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  1. Why compete for national titles when you can win 3 games a year the right way?
  2. Yeah why would a recruit with a bunch of offers from good schools want to go somewhere that wins.
  3. I think they go 5-7 and a large portion of the fans cream their overalls about 2 more wins.
  4. If Martinez was so bad it should have been easy for an offensive guru like Frost to recruit and develop some better and not have martinez start 4 straight years.
  5. no schedule is easy when you can't even consistently beat the worst teams in your division. I know Frost has had some difficult schedules so far but if he could have just had a winning record vs purdue, Illinois and Minnesota he would have made multiple bowl games by now.
  6. If Frost goes 5-7 he will get another year. A lot of fans will be foaming at the mouth about how he almost double his wins from last year and how the 7 losses were the new assistant coaches fault.
  7. How is expecting him to go 8-4 by year 5 asking a lot?
  8. If kolaravic is playing nickle the defense is in big trouble
  9. Is ASU going to have enough guys to field a team?
  10. please god let nebraska make a bowl game this year so i dont have to listen to family members blame a poor season on the 5 day suspension.
  11. Nebraska is in a tough spot because they've been terrible since the riley hire. Why would an elite 4/5 star recruit go to Nebraska when he can get paid the same or more and play at a team that since he's been in elementary school won a lot more games and is probably closer to home? I don't know what the solution is other than frost flips a switch this year and has a monster year that cements Nebraska as a legit contender in the big 10 and gets recruits and boosters fired up. But looking at the talent level and frost's track record that's unlikely. Or frost is s#!t canned after the season and the athletic department and boosters go all in on a new coaching staff that has no guarantee of success considering what he would be inheriting. I think athletes should be able to make money nil just happened at the worst time for Nebraska.
  12. What happened to everyone saying that Frost did such a great job recruiting those top 20 classes? I thought all he needed was more time for his recruits to replace all those do nothing bad attitude Riley recruits? Now all the sudden its his 5th year and the team isnt talented enough to compete in the west? So the fix is for the boosters and fans to create a multimillion dollar slush fund to pay recruits and entrust the guy who in 4 years hasn't put together a team talented enough to even make a bowl game with it? I guess Nebraska has to since everyone else is i just dont know how you can think a coach with frost's record is going to realistically inspire people to donate that much money.
  13. Texas am had a great recruiting class. There boosters spent a lot of cash. Texas am also has a nation champion winning coach and hasn't had a losing season in about 10 years. Asking nebraska boosters to do that with what frost has done the last 4 years is ridicules.
  14. Why would 4 and 5 stars go to a losing program for money when they can get paid at winning ones? It's not like frost hasn't recruited well on paper, how many times have people said the talent is better than the record? Frost needs to do his job.
  15. I can't imagine boosters and fans doing that when the current head coach's greatest achievements so far have been close loses. People want to have something to show for their investment.
  16. Eventually one of these preseason predictions will come true. Right?
  17. I would imagine they're on 4 year contracts and the amount they get is based on their performance. They're not just handing 30 million dollars to kids that haven't played a down of college football.
  18. With how young the defensive line is hearing that they already need to trim fat so they can get guys from the portal is concerning. Makes you wonder why some of those guys were recruited in the first place. Thanks for posting.
  19. Was he visiting BYU? If not who cares.
  20. Is his former agent still the AD?
  21. That was the game where guys were late showing up. CTB i think brought it up. Team looked asleep in the 1st half.
  22. I really hope the AD holds Frost to a higher standard than what you guys are suggesting.
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