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  1. Sorry, stopped listening to you there. Why do we have one then?
  2. It's not just listening to him. It's listening to him and having evidence corroborate what he's saying as true.
  3. From who? Who are you referring to that is giving him that praise erroneously? We all know he didn't call plays. Nobody is arguing that he did. That doesn't mean he wasn't a great OC. That's not the only job of an OC. It is a huge managerial position day to day, which is over position coaches, gameplanning, film, practice habits, installing plays, identifying fronts and weaknesses from the press box, and so on. Do you have specific knowledge of how good or bad Helfrich is at all of those things?
  4. High value of good drugs and pointless pontificating as well.
  5. Right, hence I didn't make that argument. But compare the entire schedules: LSU NR Georgia Southern 7-6 #25 Texas 8-5 NR Northwestern State 3-9 NR Vanderbilt 3-9 NR Utah State 7-6 #6 Florida 11-2 NR Mississippi State 6-7 #14 Auburn 9-4 #8 Alabama 11-2 NR Ole Miss 4-8 NR Arkansas 2-10 NR Texas A&M 8-5 #4 Georgia 12-2 (Postseason) #6 Oklahoma 12-2 (Postseason) #2 Clemsoon 14-1 (Postseason) 2 top 5 teams 5top 10 teams 6 top 15 teams 7 top 25 teams 10 winning record teams Nebraska NR Oklahoma State 4-8 NR Michigan State 6-5-1 NR Arizonoa State 6-5 NR Pacific 3-8 NR Washington State 3-8 NR Missouri 3-8 #6 Kansas State 10-2 #4 Colorado 10-2 NR Iowa State 3-8 #10 Kansas 10-2 NR Oklahoma 5-5-1 #2 Florida 12-1 (Postseason) 2 top 5 teams 4 top 10 teams 4 top 15 teams 4 top 25 teams 6 winning record teams We played some good competition and obviously proved ourselves against it but LSU's schedules was significantly more difficult (part of that being playoff and conference championship games which we didn't have the chance to play, but nonetheless make their schedule harder).
  6. If LSU played the top 12 teams in the nation but only won by an average of 7, and Nebraska played the bottom 12 teams in the nation but won by 40, which is more impressive and which is likely the better team? At some point a team is allowed to have close games when they're playing great competition all the time. Is it this time? IDK, but it's silly to dismiss the fact that they had close games so easily.
  7. Going 11-2 as a top ten team, then making it to the national championship game, then having a respectable 9 win top 20 season, then one really bad year is a hell of a way to flounder. Maybe the second best to ever do it behind Solich
  8. https://www.omaha.com/sports/college/huskers/teams/football/scott-frost-addresses-hiring-of-ron-brown-provides-timetable-for/article_6401ecdb-571e-538e-b1e1-419bbd3473f4.html https://247sports.com/college/nebraska/Article/Nebraska-Huskers-coach-Scott-Frost-and-athletic-director-Bill-Moos-gave-their-thoughts-about-the-Ron-Brown-hire-and-also-being-a-a-program-inclusive-of-everyone-120027679/ https://www.outsports.com/2018/7/18/17587314/ron-brown-nebraska-football-christian-gay https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ncaaf/2018/07/18/frost-hires-former-husker-coach-brown-for-off-field-role/36969855/ That's less than a third of the first page google results if you search 'Ron Brown hired by Scott Frost'. It certainly wasn't nothing.
  9. Although George shouldn't have won it, the Heisman is a season award. This ranking is over players' whole careers and legacies. One doesn't inform the other.
  10. I would. Don't need him, don't want him in that case. Not the victory but the action.
  11. I imagine they'd say, "That's amazing, good for her"
  12. ZRod wasn't disputing that. Who's actually doing what and who's perceived as doing what are different and both important things.
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