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  1. 1. Bringing up a team's cumulative record to discuss their offensive performance: Very dumb! We had at least a top 40 offense by every schedule-adjusted metric. Our record was bad because we had the worst special teams in the nation and played an insane schedule. 2. The service academies play in the AAC and Mountain West. When they play better teams with speed and NFL talent they almost always get blown away. 3. Mike Leach turned an awful Washington State team into a near-Pac-12 champion, which you're conveniently ignoring. 4. Do not seriously quote the 2001 college football landscape as comparable to 2022 and expect anyone to take you seriously.
  2. Well if you're less skeptical of that number, then what do you want. For us to go from rushing the ball at the third-highest rate in the Big Ten to the first? Is that changing much? You are misunderstanding the broader point. Alabama and Ohio State, traditionally power rushing teams, looked at the landscape and future of where football was going and said, 'We should stop doing this and throw a lot more." Think about Nick Saban doing that. Every piece of data we have say rushing more than passing, no matter the talent, is the vastly less efficient way to play.
  3. Excluding the Iowa and Wisconsin games (because I haven't charted them) and the Fordham game (because FCS games don't count): We called a designed run on 49.125 percent of our plays (this doesn't include any sacks, scrambles, and kneels -- just straight-up designed runs. It also doesn't include any RPO calls so the percentage of plays where we're actually running a run play is a bit higher.) Our opponents called designed runs on 44.2 percent of their plays (same methodology), and the only two teams we played that ran the ball in any game higher than our season average were Michigan (63% run) and Minnesota (62% run). So we already run the ball more than almost anyone in the Big Ten. In a 2021 world where Alabama and Ohio State have gravitated away from run-heavy schemes to offenses where they throw 40 times a game, a 50-50 run-pass balance is probably about as run-heavy as is advisable in the Power 5 if you actually want to try to be good and not just drag games into the mud and hope you get lucky on defense/special teams (the Iowa/Wisconsin model). I think you are deeply incorrect!
  4. Here's my preview for the game, looking at OU's counter trey play and Alex Grinch's defensive philosophy! https://black41flashreverse.substack.com/p/oklahoma-preview-blasts-from-the
  5. Been off the board for a couple weeks (a) because I'm trying to move across the country for work and (b) was pissed about the loss, but I was able to get some time to put together a recap of the game looking at the offense and the defense, if anyone is interested. Looked at some of the key stats, why we might have used nickel so much, Adrian's play and the gameplan controversy and broke down one cool concept each from the offense and the defense. https://black41flashreverse.substack.com/p/illinois-recap-fumbled-opportunity
  6. The Martinez scramble was a boundary corner blitz that the secondary rotated over to cover. It wasn't prevent defense, Illinois was being very aggressive and for one of the few times we picked it up. It wasn't a fluke, it was Illinois being very stupid.
  7. Tannor and Daniels both graded out by PFF with the highest pass rush grades of their careers. Just one game but if they can generate an organic pass rush for the defense that helps out quite a bit
  8. He can say whatever he wants to but unless one back is significantly better than the rest this is still going to be a committee.
  9. We actually do run a decent amount of straight draw on top of the other QB run stuff. 10 times during the Iowa, Purdue and Rutgers games. They have an RPO off it with a swing route on box numbers they ran a lot last year, especially with McCaffrey in the game. Gif of the play below and I explain it more in the post.
  10. Quarterback run game is probably the best thing the offense was doing last season and Frost is really good at scheming it up so I don't think we should be trying to get rid of it. But you're right on both points. We've got to find a good non-QB running game so that those Martinez designed carries are happening 5-10 times a game and not 15-20. It needs to be the off-speed pitch and not the fastball.
  11. Here's a more specific breakdown looking at a handful of Nebraska's core concepts ahead of the 2021 season, if anyone is interested: https://black41flashreverse.substack.com/p/5-plays-nebraska-will-run-against
  12. You're framing this like he's mad because he doesn't think vaccination rates are relevant. He's asked a question about vaccination rates. He says someone else will speak about it later in the week. Then he's asked if HE wants to talk about vaccinations. Then he gives the clippy answer. It was a redundant question and he got annoyed. He should know that's part of the media's job and not react that way, but this isn't him saying vaccines don't matter.
  13. Yeah, when you crater a program it has reverberations that last beyond your tenure. Wild!
  14. From a logical perspective I can understand why he doesn't want to play a top 5 team in non-con on top of playing three top-15 and several other top-30 teams in conference, and I'm sure there were financial and recruiting motives to getting another home game. But this is sports. You don't back away from challenges. Especially not when fans are looking forward to them. If this is true (which I don't really know that it is; we're in some very big he-said-she-said territory here) that's something I'm absolutely not going to defend him on. At the very least they should have been smart enough to know this would have massive blowback.
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