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  1. I was wondering if he was fired just from football responsibilities or just outright because it seems he works with other sports. Wouldn't think the football coach would have the authority to fire the Volleyball nutritionist (or whatever other sports he works with)
  2. I can see him showing up and its pitch black and he just starts throwing switches to get those lights to come on for a pic. "no, not that one, nope, try again, there we go!"
  3. I don't see why he would want a fresh start somewhere else when he hasn't played because he's been injured not because there is someone ahead of him. I think he may have been upset this year thinking he should have been able to play toward the end of the season.
  4. I'ld probably pass on the kid from Valpo. don't have to he very good to play there
  5. I was coaching a football game and my vision started to get wonky. First it was tunnel vision then I it turned to double vision. Told the trainer I couldn't see right and he thought I was joking. I was like I can see but I can't see. Went off and on like that for a while and I went to see a bunch of doctors who told me I may have had a mini stroke, might have a brain tumor, MS, some other disease I can't pronounce. Ended up in Rush Hospital in Chicago to see a specialist next stop would have been mayo clinic. He looks at all my charts and tells me I was having migraines but only experiencing the aura not the pain. And that I had nerve damage in my eye. I was 30 at the time and freaked out for about 3 months leading up to him telling me that. Still get them usually when I am stressed. Still no pain
  6. Really just depends how Mickey handled the locker room before and what type of person he really is. If he stays and just tries to undermine Rhule then yeah that could divide the locker room. But how lame do these kids have to be to say "I'm not gonna try hard for the new coach because I like Mickey"? It's not Rhule's fault Mickey didn't get the job. If he keeps Mickey and it was his decision to keep him then you would think the players would appreciate that.
  7. Well my sophmore year of HS the local papers wrote an article about how we had the heaviest staff in the region. Had some large coaches but my dad was probably the lightest at 245
  8. In HS we called corner blitzes "cornhusker".
  9. Why don't people realize this happens at every level of coaching? My dad was a HS coach for 40+ years. Each time he switch jobs he brought the some of the same assistants. And he would hire guys who had played under him. He hired me and a guy I played with in college. You hire people you trust. My college coach hired guys he played with and or coached with. Man I wonder who Nick Saban hired when he first took the job at Alabama
  10. Didn't Mickey fire a DC? How is it any different beside the side of the ball?
  11. Got two monkeys off our back. Beat Iowa and didn't let a backup QB come in and torch us
  12. Saltine crackers taste better with salsa than tortilla chips
  13. We need more Suburban kids. They are right in the middle.
  14. I think starting next year all the fans in Memorial Stadium for each home game, should stand up and face North East at the end of the first quarter and wave
  15. I mean, who cares? He's got his football team winning games. If he was winning at Nebraska would anyone be saying "but but, the people he put in place to run a school didn't do their jobs". nope. I really don't know anything about the school but unless Prime was there making these kids kneel on rice as punishment or some s#!t I don't care.
  16. Has coach Prime signed an extension? Can't wait for him to be named coach at Nebraska and watch people lose their minds.
  17. was it worse than Willis McGahee's knee?
  18. i didn't see it when watching on TV and they wouldn't show a replay
  19. but wasn't his commentary at the start of the game that Nebraska was still a destination job and that coaches would be dumb not to want to coach there?
  20. maybe they are trying to speak it into existence
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