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  1. Bunch. https://247sports.com/college/nebraska/Article/Nebraska-Huskers-quarterback-Andrew-Bunch-transfer-portal-140208691/
  2. Based on that schedule, what we have seen from this team the last two years and some glaring weaknesses at a few position groups (LB, WR etc) going into 2020 I don't see any way they do better than 6-6. And 3-9 or 4-8 is certainly not out of the question by any means. I think it is going to be a very rough road the next two years for DONU. My biggest question would be does HCSF have enough support to survive 4 losing seasons? Hard to see it but with the buy-out as large as it is it could be enough to keep him here for quite a few more years.
  3. No idea if any of this is true but if JD were to leave we would in even bigger trouble at WR going into next year than we are already in. Our offense is anemic as it stands but losing one of the only weapons we have available it will only get worse.
  4. No, Scott will be around for years to come regardless of what we do next year. And 5-7 is probably optimistic.
  5. I see about 5-7 as the ceiling for next year. The schedule is anything but "nice". I will be surprised if they don't lose the final 5 games and there are at least 2 losses in the first 7. I could see the D being worse than this year and I don't see the offense being any better either. I'm really looking forward to 2022 when Luke will have a chance as the starting QB since I really don't see anyone but Martinez being at the helm for his last 2 years regardless of how he plays.
  6. Iowa - 13 Nebraska - 6 Rush - 112 Pass - 134
  7. Nebraska - 27 Maryland - 35 Rush - 212 Pass - 236
  8. I don't either but that squib kick on the last KO I believe was probably the most effective kick of the day. IMHO they should just go to that deep squib the rest of the season. It is hard for a team to get a return setup when the returning is fielding/fumbling around the ball at the 15-20 yd line and since almost none of our kicks make it to the end zone you are probably not going to give up much.
  9. Thanks. With the way things are going I thought maybe you just put the contest out of its misery for remaining
  10. Wisconsin - 35 Nebraska - 3 Rushing - 46 Passing - 78
  11. I totally agree. Honestly, it wouldn't hurt my feelings if they held him out the rest of the year. The kid has proven to be tough as nails but at his size has taken more than enough big hits for a freshman so far this season.
  12. Hey Mavric. Are we not doing the prediction threads anymore? I don't see one for the Wis game in the contest crib.
  13. Better get all we can get before the last 5 games. I could easily seeing us going 0-5 over that stretch. Hoping to get 6 wins and get back to a bowl but another 4-8, 5-7 season is certainly a possible. Glad we don't play OU next year. If we did, I think 3-9 wouldn't be out of the question.
  14. Start Martinez the remaining games. I wouldn't risk Luke getting a serious or career ending injury against Wis or Iowa, both of which I have a feeling will destroy our OL.
  15. NU - 23 PU - 17 Rushing - 174 Passing - 175
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