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  1. This seems like a pretty silly naive take to me. It's no coincidence that almost all of the great all time programs are at schools that aren't in huge cities or immediately in major markets. It's also no coincidence that almost all universities located in huge cities with pro teams are not very good nor have that much of a dedicated fanbase.
  2. Not really. Pelini didn't start facing really hard questions and heat until 2012. 2011 was the start of the uglier moments, but we gave him a pass for the first year in the Big Ten while still having a decently good season. 08-09 we all were pleased as punch. Half of 10 we were ecstatic and the other half we were frustrated but understanding and patient. Callahan didn't even start facing the real hot seat furnace until 2007. Sure nobody expected to start with a losing season, but people got over it, then got excited with 8-5 and 9-5 seasons, with both sides of the ball right at a championship level. Solich was super comfortable in his job security for four years minus two weeks.
  3. Landlord


    Clemson is.....probably the ONLY shining example of a road paved to the promised land that we could follow. They're as much of an anomaly as we are, but actually even moreso because somehow they climbed to the top. We're an anomaly in a lot of ways, but one way that we're not is that...well, we suck You're right not everybody can be Clemson. Honestly, nobody else ever has been as far as I can recall.
  4. Landlord


    Admittedly I have no idea what it really takes. I'm not a football coach, and certainly not a football coach at a school with massive resources and expectations in a small fishbowl and rabid fanbase desperate to return to where it was. So yeah, I've got no idea what all is really involved. But what I do know is that I've seen transcendent coaches take over programs in similar crap/cancerous/toxic/worthless/blah blah/the worst you could possibly imagine places and turn them around very quickly. I've seen far, far fewer coaches take over something like that, take at least two years to show a little bit of progress, and then eventually later get that team to a consistently dominant/top 10-15 level. Stoops took a team with seven losing seasons in a row and won a natty in year two. Carroll took over a team with 5-6 win seasons for several years and got to 11 wins and a conference crown in year two. Saban took over an LSU team with 7 wins in the previous two seasons combined and was SEC champs in year two, national champs in year four. Then he took over a Bama squad who was similarly pretty awful and got them to #1 in year two. Don't hear me wrong, I think Frost is our guy and I'm fine with being patient and enjoying the road. All I'm saying is that generally speaking the data and the examples we have don't paint the most optimistic picture of coaches that struggle this much to start eventually getting to the place we all want and think we need to get to eventually. Then again, none of those places are Nebraska, and I guess if nothing else we've seen that we are somewhat of an anomaly when it comes to comparison to other programs, which makes it hard to gauge. Which, just adds to the frustration of not having any answers
  5. Landlord


    I guess it makes sense that the loss of some upperclassmen offensive linemen and our top receiving and running threats is hurting the offense. Or at least it would, if we didn't hear so much about how Riley's players never lifted weights and the guys in the program now have been grueling under super duper amazing strength and conditioning for two years now. I guess I'm just not seeing much in the way of results in that front, except for Martinez being bigger and slower and unable to get the edge.
  6. You said a lot of different things that were not all consistent with each other. I guess you can try and semantics your way out of a distinction between tell and encourage, but that's what everyone except you read out of this, and even giving you the benefit of the doubt, a lot of folks still responded to you with, "No, my church does not encourage me to vote a specific way or encourage me to vote at all."
  7. You got dug for saying specific things like churches tell their members how to vote. You did not get dug for the uncontroversial and obviously true general idea that churches are tainted with political influence.
  8. You said that evangelical and catholic churches take official stances on political items, that their churches encourage their membership to be pro-life, and that 90% of them take political stances.
  9. If what that tweet said would have been your opinion, we all would have agreed with you. It was when you dug your boots in to try and argue some extreme specific claims of things like pastors telling their congregations how to vote that you lost everyone.
  10. I'm already beyond exhausted with the "reconciliation porn" of this story. Bonhoefer called forgiveness without repentance cheap grace, and when white people keep praising black forgiveness but still refuse to validate black anger or to be outraged by unjust and non-equitable punishments, that just feels like relatively empty tone policing to me.
  11. Other than the most important stat for judging coaches by? Haha. That's a pretty big one don't ya think? I was mainly thinking about how Riley went to and won a bowl game, had a huge win over a top 10 opponent, and at this point in season 2 was undefeated and ranked #10. I'm also not making an actual point about Riley or anything - just remarking on how expectations and results and stuff are weird and hard to predict and very subjective.
  12. It's just a general statement. Obviously opinions did and will vary. But there was certainly a widespread sentiment that it must not be too hard to maintain a ho hum 9 wins a year baseline. And maybe not even an unreasonable one. Sports are weird and unpredictable.
  13. You're right, and the crazy frustrating and confusing part is that through 1.5 seasons at Nebraska, he's thus far outperformed Frost in pretty much everything except recruiting.
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