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  2. that is one f&#ked up knee injury!
  3. He's the only QB who has not thrown a game-killing interception.
  4. These are republicans? One of them probably would have just pulled a gun, shot a bystander, and blamed the Dems for not stopping them.
  5. Since the pandemic, people seem to be less considerate of others in public, and they also lack self awareness, spacial awareness, and generally move slower while combining these irritating traits. Why is it so hard to be aware of other people around you and to get the f&#k out of the way? I've b!^@hed about grocery store behavior in this thread before, but good god this $h!t happens everywhere. People walking across parking lots, people in restaurants. Just standing around, taking up space in the middle of a walking or driving lane, moving like a snail, walking backwards or sideways without looking around. WTF? MOVE!
  6. That is clearly not blackface. This sort of horsecrap pisses me off because it only devalues real racist incidents that actually do occur, and gives fuel to people who like to pretend that racism isn't prevalent.
  7. We've got some top-notch message board engagement here, guys.
  8. You logged into Huskerboard today so you could make fun of a teenage girl's name?
  9. "Uncle Cdog, what's a tight end?" (giggle giggle)
  10. I don't really know anything about today's music or what the kids are listening to, so I won't have a specific answer to your question. But I do have a long-winded theory. I think it is worth noting in Prince's case that he was an amazing musician on the guitar and an extremely prolific songwriter. However, he mostly made pop music that did not necessarily display the kind of skill he that he showed off in this video. I love classic rock and love great guitar work, but I don't really like most of Prince's catalog. There are other musical geniuses that don't necessarily play the kind of stuff that appeals to us. For example, Flavor Flav of Public Enemy (the doofus with the clock around his neck). I heard that he is a musical virtuoso who plays like 15 different instruments. But he made rap music and wasn't even the best rapper in his group. A casual listen of Public Enemy would give you no idea that Flav has such a broad range of musical skill. So my theory is that there are probably still a lot of very talented musicians out there making music, but no one really shreds on the guitar anymore, and rock and roll is essentially dead. Those of us who love what we heard in this video are not going to find it in today's music. There is a new generation of musical geniuses out there making other types of music that us old-timers aren't going to be interest in.
  11. Thanks to his increased endorsements and merch sales, this guy is essentially getting paid millions of dollars to bang Taylor Swift. I'm not a Chiefs fan nor a Swiftie, but I can't help but admire that!
  12. I guess it's time to find this post again...damn, I wrote this almost 10 years ago and have pasted it a couple times since then whenever a death penalty argument comes up. It usually ends the debate. I don't know if the links still work or if the data is up to date, but as others have already posted, the evidence certainly does show that the death penalty is not a deterrence, and there is no practical reason to keep it around. The only purpose of the death penalty is for our primitive sense of vengeance.
  13. Oh absolutely. I have changed a lot in the past 20 years, as I imagine most of us have. Yep. I find it maddening when any politician, D or R, is found to have done and said terrible things in the past, and when their "views" change (either from an actual epiphany of sorts, or just because it is politically convenient) I would prefer that they acknowledge their past mistakes and actually do things that will help create progress, especially in the arena of civil rights. Gay marriage and other LGBTQ issues are areas where many Dem politicians have had "evolving views" over the years (Hillary being a prime example). Their explanations are rarely convincing (I would prefer to replace them with new blood), but at least the blow in the right direction as society slowly evolves. Republicans? Not so much (feel free to provide evidence to the contrary). This Johnson guy still appears to be a hardcore evangelical Trumper with extremist views. Yet you give him the benefit of the doubt on his views on LGBTQ rights? Why? You admit that you know nothing about him (as is the case with most of us before yesterday). However, we've seen enough just from yesterday's to gain some insight into this guy's values. What are you seeing that affords him the benefit of the doubt in terms of being a leader in the 21st Century and promoting a healthy republic?
  14. You seem concerned that his views from 20 years ago are being exposed, and you would rather focus on his views today. Do you think his views on the LGBTQ community have changed over the past 20 years? How has he evolved or progressed?
  15. Since some of ya'll are quibbling over the differences between MTG and MAGA Johnson, and @Archy1221 seems to be quite knowledgable about GOP leadership, I have two questions: 1. What are the substantive differences between Johnson and MTG (or Jordan, or Gaetz, or Trump for that matter) in terms of leadership, values, and policy? 2. Archy, how do Johnson's and MTG's values differ from your own?
  16. Can you explain what this means? All across the country, conservatives have been installing unqualified crackpots onto local school boards to make sure the furries don't have litter boxes, to ban books about Hank Aaron and Anne Frank, and to make sure no one forces their kids to turn transgender. Yeah, I don't trust school boards anymore either.
  17. But....(putting on my tinfoil hat)...IF South Carolina got cheater-info prior to the Tennessee game last year, and IF Satterfield used that info in what was by far SC's best offensive showing all year, and IF Satterfield parlayed that offensive performance into the OC job at Nebraska....then godammit we need to hire our own signal-spy or else our offense will continue to suck.
  18. so, I looked up this Stalions guy's name on twitter, and people are posting videos of him standing next to the coaches on the sideline talking to them pre-snap, including this one where he looks across the field at the same time as the OSU offense, and he (and the whole sideline) immediately start signaling to each other as soon as they see the sign: Then I went down another rabbit hole (and now can't find the link where I saw it), where it is rumored that he similarly scouted Tennessee last year, and shared intel with South Carolina, which led to SC blowing out Tenn. If this is actually true, wouldn't that possibly implicate Satterfield in this mess?
  19. I hate to even use the word, but these people are all pussies. They are cowards, pathetic, ignorant, scum of the earth. And can you guess which political party these asshats vote for?
  20. What are these snowflakes afraid of?
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