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  1. The B1G West is a steaming hot mess with some really awful teams but at this point of the season it looks to me that NU is the worst team in the entire conference.
  2. LJS Article. NU plans $450M remake of Memorial Stadium, including new South Stadium
  3. Mich - 35 NU - 3 Rush - 75 Pass - 55
  4. Mich. is averaging 4.97 yd/rush. It will be interesting to see how the D holds up against their OL which is by far the best we will have seen this year.
  5. I wonder if anybody has tried that? Surely in the entire history of college football there have been people who seriously have thought that and given it a try.
  6. What an uninspiring weekend of games. Some real stinkers on that list.
  7. N. Ill - 24 NU - 13 Rush - 156 Pass - 89 Turnovers - 4
  8. NU - 3 CU - 35 Rush - 105 Pass - 88 Int - 4 Fum - 2
  9. Regardless if they end up winning or not I'll be curious to see how much the line moves after see how CU looks todey and our anemic loss Thursday night.
  10. I was wondering if there would be prediction threads in the Contest Crib forum this year. It doesn't look like it.
  11. Nice highlight video. http://www.hudl.com/v/2JhdpY
  12. Wow. Are you ever a ray of sunshine. Sounds like we'll be lucky to go 0-12 with a few calamities thrown in for good measure to make things even worse.
  13. But, but the hippies (haven't heard that term in a long time). They're all rabid football fans and prone to violent outbursts from smoking all that evil ganja.
  14. Prediction - Ethan Nation will be Prediction. Ethan Nation is going to have big impact on Husker football in the coming years. Although only a ⭐️⭐️⭐️ by the services he had offers from just about every P5 powerhouse program there is. Kind of flew under a lot of peoples radar IMHO.
  15. According to a post on another board you actually could see some of practice although the feed seems to be just still images that update every few seconds so not much could be gleaned from it I don't think.
  16. I was on the 5-7 train until Betts left but now I'm leaning more towards the 4-8 season.
  17. But the problem is what happens behind the scenes in the program is none of the public's gawd damn business is it? If Betts want to come out and do a tell all about what his thought process was leading up to this, fine. But we sure a hell don't need anyone within the program flapping that jaws on what is a private matter between the staff and player.
  18. As was expected and reunited with Travis Fisher.
  19. I think most Husker fans will need to look up the meaning of that word. It takes all the enjoyment away if we can't kick a guy when he's down or on the way out.
  20. I wonder if Rhule will address this in his PC after practice this morning. As mentioned on the ON3 podcast yesterday, today is expected to be the first scrimmage so it should be open to former players, coaches and family members. If so, there will be more information leaking out I would guess.
  21. Pretty bold statement coming from a team that has had 6 losing seasons in a row while IA has had 10 winning seasons in a row. If they are irrelevant what does that make NU? An embarrassment?
  22. That's what I was thinking but hesitated to post it since I wasn't sure. Regardless, looking at the stats it's hard to see how Minn. won that game. Syracuse dominated in about every category. But they did have 2 turnovers and Minn had 118 KO return yards on 3 kicks.
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