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  1. I just have to wonder what the general feeling in Husker Nation would be if anyone other than HCSF had come in with a $5M/yr. contract and gone 12-20 for their first 3 years including being taken out behind the woodshed last year by a 2-6 team who's coach ended up being fired.
  2. Glad to see it is still scheduled for week 0 since it will be one of the few games that weekend.
  3. If they could win one I'd like to see it be OU. At that point they should still be #2 in the nation. It is early in the schedule and could give NU a real boost the rest of the year. Of course, looking back on how they handled the victory over a winless PSU last year, a win over OU could sink them for the rest of the season.
  4. I'm expecting 4-8 or maybe 5-7 with 6-6 as the ceiling. Honesty, I haven't seen any real improvement in the HCSF's first 3 seasons and subsequently don't expect much to change this year. IMHO, it is imperative that we go 3-1 in the first 4 games if there is going to be any chance of making a bowl. OU is a loss but they must find a way to beat Ill, Buff & MSU. Starting 2-2 or 1-3 could lead to a disastrous season.
  5. No such luck. They are off the schedule for 22 & 23 but back for 24 where we play Minn - NW - Mich - OSU - PSU in consecutive games. Should be fun for all.
  6. Looks like Red Rogue's prediction thread about a mass exodus which was locked and in which he was flamed endlessly is becoming more factual every day. Thanks' for the heads up Red Rogue.
  7. Best of luck to him. He seems like a good kid. I normally don't pay much attention to transfers after they have left but will be interested to see how he progresses at UK. Plus, I used to live about halfway between Lexington and Frankfort so I do have a very slight interest in them anyway. But more so for basketball which for their fans is equivalent to football for NU fans. Football is more of an afterthought, or least it used to be.
  8. If he does end up leaving, and I hope he doesn't, I can't really say I blame him the way he was utilized the past two years. I can't remember the game but it amazed me at the time that we ended up 1st & goal between the 5-10 yrd line and our next 3 plays were running Wan'dale up the gut even though the OL couldn't open up any holes. I guess if figures if he is going to play for a bottom feeding program he might as well do it close to friends and family.
  9. They also said to expect 20M vaccinated by the end of the year and the last I saw as of yesterday (Dec. 30) the total was up to a whopping 2.8M. It will summer, fall or later before everyone that wants to get vaccinated has access to the vaccine.
  10. After two buyouts like Bo has received I think I would transition to a life of fishing and relaxing on a beach on a tropical island
  11. Nebraska - 20 Rutgers - 13 Rush - 183 Pass - 153
  12. I'm going with a way too early 4-8. Until this staff shows it can field a team that can actually win games it should win I just can't go any higher than that.
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