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  1. Cale Gundy retiring at OU after this 


  2. It would be kind of funny if your coworkers did do that! Ha
  3. "Hey, Tad, Brenner, Ollie, do I go with one strap up over my shoulder and topless or do I go just in the boots with a firehose covering my junk"
  4. I have noticed this just recently, used cars had a ton of miles and still were kind of expensive. I would imagine it will only get worse.
  5. I have never liked the "They charge too much" line. I get it, I do, we all get it but if you don't like the price, don't buy it. I was just in the market for a car a year ago. I had two choices, get what I wanted but I hated the price or get something I did not really want but loved the price. I picked the low price over what I wanted.
  6. It is almost like the company is trying to...make a profit?!?!?!
  7. That seems like a huge number of people that are relocating. I would guess it has a lot to do with remote work being so big now. The freedom to pretty much live anywhere would make it very easy to move.
  8. I mean, this entire site is everyone thinking they know everyone else's job better. Are we stopping that now?
  9. Just wondering, when your boss stops in does anyone in your office/cube/space throw things at you or tell you to f#&% off or refuse to listen to you or fall asleep or refuse to get off their phone? Look, I worked a normal job before...my bosses never ever just sat in my cube with me all day. Does it happen, of course, you just gave an example. But it is not how we are observed. I think we can both agree on that.
  10. I am for merit pay too. I was not confusing posters, I posted that reply to BigRed.
  11. Pro-lifers are LOVING this Hey, pro-lifers...please just admit you are anti-choicers.
  12. That is fast and it really goes to show what a freak Usain Bolt was...because he never looked to be slow out of the blocks or struggling. Coleman will be a huge get.
  13. And then he went out and kept winning 9/10 games and finishing 1/2 in the division.
  14. My posts always made sense You are using lame a$$ google sites, which I would as well but those suck. Go look at the actual city links Chicago Firedorks by year 5: 98,000 Want to guess if CPS teachers make 98,000 by year 5? Don't bother...they don't. Firedorks make more because they tricked you (us) into the idea that their job was worth more. I give them props, it is amazing what they accomplished! Nurses make amazing money...travel nurses will make 5K a week. I wish I was one! Nurses are amazing and actually work.
  15. The climate has 3 ways to go... Up Down Stay the same Clearly it won't stay the same because the population is growing. Plus, Aquanet is out of biznass.
  16. This is a lot of coaches taking shots and doing the sour grapes things. Everyone knows that NU will own the west once they just stop being dorks on field.
  17. https://hr.cityofomaha.org/images/stories/public_documents/pay_plans/aec/Fire_Bargaining_2022_pay_plan.pdf https://www.ops.org/site/handlers/filedownload.ashx?moduleinstanceid=918&dataid=938&FileName=2021-2023 OEA Master Agreement.pdf Go to page 38? Notice the starting pay! Oh and 7 years in...Firedorks are making 84,000! Teachers less than 50! Just to clarify, you can be a Firedork by 19 years old with no degree...which means by 26 you can be making 84,000 WITH only another 13 years until full retirement and a 80% pension (I think)
  18. His stats in CFB or CBB...Well he would be making 10 million dollars a year and everyone would know his name.
  19. If someone could explain to me why firemen are paid so much in comparison to teachers, with a good sound explanation, I would love to hear it. We do way more, we are probably in more danger (think about it, firemen hardly rush into burning buildings anymore and they don't have fire station shootings) Firemen have a union that actually worked for them. Teachers, for years, have accepted low wages and were told they were being "noble" If you are ranking public servants in order of who should get paid the most how does it not go... 1A: Teachers 1B: Cops 3: Firemen
  20. It just works like this...every year you teach, you move up on the salary ladder. If you get more degrees, you move up as well. That is it. Unless the school board negotiates a new starting salary for new hires, which they tend to do every two years or so. So when the base salary for starting teachers goes up, it changes the pay scale. Admins are not on a scale or at least not on the same scale.
  21. But why not just...give us more money? Why does it need to be some new eval thing that non-teachers are a part of? You know what we do, you know how much we do. Didn't you mention that your kid is a dentist...I mean...clearly you did a great job and so did the teachers. What if you non-teachers just said "Hmmm, we pay firemen 125K a year and they don't do anything for the most part, teachers are with our kids 33% of the time and pretty much raise them 9 month out of the year...yeah we should give them more" The eye rolling comes from the dorks that complain that we "only work 9 months a year"...newsflash THAT IS BECAUSE OF NON-TEACHERS...they don't want to give up their planned summer family vacations. Normies shoot it down all the time. I have given example after example as to why merit pay is really hard to do in the field and we both know that most teachers are really good at their job, so...just vote to pay more. Instead of rolling your eyes, open your wallet.
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