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  1. I would expect the only time they really use a true fullback would be goal line and maybe short yardage situations. Otherwise it will be a tight end they bring in motion and drops into the "fullback" position.
  2. Literally the worst OL I've played with at all levels always chose 69
  3. Ervin needs to get rid of the white head band that sticks out of the back of his helmet and covers his last name. That's what's holding him back. No great running back has ever worn those
  4. Much easier to stand out on defense even if those around you aren't that great. A good line can make an average RB look really good. Really good WR can make an average QB look much better. Bad Oline and bad WRs can make a really good QB look bad
  5. Do we do our own look alike thread? Look like a certain Peaky Blinders star
  6. I watched a YouTube video stating that his entire family is coming to the spring game. Like Grandma is coming. Might be his commitment day
  7. May or June from the sounds of it. But nobody knows for sure
  8. Don't want him. I could look past that he has no stars but the fact he doesn't weigh anything and has not height is a deal breaker
  9. Purdue should be Lisa Simpson and IU should be Bart as IU is often referred to as PU's big brother. I'ld probably switch Iowa to Ned Flanders.
  10. 110%. That means if we miss on our #1 target he will flip
  11. Meh. We don't want him anyway. Ole what's his name says he will be a bust.
  12. my team did a points competition once in the spring. It was fun for about a week. I remember at the end of spring we asked which team won and the coaches were like "uhhh". They stopped keeping track. We were also not good the following fall lol.
  13. if you look at the positives I believe they had less false starts and less holding penalties than years prior. It got to a point before Raiola arrived you could almost count on a false start as soon as the offense reached the redzone.
  14. Guess its good he's going to USC and Georgia before visiting Nebraska. Get the "last" crack at him. Don't think he has time to squeeze in that Oregon visit he said he wants to take
  15. I've yet to see football players fight over a big red disc on the field during a game. If anything that's more of a defensive drill.
  16. Wasn't he "good to go" the year before as well? Then got hurt in spring?
  17. If you have a guy coming off two straight years of torn ACLs (Fidone), maybe you tell him to sit out tug of war where there is opportunity for injury do to twisting and people falling into you and what not
  18. I saw somewhere yesterday Ohio State "rescinded" their offer. It made me laugh
  19. I think coaches need to motivate players to practice hard and get prepared for the game. I somewhat agree that a coach shouldn't have to motivate a player to play an actual game. If you need a coach to rah rah you up before playing in front of 80k plus people you have a problem.
  20. well if you start at say a 1 and you get better +1 and better +1 and better +1 that's still only 4. If your line is a 4 out of 10 you suck
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