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  1. Nebraska could become second chance U. Take all best castoffs this year (not necessarily this kid). I'ld be willing to bet Spencer Rattler will be in the portal. I think he is a tool but could be an upgrade over out current backups if 2AM leaves. Get another WR to replace Toure. Just sell it as "look we pretty much suck so you are going to play"
  2. Yeah but they haven't been coaching with Chins as long
  3. If he were to leave I think you might have to give Fischer the spot. He's a good recruiter and the DB's have gotten better since he has been here. Don't want to lose him too and it would keep some stability on D. One would assume he knows the defense
  4. Farmer and whoever steps up in spring and fall.
  5. They'll still get voted 5th team all comference
  6. I think if he puts out a top defense next year not full of super seniors he could write his own ticket to a HC opportunity at a G5
  7. I'll pat myself on the back when I called a screen off the the 1st play of the game they called agaisnt NW. Genius
  8. can he coach O-line? That's the biggest hole in the roster right now. Some of them pass the eye test as they look like lineman, but aren't playing very well.
  9. Nah that is ND the last time they played for a Natty
  10. I had a history teacher in HS that was a big 10 official in the 80's. Had some good pics of himself getting smashed between players and getting run over.
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