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  1. Don't go out unless you really have to. Wear a mask and wash your hands. Stop peacefully protesting for a few months. Stop Legion ball Stop summer conditioning Stop going to the beach unless you are wearing one of those old timey diver suits and masks that look like a fish bowl. Don't have those lame "social distance" gathers where you sit outside and pretend like you are 6 feet away and not spreading germs. Don't shake hands but also don't do that lame elbow touch thing, not because of the spread, just because it is stupid. Don't form an autonomous country unless it is actually in another country. Don't go to church, you will be fine.
  2. So, do you really think that a 100 pound female has the same definition of "Life threatening" as a 225 pound man? I am about 80% more likely to be killed than a woman but I guarantee you that they feel their life is threatened way more than me. By the way, I like your definition. I just don't think it applies to everyone.
  3. Yeah I agree...and I hate guns. But now what does "life being threatened" mean? How we fear things are very different. I am a huge chicken compared to most people.
  4. For those that don't know, since they are "voluntary" there are no rules about masks and having to wear one.
  5. Yep! That was probably the biggest moment in his life, losing him.
  6. When does fall camp start? I bet you are right...they start camp and like a week later schools start canceling.
  7. Is the virus maybe not as strong? Is it infecting more people that can fight it off without dying? I don't know, but you ask a good question.
  8. Anyone know how to pronounce her name??
  9. I think most of us are realizing that there won't be a season. I am guessing we hear an announcement in the next couple weeks.
  10. There isn't. It is peaceful again.
  11. Worst place you had to do #2?


    I have two:

    1.  Office West Lounge:  No door and it was EXPLOSIVE!  I knew there was no stall door but I had to do it, so I RUSHED that one!


    2.  Michigan game two years ago.  We are tailgating and I have to go.  I hit up a port-o-potty and it is is pitch black in there.  I go BAD and wiping...it was like cream cheese. 

    1. Savage Husker

      Savage Husker

      Grocery store - leaving your cart unattended just felt wrong

      8th grade party - it was at this girls house who had a bunch of friends over from our class. Just blew it up and one of the girls walked in shortly after. Oh well

  12. CHAZ doesn't exist anymore.
  13. You monster! Sprite with Doritos??? It should be a Coke.
  14. I started it but it was slow...maybe I will give it another shot.
  15. Oh yeah, I know...but they don't have that much cash by blowing it. Harvard and Yale seem like the only ones that care at all about sports.
  16. If I had to put % on it...the people at the beach and bars are like...95% not protesting anything. They are just going out. The peaceful protesters are probably like 75% out there fighting for change...20% out there to sort of just be there and be a part of it...5% looking for some a$$...because well...guys will do that Ha. Okay, off to go play 18.
  17. Shoot, I don't know about you guys but any games they play will have meaning to me. It is fun, hanging out with friends, watching the game, shooting the s#!t.
  18. HA! well played. Remember when people were worried you could get it from mosquitoes and water fountains...ahhhh I miss the 80's!
  19. Your HIV? What the f#&%! Haha What a loser.
  20. I know the Ivy league is looking to play in the spring and maybe not at all. I wonder, that probably saves the Ivy League of cash, doesn't it? I mean, they don't make money on their sports, do they?
  21. Right, so they are both groups of morons. It is okay to admit that.
  22. That is such a staggering number. I often wonder though, on those "richest people" lists...don't you think they are missing a lot and I mean a lot of middle eastern royalty, sheiks and people like that...like people that have 1,000 horses that are all 2 million dollars each and jewels and crap like that? I feel like those people don't end up on the list.
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