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  1. Makes sense to me...it is clearly not slowing down. It will pick up all through April...flatten in May...start declining in June.
  2. Yeah, I have seen that... and today at Walmart they were wiping down carts.
  3. a$$ to mouth? I agree...I saw two maskers at the store today and sort of did a double take and kind of wanted to shake my head. I saw a lady wearing gloves too.
  4. I wash my hands more...that is probably about it. I guess I wipe things down a bit more. I tried going golfing the other day but it was totally booked up.
  5. I mean, there is the killer flu going around...so this story will take a backseat for awhile. Ratings rule...clicks rule. It makes sense from a business standpoint. If you want to see this story take off...wait until he is the Democratic nod.
  6. No one gets distracted by anything...I see posters post garbage like that here all the time too "Watch out, they are trying to distract you from the real issue" No one gets distracted like that...the impeachment didn't distract them from anything either.
  7. I think he is referring to George Burns in "Oh God, You Devil"
  8. Years ago, I was teaching at a school and got asked to cover a "shop" class...I said sure... I went in and a bunch of my football players were in the class, I forget what they were working on...but a few came up to me and said "Hey, Coach, you care if we chew...Mr. So-and-So lets us chew in here" I just said "Pretend like you didn't ask" Just imagine today on Zoom...they could chew all they wanted! I also remember being worried they would ask a question on how to use one of the tools...because I would have had no idea!
  9. FDR was crazy connected though...and he married his cousin...so
  10. I agree with all of this... But with that said...I do kind of like teaching from my basement on my computer! In your area of teaching...I have no idea how you do it!
  11. That is sooooo accurate! Some of those countries look at Vodka as a healthy drink of Potato Juice!
  12. That is awesome! You know Pelosi heard what that guy said about vodka and was like "Bingo...I am gonna be fine"
  13. Well the leader of Belarus said that Vodka and saunas should kill the virus...so...
  14. Yeah, I was thinking that as well. I wonder if "we" have found ways to slow it down a bit, which is really the first step. Buying time.
  15. Why are we not following what North Korea does? They have zero cases!
  16. I used to handle and sell Jamaican Fruit bats...They were kind of cool.
  17. I am basing it on what I would do, correct. Everyone thought it was not a young persons disease Everyone knows you can build up an immunity to things over time It is way more cost effective to have people fight it off on their own and not run to hospitals.
  18. Ha...yeah it seems like it was the worst idea! I also think I am correct as to why they went that route.
  19. Ummm, if they weren't a threat...they would not be in prison.
  20. I mean, it is clearly a horrible idea and even the biggest SJW's in America know that but for them to say they are against it means they actually are okay with people being in prison. Could you imagine calling home to let some girl know that the dude that raped her and beat her was being released because he might get sick. Or calling a family that had a son who was kidnapped and killed to say "Well, we are letting the guy out because he is 58 years old and might get sick...and if he gets sick there is a chance he could die"
  21. I just assume every politician is pretty much lying. Not even in an evil way but in that "I need to make sure 51% of the people like me way"
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