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  1. StPaulHusker


  2. StPaulHusker

    It’s cold outside

    Merry. It's pronounced different than Mary. And it's a dated word. Much like gay meaning happy.
  3. StPaulHusker

    The Trump Economy

    What is interesting to me is that Trump isn't even tweeting lies to try to soften whats going on. Complete silence
  4. StPaulHusker

    It’s cold outside

    I don't say Merry Christmas because I don't like the word Merry
  5. StPaulHusker


    Eh. We'll see
  6. StPaulHusker


    That doesn't mean it's not a U.S. problem
  7. StPaulHusker


    It's a NATO problem. Which means it's a U.S. problem
  8. StPaulHusker

    It’s cold outside

    Don't get me wrong. I pay attention to lyrics of songs. Just not this one and others I think suck.
  9. StPaulHusker

    It’s cold outside

    I've never paid attention to the lyrics in this song and I don't intend to now. Seems easier.
  10. StPaulHusker

    JUCO DT Tony Fair

    I guess I should have channeled my best ScottyIce impersonation and said HYPOTHETICAL
  11. StPaulHusker

    JUCO DT Tony Fair

    Those are both logical
  12. StPaulHusker

    JUCO DT Tony Fair

    Let's assume his grades are not the issue for this case. When does Frost's literal quote: "When a player commits to us, we commit to them" not supposed to mean what he said? And again, I'm fine with Frost getting players in that can win games. But that was a very public, honorable quote.
  13. StPaulHusker

    Trump's cabinet

    Obama's Chiefs of Staff in less than 3 years: #1 left to run for mayor of Chicago #2 was an interim #3 said he would stay until Obama got re-elected. #scandalous
  14. StPaulHusker

    JUCO DT Tony Fair

    We just need NT's. True NT's. Don't care what grade they will be in.
  15. StPaulHusker

    McGriff Leaves Program

    Was he moved around a number of times? And if he was, I understand it being difficult, but I would think moving from school to school is just as difficult. I don't know. Best of luck to him.