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  1. Ohhhh an offer from Lamar...wasn't he in Revenge of the Nerds?
  2. I read that awhile back, it was interesting and a really quick read.
  3. Ha! No kidding! "Bo is a horrible coach and recruiter and his wins are not really wins and any good players that he did get were not really that big of a deal because it was just dumb luck and because not all his recruits panned out to be All-Americans and if the other team had a pulse they beat Bo and YSU is bad"
  4. Got it, his wins were lucky...his losses were bad coaching...his good recruits were just lucky...his bad recruits were his real recruiting.
  5. No idea what you mean... Did Bo recruit like crap and somehow develop and out-coach other teams each year? Yes or no? Remember...even his last year was 9 wins.
  6. Hold on...so Bo and his staff sucked balls at recruiting but still won 9-10 games each year??? Soooo...were they great at coaching and developing the bad talent they did get?
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    2. huKSer


      Mom puts the shirt on the daughter just before the custody hearing.

    3. desertshox
    4. teachercd


      I follow it on twitter...I like to get that hard hitting news!  I also admire anyone that can make a fortune with such a simple idea!

  7. It is clear that he is getting impeached. The only question now is...will the R's even have anyone to run?
  8. I forgot to put mine in but here they were... NCState +35 PSU -6.5 Bama -6.5
  9. Dang...good thing the Lady Huskers are good at sports, right?  

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    2. TonyStalloni


      Bowling, Rifle and beach volleyball.  Baseball should be great soon.  I hear our offense will be so good we don't have to spend time on defense.

    3. huKSer


      How is our eSports team?

    4. Jeremy


      Rifle team beat...Army. Which is good, but concerning, I guess.

  10. Favorite way to have a potato?  Baked?  Fried?  Scalloped?  Mashed?  Couch?  


    Mashed is mine...

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    2. The Dude
    3. B.B. Hemingway

      B.B. Hemingway

      As  McDonald's (fresh) fries . Other than that, baked.

    4. Savage Husker

      Savage Husker

      Mashed red potato with garlic and cream cheese mixed in, boiled in a mixture of milk and water with butter. 

  11. Funny you say that...I saw a mechanic the other day that would not give the keys back to the customer because his car was basically going to start on fire...I didn't get to catch all the issue/argument...but the customer called the cops to get his car back. The mechanic was like "Look, I have to fix this or you have to sign this waiver because your car is not safe"
  12. Well...Duke puts out about 5-10 offers a year! Same with Kentucky! Hahha
  13. I just can't drink stuff straight...unless you are just talking about doing a shot but I just can't sip.
  14. Mhmmm, that would mix really well with some off brand diet coke!
  15. Ha! By the lake! Oh really...no problem! Super cheap places there!
  16. You sold real estate in the city? That had to be annoying! How often did you get the "Can we look at something in the burbs too" clients and then you drive an hour to burbs only for them to immediately not like how far it is from "the atmosphere of the city"
  17. I always thought real estate would be sort of the "easy" version of sales, but it also seems so saturated now and I am sure clients jump all the time.
  18. Yeah, I feel the same way. There are probably a few that like the chase...sort of like being in sales, I think most salespersons (as to not offend anyone) hate sales but there are a few that freaking love chasing that big whale.
  19. Honestly, I think most coaches hate it but they all know you have to do it. Some embrace it but it seems like the second you do that you are seen as a slimeball.
  20. Yeah, Fred hates recruiting. I think he even did an interview where he said it sucked. But with that said, he also knows it is important so I don't think I would worry all that much about that end of things.
  21. NU might not out rebound any team all year. It might not be a huge problem but the Big Ten is a mans conference and it could prove ugly.
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