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  1. I thought it was common knowledge that TO asked the team before the game what they wanted to do if it came down to winning or tieing and they voted to go for the win? So everyone who says he should have done something different can blame the players
  2. I think people are reading his tweet wrong. He wants to be closer to mom AND play in a system that features his talents. He could go to IN and be closer to mom and be a similar system (although theirs works better right now). Wouldn't make sense to go to Kentucky if they ran lots of 2 tight pro formation
  3. anyone else craving prime rib now??
  4. I'll worry when these guys who jump ship and then blow the doors off at the new school. I don't keep up that much but its not like we are losing all-american talent.
  5. If Dismuke stays I hope he picks up some ball skills in the off season
  6. I think we are a ball hawk at safety and a dynamic pass rusher at OLB away from a really good defense
  7. makes me wish I didn't get that degree in underwater basket weaving
  8. even has a horseshoe above his door
  9. where is this table you speak of? I need some free money
  10. Snaps aside he is good at blocking and he can move. I still think he can fix the snaps and i don't think they hurt as bad as have a replacement who can't block as well.
  11. Maybe Wandale should be in a 3 point stance anywhere he lines up
  12. I get that. I'm just saying 8.5 seems a little low for someone able to get 6 sacks.
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