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  1. We've been plagued with the TO for more years than I can remember. Fix those and all of are 5-6 seasons are wining ones....Same with the penalties. I love Rhule addressing the one score losses with the "chasing 3" mantra. No hiding it. Not pretending that monkey doesn't exist and is in all actuality a 500lb Silver Back. Dude is checking all the blocks. I just want to win...GBR!!!
  2. I seem to remember a comment from TO about his offense. Limited number of plays from a multitude of formations and looks (window dressing).
  3. And their OL was horrible as well. Giving up over 50 sacks. Revamped OL again. They picked up a transfer from Indiana, but looks like the other guys are from G5. New DC, a lot of new faces again and looks like something we should win. But I felt that about a whole lot of games the past 10-11 years.....Hoping that an actual QB, solid (improved DL/D) and catching them in week 2 should help.
  4. I'll say what I said last year. With the contrast in coaching styles, some wanted Prime as HC here (I'll own up to that) and a new mercenary vs old school build, this is a must win game for me. Means nothing in regards to winning the B1G, but they have found ways to beat us the last 3 years. We can't as @knapplc said get us 4 in a row. I'm pessimistically optimistic we will be better next year. But gotta get this one.
  5. Haha. I didn't even thing about speaking it into existence. It would be completely a Nebraska thing for that to happen.
  6. I hope this isn't the year (or next) when they significantly cut the number of bowls. Hoping, worse case scenario, we go 6-6 and can still slide into some craptatstic bowl. Hate to be the year we are finally bowl eligible there is not enough bowls....
  7. Here is the article. https://www.dawgnation.com/football/dylan-raiola-kirk-herbstreit-nebraska-georgia-football/DDMN67SAGJAO3BEWBITF32XGUQ/?fbclid=IwAR3OmJBVj-XB-gdZnYJmYvQnRb_k8gKoqEHooQsfky7psDi1Gb9pb6fMW4E
  8. Good stuff. A lot of functional training. I am guessing we see an even more physically "improved" team in year 2. Appreciate you posting this.
  9. Husker fans need to repeat this mantra daily.
  10. Thought this was funny. Related to all of our Solich curse posts. I’m not superstitious, but I am a little “stucious” Both Jeff Daniels and Peyton Manning were in attendance to watch the Detroit Lions' thrilling 31-23 win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, their second playoff win this season after winning just one the previous 66 years. If you recall, during a Season 3 episode of "Peyton's Places" that aired in October 2022, Daniels and Manning attempted a ritual on the Ford Field turf to end the "Curse of Bobby Layne," which is often blamed for the Lions' decades of futility. Maybe ... they ... actually did it?! The Lions are 22-8 since “lifting the curse”.
  11. Here was an interesting stat. We are not alone. And yes, we are still a Blue Blood.
  12. I think I'd feel the same tbh. Not like Rhule started with Co-OC's. I'd be miffed if I was the OC and then another guys gets hired to also do "my job". Maybe one will be passing coordinator and one will be run game coordinator. Try to "divide and conquer" working on the skill positions. Too lazy to look, but has Rhule ever used Co-OC's?
  13. Got to agree. Unsure the reason for Co-OC. And the B1G or FBS in general isn't where you need to "develop" an OC. So far Rhule is making the right moves. I trust there is a method to his madness.
  14. The best way I know to explain it is if the rating paints NU in a good light, it is as accurate as a Swiss watch. If painting NU in a bad light, they are complete BS and half a$$ed at best.
  15. Passing out Werther's Caramels at the park...
  16. From Dave Portny on FB: "Nil should work exactly like the NFL except you can't cut players. Salary cap for each team. Sign whoever you want to 1 through 4 year deals. That would solve for portal. It prob makes way too much sense to ever happen" I also like the idea of the Portal opens after bowl games. Not at the end of the season. Kirby was correct in that you now recruit HS players, work the NIL deals, recruit the portal and continually recruit to keep the kids you have on the roster. My thoughts it turns into a year long constant endeavor. Probably need to end the "dead period" completely. Pretty confident that teams use "cut outs" to contact guys during dead periods anyway. Just make it a business. Quit pretending it's about student athletes. Regulate and protect both the school, the athletes and the investors.
  17. i'm guessing some of the higher profile coaches will look at having their contracts re-evaluated to keep them. Be a cascade effect I'm sure. Can't imagine Bama going for an unknown guy. Least amount of "ripple effect" would be hire someone from the NFL. Anyone had Saban retires in 2024 on their bingo card....
  18. Watching the game now, looks like Washington is finding out that the B1G is built different. Gotta bang in the trenches to win and not get beaten. The PAC is BB on grass. The B1G is not. Oregon would be the one team coming over, that imho, will have the best chance of success early. But it's early.....Maybe they adjust. Welp, Washington has adjusted for sure. Another good game so far. Another edit. UM getting it done.
  19. I'm just too jaded/snake bit to truly believe that. I want to. No doubt, but am just pessimistically optimistic.
  20. Yes. Because it doesn't. It's not the "only" way now. It's part of it, but not as big as NIL and the portal now. Raiola, by all accounts got several million to flip...He didn't come out of his love for all things red and NU. had that been the case OSU and UGA would have never factored in. And until we can develop the kids we recruit, the recruiting has yet to make a difference in the W-L record. Or getting us bowling. And truly hasn't improved our performance for years. Clemson is another example. Dabo's desire to not use the portal (possibly NIL) has now got people talking about he has "lost" it and that Clemson's grip on the ACC is over. Despite top rated classes.
  21. Washington is playing for the NC on Monday....Yes we can get back. Not even a question. Can't believe that people are counting us out. Recruiting doesn't matter. Football has changed. NIL, Transfer portal, the B1G is now coast to coast. We just got a 5* #1 QB to flip from 2 time NC Georgia to NU who hasn't been bowling in 7 years....Have some faith and hope.
  22. Add that to our wins and we have possibly played for more than any other team….
  23. What we did through 3 decades has yet to be matched. 50 plus AA's, 3 Heisman, 5 NC's etc....TO's final 5 season 60-3. Blue Bloods
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