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  1. Likely an audit started from a complaint filed by faculty at WSU upset about athletic spending. People with no relationship business/development knowledge. Seen it before first hand. However...yes, there are tax implications for accounting for the "benefits." Minor though. Ticky tack. The IMG stuff? No clue.
  2. This is a VERY valid point (as long as he pitches/gives to RB). However, the bottom line is the same. Make defenses have to account for the QB run, even if he doesn't actually keep the ball very often. It still takes at least one defender away from defending the RB/slot or makes a LB or safety commit to the QB rather than sitting in coverage or attacking the handoff.
  3. I agree that the system and what a QB is being asked to do gives context to the metrics. IMO statistics need context to discern meaning. And that's not just in sports. (said the guy in marketing) lol
  4. Thought it was appropriate for me to tag on to this post for obvious geographic reasons (STL). I'll not have time to check-in or post tomorrow so... One last hug. One last kiss. One last megathread keystroke. Scott Frost will be the next great Husker coach. Farewell to thee most awesome of threads.
  5. They are a Coca-Cola school rather than Pepsi... I'll keep rooting for them.
  6. The above comes from a parody account the video link in the post is to ... PB&JT LOL Troll...
  7. Boom goes the dynamite. https://twitter.com/247Sports/status/936694515502649344 https://twitter.com/ESPNCFB/status/936696563786797056
  8. Step 1: Save this image. Step 2: Have this image printed poster size and glue a stick to it. Step 3: Profit. Note: You may have to update to 10 by tomorrow.
  9. Yes. Billy Napier has a nice pedigree. "Winner" Coaching Experience 2017-Present, Arizona State (Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks) 2013-2017, Alabama (Wide Receivers) 2012, Colorado State (Assistant HC/Quarterbacks) 2011, Alabama (Offensive Analyst) 2009-2010, Clemson (Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks) Bowl Games as a Coach 2016 BCS National Championship 2015 BCS National Championship 2014 Sugar Bowl 2013 Sugar Bowl 2011 BCS National Championship
  10. Interesting..... From the link: "Billy Napier, who spent the past five seasons as the wide receivers coach at the University of Alabama and is widely respected in the coaching profession as one of the most talented recruiters in college football...."
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