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  1. This doesn't surprise me. Watching the Stanley Cup playoff games this year they have bounced back and forth between ESPN & TNT depending on whether they have an NBA game on ESPN.
  2. The sun sets in Lincoln at 7:48pm on Sept. 7. The lights will be on for the entire game since the field will be in shadow even at kickoff due to the west stands/press box.
  3. Looking though the ST stats @ https://www.ncaa.com/stats/football/fbs it seems we were good most areas expect the highly visible ones like place kicking and punting. Buschini was good in 2022 so hopefully he can bounce back from whatever was going on last year. Alvano scares me. 60% isn't going to cut it. Wish we had a decent backup.
  4. During Dr. Susan Elza's PC last week she made it sound like the local media would get a tour at some point so hopefully we can get more info.
  5. You heard right! Wow. #1 tackle in the nation.
  6. Hope NBC gets second pick so it will be a night game.
  7. My thoughts exactly. We were -17 (#129) in turnover margin. I don't expect to magically vault into positive territory this season. But if we can get it down to a single digit deficit it will go a long ways in getting to six wins and having a successful season. And the defense needs to do a better job too. 14 takeaways sounds OK until you realize we were tied at #103. Top teams are in the high 20's.
  8. Good for him. Even though he left under rather strained circumstances (did you feel the strain?) I though he always conducted himself in classy manner. It would have been easy for things to go south durning the PCs after some of the losses where he was at the helm.
  9. While he hasn't competed at the P5 level yet I really like the way he took care of the ball in 3 years of HS. At least he hasn't been a turnover machine like some of our more recent QBs. Passing 566/881 (64.2%), 88 TDs & 11 INTs (8:1). Hope the line can protect him and open some holes for the RBs which will help a ton.
  10. Well researched article and seeing detailed how utterly dreadful NU has been over the last few years in TO, passing and kicking it's almost surprising we've won as many games as we did. Michigan was 3% for comparison, 7X better than DONU.
  11. Saw this on another board. It's been talked about quite a bit and know Rhule wanted it to happen.
  12. I thought HH looked an order of magnitude better too. Feel a lot better if he is #2 and has to come in. On his play at 1:08 on the film he looks right for his first read and doesn't like what he saw there, second read over the middle there was no receiver (can be see from an end zone shot) and finally on his third read he finds Fidone crossing from the left for a big gain. 99% sure that wouldn't have happened last year.
  13. At about 27 seconds DR rolling to his right throws a perfect 20 yard strike to Lloyd sprinting to the sideline. Haven't seen that kind of play whole lot lately and hope it is a sign of things to come.
  14. He's going to be hosting Dawson Merritt, 2025 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ LB from Overland Park on his OV in June. By all reports Merritt over the top loved his unofficial visit this the weekend and their families hit it off well too. He'd be huge pickup and has offers from just about all the blue chip P5 teams.
  15. This was posted over at another site but since the poster copied it from another board and the author stated anybody can post this anywhere I thought some here might be interested. Enjoy. Great observations from somebody that was at practice since we don't get much of that these days. Should really get your juices flowing. I added a few more paragraph breaks for readability and let the spell checker fix some typos.
  16. Watch the PC's with the coaches and players or read the PC coverage articles for a more serious take on spring practice. These "Hilites" are seem to be a tongue-in-cheek, almost satirical production of the athletic dept more for entertainment value that providing any insights.
  17. I agree. 5-2 (or 4-3) is where I expect them to be after the first 7. Then it will be a huge challenge to get 1 or 2 wins in the last 5 games looking at the schedule. UCLA and then getting another will be difficult. Just like last year it will be nip and tuck getting bowl eligible.
  18. Hmm. He ranked #8 in completion %, #12 in passing yards & #10 passing yrds per game our of 130 FBS teams last year. He was 31 for 42 (74%) for 393 yrds with no int. agains NU. Pretty good numbers for somebody that's "not that good". Wish we would have had a QB that was "not that good" last year.
  19. I agree. Throw a few more porta-potties under or outside the south stand bleachers and call it a day. Hate to see them put well over a half billion dollars into a facility that is so hopelessly outdated.
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