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  1. Was it Hixon that got knocked on his a$$ twice?? If so he needs to be riding some pine
  2. I still can't make that decision because they put in bunch over McCaffery. Obviously McCaffery is the best Qb on the team
  3. I dont have the disdain some do for Chinander. There have been plenty of times when the correct defense has been call and guys are in psoition but they don't make a play. He is putting them in positions to suceed but they aren't making it happen. Our OLB's look like they have never played football before. Hopefully we can get a few guys in recruiting that can be "football players".
  4. Khalil Mack was a 2*. That dude is the best defensive player in the NFL right now.... so i'll worry about star ratings after a kids career is over.
  5. I think the ball might have already been past the receiver when he was hit thus making it legal. Although they missed the defensive holding on the back end of that same play.
  6. Purdue the one year had their slow qb go for some long runs and then of course the NW qb gashed them
  7. From watching him run this season (maybe he isnt 100%) he's not running a 4.4. He's very shifty but when he has been running straight he doesnt look fast to me.
  8. Also just because someone is good at soccer does not mean they can kick field goals. I had an all american soccer player come out for the football team my senior year in college. He could do kickoffs but he couldn't make field goals for s#!t.
  9. I think he made a tackle but I don't believe it was a sack. I think there is game footage on youtube somewhere
  10. I've heard they downplayed the amount of people on the team that hated his guts for the movie
  11. I haven't watched his film but I know you can't teach/coach 6'5"
  12. Some of these kids are from Florida, Georgia, California where they think 60° is cold.. doesnt hurt to prepare
  13. I noticed him as well becuase the announcer kept calling him a linebacker and it was irritating me
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