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  1. I think he is close to graduating so he could be a grad transfer if he felt he needed to play another season.
  2. read somewhere Rahmir Johnson is coming back
  3. forgot where I said he had a number one defense. Also its a lot more work to just jump ship to a new school, recruit new kids, install your defense that the new school doesn't run. What type of exposure do you think he needs? Pretty sure if you field a top 25 defense the people that matter know about you. Maybe he just wants a second year with most of his guys coming back. Maybe he doesn't want to live in or around LA?
  4. If you had the number one defense in the country and your offense was a turd sandwich and you still lost games do you not have the same shine as the number 5 defense with a complimentary offense? Also getting guys at Nebraska who weren't as highly ranked as the guys at USC to play better defense gives him plenty of shine.
  5. He must have gone to enough camps to get a 4* rating. Seems to me that at most camps pass blocking is the majority of the work going on. He must of showed well enough for that rating. He will obviously still need work because from his tape it doesn't look like he goes up against the largest of individuals so college might be a little shock when you have Nash and Ty lined up over you.
  6. He's getting all the attention he needs as DC here. Going to USC would just be a money move. He wants to be a HC. Is going to USC really going to make that much of a difference? Just pay him more and he will stay if he doesn't take a HC job somewhere.
  7. Maybe he has talked to the collective and they say they can't come up with 2 mil for one guy? So instead of saying hey we can't afford that or won't pay that he just says they are doing it old school. Maybe our collective doesn't want to pull a Miami and not pay anyone what they were promised.
  8. My guess would be either DB or DL coach.
  9. "I won't instruct them, but in our meeting I will let them know their chance on seeing the field is slim and none"
  10. I don't know the guy but maybe he was making a joke because they only threw the ball 45 times. Like yeah he'll have to work on it because we don't really do it.
  11. I think the key here is not to get into one score games. That's would solve a lot of this mess
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