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  1. I was curious so I looked up how many players each of the four schools mentioned had drafted in The Athletic's latest seven-round mock: Iowa: 4 (Nixon, Golston, Niemann, Jackson); Minnesota: 2 (Bateman, St-Juste); Purdue: 2 (Rondale, Barnes); Illinois: 2 (Green, Hobbs) ... Nebraska: 1 (Jaimes). A mock draft is obviously subjective but by the clearest indicator of how talented your team is ("Do people at the next level of the sport want your players?") we were very arguably the least talented of the four. 60 completions for 570 yards is 9.5 yards per completion
  2. Against Illinois, Iowa, Purdue, and Minnesota Adrian Martinez was a combined 60 for 81 (74 percent) for 570 yards and four touchdowns passing and no interceptions with another 177 yards and four touchdowns rushing. I'd hardly call that "dogs#!t". Additionally, all four of those teams have a skill position player who's going to be drafted in a couple weeks (in Purdue's and Minnesota's case, within the first 50 picks) while we started Kade Warner for a good chunk of the season and our best draft prospect is a Day 3 offensive tackle known for his footwork. Recruiting rankings are not
  3. They also could be giving the backs rest days so they don't get beat up. Stepp is the only one we know who's definitively hurt. We only have info from two practices.
  4. It looks like Haarberg has a naturally stronger arm than Smothers but I would warn anyone against making definitive proclamations based on players we haven't seen take a collegiate snap yet!
  5. For what it's worth OWH said after the practice that Smothers looked good on deep passes and seemed to direct traffic well but misplaced some short throws.
  6. Going to be nice to see teams having to keep a deep safety over our X receiver instead of completely ignoring Kade Warner and putting another guy in the box.
  7. The Athletic NFL podcast had line-play guru Brandon Thorn on today to discuss line prospects and Jaimes was the first guy he mentioned as a sleeper. Full interview is here and he starts talking Jaimes at the 5:00 mark. I'm not going to transcribe all of it but some highlights: "A little bit undersized guy; 6'5, barely 300 pounds and below the 34-inch arm-length threshold teams want ... but he's very athletic. His foot-quickness is certainly there, not just the foot-quickness but the patterns that he's executing in his pass set are very efficient. His hands are very good. He's consi
  8. I think that the best things for Martinez this year will be: 1) cutting down on turnovers 2) a few other skill guys emerging so that he doesn't feel like he has to do everything
  9. I'm sure the idea was for him to bulk up to withstand hits better after his freshman season.
  10. 100 percent. I'm not actually worried about Smothers and this offense doesn't need a bomber. This is peak fan/media bologna. He's fine and I'm excited to see him play.
  11. We almost completely skipped the Smothers hype cycle. We're reaching critical mass.
  12. Martinez (in the red sleeves) missed the deep cross over the middle but otherwise completed everything else we saw and dropped a couple of really nice dimes. The QB in the black sleeves (I think it's Smothers) threw one YOLO bomb and missed an open deep pass. Regardless, it's a handful of the hundreds or reps they're going to take in practice and drawing any meaningful conclusions from them is very silly.
  13. The wind here the last 10ish days has been just absolutely brutal.
  14. It's sad that our coaches are drilling home the finer points of technique on fundamentals, something that every college football program at every level does in the first week of camp? Dear lord, some of you guys just look for stuff to get mad about.
  15. I actually love this. That's good coaching.
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