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  1. So..if we start saying that other teams mascots are doing something "racist" they will change too? Also, lots of fans even on this site right now are going to have to pretend to be fake happy about this.
  2. No one picks to be gay…maybe bi? Not sure But you pick to change your gender and age, which we all agree is okay.
  3. Hero, I like that!! But...are you saying men should not be able to identify as women and that we should not be able to pick our age?
  4. It never fails that you hit the rubber T instead of the ball and the stupid "old" ump (who is only 16 that is old to me!) doesn't call it a dead ball! OPEN YOUR EYES...GRAMPS!
  5. If you can pick your gender you can pick your age, it is that simple. And we should be able to pick both if we want. Society tells us we are an adult at 18 and that we are middle aged at 45 and old at 65. Just like society tells girls to play with dolls and boys play with trucks. Hell we even invented "tween" and we say dogs age 7 years to our one... I gotta run...off to my T-ball tourney, looking to go 10/10 with 10 homers...again. Love being 6!!!
  6. I wrote in that they should take out certain bulbs from the scoreboard so that the opposing team can never have more than 7 points.
  7. I will take "Still confused" for 500.
  8. The heart (and penis that is no longer there because there is a vag) wants what the heart (and penis that is no longer there because there is a vag) wants.
  9. No, it would have to be an Asian-Trans who is also gay with a straight husband.
  10. I actually am impressed you came around and admit this because most of the times we just refuse to admit when we were wrong. I 100% agree with you, blaming the race of a person instead of yourself is sad. Again, very impressed with your new attitude on it.
  11. Dude, she said he could just go to another college! #DiscussionOver
  12. Bet this cat ends up with 1200 all purpose yards this season.
  13. If this is going to be a 4pm start, I feel like the school should push for like a 10am start. Let the bars open up at 8am and turn it into a morning/day drinking party, turn it into a tradition of 1 home game each year being the "morning" game. Students are more likely to attend a 10am game and skip classes instead of a stupid 4pm start.
  14. Ha! I saw it the other day! I think it has been on a few times.
  15. Agreed But the other point is that this is a very popular thing that is going on now. There is no reason to think it will get better before it gets worse.
  16. I could be wrong but I thought he was a Biden guy. Anyway, I did like a few of his movies!
  17. Plot twist...the guy stealing...was a REPUBLICAN!!!! Commando's next post "Give him the chair!!!" Ha But for real, this s#!t happens all over the place now but this would could have been staged, lord knows that happens too.
  18. There is an article on that and out of state applications went up some insane %
  19. Bro, everyone makes an excuse to get away from their family for a little bit. Haha
  20. At my school? If I had to guess I would say like 75 to 25 in favor of being opened. And we don't have a "learn from home" option but I am sure some districts do.
  21. The crazies be like "Yeah, well, that store is stealing from the workers by not paying them 35 dollars an hour! THIS IS FAIR!"
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