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  1. Is it also patronizing to think that teenagers having unprotected sex don't know what can or will happen? Or that football players don't know they're destroying their brains long term? Or that high school kids don't know the true value of borrowing hundreds of thousands of dollars for college? It's not like nobody ever regrets elective medical decisions or makes very important life choices from short-sighted perspectives.
  2. Well, contextually that would be different, so no. Actually a really terrible example imo. Not all surgical procedures involve an elective ending of the potential of another life. What's your reasoning that if abortion procedures have this type of informed consent then all other procedures should have the same type of informed consent? I don't see why that would need or should be the case? Yes, there would be a component of the negative aspects. That would be part of informed consent. I feel like that was already clear in my post with the "vs not" end of the sentence. And yes, the same spirit of discussion would be part of a vasectomy, but again, not the exact same discussion because a vasectomy isn't necessarily permanent and irreversible.
  3. It would not be unreasonable and I think maybe even is right for that discussion to include psychological/anthropological elements. I don't know to what extent, and I don't support trying to guilt trip parents, but there should be a professional element of the discussion being centered around the emotional/relational/etc. benefits of having a child vs not.
  4. i will third that being the dumbest thing i've read all day
  5. I don't know how it's somehow a positive for Osborne and a negative for Saban that Saban is able to outrecruit circles around Osborne. Being the best recruiter ever doesn't make you a worse college coach it makes you a better one. He still develops the hell out of that talent. Also, the SEC and specifically SEC West is so much more than what Osborne ever had to consistently deal with. Bama has had a joke of a schedule this year, but it's not uncommon for them to face 4-6 top 15 teams a year in the regular season alone. Takes nothing away from Osborne to admit Saban is the GOAT.
  6. But our administration and fanbase expects more than winning the division. So what? TCU, South Carolina, Northwestern, South Florida, Iowa and Kentucky all pay their coaches about the same as Frost gets paid. 'Most' coaching jobs have the same potential for money earning as Nebraska does if you're good. The only thing this benefits a coach is in recruiting. Other than that, it might even be a net negative. History/tradition also means pressure and high expectations. It's way easier to coach in a place that doesn't have super high expectations, or a place that does but actually has the ability to maintain them. Again, only thing this really does is help with recruiting. I can't imagine coaches care that much about facilities other than having a shiny toy to sell to high school kids, and having a comfy couch to sleep on in the office Reality is, we have expectations to match other blue blood schools but we don't have the ability to match them in recruiting. That makes it a tough job, with high expectations, and a much more difficult path to success. Any coach that's good enough would rather choose PSU/tOSU/Mich/Bama/Auburn/FSU/USC/so on and so forth over Nebraska because recruiting is much easier and the road to success is much easier.
  7. I watched the game and didn't see what others claim to see. Him keeping his eyes downfield on a passing play when he could have ran for the first down might be bad decisiveness, but isn't what I'm perceiving people to mean when they say hesitancy in the running game, and I haven't seen Martinez be particularly hesitant as a runner. I've seen him "give up" on runs when he knew there wasn't anything extra to be had, and I've seen him try to bounce runs outside because that's what he does as a runner, and I've seen him try to make moves but fail because he's lost a step, but I haven't seen that. Hence, I'm curious for examples of what people are talking about. Nobody has to give me one, but I'm interested in what people are seeing that I'm not. I could have sworn I read that he put on 30 lbs of muscle between last season and this one.
  8. I'd love to see any actual examples on video of Martinez hesitating as a runner. People have talked about it all year but I've never seen it; I've just seen him not be able to get as quick of a step.
  9. Life, death, taxes, and uncontrolled hype for new S&C turning into skepticism and criticism in a short amount of time.
  10. You don't know that it wasn't. The article you linked doesn't say it wasn't. Why list it as "OMB Number"? Because even according to public information the number is associated with OMB, and presumably according to information you and I can't look up it is as well. And why would the office say they never spoke to Guiliani? Look at your screenshot of the spreadsheet braniac; the duration of call was zero seconds. You're having a tough time being able to process very simple reporting and information.
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