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  1. Actually in Ohio they were able to trace some of the community spread in NE Ohio to 3 bars in Put-in-Bay from several weeks ago. Started with 2 people that visited those bars. I think I heard one of them knew they had it. Problem is that, I am guessing because of HIPPA??, they cannot always share info. Governor just said that parties, funerals, and other gatherings have been the problem.
  2. A couple of things.... I really hate wearing masks after about 5 minutes. I hate them, BUT, I always wear them when I am in stores, restaurants etc..... I work at a school. We will have to wear a mask 100% of the time when in school. The students will all have plexiglas guards that are portable and they will carry from class to class. They will not have to wear masks in class. We will have 100% of the kids in our school daily. It will be hard, but it is what will have to do. I tell the adults to suck it up. The key will be to find a mask that is comfortable. I am right of center when it comes to things. I believe you should wear a mask. It is hard for me to understand why people fight it. I have many questions about all of the other stuff, but not masks. If you don't want to wear a mask, then stay home. Our Governor is speaking right now. I suspect we will all have to wear masks after today in our state. It is OK. It sucks, but so does many things we have to do in life. Suck it up and let's get through it!
  3. You are saying and asking the same things that many are asking and saying. It is easy to talk down to people who are asking and saying these things. The problem is when this got politicized it is hard to find true answers. The info seems to be a moving target for those of us that ask these questions. I ask questions because we are trying to open schools in August. Cleaning and Disinfecting questions are all over the place. I have a guy telling me air scrubbers work, I can find plenty of info that they don't. Crazy times we live in.
  4. I got to go to the YSU-Butler game last year. Bo was in classic Bo mode that day. It was entertaining. A lot of YSU fans have wanted him gone ever since.
  5. I can’t wait until September 12th for the next Husker win.
  6. We have looked the same for the last 5 years. Nothing has changed
  7. Since I have had at least 1 student at our HS in rehab for this I thought I would find some research. I was a little puzzled that some thought it was not addictive. I am not an expert, only know what I was told by the parents of a student in rehab. This is the info I found. There are many others with similar info. https://www.verywellmind.com/is-marijuana-addictive-67792 https://www.drugabuse.gov/publications/research-reports/marijuana/marijuana-addictive https://www.healthline.com/health-news/marijuana-addiction-rare-but-real-072014?scrlybrkr=4673dcb9 https://www.cdc.gov/marijuana/faqs/marijuana-addiction.html
  8. We will be fine when the B1G adjusts to our style of FB.
  9. I watched this last spring. It was great! I can't wait for season 2. It was nice to see a "superhero" movie that doesn't follow the same old story lines.
  10. I have gone to church my whole life. I have also never been told how to vote. During a Bible Study in 2016 a parishioner told people how they should vote. Our pastor shut them down and said you should never tell someone how to vote. He said as a pastor he never would. I have many friends who are Christians who also vote the left side. Actually I have many friends who are Catholic who voted for Clinton in the last election. I guess from what I am reading many may think these things don't happen.
  11. I work at a HS, Nike has lost plenty of market share with kids to Adidas and UA. Nike may still be king, but their crown is tarnished. As far as quality. Our school went with Adidas. Nike stuff is crap.
  12. When I look at it from Iowa's perspective, they would say Minnesota and Wisconsin are their rivals. They are just using the last 4 years to try to undo the almost 4 decades of dominance we had over everyone except our true rivals OU. Iowa should just be happy they didn't play us on a regular basis back then. Hayden Fry's tenure would have been shorter or at least tarnished.
  13. We need to get to a point where every team in the West thinks they are our rival. Iowa only is chirping now because they have won the last several games. They may be right we are stuck in the 90's. At least we have a decade to be stuck in. I am waiting for the point where they hope they can beat us again. Should it be a rivalry? Yes. Does it feel like one? Not for me, but we are getting there. We haven't gotten enough traction in the B1G yet where anyone feels like a rivalry. I want to beat them all. The losses suck and the wins are great. None feel any different than the other yet. If the winner of suckeyes and the Huskers go to the B1G championship game, then it will feel like it.
  14. In remind you give the people a number to text. They sign up that way. I don't think you need an app, although I have never used it. https://www.remind.com/ I guess it is targeted towards education. We have Slack, but I have never used it. We have a system we use through our School Administration software to text everyone.
  15. A lot of coaches at our school use Remind. I am sure there are a ton of others.
  16. Ok, I'll play. The best one I have seen is the one from Connor Happer
  17. has anybody watched Umbrella Academy? A different type of superhero series.
  18. This is best. Huskers don’t want to have to play Creighton again.
  19. Same team Creighton beat at home by 14. Not one of Butler's better teams.
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