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  1. tight spiral and that would have been an int
  2. the offensive line and defensive line is struggling?
  3. team is just as s#!tty now as it was with frost. mickey could get fired tomorrow for all i care.
  4. rg3 nebraska doesnt have a good play they can run.
  5. if they are they haven't been paying attention for about 8 years.
  6. good play nelson. one of the only guys in the front 7 with a pulse.
  7. what the f#&% kind of play call is that?
  8. Or least play the next 2 games with a running clock. No need to have a 3 hour game when they're over before they start.
  9. trey palmer's play has fallen off a cliff
  10. Same people who think head coaches will come to Nebraska to be coordinators and that Urban Meyer is begging to come here.
  11. Does Nebraska really need to play the rest of the game or better yet the season?
  12. the same people who think having a bye week means the team should magically play better
  13. other than the paycheck I don't envy the next coach. I don't know if there's 5 good players on this team. I just hope all you that thought frost was the goat up until 5 minutes before he was fired give the next guy some time.
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