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  1. Honestly, the last time I ate at a Wendy's may have been in high school. There was one in the Conestoga Mall that I ate at quite a bit. I think my go to was 2 Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers, 5 piece nugget, soda. Each was on the 99cent value menu. Cost me like $4.25.
  2. I am boycotting Wendy's until the bring back the SuperBar.
  3. C’mon down to Stetson Bennett Kia. We’ll get you a great deal on a fully loaded Telluride that can fit the whole family.
  4. I’m curious who here is in the camp that Satt is the next Saban? I’d love to see some examples of people claiming that.
  5. So we should see no drop off when White leaves for a HC job and Satt becomes the new DC?
  6. Good discussion by Andy Staples and Dan Wetzel on the future of college football (and the jokers running college football)
  7. Clester (I think) kinda misses his guy. Makovika decides to clean up that missed block plus block another guy for good measure.
  8. I would guess most would be in favor of a summer signing period. Lock recruits in and you don't have to worry about them flipping during the season. And the coaches are the ones that asked for the earlier signing period in December. They don't want to deal with HS and portal recruiting going on concurrently.
  9. 100% agree. And I love 12 because it keeps some meaningfulness to the regular season for teams you know are going to make it. Makes winning your conference a big deal. If you get to 16, may as well do away with conference championship games. Teams playing in those would almost be at a disadvantage as it would be an extra game of wear and tear on the players.
  10. The people running college football are idiots. They are already trying to expand the 12 team playoff before we even actually see it in action.
  11. I can't wait to see the other wacky ways the SEC/B1G are going to "save" college football.
  12. Is it wrong to bet on the "No" as an emotional hedge? Asking for a friend.
  13. I can just see how a private equity firm would run a CFB program. They'll be mandating they they only have 7 assistant coaches to save money. "Why do you need an offensive and defensive coordinator? That seems redundant. Lets just have one coordinator and he can call both the O and the D."
  14. The best indication on if a transfer will have an impact is if he had an impact at his previous school. Taking these highly rated recruits who never saw the field at their previous school is a risky strategy. And a reminder that recruiting stars mean nothing once a player steps on campus.
  15. Tiebreakers are (somewhat) easy when all the teams have played each other. Problem is now that you are going to have 2 or 3 teams that are tied that never played each other (and may not have that many common opponents). Using the 2024 schedule, say Ohio St runs the table and is 9-0. Then all Michigan, Nebraska, and Penn St end up at 7-2. And Michigan, Nebraska, and Penn St never played each other and are lacking common opponents. Michigan - USC, Min, Wash, Ill, MSU, Ore, Ind, NW, OSU Nebraska - Ill, Pur, Rut, Ind, OSU, UCLA, USC, Wis, Iowa Penn St - Ill, UCLA, USC, Wis, OSU, Wash, Pur, Min, Mary So is the tiebreaker going to be total conference opponent's record? Are they going to go 2008 Big 12 South where they used rankings to break the tie?
  16. Check in at #39 in the initial SP+ ratings (we finished 2023 at #66). At this point, these numbers are based on returning production, recent recruiting rankings, and recent history.
  17. We're #3 in the country in "returning production", only behind Va Tech and Iowa St. (Regarding transfers, their old team counts in the calculation. So Mazzccua would count as starting 12 games).
  18. ESPN gets the first 8 years of the 12 team CFP all to itself. Starting in 2026 they will pay $1.3B/year for it. Many in the B1G were hoping for a NFL style deal, with the games being on multiple channels.
  19. Need to see the juice and look at schedules to make a full determination, but Ohio State: 10.5 Over Oregon: 10.5 Under Michigan: 9.5 Under Penn State: 9.5 Over USC: 7.5 Over Washington: 7.5 Under Nebraska: 7.5 Under Iowa: 7.5 Over Maryland: 7.5 Under Wisconsin: 6.5 Over Rutgers: 5.5 Under Northwestern: 5.5 Under Michigan State: 5.5 Over UCLA: 5.5 Under Illinois: 5.5 Over Indiana: 5.5 Under Minnesota: 4.5 Over Purdue: 4.5 Over
  20. He was really good in NCAA Football 2001. Hiring from within seems like their best chance of not losing a lot of players to the portal. And best of all we get to keep TW for another year.
  21. Including Rhule sounding like he wants to bring in a 4th scholarship QB after spring ball.
  22. Additionally Rhule said that Corcoran might not be ready for the start of the season.
  23. It’s baffling. I’m sure Thomas and Arop are really good high school players. But neither of them have any P4 offers. You would think any 4 star OL in Omaha would have multiple Big Ten and Big 12 offers.
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