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  1. He's counting "moral victories" along with real, on the scoreboard victories. Now if we can just get the B1G to see it our way we will be at the top the division.
  2. As much as people like to complain about Martinez we better hope he can make it through this season and returns next year. I your starting QB is injured to the point you can't run your offense like we saw Saturday and you feel your 2nd string QB is so inferior to the injured starter that you don't dare bring him in, even for a series or two, then the future looks pretty bleak. Better hope you can find somebody in the portal although it's not likely your going to get a very highly ranked player to come to NU with the record we have amassed over the last 4 years.
  3. The problems with this team are systemic. Replacing an assistant or two or three is not going to get to the root of the issues.
  4. I'm going to blame John Bishop for posting these lies and falsehoods on Twitter in the first place. Damn media's fault. And equal blame needs to go to that evil Hedley Lamarr for posting fake news to this board. He should get a permanent ban for such vile accusations.
  5. Well, it sucks worse as of a couple of hours ago with de-commit of defensive lineman Hayden Schwartz. Down to #73 (24/7) or #83 (Rivals) national ranking now.
  6. I was just going to post that tweet. It glaringly shows exactly how pathetic NU football has become with FACTS, not opinions or emotional bluster. And what is even more pathetic is how much of fan base accepts this and defends it.
  7. I think he gets a year, maybe two, regardless of what happens on the field this year. In the end does it really matter if you finish 3-9 or 5-7? Neither gets you to a bowl. And if they can't come up with the buyout cash he may be here 5 more years. Recruiting might suffer a bit with only 3 wins but we are already ranked last in the B1G so it's not like we have far to fall.
  8. We've gotten to the point where playing hard, improving but not winning any more games and maybe getting to a bowl if we are lucky is good enuff fer DONU.
  9. Not in the middle of the season but at the end of the season, yes. Worst 4 year record at NU since JFK was in office. Currently ranked last in the B1G in the upcoming recruiting class (#11 in star rating). And with what we are seeing on the field it ain't going to be getting better. I was hoping a strong season could in some small way resurrect this class but that obviously isn't happening.
  10. NU has been playing pretty good ball this year just not a lot of wins. Should be able to get at least to 4-5 wins total which I think gets Frost another year or two. I thought going into the year the only way Frost gets canned is if things fall apart catastrophically and they only get 3 wins or less which I don't see happening.
  11. Ended up about like I predicted but with a 3 point loss instead of 4 but higher scoring than I imagined. Played hard and didn't quit. Took a top 10 team down to the wire. It would have been nice to win but at least we didn't get blown out and embarrassed. Still have a chance to make a bowl which counts for something. Not really sad or angry about this game though for some reason.
  12. I'm glad this is going to be on a major network. Anybody know who the announcers are going to be? While I love having all the games televised it sometimes (like last week) feels like the B1G Network broadcasts are second tier.
  13. I can't agree with this. If your going to compare Yant to the other backs but not include his longest run then you need to not include the longest run by the other backs too. So, taking away each back's longest run yields: Yant - 12/63yd = 5.25yd/carry Johnson - 11/51yd = 4.64yd/carry Martinez - 7/25yd = 3.57yd/carry Stepp - 4/20yd = 5.00yd/carry Morrison - 4/18yd = 4.5yd/carry
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