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  1. Agreed. Not something you want to listen to if the kids are around. Unfortunate since it isn't at all necessary. Puts then in lower class of podcast in my book.
  2. Matt Rhule Doesn’t Anticipate Nebraska Rebuild Being A ‘Slow Burn’
  3. No water breaks are good old fashioned football. All during HS water breaks were strictly forbidden during practice. Being in hot, humid KY made things even worse. After the practice it was a race to the drinking fountain inside the school. Being an OL I was always bringing up the rear so the queue was long and it was another 10-15 minute wait to get a drink. It was normal to loose 5-8 pounds in a 2-2.5 hour practice. Thankfully things have changed.
  4. I only had the privilege of seeing Frost in person one time. Sept. 21, 1996 - Sun Devil Stadium - Tempe, AZ Enough said.
  5. Arik visited NU Saturday. A decision will be coming soon.
  6. It just reminded me of one of the the kids that visited late last year. I can't remember the details, from AZ maybe, but when he was offered everybody was like WTF. The recruiting experts quickly chimed in that the offer was definitely not commitable and it was extended as favor to get the kid on the radar.
  7. I wonder if this is commitable offer or a way to get one of Wager's former players ranked and some attention.
  8. I didn't think that is how the portal worked. Just because you don't get any takers or change your mind you can't automatically return to the team. Once in the portal you relinquish your scholly and the team is under no obligation to take you back. So if he is returning this would have had to have been worked out with Rhule's blessing. And if that is the case I'm pretty sure Rhule wants him on the team and not leave again in May. This is good addition IMHO. He made a contribution last year before leaving and I think only played in 4 games so it should be his redshirt season. Whatever problem he and his family had with Joseph that caused him to leave in the first place must been personal and not extended to the program in general.
  9. Well, that didn't last long. Makes my prediction of no bowl again in 2023 seem a lot more likely.
  10. Doesn't look like it. As a whole, they seem to have a lot more intelligence than this clown.
  11. Yep. If they were lined up in a 4-3-4 I believe TCU would have won the game easily.
  12. I read they could now coach in practices but not on game days.
  13. The word from people that know what actually goes on behind the curtain is this is perfect role for him. He was responsible a major part of the fundraising for the new athletic facility.
  14. Seems to me that he is trying to build for the future through regular recruiting while using the portal to fill some holes. Doesn't want to go full Mel Tucker which seems like a roller coaster ride strategy.
  15. Ha. In HS our HC was also the drivers ed. teacher. And he was a hell of a lot better at that than coaching. We won 3 games total in my Jr. & Sr. years. Went home for X-mas the year following my graduation and he was doing an ad on TV for the insurance company he worked for after being canned.
  16. I'll be somewhat surprised if CT is the starter going into game #1.
  17. Can't wait to see how he develops at NU. Kid had 180 tackles in 10 games this year, runs a 10.8 and closes on his target like a missile.
  18. Shortside Option - Rhule’s Hires So Far
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