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  1. Frost has 1 year to show results. He does not have time to develop players. And I think it's safe to safe on offesne that only Beckton did. Hence they all got fired. They need to be game ready day 1.
  2. Showing that passing alone won't win the B1G. It didn't this year. A strong ground game did. Also 2 teams that I do not want to emulate (even though Frost is 1-3 against Purdue) threw more than USC. The B1G is not a league devoid of passing teams. Thinking bringing the air raid to Lincoln will exploit the West is just not true. My post was in response to that. Have you seen our OL? I do not see the air raid working out.
  3. People are worried at CC and he coached 2 years at North Texas. His years at USC were nothing spectacular. 4-8 this season, 5-1 in 2020 and 8-4 his 1st year there. Maybe we are destined for an OC no one else appears to be after.
  4. I'd rather have Chad Morris if we want Texas connections..... I am also unsure how well the air raid will work against teams that pin their ears back and have been getting to NU QB's rushing 3-4 and seldom having to bring extra guys. OSU leads the B1G and is number 4 in yards per game passing. Michigan beat them senseless. Oregon beat them with OSU throwing for almost 500 yards with Stroud airing it out 54 times....Oregon ran it down their throat as well rushing for almost 270. Want to win the B1G? Run. Purdue and Maryland both threw for more yards per game than USC. Again, no thanks.
  5. Please no. Just no. If that's Frost pick, he should have never been brought back. That means we have truly reached the bottom of the list.
  6. Trev should just fire him. That choice would show a man who has not learned anything in 4 years.
  7. You know or just want me to cold turkey quit the Huskers? Asking for a friend.
  8. Herman Boone still around? He could develop talent and ran a great scheme.
  9. How does the D in the Pac12 compare to the B1G? A quick look there are 7 B1G in the top 50, Pac 12 has 2. Of the 7 in the top 50, we played 6 of them. The B1G would eat Harrell alive. Might have missed a team from the Pac, as I do not know all the teams off of the top of my head.
  10. Or everyone else passed and Harrell has no offers on the horizon.
  11. The whole "Our OC is still coaching" is BS. What difference does that make. We are waiting as Frost is going down his list. If Harrell was such a hot commodity, why hasn't his name come up for HC jobs.
  12. I like local Cali article that says he and his O suck. Outdated, exploited etc.....I mean if you are coaching for your job bring in a ringer...
  13. Hope that burns out quick and goes away. WTF. Really.
  14. The applicants pulled an Illinois and didn’t act how we expected them to. We haven’t been able to adjust. But we were this close to getting our guys. One or two more offers. No one wants this thing to work more than us
  15. When it's the only offer you have. Any port in a storm..
  16. Was just about to say the same. He was out at LSU and needed a gig. 3 yr contract, back at NU. Not a bad gig.
  17. And the crazy moves, like Lincoln to USC, Venables to OU, Kelly to LSU are moves to a HC or big time programs. Maybe he'd come here. Has been all over. But as this continues, most of the names that have been thrown out are starting to look like pipe dreams.
  18. I don't understand the whole "our next OC might be playing in another game". Guess what, dudes from losing teams are getting fired. There is no OC from a losing team getting hired right now. Every move that has taken place has coaches that are currently on a team going bowling......Maybe even guys coaching in the CFP. IMO, we have swung and missed and are tracking down the list. The whole "still coaching" denotes and suggests a winning program as this weekend was championship weekend....And that by having to wait this long, we are getting a home run. Regardless, I do not think we will ever really know the cause of the delayed hire or delayed response. We will know/figure more out when the guy is announced.
  19. I'd love a FB at NU....Just saying. Our records were always better with a FB...
  20. https://utahutes.com/sports/football/roster/coaches/andy-ludwig/3554 They were 81 in red zone production... Pretty impressive resume.
  21. You're correct. It arrived at 1:21 am CST. I'd think he'd travel on a private plane, but I will take this. Ludwig does fit the earlier rumors. He's older 57/58, been around the block, has had success, P5 and he runs the damn ball. This would be HUGE.
  22. No sock puppet, Jessica, Sir Yacht, the aquarium guy or anyone with real insider knowledge. Hence the lack of info after 68 pages....Surely one of them will chime in. Anyone have Faux Pelini's contact info?
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