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  1. It is crazy to think how that industry has changed. SI Sporting News The National (I think that was the name of that baseball newspaper) Inside Sports Gone, for the most part.
  2. I mean, for the CU fans posting here, are you dense or just lying? The reason that some of the CU staff "was demoted" has to do with the fact that they were trying to HELP CU win more games but it was not in line with what Prime wanted to do. Which is fine it is his program. None of them were demoted because THEY were bad coaches. Tim Brewster taking that job probably says more about the fact that he wants to coach there and/or is friends with dudes on that staff and not so much about his options. Sean Lewis went from OC to demoted to a nice brand new fat HC gig at a decent school.
  3. PU fans have to be pissed, this is a way better hire at a way worse FB school. I have no idea if PU fans and IU fans even care but compared to last years PU hire, this is a great one. I would think so. Some of it might just be the "fun" of a new coaching search too but I can't imagine Chip is super popular with the fans.
  4. They are not "supposed to" but face it, in the past they were "not supposed to" pay players under the table but we know it was done. It basically works like this...you have a dude at the NIL collective who is "friends" with the staff, the staff says "We have this guy and he wants to be a Husker, so make sure it happens" and then the NIL guys try to make it happen. That is assuming there is a good relationship between your NIL dude and the staff.
  5. Ever visit their website? My god, it is bad. Not the content, just the layout.
  6. Anyone here use Disney+ and if so, is it worth it? I do Netflix and Hulu.
  7. I am kind of surprised a new (decent) twitter type platform has not caught on yet. I know FB launched Threads but I don't think anyone uses it.
  8. People seem way down on Rogers, I don't get it. I would take him in a second. Tons of experience, played against really good teams, would learn the offense in about 2 days.
  9. Maybe it got posted but I think this kid is native american and his family sits on a native american council board.
  10. Man, they are having a rough 48 hours. I am guessing that by the end of the season a lot of players were a little tired of "all of it".
  11. I think Penix was also hurt while at Indiana, right?
  12. Gas is LOOOOOOWWWWWW Look, prices at the stores suck but most everything else is good
  13. Maybe you "GUYS" celebrated "Thanksgiving" but I did NOT celebrate GENOCIDE DAY! (Clearly I am joking but this was very close to a sign at UNL)
  14. I am not saying that Sapp will be this way BUT I have coached on staffs where some kid came back to coach, and he was like a really good player when he played at the school but he didn't really wanted to coach, he just wanted to "be there" . For the most part, coaching kind of sucks. Most of it is boring, repetitive, slow...I could see where Sapp might like game day but not practice. I was that way my last few years of coaching FB.
  15. Ha! He is! He has no political affiliation either, he just doesn't trust anyone...unless they work with their hands.
  16. Hahaha! My brother in law just tells me how banks are going to fail and all my money will be gone...I don't think he has a debit card.
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