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  1. teachercd

    Baseball Coach Search

    Because none of the stuff that happens remains a secret. This stuff all comes out all the time.
  2. teachercd

    Baseball Coach Search

    Yeah that is what I mean...NU is printing money...a baseball coach at NU making 750-1,000,000 is not going to hurt the bottom line but a team that makes the CWS is worth its weight in gold. So 300K for Bolt (And I am not against the hire, I don't care at all who they get) or 800K for "the guy" isn't really that big of an issue for NU.
  3. No one keys guards anymore, do they? I think everyone has gone back to reading the back to your side and if he crosses you pick up the second back.
  4. teachercd

    Baseball Coach Search

    It just seemed like Moos could have went out and offered 800-1million to just about any top coach, see what they say...then go from there.
  5. Breaking down film that looks like this would be great! They should try breaking down some JV High School film! Hahaha
  6. She is a big star, Al Bundy is a big star and Peg Bundy is a big star...Poor Bud...not a big star.
  7. For those of you that drink one or all three of them what are your thoughts on the differences? I don't really drink them straight all that often so I don't really know the differences but I know some of you that post here seem to know a lot about them.
  8. teachercd

    OT Teddy Prochazka

    He is a bit of a freak...he is so lean for 250ish.
  9. OJ Simpson on Twitter...AMAZING

    1. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      If he does twit, you must acquit.

    2. huKSer


      Has he found the "real" killer that he swore he was going to find after the trial?


    3. macroboy


      Helping fill the void that Canseco's poor recent efforts have left

  10. teachercd

    Intro song suggestion

    Sounds like the name of a whiskey.
  11. teachercd

    Airbnb Experience - Your thoughts?

    I like AirBnB a lot..
  12. CWS...who is heading over to check it out (not so much the games, but just the scene)

  13. teachercd

    Baseball Coach Search

    Yeah but that is such an insignificant number when it comes to the department anyway.
  14. teachercd

    Intro song suggestion

  15. teachercd

    Intro song suggestion

  16. teachercd

    Intro song suggestion

    Lunatic Fringe...Or... We Built This City On Rock and Roll (Waits paitently to be called a sexiest because I did not name an all female band and eyerolls because people hate laughing)
  17. teachercd

    Will Bolt Named New Husker Coach

    Ever hear of Tony Larussa?
  18. teachercd

    Sexism - It's a Real Thing

    Because everyone knows that...
  19. teachercd

    Sexism - It's a Real Thing

    I saw Shark Tank episode with that!
  20. teachercd

    Sexism - It's a Real Thing

    He changed it. I don't change channels at other peoples houses.
  21. teachercd

    Airbnb Experience - Your thoughts?

    Does PayPay have a "Go f#&% Yourself Button"???
  22. teachercd

    Sexism - It's a Real Thing

    I also don't like men's soccer. Not a fan of cricket (the bug or the game) either. Thank you though, I appreciate your response.
  23. Just watched Hidden Figures, amazing movie.

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    2. Savage Husker

      Savage Husker

      It is impressive. Reminds me of this kid in my neighborhood who was in 5th or 6th grade taking college math at a local CC, the instructor didn’t make it to class one day so this kid was tutoring those who stayed haha

    3. teachercd


      Ha!  I hated those kids that were good at math!!!!

    4. Xmas32


      I was really pleasantly surprised with how good it was.  I remember when it came out I thought it looked interesting and was excited to check it out due to it being a really interesting story plus I dig anything that has to do with early space travel.  I remember saying, "Holy %$%^ that was great" audibly after it finished.  Definitely re watchable for me.  They crushed it in terms of casting.

  24. teachercd

    Sexism - It's a Real Thing

    No, I was going to drink beer.
  25. teachercd

    Sexism - It's a Real Thing

    Before it? Sure..."Here is the quote:" That is what is before it. So once again, you inferred it because well... Want me to help you out?