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  1. we won. the badgers didn't want that L
  2. Heard Wisconsin hired 10 more staff members and added 20 guys to the practice squad to make the magic number go up.
  3. I thought he meant that they would have to learn when to take a knee at the end of a game?
  4. vagrants ask me all the time if I have spare change. I say yes and keep walking
  5. I think Miller needs a little bit of slack. He was a defensive end if anyone remembers. That should say something that a guy switched positions and is still ahead on the depth chart with guys who have been playing that position the entire time.
  6. Don't know aboout Frost but I'm sure the line coach does
  7. Henrich kinda looks like he got blocked into the play...
  8. I like the little extra after the guy is on the ground. Cam must be watching old pipeline videos
  9. depends on the tear. Partial tear there have been guys who have played with good brace. He would still probably miss 3-4 wks.
  10. probably tore or sprained his MCL. also thought I saw him standing on the side line in the second half with his pads still on. Figured if it was really serious he would have been in street clothes.
  11. There are few guys from OSU that woke up Sunday and were reminded that they played the Huskers the day before. I don't know how many times you could say that over the last couple of years.
  12. He got destroyed on one play and just got made to look like he didn't belong.
  13. To be honest I didn't even realize Piper played. Just so happened when I noticed something bad it was Wilson lol. I think the line actually played pretty well. Farniok got schooled a couple of times but the DT will probably be one of the best he faces all year.
  14. I think there are a few people who watched completely different games than I did. Or you don't know how to actually watch football. For one I will agree the DB's played too soft but that is most likely because that is what they were told to do. as the game went on there were a few times they were pressing. For those who say we didn't get any pressure on Fields weren't paying attention. What did we have 4 sacks? There were a few that should have been but Fields is pretty good and got away. Chins did blitz but you didn't notice because they were picked up pretty well. OSU has a O-line w
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