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  1. Is it weird that I already forgot about Pence? If Pence was standing next to a cardboard cutout of Pence, do you think you could tell which one was the human?
  2. He will be a star in certain markets overseas. He is a "bad boy" but likeable, with a great story. He can score, which will attract fans and keep fans liking him.
  3. Why? Because he doesn't want his kid home all day! Hahaha
  4. No s#!t!!! All the non-PE teachers always joke about that House passes my errrrrr our money! Come on Senate!
  5. Just sell the fried skin...I would buy that once a week!
  6. First "Date" what did you do?

    I think I saw "The Cutting Edge" and then tried to make the magic happen in my Saturn.  

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    2. RedDenver


      Went to see the movie Career Opportunities. I still don't know how that movie ended.

    3. The Dude

      The Dude

      6th grade.  Flinstones movie.  My friend's girlfriend was trying to set up her friend.  I think the nice way of saying it is she had a great personality.  I heard she liked me but there was no 2nd date.

    4. Stone Cold

      Stone Cold

      Went to see toy story with my girlfriend and her mom and brother.  We ended up making out in the parking lot when her mom and brother went to go get something from the gas station.  She is not the library teacher at our old high school and i saw her when i took my daughter there for orentation.

  7. I am fine with it being 15 dollars an hour. I just hope that doesn't make McDonalds get rid of the already pretty limited dollar menu!
  8. NIU and Troy. And the girl I lost my virginity to. If you are reading this, I am sorry for crying.
  9. Dr. Seuss about to get cancelled in Millard. Take that...Cat in the Hat!
  10. Fred is a great listen, even after a loss. Dude answers all the questions, is detailed, doesn't whine or b!^@h.
  11. These refs are trying to set a ton after the brutal prison ball that happened the other night between MSU and Illinois.
  12. Well...just because you huddle on the playing court it doesn't mean it is your spot. That only matters on the sidelines.
  13. Yeah, that dude played like 9 minutes. 3 fouls...one got him ejected, one was punching Kofi in the head...dude was probably told to ahem, "play hard" Look for Ayo to be out tonight. Take NU +8 for the first half. This is going to be an ugly game for Illinois. Won't be shocked to see a loss here.
  14. Teachers are people, not robots, so I get her sharing her thoughts.
  15. There it is. "Free babysitters" That is the shot I was waiting for one of these people to fire. It is what no parents want to admit (because we are heros and stuff, and we get thanked all the time for the job we do) but this is a big one to pull out. If you read the comments you can see people are mad at teachers. I think they are mad because they have lost their "free" babysitter and because they now have to spend more time with their kids, doing s#!t. I also think teachers unions are exploiting this (really, I don't blame them, I would as well. Now is
  16. As or now, we are planning on school being "normal" next year.
  17. So after watching "Murder, she wrote" I decided to hop on the cbs website to submit my fanfare episode where Angela commits suicide and therefore, no one can write about it. Then I stumbled on this https://www.cbsnews.com/news/third-stimulus-check-income-2021-02-22/ In a nutshell, early March is when this should pass. Thanks Joe!!! Cha-Ching (maybe)
  18. If I am EA sports, I immediately create a secret team "Crying Irish" that people can unlock. If I am the AD at ND, I do the exact same thing that he did.
  19. Does sleeping in the sub beds suck or can you fall asleep easy?
  20. You probably would not even have free suckers for kids at your bank!
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