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  1. Close enough. Corey Whitaker Our 3 most recent high school OL recruits from CA are: 2012 Corey Whitaker 2005 Jacob Hickman, Rodney Picou
  2. He was a juco. Talking HS recruits.
  3. Close. Both Hickman and Rodney Picou were signed in 2005. There is one more recent than Hickman/Picou.
  4. I think we waste a lot of time recruiting CA OL. There are plenty in the midwest that we have a much better shot at getting. Anyone care to guess the last high school OL recruit we got from CA?
  5. Another stellar early season matchup for new B1G media partners
  6. CBS has a nice little doubleheader on Black Friday Iowa/Nebraska at 11, Missouri/Arkansas at 3 End of our game will be going up against the Jets/Dolphins starting at 2.
  7. Ohh, we avoid playing the Friday night game on Peacock. That seemed like a lock to me.
  8. No wonder NBC wants OSU, Mich, and Penn St to play November night games if this is the crap they are getting in September
  9. The only theory I got is the DiMichele GBR tweet last night. He tweeted the same thing the night Kaelin committed, which was a few days before it became public knowledge.
  10. A good discussion on the B1G media deal and a great rant by a national CFB media guy (Steven Godfrey) on the B1G old guard being afraid to play in chilly temps after the sun goes down starts at around the 36 minute mark. "The MAC would play a night game in the rubble of the Silverdome in January if you asked them to"
  11. Let's start some unsubstantiated rumors: Barta was the "full time employee in the UI athletics department" that was found to be betting on sports and Kirk has the inside track to be the next AD. And then Kirk would name Brian the HC.
  12. He tweeted the exact same thing the night that Kaelin committed, a couple days before it became public knowledge. Also, why a football emoji to watch a baseball game?
  13. Looks like we got a commit. Any guesses?
  14. I know its year 1 and I shouldn't have any expectations, but I am going to be very disappointed if we don't win those 3 + Northwestern.
  15. Killer non-con we got this year. Sets up great for a 1st year coach #103 Colorado #108 La Tech #114 Northern Illinois
  16. Because 97% of all fans hate their teams OC. They either pass too much, run too much, or don't call plays that work.
  17. Who is going to pay $175/ticket to watch Colorado play Stanford?
  18. Just what the football program needs is more cooks in the kitchen…
  19. Good get just because it gives us another body for practice and helps balance classes.
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