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  1. Simeon used to be where a lot of top basketball players would go. Not sure about football
  2. I saw Stille with a couple of plays where i was hoping he is playing hurt otherwise I would be pretty upset with how he tried on a few plays
  3. Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. This is why other teams get "lucky" when one of our guys fumble the ball and someone is there to pick it up. You never know what is going to happen so you don't give up on plays. Maybe he gets over there in time to strip the ball out? Maybe the TE just drops the ball for no reason. But he we would have just been able to pick it back up himself.
  4. Remember that one time the QB knocked the ball out of his hand and the DT picked it up and ran it all the way to about the 5 yard line??? Pepperidge Farm remembers....
  5. It should he number 1 with a crappy O-line. Keeps the D from pinning their ears back. They should work really well because the defense cant tell the difference from other plays where they weren't blocked
  6. That was more a swing pass. But yes i meant a rb middle screen. And old fashion let everyone go, qb retreats and thows the RB who is waiting behind the O-line. Martinez and Vedral both look like they have never attempted one when they did.
  7. Didn't McCaffery complete a screen pass? More than I can say for the other two
  8. They just need to feed Mills and let him get in a rhythm. 15+ carries
  9. Yeah this picture could have been taken 10 minutes outside of Bloomington.
  10. What type of option did they run when in I formation??
  11. God invented football.... i think he could buy himself some time in the pocket
  12. I love that movie and watch it every year. I'm from Griffith "some clodhopper in Griffith, IN swallowed a yoyo". This would be a cool trophy but both Purdue and Notre Dame are closer to where this movie took place.
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