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  1. Remember that play where HH tried to dump it off to the RB and the LA tech LB lit him up??? That was Emmet
  2. They could throw him a bubble screen to see what he can do or maybe get him open on a short route and let him run. Not a fan of bringing him in for a reverse as everyone and their mother knows it coming. I get he's fast but throwing deep balls is not the strength of either QB. He's been open they have just thrown him s#!tty balls.
  3. I think a former Nebraska Cornhusker head coach had those measurements.
  4. If he knew how to hold onto the ball he probably takes that kickoff to the house
  5. You forgot the one where he was rolling out and he threw it to the turf about 10 yards in front of Kemp.
  6. You are missing what I'm saying. Is Sims somehow a better Qb if the DBs dropped those INTs?? No. But posters here are ignoring the fact that HH has made the same s#!tty throws but his were dropped. Thrown right to them but dropped. If anything we should be saying Sims throws a more catchable ball no matter who it's to.
  7. No. He did the same thing last week. He threw a ball right to a LB from NIL and the kid dropped it. Two of his completions to Fidone probably get picked as well. And a lot of his throws have been nowhere near anyone. He missed Kemp being wide open and decided to try to get his backup Rb killed by dumping it off to him. That probably could have been intercepted as well. They both have made mistakes but one has benefited from not playing against the same skill level. People are acting like HH is playing lights out and he's not. I think both of them have some work to do
  8. No s#!t. Especially when you throw to DBs who can't catch. If HH makes those same mistakes against a power 5 team (ie MN and CU) they are INTs. Then what do we do? Start clamoring for Purdy to start?
  9. Pretty sure Sims was in for one play and it wasn't a turnover. Remember when HH threw to Kemp with double coverage and the DB with no hands or real skill failed to catch the ball? Why does everyone overlook all the bad stuff for HH?
  10. How do you know he goofed up? Its happened with HH as well. But you don't know the call and if the RB is at fault.
  11. They were also missing Leinhart for the whole game and Reimer for most of it. Those are two high energy athletic guys. Their replacements not so much. I thought the DBs came up big in run support.
  12. They did, the guys just ran right into who was supposed to block them
  13. This guy only likes to Rock and roll at night and part of every other day.
  14. not positive but you only need a license if you are using the drones commercially and they are above a certain size. And its not like they have a bunch of kids piloting the drones. You would need kids from the computer science dept to come up with the designs for the flight patterns. The band most likely uses a similar program to come up with movements and patterns, just people doing it on the field and not flying robots in the sky.
  15. I could see more of the offensive players jumping ship than the defensive guys. Especially if the defense keeps up their performance and the offense continues to struggle against P5 defenses.
  16. NIU was called for holding on Write's int. Figures they would call it when we would decline it
  17. I kinda liked one of the comments Rhule made about playing a little tighter on pass coverages so they aren't just giving up all the underneath stuff. Take away a couple longer plays and most of the completions they are giving up seem to come around 8-10 yards. NIU did them a favor and dropped about 20 passes.
  18. one. Rutgers has played Northwestern and VA tech. Ohio st played IU and syracuse just played Purdue. Clemson played Duke. Iowa st played Iowa. Not a lot of good teams on that list of Power 5 teams
  19. probably see us move up a bit assuming the teams ahead of us will play some real teams this weekend.
  20. probably should have looked inside. he could have blocked 23 into another defender. the corner looked like he wanted no part of HH anyway. probably could have got past him
  21. people need to calm down. That wasn't even a bad hit. Late yes but he could have not let up and or went for his head. Basically just put his shoulder in his ribs. No worse than ripping someone's helmet off just because you can't get off a block.
  22. Dude was a freshman all-American at LSU so I wouldn't really say fools gold.
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