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  1. teachercd

    Tim Miles Hot Seat Watch

    That and they will pay him 5 million a year* 1 million from the school and 4 million from the boosters.
  2. teachercd

    The Angry Violent Right

    What a moron! I can't stop laughing at this dork.
  3. Sounds like what you are saying is that just because you wear something, it might not mean what others think it means? (Uh oh...what have I done!) I agree, I would not be wearing a suit like PJ but I am sure (well, I know for a fact) there are people that don't like how Frost dresses for stuff. (Waitin for eyeroll ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------V
  4. teachercd

    OT- Med/Pharm Sales

    I didn't want to say it because of the you-know-who crowd...but that is so true. The Pharm companies are known for hiring hotties...those hotties work for a few years and then are replaced by new hotties.
  5. teachercd

    OT- Med/Pharm Sales

    Shoot, back in the day you could make a fortune in Pharm sales...it was like the wild west of sales...stop in...drop off lunch...drop off your sample of wang-pills and wait.
  6. teachercd

    Colin Kaepernick & Eric Reid Settle With NFL

    No kidding...man that is insane.
  7. The best parts if he came to NU 1. The fans that hate JC players would all of a sudden have to love them. 2. The "If Miles is canned the program will be set back for years" fans will have to admit they are wrong when NU makes the dance in year 1 with him as coach
  8. I want to tile around my fireplace and I totally feel like I could do it and make it look nice but at the same time I know I suck with being a "handy man"... I would like to rip out my deck boards and lay down composite boards but again...I feel like I would somehow burn down my house. What kinds of projects do you all feel comfortable with doing and where did you learn it from?
  9. teachercd

    OT- Med/Pharm Sales

    I looked into it, about 16 years ago...My sister is a nurse and had some ins/connections and tried to help me get in with Pfizer but nothing happened for me.
  10. teachercd

    The Way to Early 2020 Presidential Election

    Probably. So many people feel like they have to dislike rich people for some reason. It makes no sense to me but I think a lot of people picture them taking advantage of others and rubbing their mustache while looking down over the commoners from their big tower.
  11. Good lord. I would not even know where to begin with that stuff.
  12. teachercd

    Gender equitity

    Oh my god, I love when that kind of stuff happens.
  13. teachercd

    OT- Med/Pharm Sales

    Bro, this field is a freaking mess right now. A few years back they changed s#!t up and stopped all the "free lunches, breakfasts and tickets" that reps would drop off all the time at the doctors office. Also, sounds like your dude friend is not a dudette...so that will not help one bit. That field is female, big time. I have a good friend and his brother and brothers wife both were in the field. His brother lost his job and has tried for the last 10 years to get back in with a sweet company like he was before, company car, 20 hours a week, lots of golf and making bank, no such luck. His (now ex wife) is still working with that company. I also have a friend (girl) that does med supply sales and she loves it, travels a decent amount but not a ton and does really well. But from everything I have been told is that it is much harder to get into and to stay in the field now than it was in the past.
  14. teachercd

    Replacements for Miles

    Ha...I know...I feel like I jinxed the s#!t out of them. The important thing...Rutgers covered.
  15. teachercd

    Replacements for Miles

    Don't look now...but Rutgers up at the half at MSU.
  16. Jeans...wow...in college I bet I washed my jeans maybe once a month. Now, you could still smoke in the bars at that time so I would toss them in a dryer with a sheet of Bounce.
  17. teachercd

    Tim Miles Hot Seat Watch

    Yeah...NU and everyone else tried hiring self...The Illinois job was just a bit better!
  18. Good question, hardly ever. I can remember some of the wash clothes that I had after college...those things would be sooooooooo gross!
  19. College: 1...I would wash it when it finally got that old water smell. After college: I think I have like 3 but I pretty much just use one Girls on the other hand will somehow use about 12 towels a week.
  20. teachercd

    Tim Miles Hot Seat Watch

    I wonder, Mav I know you follow basketball...but do you think that having better players would also make the team better? I am really on the fence out that one. I should probably ask Dirk.