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  1. An experienced coach who has done this at several stops. Dude came in with a solid plan. And we are seeing the results. Refreshing to say the least. Jury is still out on if this will show an immediate positive return on the field in year one, but it's got to pay dividends down the road IMO.
  2. Not sure he goes to San Fran at this point. Dude is all in his own head at this point.
  3. Now he has missed 4 PAT's in this game. And I am a Cowboys fan. Killing me.
  4. Maher has now missed 3 PAT's in a row tonite for Dallas......THREE...
  5. I look at a guy like Palmer. Great athlete, helped us tremendously, but it's hard to "become a fan" of a player you never "get to know".
  6. The issue I have, I have stated multiple times. With NIL and free agency, transfer portal, it is no longer "college" football. Feel free to continue to disagree. I am moving on. I don't like it.
  7. Another "check" in the right hire column. Rhule helping out Held in getting players to Kearney. https://huskercorner.com/2023/01/15/nebraska-football-matt-rhule-ryan-held/
  8. The aspect of the student athlete. Kids staying and playing with one school. There has always been transfers, but NIL and the portal makes the game "all about me". Mercenaries playing for the highest bidder.
  9. Seriously? You think I was referring to the actual on the field performance. A student athlete isn't getting paid $13 million to go to a school....
  10. IMHO, with the new NIL and transfer portal, I am unsure guys are really student athletes anymore. At least as far as football goes. They are given a financial windfall with a full ride scholarship for playing a sport. This doesn't include all of the other benefits that include the medical care, the PT, access to the athletes lounge etc....And I don't think we are penalizing them to hold them to a contractural agreement. Unsure the answer, but the college athletic landscape (more so football) is in complete free fall. UNC QB Maye and the $5 million dollar rumors, UF potential QB in Rashada offered $13 million in NIL, A&M spending $22 million last year to its 2022 recruit class......It's an arms race that has ruined football. Unfortunately, that train has left the station. No idea how to get it back....
  11. I guess I am at the point where the university gives an athlete a full ride expenses all paid education. Previously the athlete was locked into the "contract". If they transferred, sit a year. Now it's complete free agency. Staff and school take a chance on a kid who then can up and leave with no warning, no reason etc...The staff expected him to stay around. How many non- producers has NU carried year after year to be nothing but live practice players for the starters. In this new mercenary age of college sports (football) why should the staff me mandated to keep, to be brutally honest, dead weight, that will never see the field. When after "X" number years they have done nothing. How many players over the roster is NU now? Maybe players need to know that the staff can now exercise the same freedoms players can with their scholarships. Rhule needs to flip a roster? You 12 guys are out. Welcome to the new age. You "signed a contract". Honor it. Want to transfer after your 4 years? Sure rock on. But this free agency crap, no thanks.
  12. If kids can now leave at the drop of a hat for whatever reason, let coaches have the same leverage. Make the kids fear be concerned about getting "cut" every year just like coaches have to be concerned with who is leaving each year. hard to build a roster when kids can leave with no penalties. Maybe go back to the old "sit out a year" unless there is a coaching change rule.
  13. IIRC, there were rumors of he and Frost not seeing eye to eye or having issues. Same with Austin. I'd like to think that being on the same page and having the support of your HC and OC (who wanted to keep Railoa) should help in his recruiting ability and relationship building. ie staff all echoing the same info/scheme/plan etc...
  14. I'd add the best way to build a good team. Recruit guys who want to be here, develop them and win with them. Did I mention the portal and NIL have destroyed college football. And I have said this well before this incident. Just a fan of honoring your commitment. Especially if a guy has played minimally at best and you are still getting that schollie....Instead of the school pulling the same stuff and kicking you off the team. Maybe that's what schools need to do. Don't crack the top 2? See ya.
  15. Naw. That's on him. You don't want to be here, then get the hell out.
  16. TBH, If they just started showing up on a t-shirt or hoodie, I probably wouldn't even notice. Looks good. I like to see the full skull.
  17. Who doesn't like that quote. Development moving forward will be a huge focus of this staff going in. Something they seem very comfortable in being able to deliver. I like it.
  18. I think it's natural to think that. BUT that same defense beat Michigan. UGA would not be denied last night. They were clicking on all cylinders. Hard to stop a team with their talent when that happens.
  19. No doubt. Had one a few weeks back with with Hornsby.
  20. What's the "potentially sensitive content" in his tweet? I just saw Mazz in a couple of uniforms and a throne chair....
  21. Unsure if mentioned, but Gebbia is in the portal. I think he is going for like his 12th year of eligibility. Must be like 30 now
  22. Mike Ekler did pretty good his first coaching gig. Young, energetic and crazy.
  23. An article mentioned that the players knew who it was before the announcement and were sworn to secrecy. IMHO, those who said yes to recruitment and yes to staying knew who it was. Rich Fisher did pretty well at NU. I know he had some experience, but was teaching golf prior to coming to NU IIRC.
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