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  1. From Hail Varsity. A pretty damning commentary if it is true. https://hailvarsity.com/football-recruiting/big-red-recon-business-picking-up-for-huskers-as-important-official-visits-get-set/
  2. I wouldn't mind seeing this come about. And I'd to see the rest of the games get evenly rotated for all B1G teams so we don't end up playing OSU 8 of the next 11 years like we have for the first 11 years in the conference.
  3. Not much of a surprise and realistically why would the #1 player in the nation go to a perennial cellar dweller like NU has become even with the legacy factor figured in.
  4. Thanks. I think Rich Strike @ 80-1 had a better chance of winning the derby than NU has of winning 10.
  5. Not being a gambler can one of you high rollers explain to me like I'm 5 what the "-140", "+120" & "+500" actually means?
  6. OL in particular still scares me. No matter how good the talent is around them if they don't get job done it is tough sledding.
  7. Apparently it lends itself to churning out winning teams though. I'd trade their record for HCSF's.
  8. I hope they continue the Husker Online Podcast over there. It is my favorite to keep up on what is happening in without a lot of lollygagging around and wasted time BS'ing about nothing relevant.
  9. Hoping you mean another game like NW last year and not another game like we started the season last year against Ill.
  10. Now just image how much worse it would have been if we hadn't cheated!
  11. He went to KU and set all time school records for catches and yardage for a single season. Have to think that helped his draft position some. And with our running back woes last year it would not be hard to imagine him being used extensively as a running back again had he stayed. We'll never know for sure it looks like he made wise choice in transferring. I'm glad it worked out for him since he seemed like a good kid.
  12. Pretty impressive highlight reel in a position of great need. Hope he can do as well in the B1G as he did in the Big 12
  13. This is pathetic, not surprising but still pathetic considering Iowa had 6.
  14. Right. Going from the best 3-9 team in the country to the worst 3-9 team in the country would kill recruiting.
  15. Yeah, the lowly Boilermakers who went 9-4 last year with a bowl win and have a 3-1 record against HCSF.
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