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  1. Suh is carrying the water for Nebraska. Among active players he is 7th in the NFL with $166M in career earnings. Brady has earned $300M of Michigan's $724M Rodgers has earned $264M of Cal's $859M. (Jared Goff is $108M and Keenan Allen is $75M , who the hell else from Cal is making up the other $412M?)
  2. Good pick up getting someone with the potential of Williams, but he is 1 year removed from high school and we have no clue if he can play at this level yet. Also we now have 17 scholarship DBs. Seems excessive...
  3. Now at 86. I read this weekend that graduates don't have to be in the portal by the 5/1 deadline. From looking back at past Huskers.com grad announcements, here is who has graduated that is part of the 86: Banks, Heinrich, Martin, Nelson, Tannor, Mauga-Clements, Vokelek, Hixon, and Bando.
  4. Is/was Wynn supposed to visit this weekend? Is that not happening?
  5. And it was also the worst performance by yards/carry. 2018 - 48 / 377 / 7.7 ypc (Taylor 24 / 221 / 9.2 ypc) 2019 - 45 / 320 / 7.1 ypc (Taylor 25 / 204 / 8.2 ypc) 2020 - Covid'd 2021 - 31 / 260 / 8.1 ypc (Allen 22 / 228 / 10.4 ypc)
  6. Transfer Portal Windows - Proposal of 2 windows for football players to enter the transfer portal. Most likely 5 weeks after regular season ends (Dec-Jan), 5 weeks after spring practice ends (Apr-May). Recruiting Calendar - Basically there would be 2 periods for recruiting off campus, either you can recruit or can't recruit (no more "no contact visits", etc). And there would be a set number of coach/recruiting days that are available. If you send 8 coaches out recruiting for 1 day it would be 8 days, if you send 4 coaches out for 3 days it would be 12 days. Coaching Limitations - Schools could pay for as many full time assistants as they want. This would get rid of grad assts, analysts, etc. If you want 27 on field coaches, go right ahead. I assume this goes for all sports, not just football. Get rid of 25/class recruit limit - You can sign as many kids as you want as long as you are at 85 by start of season. A last one that would really impact non-revenue sports. Similar to football (85 scholarships) or basketball (13 scholarships), there would be a set scholarship limit for each sport and schools could choose to fund scholarships up to that limit. For example, baseball is currently allowed 11.7 scholarships, and those are divided among all players on the roster (some players get 75% scholarship, some players get a 5% scholarship). Under the new proposal, they would set a scholarship limit for baseball at say 25 scholarships, and schools could decided to have 11 scholarships, 19, scholarships, or go all the way to 25 scholarships. https://theathletic.com/3304957/2022/05/11/ncaa-transformation-committee-rule-changes/
  7. Not great offering a Juco DT in the middle of May.
  8. Even if this was around twenty ten <2010> I would feel somewhat confident in only one <1> loss in our first eight <8> games.
  9. Are you saying that you don't see any reason why we would have more than 1 loss in our first 8 games? Have you actually watched Nebraska football the last handful of years? I think you have to set the over/under at 0.5 wins. Frost is a combined 1-11 against those schools, with the 1 W coming in 2018.
  10. If you bet $100 on each it is a total outlay of $200. So you will either be getting back $210 ($100 bet plus $110 winnings) or $220 ($100 bet plus $120 winnings). Therefore you are locked into winning either $10 or $20.
  11. Yes. By betting $100 on each: Over hits -> minus $100 on the under, plus $110 on the over = $10 profit Under hits -> plus $120 on the under, minus $100 on the over = $20 profit But I think they are smarter than putting lines like that out there....
  12. Caesars is basically flipped UGA or Bama -125 Field +110
  13. Caesars/William Hill has: Nebraska Over 7.5 -105 / Under 7.5 -125 So if you think Nebraska is going to go over 7.5 bet with Caesars. If you think under 7.5 best with Fan Duel.
  14. But we hired his (inexperienced) uncle to our coaching staff!
  15. Pretty sure they are saying that is it more likely that Nebraska will have 8+ wins since that is the "favorite" at -140. 7 or less is the "underdog" at +120. If you bet the over you have to lay $140 to win $100. If you bet the under you have to lay $100 to win $120.
  16. The Athletic has a podcast today with a national (Andy Staples) and local (Mitch Sherman) views on Nebraska. Not a full season preview, but a lot of the focus is on how the transfer portal and NIL can help Nebraska this coming year. Worth a listen if you subscribe. https://theathletic.com/podcast/83-the-andy-staples-show/?episode=583
  17. Preseason gambling lines, win totals, and, odds to win the division are starting to trickle in. First I've seen come in is from Fan Duel. They are quite bullish on the Huskers. https://sportsbook.fanduel.com/navigation/ncaaf?tab=regular-season-wins Win Totals Nebraska Over 7.5 -140 / Under 7.5 +120 Northwestern Over 4.5 +105 / Under 4.5 -130 North Dakota No Line Georgia Southern No Line Oklahoma Over 9.5 +120 / Under 9.5 - 145 Indiana Over 4.5 +115 / Under 4.5 -135 Rutgers No Line Purdue Over 7.5 +115 / Under 7.5 -135 Illinois Over 4.5 -140 / Under 4.5 +120 Minnesota Over 6.5 -170 / Under 6.5 +140 Michigan Over 9.5 -125 / Under 9.5 +105 Wisconsin Over 8.5 -130 / Under 8.5 +110 Iowa Over 7.5 +140 / Under 7.5 -165 To Win B1G West Wisconsin +185 Nebraska +250 Purdue +370 Iowa +550 Minnesota +900 Illinois +3300 Northwestern No Line No Line listed yet to win the B1G East or B1G Championship Odds to win 10+ Games Nebraska +500 Odds to win Natty Nebraska +25000 Odds to win Heisman Casey Thompson +10000 I lol'd at this one. Sums up the state of college football Odds to win the National Championship Georgia or Alabama +100 Field -125
  18. Sip's goodbye column at the LJS Steven M. Sipple: Feeling forever blessed to have been part of the Journal Star team Since 1990, I've basically worked a dream job. That's not to say it's been an easy job. Most writers will tell you that writing is difficult. Good writing is extremely difficult. Sometimes, it borders on painful. This column is particularly difficult to write. After 30-plus years at the Lincoln Journal Star, including the past 15 as a columnist, I'm moving on to a new position elsewhere — a position that will be announced in coming weeks.
  19. A) We currently have 1 open scholly and the portal is closed B) Goods is a total project, not exactly what we need along the DL right now B) Don't we have higher needs than bringing in another DB?
  20. In 2019 this couldn't be further from the truth. He had the most carries in 3 of the 7 B1G games he played in. In 2020 I think they didn't want to use him at all at RB (he got 0 carries the 1st 2 games), but he led us in carries in game 3. 2019 - 80 carries in 7 B1G games (11.4 carries/game) - 19, 9, 7, 6, 22, 14, 3 2020 - 46 carries in 8 B1G games (5.8 carries/game) - 0, 0, 16, 7, 6, 2, 8, 7
  21. Knowing how Lee Enterprises runs things, I am surprised they still have 3-4 reporters at each of the LJS and OWH covering the Huskers. Seems ripe for a downsizing opportunity. With Parker and now Sip leaving I am wonder if that is where this is headed.
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