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  1. What do you think the main thing thats wrong with the oline? Is it covid preventing their development, coaching or a combination? I'm not trying to argue i dont know anything about what goes into making a good line.
  2. If it wasn't for the covid year sicherman and hixon would be seniors, jurgens would be a junior, piper and benhart would be sophomores and everyone of them was redshirted. The coaches have had plenty of time with these guys.
  3. I was skeptical about how well this defense would play against an offense like OUs. I couldn't have bee more wrong. Coaching is the biggest thing holding this team back.
  4. Relying on this oline to pass block and not rolling martinez out throwing to the sidelines to stop the clock is so frost.
  5. Martinez is running for his life on most plays. Austin needs to go.
  6. If Austin has a job after these first 4 games then Frost is just looking for a buyout
  7. Why is it every time a Nebraska receivers make a play they come out of the game?
  8. I was on the fire Held train but i would like to see what these backs could do with even an average line.
  9. Leave Austin in Oklahoma and have Busch coaching special teams tomorrow
  10. Good effort and a much closer game than i thought it would be. Frost has to fire Austin.
  11. A quick slant if only that was in Nebraska's playbook
  12. Why do they keep trotting culp out there? HE CANT KICK
  13. Did Hixon start the game? Seems like the lines been a little better the last couple drives.
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