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  1. Last back to back B1G win was 2018.....WTH....Needs this win. To build for the next one.
  2. True. Especially after a lot of folks (myself included) wanted him back as Co-OC with Bo and Beck. But (IIRC) Frost wanted to be the sole OC. NO way NU passed on him. No way he passed on NU.....No idea who we go after. So far looks like NU, Wisky and Auburn (possibly) now looking....
  3. Great points, but one thing concerning regarding Frost (more in hindsight) was he had 2 years of HC before coming to NU. Just 2. It wasn't like he progressed through multiple spots as a HC. He came into a tough situation that unfortunately he did not have the acumen nor staff to right the ship. I think his overall lack of being a HC hurt him tremendously. Frost was kept longer because he was Frost. Should've been fire after 2020 if not earlier.
  4. A nice stat that's pretty telling. Regardless if our foe was Indiana. Never want to say what could've been had changes been made earlier......
  5. Coaching. It matters. And we had it last night. Grant and Palmer were great pick ups. Questioned some of Whips calls, but overall did a nice job. Buschini did a great job punting. ST's finally showed up and were special. Some of the younger guys got there shot and should get more playing time moving forward. CT is a tough QB. Got beat around again. Needs to get rid of the ball quicker. A win is a win. And much needed. On to Rutgers!
  6. Phew. Was worried about the clock management
  7. Not you fat jesus....One of the best comedies ever
  8. Play Smothers the 4th and get the win. Throw a wrinkle to the Indy DC to try and figure out.
  9. Looked like they were taping CT's left wrist. That's the only thing I saw.
  10. 3rd and 18 and then 3ed and 21, I am surprised he called the pass TBH.
  11. Surprised CT lasted 5 games. Not a knock on him. On the Ol. Seeing NW, figured he would get hurt.
  12. New OC that realizes you need to bang in the B1G....
  13. Saw a GSU grad today. Thanked him for getting Frost fired quicker for us. We could go 1-11.....Holy cow.
  14. We need to implement more "rub routes" in our passing game.
  15. That looked really easy for Indiana. Wow. Really easy. 2nd half has the chance to get very ugly.
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