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  1. I have to stop smoking crack. I swear Jaimes played like 2 years for Riley and then one more under Frost then bounced.
  2. Austin didn't bring in either of those guys and didn't he only have them for a year? Jaimes was getting drafted regardless
  3. not sure if I knew that but it's "up" from IN. lol.
  4. went there once after going to the Frozen Four just had dinner. Guys I went to college with would make the trek up there for a weekend and some would go for spring break (those under 21).
  5. just cross the border and hang out in Windsor, Ontario Canada. If you have kids over 18 but not 21 they can drink
  6. I'm predicting either a special teams or defensive TD as the first points scored.
  7. YoutubeTV is $65 now?!? Thats crazy. When they started wasn't it like $15
  8. it means Nebraska doesn't have the 1st or 2nd best recruiting classes in their conference. But if they were to win the conference they would make the playoffs. of course they would have to be undefeated or sitting at one loss going into the championship game for that to happen.
  9. I feel yah in what you are saying and as a former player on bad teams I know how some of these guys feel who have been in the program for while. Yeah its a cool experience but it's gonna suck if you lose. That's what they will remember for the rest of their lives. Hey I kissed the blarney stone but then I lost to NW and that sucked. Kinda like if someone stole your wallet on vacation and that impeded your ability to have fun
  10. not saying they are complete ducks but on his longer throws there is quite a bit of wobble.
  11. yeah that kinda drove me nuts but he was able to move people. would prefer he stay facing forward so if someone slips off he can keep running and not just fall on his a$$
  12. Have the rules changed? How can Devin Drew just show up and be in full pads? Did he have a couple zoom practices?
  13. Has anyone seen Smothers throw a tight spiral in any of these clips. I feel like all his throws are wobbly.
  14. Noticed Rahmir Johnson working mostly with the receiver group
  15. pretty sure a couple people said Trey Palmer made quite a few really good plays during the scrimmage.
  16. basically what I was going to say. Tackling was an issue. That's not having Chin's number.
  17. I agree that they are over rated but I don't think their talent level was that much higher. Maybe in a few positions but I thought we matched up with them pretty well last year.
  18. probably the Ipad the team hands out with the playbook on them. Probably program's property.
  19. With the group they have they should be good at least one type of blocking. Would rather be good at one than mediocre at both
  20. I pray this may be the year they can run a screen properly
  21. Didn't we really only lose a center? Maybe a left guard who didn't play the whole year
  22. I think whip has been around long enough to be the coordinator that takes what the defense gives him. If you are running the ball well he'll keep running. But if he passes it will be of play action. But if we have the guys to throw it and you can't cover we will be throwing it
  23. I think it's a little of both. Teddy is still getting in shape so I'm surr Nelson is working him. On the other side is Benhart and he struggled last year and I'm sure we have made improvements on that side on defense.
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