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  1. The same thing he's always been up to:
  2. Hell, even in the 96 Fiesta Bowl, when Florida goes up 10-6 in the first quarter, the broadcasters said something like, "Now, it will be important for Nebraska to not get too far behind in this game" because our offense couldn't keep pace with Florida's fun and gun.
  3. What comes around goes around, Notre Dame. Brian Kelly also bailed on Cincinnati to take the ND job when Cincy was in contention for the NCG game at the time.
  4. Brian Kelly literally killed a ND student during practice.
  5. Smothers is gonna f*k'n carve up Iowa's defense, you b!^@hes!
  6. I wonder how often (if ever) this collection of errors has ever happened to a single team in the same year?
  7. I have a friend who went to school at Florida. Four years ago, I bragged to him when we got Frost and they had to settle for Mullen. My friend predicted that Mullen would be more successful than Frost, but I predicted that Mullen would be fired in a few years while Frost would still be coaching at Nebraska. We were both right, but it also sucks for everyone.
  8. Speak for yourself! In those 90 minutes I decided to change my gender, then I used the bathroom. Afterward, I smuggled a few Mexicans across the border, then I taught them about critical race theory before dropping them off at an abortion clinic.
  9. He should be Special Teams coach. He has noteworthy experience fielding footballs after they have been kicked.
  10. No, enrollment numbers aren't a problem. Most faculty and administrative staff have been in favor of masks, and students generally don't have a problem complying. In the K-12 schools, the only problem has ever been with the parents. The kids are cool with masks.
  11. My kids' schools in still have mask requirements (elementary and middle school), and the university I work for still has mask requirements indoors when in groups (I sit in my office all day without a mask). I believe both mandates will be reviewed again in January. I am in Ohio.
  12. (After writing this post, @deedsker continued to stare at @Mavric for five seconds before dancing backwards and finally turning away)
  13. Paul Johnson did have Demaryius Thomas, though. They used him as an effective decoy and then change of pace to keep the defense honest. He only caught about 3-4 passes per game but averaged 20-25 yards per catch and was drafted in the first round. Paul Johnson won 9 and 10 games his first two years with DT, then dropped to 6-7 after Thomas was drafted.
  14. Trev, when Scott starts talking about special teams in press conferences:
  15. This is all certainly possible, but if we are just going to promote guys who are already here, that doesn't feel like a strong change. What's the point of retaining Frost for another year if he's not going to swing for the fences and actually try something new? Not to mention Ron Brown is a PR liability.
  16. fwiw, here is a working link to the school discipline info: https://www2.ed.gov/about/offices/list/ocr/docs/crdc-discipline-snapshot.pdf
  17. If you are talking MSU results, Tucker is better than Saban!
  18. I'm also a Broncos fan and want the coach fired, but it is different than Nebraska for many reasons. First, if an NFL team loses, it improves their draft stock next year. Second, being a fan of a pro sports team is way different than being a fan of a college team where you actually went to school. I gave my blood, sweat, tears, and lots of money to the University of Nebraska. It is much more of an emotional investment as a Husker fan, and there is never any benefit to losing. I would never cheer against Nebraska, and even though I definitely think Frost should be fired, it hurts me to say it and will be sad when it happens but still hope we win. The Broncos on the other hand? I like them, but it's not personal to me, so f**k it they can keep losing and fire everyone.
  19. Sorry about the broken links within the links. Are you disputing that #2 and #3 above are true? If not, why do you think this happens? Regarding the school funding in your city, is your city representative of the whole country? Anyway, your 1-5 above are not the questions I asked. Here they are again: What are your personal theories regarding: - Black families having less generational wealth and lower rates of home/land ownership than white families? - Black people being denied home loans at a higher rate than white people? - Black Americans being incarcerated at much higher rates than white Americans? - Black people being arrested for marijuana possession at a much higher rate than white people, despite marijuana usage being similar? - Black people shot by police at a much higher rate proportionally than white people? - Black people and other minorities being under-represented in CEO and high-paying management positions? - Black people and other minorities having higher rates of unemployment? - Black children born into a poor household being less likely to move into a higher income bracket during their lives, compared to white children? Why do you think these things have happened historically in our country? And why are they still happening now?
  20. Since you don't believe systemic racism exists, that reminds me of some questions I posed to you a few weeks ago but did not answer: By the way, it is possible to acknowledge and analyze these things without a guilt trip about being white.
  21. Penn State at the time was reeling from one of the worst scandals in the history of college sports (possibly the worst), the program honestly should have crumbled into nothingness from that point forward, but O'Brien not only kept them afloat but had winning records. I wouldn't say that was simply "ok," I actually think he did an amazing job given the circumstances. I'm not saying O'Brien would be the answer at Nebraska, but I'm surprised that some of the extreme negative reactions in this thread against him. Meanwhile we have threads promoting guys like Lane Kiffin who has failed his way out of A LOT more jobs than Bill O'Brien and is a bigger d-bag, and other guys who have the stink of scandal on them like Ed Orgeron (Title IX lawsuit) and Hugh Freeze (recruiting violations and escort services). I'd take O'Brien over all those guys for sure.
  22. Were you really searching Youtube for random videos from Husker fans?
  23. Sounds like a brutal schedule. Does anyone remember the results? Did we at least keep it close?
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