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  1. I really hope the AD holds Frost to a higher standard than what you guys are suggesting.
  2. Nebraska could be bad and still win 6 games and go to bowl game against this schedule. Then the AD is in a tough spot on whether or not you keep Frost.
  3. Yeah but how many one score moral victories does taylor have?
  4. Mississippi's qb got hurt in their bowl game and luckily its nothing too serious but if he breaks his ankle and is out for his rookie year in the nfl that would cost him in the draft. IMO these athletes give a lot to their university and if the want to skip the final game of their career in order not to jeopardize their draft status that's their call and no big deal. Coaches leave all the time before bowls head coaches included and nobody cries about that.
  5. Nebraska didn't have to do that either they could have just played him at receiver.
  6. If half that stuff about the fired coaches is true then what a s#!t show.
  7. Any truth that he's had some significant injuries?
  8. His teammate tank bigsby would be a huge get.
  9. What's the point in waiting to make it official?
  10. Grab the lineman from fiu and the 2 from Virginia and Nebraska will double its wins.
  11. I heard he wanted then to guarantee he would be the starter because his NIL contracts don't pay as much if he isn't starting. Can you imagine demanding to be named a starter over the guy that just won conference player of the year? I hope he goes to texas the drama would be very entertaining.
  12. I didn't know the players were this upset that the Riley tradition of taking the team out for ice cream after loses wasn't continued.
  13. You would think by year 4 the culture issues would at least be fixed.
  14. Good for him. Dude obviously has talent, will be interesting to see what he can accomplish with an offensive staff that's all pulling in the same direction.
  15. I have no idea who the new coaches will be, but if fans are expecting them to be current p5 coaches with a track record of success and are willing to leave their current jobs to work for a guy in Frost's situation then that's delusional.
  16. Are people surprised this is taking a while or just upset for the sake of being upset? No one should be surprised. Frost has 4 straight losing seasons and just accepted a buyout reduction that could get him fired half way through next season. This was never going to be a quick big name splash hire.
  17. Davis and Korn as co-OCs. Davis can coach the oline and Korn handle qbs.
  18. Frost did what he always does. when the other team make second half adjustments and take away the qb run game he gets pass happy. Frost is looking for any excuse not to run the ball.
  19. I don't think there are that many Frost supports left. I think there are a lot of fans that for some reason think criticizing Frost means you're insulting the institution. There is one particular poster who loved to site pff and such to prove how great Frost was and telling everyone that brought up his record how dumb they were that i haven't seen post a lot lately. I would like to know their opinion.
  20. Again if Frost cares about anything but his bank account he would resign. He's a loser and he's only hurting this program.
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