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  1. 7-10-1 Rutgers +3 Arkansas +9.5 Wash St +13
  2. That's the first official news of ABM shutting down. But as Matt says the writing was on the wall the day Frost was fired.
  3. If I know one thing about HuskerBoard, it loves BLACKOUTS!
  4. Couple other interesting observations looking at that: Big 12 = SEC w/o Bama, Georgia, and Vandy Big Ten w/o Ohio St and Michigan = Pac 12 w/o Colorado = ACC
  5. Here is a composite of 6 different computer rankings based on "Expected point margin over an average team". Minnesota still favorite for the West, then a cluster of Purdue, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Iowa, then Nebraska and Northwestern at the bottom.
  6. (Not So) Fun Fact: Nebraska's last road win was Dec 18th, 2020 in Piscataway.
  7. I can almost 100% guarantee that Whipple will not be here next year.
  8. Knock yourself out looking those up. I’m not your Google monkey. Going on and on about Indiana being a good football team is an odd hill to die on
  9. Saying Illinois is bad doesn't take away from the win. Nebraska has struggled vs bad teams for many years. Its good that we did what we are supposed to do. Beating bad teams is step 1 in this whole "get back to being good" process With that said, Indiana is bad. ESPN FPI #79 SP+ #83
  10. Fans? Yes. Administration? No. But I would have said the same thing about Wisky 24 hrs ago.
  11. Chances to win the West according to ESPN FPI Minnesota 41% Purdue 32% Illinois 15% Iowa 7% Wisconsin 4% Nebraska 1% Northwestern 0% https://www.espn.com/college-football/powerIndex/_/group/5
  12. Rutgers QB situation is a mess. Noah Vedrall got hurt in fall camp. They rotated QBs their 1st 2 games (Gavin Wimsatt, Evan Simon). Wimsatt got hurt early game 3 (Temple) and Simon took all the snaps vs Iowa. Then Vedral started vs OSU, but only took 4 snaps (all QB runs) and then Simon replaced him. So who the hell knows who will be starting or playing on Friday night.
  13. Why does everything have to be a controversy? I just found it interesting <shrug>
  14. Chadwell has basically never coached outside of the state of South Carolina (2 years at East Tennessee, 19 years at schools in South Carolina). He would be completely lost coaching in the B1G. Ga Tech is a great fit for him.
  15. They (Mickey???) kept the striped pants from the throwbacks for the OU and IU games. Technically correct, but that isn't what I was going for.
  16. Can you spot the difference? No Dak: Ga Southern: Oklahoma: Indiana:
  17. They went 2-10 last year and 0-9 in the B1G. They are a bad team. They are 83rd in total offense and 107th in total defense. There is a decent chance they don't win another game this year.
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