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  1. About once a week Teach says something pretty smart.
  2. My wife will tell you I lie about my measurements all of the time.
  3. Does he have to take a brethalyzer to check out the cart?
  4. No Pro-Pally stuff at my son's graduation. Way more Yamaka's that Pally garb at Commencement.
  5. My son has commencement on Friday. Can't wait to see what nonsense will happen. His school is historically Jewish.
  6. Is it crazy that I think I would have put on a football helmet and jumped in it. Us GI guys are facinated with tornadoes. I have dreams that look like this video all the time. June 3rd, 1980 is when the dreams started.
  7. Except they can sit around the firehouse for weeks with out a call? Do they have to deal with insane parents? I jest of course too.
  8. This is where I like to plug in the research done several years ago. (no I don't have the link, I wish I did, I would post it often) When tracking the amount of time teachers put into their job, how many 8-hour days do teachers work a year. The answer was 374.
  9. Did a principal say this to you in your younger days?
  10. Mike Riley's teams seem to have had a no compete clause. Especially on Saturdays. I guess you could say the smae for the SF years too.
  11. Nailed that one! I am a traditional organ guy though. My wife is an organist. I don't mind contemporary at all, problem is a lot of Lutherans are really bad at it.
  12. 4. I don't want to go to class 5. I heard I can get laid here...
  13. Thanks for posting that! The fact that the dude is on the south and it seems like a mostly white congregation?? Makes it even better. I heard a sermon in the same vain 2 summers ago. Us Lutherans don't jump up and say hallelujah But I almost did.
  14. There is some type of state competition here in Ohio. About 5 or 6 years ago we had a team do very well. They also sat in the library and started trading or something. (this was their own investments) Started with Bitcoin and worked their way buy and trading and I guess made some good money during the school year.
  15. Do you guys have an investing club at your school?
  16. Does this mean the idiot wing of the Republican party is loosing influence?
  17. A couple of thoughts. If you are upset about it, why retweet it? You are doing the same thing. There is no way the Kremlin doesn't already have the blueprints. Anyway, all of these people are insane.
  18. Gas is up to $3.65 here. Was $3.20 not long ago. Is it shooting up for everyone?
  19. Not living with me. Both renting. It is the interests rate combined with the high house prices. We are in the same Biz. At their age I already ownd a house. I just feel bad for them. (Not bad enough to loan them money) They keep hoping for some relief.
  20. And the interest rates for homes just went up again. Another summer of my kids not beding able to afford houses.
  21. How long until a nut job runs them over??
  22. I am sure this has been asked already, I just don't know the answer... So, since we are dealing with old, senile candidates. What happens if one or both of these guys die before the election? What is the process?
  23. So there are stupid people on both sides....
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