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  1. Great listen with coach Joseph interviewed by Clint Cosgrove.
  2. Great to see this. Positive press for NU and can't hurt when recruits see things like this. Now we just need to get some guys on the Outland Trophy watch list!
  3. I'd heard he rebuffed overtures from LSU & USC which are better jobs than NU. Seems to be happy at Baylor. From what people say he is a lower key type coach who might not enjoy the fishbowl here (or at LSU or USC). And these guys make enough money now that for some of them it probably isn't worth sacrificing their quality of life for more money. Most of them make more in a year than the average Joe will make in a lifetime.
  4. Well worth the 16 minutes to watch Mickey. I haven't bothered to watch the press conferences in years but he has changed that. Responds to the questions with short, succinct, honest answers and doesn't pull any punches. He tells like it is. Certainly easy to see why he is such a great recruiter. If I were the parent of a kid considering NU and Mickey was in the living room I'd have no reservations at all about sending the kid off for 4-5 under his guidance.
  5. I'm glad to see 9AM finally enjoying some success after what had to be four frustrating as hell years at NU under Frost. Beyond his numbers, 2AM was always a class act when he was here. Even with the all that went wrong and all grief he took it would have been easy to just shut it down or lash out at the fans / media instead of remaining level headed as he did.
  6. The thought crossed my mind yesterday when Chryst was fired but Ferentz is the longest tenured coach in P5 so probably not.
  7. If that were true I doubt they'd have named Jim Leonhard as interim coach.
  8. Jim Leonhard was named interim coach so he'll have an audition similar to Mickey I'm guessing.
  9. Looks like the days of waiting until the season is over to fire the coach are over. Guessing the portal and early signing make it tough to wait until after Thanksgiving. He is still owed $16.5M so he'll have pretty soft landing.
  10. After going up by 2 scores in the 4th qtr., not attempting an onside kick is coaching genius.
  11. That would make sense. Once a team steamrolls DONU, looking like national championship contenders, they tend to go on loosing streaks, looking like a mid-level FCS teams.
  12. But with ISU playing KU today we could see another shift where Campbell rises back up and Leipold sinks back down. Baylor plays #9 Okie State where they will be seriously tested. Aranda could be back down with Leipold before the day is over.
  13. I would too. With reports he turned down LSU & USC last year it is hard for me to see him coming to DONU.
  14. I can't see any way Trev would take a chance on anyone without HC experience that isn't named Mickey he is an extreme long shot IMHO. Trev can't afford to get this wrong and while Rossi (or any other coordinator/position coach) might turn out to be great he just can't roll the dice on this hire.
  15. Just listened to this before dinner. Some interesting perspectives which is why I like listen to more than one source, including Dirk. Love the fact Trev is focusing on a return to be a "development program" which is something we haven't been for a long time while many of the our B1G opponents excel at it.
  16. Jeremy Pernell: Parsing the Huskers’ Coaching Possibilities
  17. Don't forget the 15 yard PF penalty against Asante first play after the KO. Without that extra 15 yards UT would have been out of field goal range. That and the mentioned kick-off OOB really doomed us to the ending the way it did. Everybody b!^@hes about the 01 second but watching the replays many times the ball clearly hit the ground with :01 on the clock.
  18. Said it before, this thread will absolutely crush the the Scott Fruadst mega-thread of 2017. Probably by several hundred pages.
  19. Yeah, when you predictably go berserk several times a game it is 100% guaranteed their will be a camera tracking your every movement so they don't miss any of the raging.
  20. If he and/or his agent thought it wasn't fair then they shouldn't have signed the contract.
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