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  1. unless maybe you are trying to get a job with Mark Cuban or at Steak and Shake or Chipotle
  2. do they plan on playing him at ILB? he's 6'2 205. Thats about the size of our safeties.
  3. been a long time since WWII but I still see Germany as our rival. Can't trust that place.
  4. I blame the people of Nebraska then. Choose your mates better, make sure you are feeding your kids. Coach the big men better and get them to camps. Problem solved. more 4*s
  5. I don't really care either way who joins and I find it kind of weird its USC and UCLA. ND makes sense as they have a bunch of ties with BIG schools and are also smack dab in the middle of the BIG. NC makes sense for basketball as that is what they are good at and have a pretty good rivalry with IN. I'ld get Stanford and Indiana ST so you could have two trees battling it out every year.
  6. I say good. Two new teams to take the heat off Nebraska hate in the BIG From Sea to shining Sea
  7. I don't know how many of you have seen the movie "Idiocracy" but man when I watched it years ago I didn't know how spot on it was going to be. We aren't quite there yet but very close
  8. I think what makes this at least in the discussion of rivalry is the way the games are. Always close and always seem to come down to the last possession. I think I've seen more people say Wisconsin is more of a rival and we haven't beat them in a while and they kicked the ever living crap out of us a few times.
  9. I guess you could find the cheapest butter you can, melt it and separate it. Cheep Ghee!
  10. that's pretty good compared to my local grocery store that sells it for like $10 for 14oz jar
  11. it might be worse at this time but there are a lot of teams ahead that are ahead because they already have like 16 commits and we are still ahead in average star rating. If Coleman commits that will give a boost on its own. That's still only 11 for the class. There's still time for coaches to make runs on guys especially once the season starts if they can get them to games for OVs.
  12. oh yeah only about 40 min away. Been to the northern side of Leech lake which Walker runs into. Would have been in the mid 80's so I'm sure the Squatch wasn't in the area then.
  13. well have fun. If you are near Bemidji go take a pic with Paul Bunyan and Babe. Used to spend my summers near there on Big Lake.
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