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  1. Nebraska - 20 Purdue - 31 Rush - 165 Pass - 198
  2. He does currently but I wonder how long that will continue? With everything I've seen the first 3 years and looking at next years schedule it is difficult to envision a winning season. If he starts off with 4 consecutive losing seasons will he still have strong support? I wonder how many it will take before their patience begins to wane.
  3. Frost will get a minimum of 5 years but probably 6 or more. If at the end of 5-6 years he hasn't been able to field a winning season then all bets are off but until then he will be our coach even if it means 5-6 consecutive loosing seasons.
  4. Nebr - 13 Iowa - 35 Rushing - 98 Passing - 167
  5. Probably too busy coming up with the next play to notice.
  6. That actually sounds pretty good at this point compared to the last 2 ½ years.
  7. Hmmm. That's a burro, not donkey.
  8. I'll name 3. Purdue, Minn. & Iowa. Hard to see NU beating anyone down the stretch the way they play. After watching the very entertaining Purdue v. Minn. game last night I don't a chance in hell of beating either of those teams. We'll be lucky to keep it within 3 or 4 TD's. And although I haven't watched Iowa yet this year they consistently field teams that are tough, well coached and disciplined. All areas in which NU is sorely lacking.
  9. I'd sure like to see them utilize Wan'dale Robinson in way to get him into open space instead of running the 3 yards and a cloud of dust approach we saw last week. Watching R. Moore's return for Purdue last night I saw a team utilize that type of player to with great success. He had more receiving yards last night than Robinson has all season and was effective on the jet sweeps. I know we don't have the receiver talent that Purdue has to draw defenders away from Robinson but there has to be a way to get more production out of probably the most elusive player on the team.
  10. Illinois - 14 Nebraska - 45 Rushing - 263 Passing - 253
  11. Thanks for the update. I've been wondering what the status of the project was.
  12. Honestly, looking at the last few years the question it is not if we screw up but when will we screw up.
  13. PSU - 35 NU - 24 Rushing - 128 Passing - 234
  14. There was a link posted before the first game of the season to an article that speculated we could winless this season. I didn't bother to read it and chocked up to click bait. I'm now wondering if they may have been right. I didn't expect much this year with a ceiling of 4-4 but getting anywhere close to that now seems like a long shot at best. If anyone other than HCSF would have come in here and posted 9-17 record the pitchforks and tar & feathers would have been out in force. The worst part is I don't see any improvement in any aspect of
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