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  1. I am not agreeing with you; the facilities are not being built for them. The athletes catch tangential benefits from the facilities being built, but they are being built for the athletic departments and schools to make more money.
  2. All due respect but I feel like that's a skewed way of presenting it. They're being built to recruit the best players possible to ensure program success, which brings in higher levels of revenue for the school and lets the coaches and administrators keep their jobs. Do the players get to benefit from them? Yes. Are these colleges spending billions on escalating and lavish improvements because they want their players to have the best facilities out of the kindness of their hearts? Absolutely not. Nothing about it is altruistic; it's serving the schools just as much, if not more, tha
  3. I think most student athletes would very obviously prefer to have slightly worse facilities and be able to make money off their skills than have the obscene facilities arms race we're seeing today.
  4. How obviously morally bankrupt does your organization have to be to get a unanimous condemnation from the 2021 Supreme Court lmao. This is hilarious.
  5. Maybe he was going to commit but couldn't get the graphic done in time?
  6. I think the much more likely scenario is that Christian told him, "Oh, Nebraska's not playing you? Just transfer somewhere else and be the starter!" because that's what Christian would have done in that scenario. But Christian is much more talented than Luke so that's not really going to work for Luke, especially if he insists on playing quarterback.
  7. I mean with the portal now the odd man out of Johnson-Scott-Sevion is almost certainly going to transfer. Or are transfers anticipated in the 14-16? I can't imagine if Williams wanted to come here we wouldn't take him, and his skill set is different enough that they could function together.
  8. Hayes seems like a Duck-R guy and Williams seems like an straight RB. I think we should take both?
  9. This is like Journalism 101 that Mitch is screwing up here. "Reporting" is sharing verbatim quotes or information that you can confirm to be true. If Frost had said "Luke McCaffrey already transferred twice," or he had asked a follow up question, "Were you talking about Luke McCaffrey?" and Frost said yes, Mitch would be 100 percent within his rights and job description to share what he did the way he did. "Editorializing" is when you take information from a source and apply your own assumptions to it. So "Well, he didn't mention Luke McCaffrey by name but everyone kno
  10. This is a completely reasonable, thoughtful, and even-handed thing to say that's now going to get pummeled into the ground because one of our beat writers is a dip. Mitch Sherman loves to play fast and loose with editorializing in his articles and he deserves a lot of flack for it.
  11. IDK Mills was a power back who never broke tackles and went down on first contact. He had decent vision and was good at taking the yards that were given to him by blocking or scheme, but he wasn't really creating any new yardage through his own skill like good backs do. I think he was the best option we had and seemed like a good dude but I am hopeful Stepp or one of the freshman hits and we can get better production.
  12. I just mean that losing regular season games isn't going to be consequence-free like some people seem to be suggesting. If you're a P5 team and you lose zero times or one time you're a lock to be in the playoff most years. If you lose twice you're probably safe but maybe not guaranteed. If you lose three times you're at the whims of a ranking. A G5 team can't lose at all and make it. Teams are going to try very hard to make themselves as safely in the playoff as possible. Plus with the 12-team there's the incentive for the byes. This isn't like a 68-team basketball tournament or NB
  13. I think our RBs aside from Ozigbo and Mo Wash have left a lot of yards on the field and we need to (and can) get a lot better production from them. I think we should still use the QB as runners a decent amount because they're good runners, we have a coach who is good at coming up with ways to run them, and it's an inefficiency we can exploit against better teams, but I'd be a lot more comfortable if it were in the 8-10 carry a game range with an emphasis on getting down before contact than some of what we saw last year. Despite what some of our fans believe Frost is extremely good at scheming
  14. "We actually all loved this incredibly frustrating and subjective system that left almost everyone unsatisfied and angry"
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