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  1. Okay, I will say this...my gambling site just made a big move...and well...it is not what I thought.
  2. Just a great video on cooking, I don't really like onions but I have made these and they are amazing
  3. There was some documentary or maybe just sort of a really low budget video piece on the crazy white people in rural Idaho. A lot of extreme survivalists were out there too, like, just waiting for WWIII so that they could live off the land.
  4. I love looking at homes for sale in the south, like Alabama. It is insane how nice some of the homes are, in-ground pools, almost no property taxes. Crazy.
  5. Cities want houses, they want people living there and they want businesses. They need a tax base. Bennington over here in Nebraska keeps building huge houses and zero business/retail space and the taxes on the homes are INSANE.
  6. Hahaha! We used to do things like, let the players pick the score of a the game and if they got it right, no conditioning, s#!t like that. Coach: Okay, everyone, pick the score of the game this weekend. Players: Who is playing... No clue at all who NU would was playing that week. And then even their scores were insane "Uhhh, 11 to 39"
  7. Gives BOTH these teams an extra day to do some recruiting! Ha Two of the biggest recruiting HS's in the state.
  8. So funny that a country that was sooooo backwards preWWII worked SOOOO hard and in the process killed so many people just to get "modern" would once again start to look like an old stuck-in-back-time country. Commies gonna commie!
  9. When I coached HS football it always surprised me how little interest the guys on the team had on watching games. It was just not a big priority for them. Usually when I would ask them about it I would get these responses. 1. No, I did not watch it 2. My parents had friends over to watch, I saw a little bit of it here and there 3. Did you steal money out of my locker during practice?? I agree. I just posted about it, most of my HS players just did not watch/care about games like we do.
  10. Idaho is odd. I always thought that Boise would become a second-Denver, nice weather (sort of), mountains...but it still has yet to take off.
  11. Thanks!! https://www.noaa.gov/education/resource-collections/climate/climate-change-impacts
  12. I am so happy I have nice normal neighbors. And I am so happy that the ones I don't know just stay inside 24/7.
  13. Sooooo they don't like it when THEY are inconvenienced?
  14. Do not let Stranglove see that! He will be convinced that Joe will not get one single vote!!!
  15. I think one of the biggest semiconductor manufactories is there...will be interesting to see what happens with that.
  16. Good lord, I am glad I have never taken a loan out from where some of you guys have. Everything was show to me, well before I signed anything, every month, every payment, the interest rate, how much I would be paying in interest... Again, I am 100% for forgiving loans, starting with school loans, then CC debt and then mortgage.
  17. Hahaha! That guy got right in your kitchen for no reason!
  18. Super Erection Time for the climate bros! Also, now that I am off for the summer a little trip to the Caribbean sounds nice.
  19. She just might be our first female president. 28 will be really interesting.
  20. You totally LOVE farmers! Haha Yeah, that was weird though, out of nowhere that poster chimed in and attacked you.
  21. If you can't see the difference between food stamps and college loans it is because you don't want to see the difference and that id fine but everyone knows there is a difference. But we can move on past that. A teacher in OPS, starting out, will make 50,500 or 3,367 dollars a month after taxes (coach one sport and you can add in another 3-4K if not more). A pretty avg college loan is 500 a month. Is that more than doable? Yeah, it is. If I had a loan (or any debt, which I do) would I want the G'ment to pay it back for me? Yes, 100%, yes please. A kid going off to college is not sooooo stupid that they can't understand what a loan is or that they will have to pay it back. What they are stupid about is the kind of money they might (or might not) make AND what to spend their money on after they get that first job. 1,200 dollar apt in the cool fun area or a practical 800 dollar apartment. A used Honda Accord for 200 a month OR a new cool truck for 550 a month. Again, I am all for the G'ment paying off my debt and I HOPE they do it for me. If they are going to start with college loans, okay, just move on to CC debt and home loans next.
  22. Nice! That new NVDA dividend I think is just a compliance thing. Like you said, it is not a dividend stock at all. The 10-1 split will be interesting, should be a lot of volume on it two weeks.
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