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  1. Being anti-establishment and being a "true" progressive are not mutually exclusive things. I'd even argue they're closer to mutually inclusive. Edit: Also, let's be honest - the percentage of establishment/corporate democrats in office that would prefer Trump over Bernie isn't 0. Edit 2: Finally listened to the clip of Rogan. This is being blown out of proportion imo. He didn't say he will vote for Trump, he said (in response to someone saying they can't vote for Biden, but also can't vote for Trump), that he'd rather vote for Trump than Biden. I don't think that's meant to be taken literally. Third independent thought - knapp keeps making mention about how this election is different than all the others of the last 100 years. Which is true. Which, to me, begs the question - if this election is so different, then why is Biden doing the exact same thing as all the loser Democrat presidential nominees of the last few decades? Biden, Clinton, Kerry, Gore - all felt entitled to people's votes even with uninspiring bland policy, and all lost because of their arrogance. Biden literally tells people not to vote for him, and in spirit dares people not to. This election is different, yet the Dem establishment is trotting out the same tested and failed approach.
  2. Again, haven't heard/seen the bit about him voting for Trump, but here's he himself: He's also for single payer healthcare, comprehensive prison reform, free public college, UBI, etc. - also the first minute of this one:
  3. Rogan isn't libertarian, he's pretty left and he admits as much often. He gets painted as "alt-right adjacent" because he's willing to have controversial people on and be friends/cordial with people that society wants to make out to be boogeymen, but Rogan himself is pretty left. He also hasn't been employed by Dana White, or anybody, for years and years. That being said I haven't heard/seen the clip so I can't comment on it specifically.
  4. There are millions of gen z/millenial votees that will likely stay home, but might not if he widens his umbrella leftwards. At least being open and gracious and communicative with those votes instead of condescending and snide as we're seeing more instances of lately.
  5. I may or may not have experience hot boxing a gas mask.
  6. No, I don't. This is a free country where I choose to participate. I don't have to vote for anyone. I don't have to contribute to a broken system if I don't want to. Unless you're Joe Biden, in which case no need to try earning votes, just blame any potential failure on the passive voters?
  7. No, THIS is extremely passive. How about being pragmatic instead of noble and righteous? Who cares if people have to be convinced; CONVINCE THEM! This election is different, remember? This is no time to stand firm in integrity and responsibility admonishing the bad people. Get the bad people on your side. Con them. Do whatever it takes to make sure that we beat Trump. Trying to earn votes is effective and active. Sitting around saying, "Look there's nothing to be done either people are smart or they're dummies and if they're dummies then ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ " is passive and doesn't accomplish anything.
  8. Yeah, and since it's different and of the utmost importance to defeat Trump, Biden's team better be bending over backwards turning over every stone trying to find ways to get the votes of people not convinced of him.
  9. TIL that a presidential candidate shouldn't have to earn your vote.
  10. Things don't have to be analogous to have similarities.
  11. If you're talking to me, I didn't call him the GOAT, in fact I clearly stated the opposite. Try reading again.
  12. They'd both be much better than Trump. I'm committed to helping vote for whoever will get Trump out. However, I can't imagine a more uninspiring candidate than Biden. I'll shuffle my feet to the polls, let out a big sigh, and reluctantly check off the box then drive home in silence lol. Bernie isn't the same. If we had a more equitable and just and sensible election process, Bernie would be the runaway nominee. It's the antiquated bloat of boomers holding him back He would've crushed Trump if he was the nominee. I'm not even convinced Biden will come close to beating him. They're both political outsiders taking it to the establishment.
  13. Jordan is no slouch. Still one of the smartest ever imo. But his game was more of a solo weapon of scoring and domination. That's not even close to all it was, but compared to Lebron, who's always embraced a more facilitating/floor general form of basketball, I'd probably give him the nod as far as being a mastermind manipulating the game around him. tbh Lebron is pretty much the head coach of every team he's on. He's never had the benefit of a Phil Jackson and subsequent system, and it shows with how every team he's ever left has completely fallen apart.
  14. I didn't get to watch Jordan as an 'adult', but grew up watching his last threepeat and Wizards years from age 7-13 or something like that. Have watched a lot of games on youtube/espn classic/etc. though.
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