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  1. Landlord

    Healthcare Reform

    Because healthcare isn't and can't by it's nature be a free market. First of all, THE most important foundation for a free market is transactions conducted based on mutual consent. Nobody being forced to engage. Healthcare doesn't work that way because by it's nature, citizens are forced to engage and are approached in transaction at moments of weakness and desperation. People in need of healthcare are people (to some degree) unable to represent their own interests with fair weight and power in a transaction. A few other brief reasons that stack would be that healthcare is local (less or non-existent foreign or distant competition which drives innovation and spurs better/cheaper products), and pharmaceutical companies horde patent monopolies. One of the most famous economists ever, Friedrich Hayek, who in today's lexicon would be considered a conservative/libertarian, had this to say: “Where it is impossible to create the conditions necessary to make competition effective, we should resort to other methods of guiding economic activity.”
  2. Landlord

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    I'm out of the loop what's this in reference to?
  3. You know, I used to 100% agree with this. Probably for the solid year after it came out I held this position in defense. But I now disagree. At first I only disagreed with small micro examples but now I hold that and a big picture view as well. Here's a few riffs: • The opening bombing scene is total nonsense. First of all, the design of those ships and the function of those bombs dropping in space is at best illogical and unexplained, and at worst completely nonsensical and retarded. It's got to be the most poorly conceived space 'battle' in a movie franchise with 10 total feature films FULL of space battles. Also, we're just supposed to accept and shrug off that Poe's SUPER MACHO BRAVE HERO strategy to stall with jokes was noble or justifiable when TONS of people and nearly their entire fleet were destroyed I guess. • There are really important plot and progress details that happen off screen which is a great (bad) sign of poor/lazy writing. Like Rey escapes the throne room and Kylo, runs around an enemy ship unarmed, escapes in Snoke's private escape craft and then somehow joins up with Chewey in the Falcon to show up just in time on Krait or whatever, and we don't see any of it happen. • The chase scene is hilariously boring, dull and slow and also more importantly doesn't make a lick of sense. The dreadnaught can't catch their cruisers because the cruisers are faster and.... lighter? Things don't weigh anything in space. The First Order also had...idk, at least 100 TIE fighters in there and they sent like three lol. Also, some resistance ships lose fuel and.....fall....backwards? Also, some resistance pilots sacrifice themselves in ships that get blown up. Why? It's space, the ship will keep moving in a straight line stop piloting it and go to the other ship! The final light speed jump through the super destroyer was cool, but idk there's like 8,000 other times either side could have done that any time but i guess no one ever thought of it, and there were also a million other possible ways to help themselves. All of that is even just on a pure reality based logical argument. That's not even getting into contextual arguments in universe, where the movie long scene only works if you ignore everything we've seen over the last 40 years. • In the final battle 99% of the resistance is outside (individual people) firing blasters at massive AT-ATs and TIE fighter spaceships, when there is a humongous blast proof door right behind them?? Then, they flight straight at the first order, don't fire a single shot, and even have all the TIE fighters distracted by the millenium falcon. Then they decide to turn around. Except for Finn, who's going to sacrifice himself and the front of his metal ship starts melting though his exposed body (the speeder is a convertible) does not melt. But before he can sacrifice himself Rose insanely defies the laws of physics to jump through a film editing wormhole to knock him out of the way and save him. Then Finn drags her back literally several miles to the bunker. • Big picture, the movie doesn't commit to it's concepts. It talks a big game but eventually pulls its punches. Luke wants to end the jedi and Yoda even encourages it, yet Rey still sneaks off with all the ancient texts. It flirts with blurring the lines between the light and dark sides, even going so far as to have Kylo kill Snoke, then turns around and he just used it as a power grab pulling Rey to his side instead of them both living somewhere in the middle. Like literally the whole movie is trying to paint this moral ambiguity ahead of a binary black and white sort of spirit (Benecio Del Toro mentioning the same people sell ships to the resistance that do to the first order, Poe committing mutiny, the reveal that Luke the good guy is the one that pushed Kylo to the dark side, and so on) but then by the end we've got an entirely familiar good vs evil showdown. It tries to give a message of embracing failure and learning from mistakes, yet nobody's mistakes in the film ever really result in any huge consequences to the story or to themselves. It tells us we should forget the past, but then the end is just a new generation being inspired by the legendary story of the hero with the name Skywalker. Okay I spent way too much time on that. I almost wanted to disagree with this, or at least say, "Hey I respect them for being ballsy enough to try something bold and different." But I've convinced myself out of my own argument. I'd call this Disney behavior/product something like.... neo-commodity. Disney is overall pretty damn smart. They know how to make money. More importantly maybe they know how others fail to make money. They know, very clearly, that if they make something that is so obviously safe and conservative and formulaic as a cash grab that people will sniff it out miles away and they'll get crucified for it. So they make what should be an incredibly crafty and sly move to really sell the idea that they're taking a big risk. But maybe they didn't realize the actual risk they took, that they failed at, was trying to pull a fast one on everyone.
  4. Landlord

    Martinez for Heisman

    Online fan discussion absolutely indirectly effects the players. The writers drum stuff up here, or keep their eyes open for stuff already drummed up. If the conversations get huge, the writers will write about it, which might make them ask players about it, or remark on, "Adrian, there's a lot of hype surrounding you this year..." primarily because of us. That adds to the pressure.
  5. You might be right because we don't know what the world is like without the existence of the Night King, but throughout living history in Westeros there is no 'normal' seasonal change. Some summers/winters last a few years or generations and there isn't a science to it in universe (the best book theories are that it's a constant cosmic war between the lord of light and The Great Other (the god that the white walkers worship). Also the wall is made of ice but also bound and sealed by magic.
  6. There are enough redeeming factors of all the new gen Star Wars movie that I enjoy and appreciate them all. TFA was fantastic because it served as a much needed (imo) reset back to the spirit of Star Wars. Dirty lived in galaxy, practical effects, fanciful creatures and creations, and the pacing and score were fantastic. Plus, even though it's not all that original, the story works. That Abrams recycled tropes was totally fine with me in that regard. Rogue One was a bit somber and moody for my preference, but it gave us some fresh new takes on the universe including I think inarguably the best 'warfare' conflict we've seen on the screen from SW. The cinematography was also by a landslide the best we've ever seen in SW. TLJ ultimately failed at its goal, but I give it credit for the audacity to try and to do some things really well. I appreciated that Rian was trying to inject new and more nuanced ideas - less nostalgia porn, less binary good vs evil, less leaning on the past; these are all things I appreciate in story but were executed poorly. I love the idea of a Star Wars/jedi story that is more of a meritocratic spirit that anyone can become something great rather than your lineage or name defines you. Its too bad they didn't accomplish it but it's still fine and far better than any prequel imo. Also thought the humor was very well done. Solo is a fun popcorn flick. That's all it's trying to be and it does it well (most good movies are good because they know and believe what they're supposed to be; that's why even absolutely absurd movies like the later Fast & Furious sequels are well regarded and such a blast). That actor did a really good job playing a young Solo too, which I was skeptical about.
  7. Landlord

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    Well until you can provide a link that actually backs up your claim, I'm saying that you're either wrong or you're a liar.
  8. Gendry doesn't use a sword bro! He uses a hammer You don't actually keep up with the episodes do you? Bran basically became a weirdo supernatural mystic wizard who's sense of perspective is literally all of human history so he's fairly oblivious to or uninterested in most things immediately surrounding him.
  9. Landlord

    Avengers 4: Endgame

    Some footage has already leaked and spoiled it for some on reddit and other hyper attentive online spaces. I'm staying away from all things marvel online until next thursday.
  10. Landlord

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    Hey @Notre Dame Joe here's why people don't take you seriously. Obama literally says verbatim, "...so Democrats aren't just running on good old ideas like a higher minimum wage, they're running on good new ideas like Medicare for all, giving workers seats on corporate boards...." That's what he said in quotes. What he said, as an assessment, is that Democrats are running on ideas he thinks are good, Medicare for all being an example. Then you say that Obama publicly said Obamacare was a step towards socialized medicine. Which.........he didn't say. At all. Then you get called out on what you said, which was wrong, and asked to provide a link. Then you provide a link and disprove your own claim. So it seems you're either being disingenuous with your claims or you are unable to extrapolate what someone actually says from what your slanted bias and interpretation believes they said.
  11. Landlord

    2019 Spring Game - April 13 @ 1:00 CDT on BTN

    Also Florida's spring game attendance was listed as 39,476. TOTALLY COINCIDENTALLY AND NOT RELATED AT ALL, it has been 39 years and 476 games since Georgia last won a National Championship.
  12. Landlord

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    Here's the second time you've been asked to provide a source for this. Please and thanks in advance. Why do many of our elites fly to other countries for healthcare? Why is the number of Americans going overseas to places with socialized medicine on the rise, growing year over year? Well first of all, what the f#&% are you talking about? There are "best" doctors and technology and institutions all around the world. If they were only here as you WRONGLY suggest then why would Kobe Bryant make a half dozen trips to Germany for surgery and care on different injuries in his career?
  13. Landlord

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    That's an incredibly subjective statement that doesn't mean anything. What measures? Measures of what? Who measured them? Define better? That's a Pre-K type of statement. Is the increase in hate crimes better than before? Are the soybean farmers doing better than before? Is it better that our president has historically awful approval ratings than before? Our world reputation certainly isn't better than it was before Trump. The erosion of trust in media and institutions doesn't seem to be better. The increased number of people working in and with the White House who are criminals doesn't seem to be better. The environment is doing worse.
  14. Landlord

    OT Turner Corcoran [Nebraska Commit]

    People realized sooner that someone who creates an account to criticize the character of a teenager isn't someone to listen to or take seriously.