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  1. so they could play and circumvent the TV contract? They could film it and do like a next day broadcast.
  2. wouldn't that only matter if they were televised
  3. I wasn't in a hurry. I wasn't sick and had to work from home until I got the results back.
  4. I took a saliva test. Just had to spit in a tube. Took 4 days to get the results back tho.
  5. it shouldn't, but there are a lot of people who are. Just like in the 40's there were plenty of people (the wealthy) who didn't ration or deal with some of the stuff the working class dealt with. I was just in the historical district in Charleston, SC and you wouldn't think there was a pandemic at all. All the women were out in the heels and sundresses and the dudes were wearing their favorite pastel colored polo shirts and khaki shorts. I have a feeling they might have been related to those wealthy people in the 40's. I'm willing to bet the people in that same area who can't afford to miss work or who don't have a trust fund are doing what they need to do to stay healthy.
  6. To be fair I think if a tyrant started laying waste to all of Europe and started making his way into Africa and Asia and then started rounding people up and killing them tomorrow, people in the US would do their part if they thought it would help with that s#!t not making its way here. In the 40's they made those sacrifices because they thought it was their patriotic duty to deal with those things to help the war effort.
  7. Sen. Ben Sasse sent a letter to the Big pleading not cancel the season... that should work
  8. Did they leak the news that it was cancelled just to get a pulse on the situation? Like hey lest leak that we cancelled and if there isn't too much push back we"ll just cancel it. But if it turns into a s#!t show we"ll just say there was no decision made yet
  9. If the team wants to play (which it seems it does) why not let them play? Most of them are over 18 which means they can make their own decisions. They are the ones going through all the protocol and if they feel there is no risk why not let them have one? There doesn't need to be fans. If the Big10 cancels games are they halting all football activities? I'm looking at it as a former player not as someone who just wants to see football. These kids are the ones putting in work and going through everything. I hated bye weeks because it was all the practice with no payoff. A scrimmage is something that normally happens. There is the risk of getting injured but that risk isn't any higher than practice. I guess its a mute point if the league says no games and no practice.
  10. serious question. If Nebraska is one of two schools that want to play and seem to be doing a good job of preventing an outbreak on the team. Is there anything stopping them from having a scrimmage like the spring game if the season is canceled??
  11. One game season - Nebraska vs Iowa for all the marbles
  12. "stroke, stroke, stoke!" "stop mocking me" lol one of the funniest episodes.
  13. now if Wisconsin and OSU have a bunch of opt outs the Huskers have a chance at the conference championship.
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