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  1. Figured he might stick around with the injury to Hill. Guess he was further down the list than expected
  2. If only Nebraska would have thought enough to have him do a Michael Jordan dunk pose while taking pictures in an Underarmor football uniform.
  3. I think Sipple or SC called him an OT in one of their videos. So probably why those offensive blocking reps I took he was trying to play OT. Either way I wasn't impressed with his blocking. either way he looks fairly athletic and is in good shape. he looks like a young Flula Borg
  4. Think he's gonna end up on defense. He looked decent on defensive reps but strait trash as an OT. No pads and all but still.
  5. soooo. is he still s#!tting or will he be getting off the pot soon?
  6. I think weight nowadays is a little overrated for skill guys. If you are worried about him being jammed at the line there are ways around it. If someone is fast and has really good hands you can get them the ball. Granted I know nothing about the kid but being 160 doesn't automatically qualify you as a project.
  7. Same exact experience. Even the few kids who watched games couldn't tell me what they watched. I even picked out games and would say watch this game but try to watch it like you are watching game film. See if we do any of the same stuff. Nada
  8. Another fun fact I learned today. The birth place of pizza, Naples only exists today because Pompeii was destroyed. Naples is built on rock and ash from that eruption. Pompeii was built on a cliff overlooking a harbor.
  9. He's got child bearing hips. He holds his weight in his lower half
  10. I'm in Italy and took a tour of Pompeii. Literally one of the first things they showed us was a pizza over made with volcanic rock and brick. Guide said they could cook a pizza in 30 seconds because of the way the volcanic rock held heat. Your 3 mins sounds like an eternity
  11. I believe this rover just went offline. Had to go into a sleep mode during a "sand storm" that lasted like 6 months or something. Obviously it's solar powered so it wasn't getting sun light. Didn't have enough juice to reboot once the storm was over.
  12. Among several issues with the maneuvers of the aircraft and procedural stuff I had to listen to while watching this movie for the first time with a former fighter pilot. Still as a little boy Goose's death bothered me because the laws of physics exist. Why not just have his chute not open and have him snap his neck on contact with the water or something. Instead they have him hit a canopy that wouldn't be there
  13. if that's the case I say go ahead and wrap this one up. I heard the other day that his official was actually his 3rd time on campus. I don't know if that's true but if it is that's a big deal.
  14. Maybe the developer was a Nebraska grad or fan.
  15. "You ain't special, cook your own food"
  16. Hopefully it turns out better than the Brandon Baker recruitment. He seemed to really like Nebraska but couldn't take the leap because we still suck. Win more than 5 games this year and kids will see more proof in the pudding
  17. That is enough of a difference to change my mind.
  18. How much is he getting paid? I think I'ld rather get paid a little less and be a starting QB in the USFL than a practice squad QB in the NFL
  19. Yeah their visitor lockeroom was smaller than my HS lockeroom
  20. Maybe he had a late Friday night
  21. I think Bonner is gonna jump in the portal
  22. He looks like he put on some weight. I can't imagine he was that big a liability last year in the run game but he seems to have a knack for getting in the backfield.
  23. James Williams probably would have had at least 3 sacks if QB were live. 2 and a holding call for sure. He uses his hands really well and he gets low and dips his shoulder very nicely. One play he dipped and ripped and #71 basically had him in a headlock and he was still able to get to the QB. Would have been a holding call (especially if he didn't play for Nebraska). He needs to be on the field for every 3rd down and 5+ to go.
  24. there are thousands of them that do it in Chicago on St Patty's day
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