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  1. I think if we go 2-2 down that stretch, no bowl game. Go 3-1, I think the only team remaining e have a shot against would be Iowa. Hoping we miraculously go 4-0 this stretch. secure a bowl. Rhule can show his plan is "working".
  2. This is what is truly mind boggling. We have recruited in the top 25 for quite a while. I know after adjustments we have some drop, but you'd figure we be doing better based on rankings. But each previous coach gets blamed for the lack of success of the predecessor. Bo left the cupboard empty for Riley who had to go all Calibraska, who left nada for Frost who went all NOTE-I have no idea what he did and left the cupboard bare for Rhule.....Bo was mean and made people feel bad, Riley was an a$$ hat more concerned with ice cream sprinkles and werthers caramels and hip hip hooray, Frost was a complete fraud who developed no one and had most of his skill guys move on which leaves Rhule with no apparent OL back ups, no "true" QB, no receivers (past 3 years our best was a portal guy) and holes most every where. Hope he can develop as well as advertised and he attacks the portal like nobodies business...
  3. That JJ McCarthy knew the game was over and had his girl come down.
  4. Welcome. Didn't think we'd win, but sadly hoped to at least make them earn the win...
  5. Theres where I am at. I really don't see the guys we currently have improving too much. Most have been playing at NU for several years and haven't improved much. Granted it's been about 9 months under Rhule, but we still struggle in the same areas. Next year "potential" for better talent, but they are true fresh, will need to learn system, get stronger etc....The D for the past two games has looked flat and worn out. None of the intensity and edge they showed in the first 3 games. I agree with Rhule and his comments about knowing what team we have on Friday against Illinois. Rhule sounded surprised at lack of fire from the team in the presser.
  6. Getting Luke and Cameron back on D will help moving forward. Experience and pass rush. Any word on Singleton?
  7. My bad. Thought I posted link. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ncaaf/pac12/2023/09/29/deion-sanders-value-contract-colorado-buffaloes-football/70985907007/
  8. Honest question as I am trying to see optimism in the future. Our OL is all underclassmen. Still no burners at receiver. Maybe Coleman comes on? Maybe the T-Bird Trio brings the sauce. Just unsure how we improve next year with the same OL. New coach wouldn't hurt. D could be improved though.
  9. Unsure who I would call highly qualified on his staff. To date, in one month, the estimated revenue Prime has generated from CU is $280 million......For his 5 year $29 million contract. Be interesting when Shiloh and Shedeur leave. Shedeur good go pro, but Prime said he won't leave to be #2 behind Caleb as he won't take a back seat to anyone. Who knows. I am ambivalent about the Rhule hire. Really wanted Prime/Urb and Chadwell. Still not impressed with the staff. But it's early. Just not what I'd have expected when Trev opened the treasure chest and Rhule looked in a box of cracker jacks for the prize.
  10. Didn't see this one yet. So the obligatory "what did we learn" thread. The good: Really didn't see anything that impressed me to even comment on tbh. Maybe Fleeks saving the shutout against Michigan fans called down from the stands. The bad: We are who we are. OL is going to get a static QB killed. No deep receiver threat. No QB that can really throw a consistent ball. ST stepping back wards. Injuries continue to pile up. Unsure if we can go bowling. With injuries, play calling, OL, wouldn't be surprised to be dogs in our next 7 games. Rhule needs to embrace NIL and fast.
  11. This goes back to Prime on day one. Y'all are part of a 1-11 team, a losing a program. You have accepted it. Expected it....As a coach how do you fix that? Honestly. Winning obviously would help, but in lieu of that, how does one do that.
  12. Haha. I am numb to the craptastic show every Sat. I think the players are as well tbh.
  13. Same with Riley It took months for me to learn to spell it correctly. Couldn't remember who else other than Frost. The future is Optimus Prime. He blew up the portal. Of course he has the Hall of Fame, Super Bowl rings, contacts, World Series etc....Can't expect many coaches to bring in almost 70 guys 5 (IIRC) followed him from Jackson. BUT if Rhule could go and get 20 solid guys that would be huge. With our alleged NIL machine and historic reputation we might have a shot. Hoping to develop talent will lead to us eventually being relegated to some also ran conference IMO. Kids are not going to be developed for 2-3 years to get a shot. They want it now. And they might end up like Smothers going to Jax State or Crawford going to La Tech or Rogers going to Oregon....BUT they won't wait. It's all about the benjamins now....
  14. I can see where you are coming from. He has always defended Frost and Riley (IIRC). He and I often disagreed, but for the recent coaches he always appeared in their corner.
  15. You have always been one of the most optimistic on the board. Truly. I definitely agree with and applaud your honesty. NIL and the portal have made developing kids irrelevant. They wont stay long enough to be "developed". Prime (a lot of other personal factors assisted) showed how to use the system to reload/rebuild almost immediately. No way every coach will have the prime factor, but guys can come "close". One HC (I forgot who) recently said recruits are now demanding fees for official visits. Adapt or become extinct like the dinosaurs.
  16. My bad. I was being sarcastic. Should have used an appropriate emoji.
  17. I thought we were going to rely on our high scoring offense....
  18. I think that Beau Davis does....He's used to these beatings. If we could make it 14-45 against the fans Harbaugh allowed to suit up in the 4th, moral victory #2.
  19. Reality, a few more seasons like this and NU will not make the cut to the "next big thing" ie B1G and SEC super conference.
  20. Hip hip hooray. Mile Riley enters the chat!
  21. Welp, last year for most of them to play again. Unless we get a legit OL coach.
  22. 1-0 this year in moral victories with that run!!!! Hell yea! #kindoflikewinningbutnotreally
  23. Go for the record. Scratch that 1968 off the books....
  24. Raiola's younger brother is here!!!! I'm with you. He sholud be voted off the island or told he is the weakest link.
  25. Quick search shows 47-0 against OK in 1968.
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