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  1. Putin does it out in the open. • He has any real potential opponents murdered or constantly detained/harassed by security services and shut out from the election by concocted crime convictions. • He squashes demonstrations and protests with draconian laws that leave no room for something akin to the first amendment. • Election officials are controlled by the state, and many stuff ballot boxes. • He/the state controls and owns the media So in a nutshell he doesn't do it in the shadows, and he uses the power of the centralized state. The Clinton's don't have or couldn't operate the same way, so I mean I'm not at all a Clinton conspiracy theorist but Hillary losing the election(s) isn't a proof through to the claim that the Clinton's obviously don't or couldn't have some powerful behind closed doors influence.
  2. Let's say the Clinton's are frighteningly powerful in the shadows. Can have people killed, have loyalists in different areas of government who can squeeze and mold things to their liking. How does that kind of power extrapolate to controlling an election with citizens voting and citizens volunteering/counting ballots?
  3. Yes, you would... because they are. Have you seen his approval ratings?
  4. What do you mean by "it"? Something that doesn't exist?
  5. There are lots of "eagle on top of something round" insignias, including a lot inside our own country and government, but everything in America, and in other western countries, that has that general composition has the eagle facing west. Nazi Germany's eagle facing east/right was/is an important distinction that made it unique and specific.
  6. It's a parody site. The banner on the bottom reads "This web site is made possible by a generous gift from one of Jeff Fortenberry's constituents and is maintained by Sniff Fartenberry Productions, which is really a name we just made up for Seeing Red Nebraska, and we obviously have no connection to this useless Gilead commander's re-election campaign, which we try to stay upwind from at all times." Seeing Red Nebraska's site says "nebraska politics from the left"
  7. Then how is there violence there?
  8. That's true, but they won't be traveling to several states, having hundreds from other states traveling to them, being confined into small airplane cabins, spending time in hotels and so forth, which are all big factors in increased spreading.
  9. Well yeah....but she's brown and opinionated.
  10. Well, it only took them 40+ years to figure it out, but better late than never I guess.
  11. Deaths/infections per capita my dude. That means that the numbers are adjusted to control for population size. You know our President has been trying for months to get us to test less, right? Also that our testing numbers per capita have caught up a good amount but spent way too much time wayyyyyy behind. In March the US had ONE corona virus test per every 1,000,000 people. South Korea had 2,000 tests per every 1m. Italy had 386. Switzerland 214, UK 199, etc. We had one.
  12. What. The. f#&%. Are you talking about? "QB commit Heinrich Haarberg is a sponge when it comes to learning" This is a compliment. It's writing about his talent.
  13. That's part of why I was thinking about it - I've been reading Hillbilly Elegy and being reminded of home, and also learning a good deal about hills people culture.
  14. Reality is, there are some things about motivation that are involuntary and subconscious. For all of us. When we ran track, occasionally we would run 200's in practice and our coach would get us to really treat them like the real deal, but we'd always run them faster if we had someone the same speed next to us than if we ran next to someone clearly slower or faster. AM had no real competition and he had a lot of 'savior praise' from his coach, the media, and the fans his sophomore year. Optimism was sky high, we ended his freshman year on a huge momentum run, and the hype and mood were unbelievably positive. Even if he's the most mentally determined player on the team, that will still have some kind of involuntary effect on your drive. That's not really an excuse, but rather an argument that we shouldn't (yet, at least) be overly worried about this imo.
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