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  1. This should not be that much of a challenge.
    1. knapplc


      Key line from that article:  " At UCF, Frost, obviously had a team he was confident in. "


      Frost is coaching this team, this personnel. He can't call the same plays as last year with this O Line. That's just common sense.

    2. TAKODA


      @knapplc When has common sense made a difference now a day? LOL


      +1, for trying to bring rationality into the equation. :blink:

    3. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      That article sums it up perfectly. I'll cut Frost a bit of slack though since this team is nothing at all like UCF had last year. Pretty tough to have confidence in guys to do something they have shown no sign of being able to do. A little development on our OL and with our perimeter blocking and he can get back to being as aggressive as he wants.

  2. Bro...AM gets like 150 more yards of offense per game.
  3. teachercd

    The murder of Jamal Khashoggi

    Ahhh, thanks! 1. I could not imagine what it would be like to have your fingers cut off 2. I hope they killed him THEN dismembered him for his sake
  4. teachercd

    The murder of Jamal Khashoggi

    This story confuses me...why did he go back there? Maybe I don't get it but he left and was already sort of on a list...but he went back?
  5. teachercd

    RB/WR Wandale Robinson

    I feel like Purdue has played OSU close for the last few times...and it seems like there is a history of these games being closer than they should.
  6. teachercd

    The Walking Dead

    I have liked this season so far. I am a little lost about what they are trying to do with Negan though.
  7. How easy is it for former Husker players to get hooked up with a sweet job if they stay in the state?  

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    2. darkhorse85


      Kody Spano tried to get me to finance a brand new Buick I was going to pay cash/trade.  Probably not a sweet job.

    3. ScottyIce
    4. ScottyIce


      @Moiraine so Kellogg has a sweet job?

  8. teachercd

    Hot Sauces

    Do you have a favorite? https://www.cholula.com/flavors.html I love the smoked chipotle one of this brand.
  9. teachercd

    The Walking Dead

    I feel like I missed something about a helicopter!
  10. teachercd

    The Walking Dead

    Does he have anyone to leave for? Not really, right? Plus, didn't they make that huge mistake of him having that little daughter? He must get killed.
  11. teachercd

    The Walking Dead

    Yeah, it won't be a walker...I don't see Negan doing it because that would be the obvious. Maybe not...who know.
  12. teachercd

    The Walking Dead

    So what are your thoughts...will Rick die/get killed or just leave?
  13. teachercd

    Minnesota Week Pressers

    I guess I just thought it was them hanging posters and they weren't done yet?
  14. teachercd

    Minnesota Week Pressers

    Hahaha! Hour? I wish I had that kind of cash (and stamina)
  15. teachercd

    Minnesota Week Pressers

    Yeah, I can see that...But when you are getting your a$$ handed to you like that and you know it is over I think it is pretty natural that you start to let down. No one goes 100% effort 100% of the time...except me...when I make whoopie.
  16. teachercd

    The Walking Dead

    Was it even on last night?
  17. teachercd

    Nebraska is a 5 point favorite vs Minnesota

    What is a pecker?
  18. teachercd

    Nebraska is a 5 point favorite vs Minnesota

    Sometimes you can toss out a few things. Like garbage time stats.
  19. teachercd

    Nebraska is a 5 point favorite vs Minnesota

    Sure...and in the end it corrected.
  20. teachercd

    Nebraska is a 5 point favorite vs Minnesota

    I know a lot of dorks like to think Vegas doesn't know...but they are pretty solide...the Husker line last week closed at -3.5.
  21. teachercd

    Face facts. This is the worst Husker team in history.

    I remember when Riley lost to Purdue...I sort of thought it would never happen again.
  22. teachercd

    Face facts. This is the worst Husker team in history.

    I think arguing if this is the worst team or not...and going back 70 years for data...means this is the worst team