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  1. StPaulHusker

    tOSU Gametime

    Also. Lol at Ohio St for having a blackout game at 11AM.
  2. StPaulHusker

    RB/WR Wandale Robinson

    I hope Brohm stays at Purdue. The B1G West needs good coaches at all schools to make the division better.
  3. StPaulHusker

    tOSU Gametime

    They played better in August. There is no questioning that
  4. StPaulHusker

    tOSU Gametime

    Ohio St is afraid to play football in the dark now
  5. StPaulHusker

    *** 2019 Recruiting ***

    And then he gets Owen Pappoe to flip when Gus Malzahn gets canned......
  6. StPaulHusker

    1,000 Yard Rusher Watch

    I hope Ozigbo gets the number. He deserves it. An interesting stat for him, in my opinion, was that he has 115 yards receiving. In 7 games. His season high is 123 in 10 games last year.
  7. StPaulHusker

    *** 2019 Recruiting ***

    I'm in agreement with you. I was merely showing what it took last year and what it will likely take this year to get a top 20 class. And that is around 7 4 star players. That's all.
  8. StPaulHusker

    *** 2019 Recruiting ***

    It's going to be interesting if they can do it. For comparison sake, no team in the 2018 recruiting cycle in the Top 20 had fewer than 7 4-star commits. Currently, only 3 teams in the Top 20 for 2019 have fewer than 7. Nebraska currently has 4. (247 Composite was used for rankings)
  9. Dan Hoppen should stick to arguing with people on Twitter about what the best pizza or burger or BBQ is in Lincoln and Omaha
  10. StPaulHusker

    RB/WR Wandale Robinson

    Just one correction to what you've said. JD isn't a star in the making. He is a star right now without question.
  11. StPaulHusker

    1,000 Yard Receiver Watch

    Just to add to this discussion: Stanley Morgan Jr needs to average 89 yards per game for the rest of the season to get to 1,000. Needs to average 78 per game for the rest of the season to be All Time receiving yards leader. Spielman needs to average 77 yards per game for the season to get to 1,000. He's only 12 yards shy of knocking Matt Davison out of the top 10 all time receiving yards. He needs 27 receptions to be #1 single season reception leader
  12. StPaulHusker

    2020 SF D'Andre Davis [Nebraska Commit]

    With this commitment, Nebraska is #1 in recruiting rankings for 2020.
  13. StPaulHusker

    JUCO S Markquese Bell

    He didn't play as a freshman at Maryland due to being indefinitely suspended before the season started