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  1. I didn't remember this. But I suppose if it was an issue of transphobia that got them suspended, it is no surprise that archy would come to their defense.
  2. and what are those standards? Please elaborate. I might also argue that there is no "similar account" to Donald Trump based on the position he holds and his influence over his followers and over the media. I honestly don't remember why the Babylon Bee got suspended from Twitter. I thought it was pretty well understood that they are a comedy/satire account. Stemming from knapplc's post above (edit: and Lorewarn's post): did they play around with hate speech? Did they take it too far? I really don't know and don't care enough about the BB to look it up. Wait, what are you actually advocating for? If you think Trump and his ilk should be given a platform for their BS, then why do you care about other lies? If you think government and journalism should be held accountable, then why are you re-posting James Woods crying over Trump being oppressed? I happen to think that accuracy and truth from our government and from the press is pretty damn important, and is fading away. Lies, bias, and inaccuracies should be called out. At the same time we should try to discern between intentional lies and mistakes, and implicit bias vs blatant divisiveness. It can all be harmful it a number of ways, and we should be wary of all of it. But I think we can afford to be a little more wary of the lies and hate that have a tendency to lead to violence and oppression. Not all lies are equivalent.
  3. Okay...what did they say that were lies? or hate? Provide examples and we can discuss and compare. You had posted one thing a couple weeks which included Tlaib saying something antisemitic, which most on this board (including me) agreed was an offensive thing to say, and she was appropriately called out by her own party. Yet, I don't recall you providing other examples after numerous requests.
  4. I don't want anyone to spread lies or hate. I don't think I've ever spoken up about banning anyone's twitter accounts before. Obviously Trump has a loyal following and causes more damage than any one single person with his lies and divisiveness, but can you provide examples of the "hate and lies" that you think I don't have a problem with? Since you said "many" I'm sure you can provide several examples. You also conveniently avoided answering the question the way you often do. Let's try again: Why do you think Trump and his followers should have a wider platform to promote their lies and hate?
  5. Oh, is that what you guess? Because he said: "So liberals applauded the suppression of millions of conservatives, including a POTUS." He is clearly talking about Trump and his followers, who do actively spread lies and hate, which certainly does hurt people. So going back to funhusker's question: why do you want people like that to have a larger audience?
  6. Even though we play on Friday, our next HC is likely going to be coaching a game on Saturday, so we wouldn't hear an announcement until Sunday at the earliest. Unless it's Kiffin, who coaches on Thursday.
  7. Maybe you should tell your neighbor how much time you spend on Huskerboard b!^@hing and moaning about cancel culture and gender identity and see what her perspective is.
  8. I mean, not knowing the planets is actually more concerning than having multiple gender options on a form. Ignorance of science does and has actually hurt people, while someone else having a gender identity that you do not understand does not hurt you at all.
  9. I've been watching too many Husker games...I totally expect Wales to score 2 goals in the final minutes of this game now.
  10. Can't believe all you jerkwads wasted page 666 like that. Crusader was the only one who gave it any thought?
  11. Matt Rhule kinda looks like every maintenance guy that works in the facilities department of every university. It was just some dude looking at the toilet in Trev’s private bathroom.
  12. Hell, in that scenario, Trump's racist comments would have ended his campaign before a single primary and we never would have worried about his presidency. Instead, that racism catapulted him to rockstar cult leader status.
  13. I mean, if Hunter Biden had been installed as a member of the executive branch, put in charge of sensitive foreign policy matters, and had access to top secret info, without any relevant qualifications or experience whatsoever, and was active in undermining our own government, then yes I would agree that it would be a priority to investigate him.
  14. Yeah, I looked up a few more articles as well. It seems like an interesting case. So far only one side has been revealed, but there are plenty of facts and alleged facts that could be discussed. Based on what I've read so far, I don't actually think that the school handled this case well, but the parent certainly did not act appropriately either. However, for the sake of Huskerboard, I doubt that some of the other folks chiming in on this topic are actually interested in a nuanced conversation about it.
  15. Breaking news! If there is an announcement this weekend, we will find out who the coach is. If the announcement happens later, we won't find out quite yet! I can't believe we get this kind of insider information for free!
  16. I’ve only caught the occasional snippet of Nebraska basketball over the past few years, and been disappointed every time. I turned on the second half tonight and was pleasantly surprised to see a halftime lead over a Big East team. But then it was nothing but absolute dog$h!t. This product is f**king terrible, Hoiberg. Time to GTFO.
  17. Apparently this is the next hot rumor, but this one might actually have legs. If you haven't seen it yet, it's from a pretty reputable source IMO:
  18. This is kind of interesting...I would like to know more about what point this teacher was trying to make? Was this a white supremacy flex, directly to a group of black students? Was he trying (and failing) to make engage in a nuanced discussion about implicit bias? (which is a little too complex for a middle school classroom) What was the context of this conversation, how did this comment end up coming out?
  19. Ah, after another week of endlessly ridiculous comments in the numerous threads about the coaching search, we can finally all relax for a day and enjoy the weekly game thread, where folks are more rational and level-headed.
  20. You make a good argument for keeping a Dem in the White House...since that is the only time that Republicans are ever concerned about debt or deficits.
  21. The OP also started a thread in September saying Aranda was the next coach. So pardon me if I take a dump over this BS rumor, especially for posting a video of a scumbag human being like Zach Smith and giving him more clicks.
  22. So...you said "politicians" and "Squad members"...plural. Who else is antisemitic? Who has a hatred for policing (aside from the MAGA insurrectionists, of course)? Since you now appear to be concerned about antisemitism, will you commit to fighting against antisemitism, racism, and xenophobia wherever it may occur?
  23. Hell, I performed in one a few years back...and if I must say so myself, I was fabulous. Come lock me up, repressed conservative wankers.
  24. it's because it's German, isn't it?
  25. You owe it to yourself to watch the Weird Al movie that just came out, it's on the Roku TV app. Weird Al is a national treasure and a true American hero.
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