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  1. MyBloodIsRed16

    *** Official Minnesota Game Thread ***

    A little better
  2. MyBloodIsRed16

    *** Official Minnesota Game Thread ***

    I like the fact Collin Miller is getting more reps.
  3. MyBloodIsRed16

    Ozigbo Makes PFF's National Team of the Week

    Do we have the most players showing up on these list by a team with no wins??
  4. MyBloodIsRed16

    Nebraska is a 5 point favorite vs Minnesota

    It's obvious that Vegas controls the reffing bias mentioned in another thread and they are calling for a cease fire from the refs for this game
  5. MyBloodIsRed16

    Just To Be Clear...

    Production is set up for people who dont know football. If it was for people who actually know football we would be watching endzone angles. Always laugh when people brag about sitting on the fifty yard line. Give me endzone seats any day of the week so I can see plays unfold
  6. MyBloodIsRed16

    Call your shot: How many wins left?

  7. MyBloodIsRed16

    I'm oddly encouraged by the winless season so far...

    I was fine with the call. Obviously the play broke down but I think AM showed he has much to learn. He launches it to the endzone but he had a open man right at the sticks. Get the 1st down and try for the TD in the next set.
  8. MyBloodIsRed16

    *** Official Northwestern Game Thread ***

    Ozigbo is terrible and slow. Where is Terrel Newby when you need him?
  9. MyBloodIsRed16

    Chinander Defense

    well in that picture they are essentially in a 4-4 with a wide DE (Guifford) and Jackson acting as the 4th lb. What they should have been doing all game especially on third down is just putting an olb right on the TE and jamming him at the line then releasing to go to the QB. Would have got the same amount of pressure on the QB but would have slowed the TE down who was killing us on 3rd down.
  10. MyBloodIsRed16

    Northwestern Week Pressers

    not defending Lightbourn but if your answer to not having punts returned for touch downs is to kick it toward the sidelines you have deeper issues. Also on returns its bothers the hell out of me that they don't block the long snapper. He's the first guy down the field and puts pressure on the returner. I know a lot of teams don't because they figure its the long snapper but damn. If you aren't going to block the kick you should block everyone you have a man for.
  11. MyBloodIsRed16

    What Did We Learn? - Wisconsin

    His comments pail in comparison to what the players are saying to each other on the field. I know everyone thinks you get flagged for that stuff but you would be surprised at what you can say pretty loudly before a ref will even come to you and say hey watch your mouth. I used to have calm full blown conversations with opposing players laced with expletives. These aren't college kids they are men at this point. My coach never cussed but didn't stop me or my teammates from having vocabularies like sailors.
  12. can we all just take turns sending this clip to his coach and request he doesn't play anymore?
  13. MyBloodIsRed16

    Former Husker DC Bob Diaco Named Oklahoma Linebackers Coach

    oh i bet Bookie is gonna be happy
  14. MyBloodIsRed16

    Former Husker DC Bob Diaco Named Oklahoma Linebackers Coach

    ha... that was from march. I thought this was something new