world is passing us by. We are not even like a bad Power 5 program now. We are an average group of 5 program with how we are run, how we are coached and how we play.
  21. Those animals aren't going to hunt themselves. Hunting season only last so long.
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