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  1. Ha! That is true! Other things they currently hate, the cost of the school lunch.
  2. You know who loves saying they hate America? High school students, my god, I hear it all the time.
  3. I have no idea. I sort of think everyone wants lower taxes but I am normal and not insane. I am just saying there is a difference. Kind of sounds like you agree.
  4. Yep and there is a huge difference from complaining and b!^@hing. I mean, you have kids and you have a job, you know there is a difference. And sometimes just asking for change is enough, depending on what it is you want changed.
  5. Yeah, but there is a big difference from wanting to change something and b!^@hing.
  6. This has been a bad start to the year for me (me and a buddy share an account and make the wagers together, it is just a fun way to stay in touch) and we are just not good. Most of our wagers are 5 or 10 dollars but the last few weeks we are getting killed.
  7. Looks like Lot 7 during a Husker game.
  8. Anyone getting the flu shot this week? Why it makes my arm so sore I have no idea.
  9. Yes But MSU is 20 and they have a "big" win over Miami NU would be top 10 for sure...but they hate winning.
  10. I learned that NU is about 4 snaps away from being 4-0 and ranked, probably 8th in the nation. That is sick.
  11. Yeah, it was weird, it is hard to explain. The Deli at the end of Campus Corner is fun and cheap!
  12. So, the campus is nice but quiet on game day, it was sort of odd. Campus Corner is a blast. Fans were great (I was probably the worst) Got tickets on the 50 yard line (upper deck) for 50 dollars.
  13. This seems like a shot you didn't need to take! Hahaha I did a ton of teasers last with with UB...killed me!
  14. I like to go to Bama boards and post that Saban is not a good coach but has just been lucky. Ends up with some pretty reasonable responses. Aunt and uncle are probably pissed.
  15. Really? Does he mean hard punk rock maybe? Maybe some metal? But 99% of rock and roll bands for to get laid, get famous and get money.
  16. That is not totally true Private schools have a little more enforcement power but public schools just have a waiver you print off and have it notarized. Most (that I know of) don't even need a "reason" they just need the document notarized. It is probably harder to get your dog's nails clipped without the vet document saying it has had the shots than it is to print off the vax waiver for schools. Trust me, I still need to get my dogs nails clipped!!!
  17. Oh man, the 6 teamer! Those always hit!
  18. Who is going to Norman (Oklahoma, not MacDonald's funeral)  we are heading out Friday!

    1. TonyStalloni


      I took my three sons to Norman in 1994 to watch the game. Tickets were easy to get as the Sooners were down. We sat in the south end zone by some Sooner fans who offered to share the contents of his leather flask. It was a hoot!

    2. dbetz23


      I'll be there. 

  19. Ever watch anything on Ernie Brace? Him and John both had it bad but man did Brace have it even worse. He had some badass quote like "I got a bunch of medals but they are the ones no one wants to get" haha!
  20. 6-3 on the year MD -7.5 (This game should get ugly fast) Army -34 (This game should get ugly slow) Bama -14.5 (Just can't not bet them until they mess up)
  21. Have any of you been pronouned? I have, not in a rude way and not because I was being rude, but a few students have let me know their pronouns. I think two or three maybe.
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