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  1. And that is not even a genZ thing...everyone wants to be "famous" Like you said, he might be the perfect balance.
  2. He is an exciting hire and I think the idea of being a grinder/developer is nice but you can be both, exciting and a grinder. Prime will kick a$$ in the transfer portal.
  3. Wait...we can finally use this again???
  4. STX? Sounds like you have...too much...time on your hands (clap clap clap)...
  5. If you use Twitter for anything other than sports or local news and snow days...you are a dork.
  6. That is interesting and you are right, I don't really look at it that way, again, not saying I am right. I look at it more as a kid being not happy at one place instead of a kid thinking he will be "the man" at another place. If that makes sense.
  7. Some of the kids that go in the portal really make you realize just how many players were looking to leave or unhappy for sooooo many years but for the most part were just flat out stuck in a relationship they wanted out of.
  8. They still might know each other or have mutual coaching friends, which always helps.
  9. "Coach, Ronnis here, RA of Abel dorms floor 11, are you going to live in the dorms like Hank Hughes did?"
  10. That was the chatter. anything I ever heard was just like, second and third hand stuff. Nothing all that juicy just that Dad was upset. I get that.
  11. There has been talk about that. I don't know how true it is and more than likely it is just talk but it does come up in coaching circles.
  12. "Coach, hey there, first off it is great to meet you, secondly, I noticed that sometimes you sort of shake your knee a bit, mind if I write a 2,000 word article about that? Oh and sorry, my name is Dirk"
  13. This kills me! A few years ago, the team I was coaching for ordered the f#&%ing smocks. I have never worn it, everyone but the HC hated them. We were all shaking our heads at it.
  14. Wow, they changed the time? Something must be wrong!
  15. "Coach, Hi coach, over here, yeah sorry, Henry here from Anselmo Merna, I just want to know which play, out of the 50,000 plays that coach TO called during his career, was your favorite and please be specific with the game, date, down and distance and weather conditions."
  16. What would they ask? I will start. "Coach, coach, Colt here from Cozad, do you think that Mickey should have got the job over you and also, did you feel bad for taking such a large contract, because you should"
  17. Put yourself in Rhule's shoes. He basically is hiring what, 10 main guys. Are you hiring a guy you don't know at all OR someone you have worked with. Now, if he has a spot open, I would assume that MJ would get a crack.
  18. I had a fake interview once, total waste of my time. I knew I could answer everything perfectly and it would not matter.
  19. God I love him! Sadly, this is also one of the reason NU fans could not handle him. Because he is funny and loves to mess with people.
  20. He looked great last night and not like an athlete playing QB, which you see in HS all the time, but he just looked like a really good QB.
  21. And like, where is the line? So paying 750K is okay but not a million? That is nothing in the grand scheme of things. Just pay up.
  22. My guess, which is always wrong, is that today/tomorrow we will start to hear our first decent leaks. Not that the Rhule stuff was not out there but even more than that kind of stuff.
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