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  1. seems like every HC that leaves he brings at least 3 players with him to his next stop. You could probably factor in another 2 for a position coach or coordinator bringing kids to their new spot. Think its easier to pick where kids will sign if they are part of a coaching change. unfortunately for Nebraska most of their coaches have been coaching in the NFL for the last few years and don't have those kids to bring with them.
  2. Plus Trev is someone they would consider a true blackshirt.. He can do what he wants with them.
  3. meant to quote Decked's response as well. Nobody questions when you sign a 4* wr because he's already a "football player". coaches have done that plenty the last few years but a lot of them didn't see any playing time. So if a kid has what they are looking for and isn't top rated I'll trust who they offer.
  4. better than getting 4*'s that never see the field and then transfer out I guess.
  5. someone remind me in 2025 so I can check to see if this kid is any good.
  6. my guess was gonna be to be closer to home but the dude is from Alabama lol.
  7. I believe they also have a HS similar to IMG that is basically a feeder to their college
  8. Hausmann leaving would suck. That kid is going to be really good
  9. Hey do you guys remember when Mickey Joseph walked in on his wife and her female trainer?!?
  10. Ricardo is saying Mickey was standing up choking her with one and and pushed he onto the couch then grabbed her phone. Pricilla is saying Mickey pushed her onto the couch and choked her with both hands. She was then able to get him off her and make her way into the kitchen when Mickey pulled her by her hair knocked her down and punched her then grabbed her phone. so for Ricardo's story to be true Mickey would have then had to pick Pricilla up and choke her with one hand (which she doesnt mention) push her back onto the couch and then go to the bathroom to flush the phone
  11. the how to throw a perfect pass featuring TM was deleted from Youtube last I checked. made me sad because that video was hilarious
  12. just from reading this Priscilla's story and Ricardo's story are conflicting.
  13. yeah I want to know if he's a piece of s#!t for hitting his wife or if he's really big piece of s#!t for cheating and then hitting his wife when caught.
  14. wonder who the cheater was. just says arguing over infidelity. He was mad she cheated or he was mad because she was accusing him. Not excusing his behavior either way before some of you clowns come at me. Just curious.
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