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  1. Which part did you disagree with? Should teachers promote and push their beliefs, no matter what they are, on kids? Should we let corporations do what they think is best to promote sales? Halls of Congress...I mean, Like I said, that is the weird part. We all agree on that. I would love to know your thoughts. I do not have a cough...but I do know I am right and so do you.
  2. I think we are all okay with fighting "woke education" teachers don't need to push any agenda on students, no matter what that agenda may or may not be. Just like I would not want a teacher pushing some crazy conservative agenda on their students. Corporations? Let them do what they want and the consumers will dictated, #Capitalism Halls of Congress, I am not really sure what that even means. There, once again I come in and make things easy.
  3. Ha! I used to workout all the time...then I kind of got lazy for 5 years and started back up again 4 months ago. It is amazing how gross I got and how much strength I lost. I wish I never stopped lifting...
  4. Man...classic old man body! Skinny in all the wrong places and fat in all the wrong places.
  5. So is your kid okay with it now that you skipped his game to watch NU?
  6. Oh my god! Even the JB lovers and Trump haters have to laugh at this.
  7. Ha! It is so embarrassing! I walked into a door (really, I did, my partner is not beating me), and a few summers ago I walked into the part of a dumpster that extends out...the metal part. I thought I was going to die.
  8. This made my think back and I can't remember the last time I tripped and actually fell to the ground. I tripped the other day in my backyard but didn't actually fall to the ground, I did get out some sweet cussing though! Anyone remember the last time you actually face planted? Mine might have been about 20 years ago when I tripped over a kids foot while shooting hoops.
  9. Kaelin looks like an actor that is playing the "entitled" QB in a high school movie.
  10. That is awesome! I swear, females act like men are the ones that judge based off appearance...but if you are under 6 feet...girls think you might as well be 3 feet tall. All these girls that are 5'2 but demand their man be over 6! Uh oh...this short king is not happy! I wish I was drinking...but I am teaching summer school. No rest for the wicked!
  11. Oh man, Biden had some "heels" on his shoes to make him closer to 6 foot! I LOVE that even when you are the most powerful man in the world...you still wish you were at least 6 feet! And remember guys...girls know that if you say you are 6 feet...that you are really 5'10.
  12. Sure, but it doesn't change the fact that neither should be president. It is okay to admit that.
  13. Yeah...neither should be president. You see that, right?
  14. Shoot, remember when the stores would be empty on game day?? I still remember needing to get to a bar 3-4 hours before the game just to get a spot.
  15. It is crazy to think how CFB used to be covered s#!t...20 years ago (maybe less) you still had PPV games...when I was in college, you could get th ESPN CFB package, where you could PPV your team for 9.99 or like 5 game for 15.99. What is the last PPV game you remember? Mine is that boring as gam vs SoDak State, was it 17-3?
  16. Was it the LJS or the OWH that would do a spread of like 6-10 pictures from each game on Sunday, before every game was on TV?
  17. FUBAR On Netflix, with Arnold...it is okay so far. Decent enough to watch, not great enough to obsess over.
  18. Possibly the worst marketing idea ever... I have never bought/not bought something because of a commercial or billboard or anything...I just don't care about it that deeply and if I like something, I buy it. But like Andre Agassi said...Image is everything.
  19. Buy AI and NVDA right now if you can...I have been loving see my fat stacks get fatter with those two stocks.
  20. It is amazing that people think it is a "trouble" to take a cold shower OR just use a wet cloth to clean themselves. Or that they flush a piss. It is not a trouble and water is not going away.... But...if you are flushing, or taking a shower that is not cold or using your dishwater when it is not totally full for watering your lawn or washing your car Or letting the water run AT ALL...you are the problem and you hate H20
  21. Trouble? Yikes...sounds like you are not a believer! I love cold showers It makes me feel alive I hate being the shower more than 60 seconds, it is a waste of time. I hate water bills, why pay for something that I can control. Why do you not do it? Why do you hate your kids?
  22. I have not flushed a piss in 10 years. I have not take a warm shower since 2011. My showers never last over 60 seconds. I do not brush my choppers with water, I use mouthwash. I do the s#!t you guys claim to do...but don't.
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