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  1. I'm always excited for Husker football but I have no idea what to expect and am some mix of terrified, mildly optimistic, and completely numb to whatever happens
  2. LSU's defense that year was like not even top 70 nationally. I think you can make the case that '19 LSU offense is the best ever, but that should not even be sniffing best team ever.
  3. The last time we saw Chubba Purdy play significant snaps he was completing 50 percent of his passes for 4.13 yards per attempt against ACC competition. I have no idea if/how much he's improved or how camp will go but Thompson (and Smothers) have been significantly better than him when asked to play actual football on a field instead of combine numbers or 7 on 7.
  4. FWIW modern football positional value is pretty universally regarded as: QB (big gap) --> WR, cornerback, pass rushers, offensive tackles (small gap) --> interior defensive line, safeties/nickels, tight ends (big gap) --> interior o-line, off-ball linebackers, running backs. The Bengals just had one of the worst offensive lines in recent NFL history but made it to the Super Bowl because they have three freak receivers who get immediate separation. So personally I think it's great we just signed a super good and well-regarded player at one of the sport's most important positions, but I guess if some of you would like to be mad about that and use it as a way to harp on the same three things you complain about, you do you.
  5. I had to be away from the internet for a few days and got one here expecting everyone to be stoked we signed one of the highest-rated receivers in our history and instead found the cranks complaining about the offensive line. This place really can be a parody of itself sometimes lol
  6. Probably because they think he's good and will help the team.
  7. Players who demonstrate in fall camp that they can help the team don't redshirt. Players generally know who can and can't contribute through practice. If somebody's redshirting it's because other players were demonstrably better than them. It doesn't matter if someone "thinks they can help" -- if they don't show coaches evidence of it, tough luck.
  8. After fall camp ends and before prep begins for the first game week the head coach typically sits down with every player on the roster and discusses their role for the season. The redshirt guys get the "Hey, you competed hard during camp but there are a lot of talented and experienced guys ahead of you and it's in your best interest to develop for a year and you'll be more impactful to the team as a redshirt senior than a true freshman. Prioritize work outs and the scout team and we'll notice, etc. etc." speech. Nobody obviously likes being told they aren't good enough but some internalize it and use the year to get better and some have a bad attitude and don't.
  9. Also, NU has finished ahead of K-State in the advanced rankings every year since Frost has been here. The only reason K-State has won more than us is because they play a patsy-a$$ noncon every year and then play in what is usually the worst or second-worst P5 conference. If they played in the Big Ten they'd get creamed. If going to a worse team that gets to play other worse teams is "wanting to win" then I don't really understand it and it seems pretty lame to me!
  10. Listen I defend Adrian against a lot of the nonsense and doofus stuff on here but he pretty much singlehandedly cost us the Illinois, Purdue and Minnesota games by not being able to hit open receivers or turning the ball over. If he wanted to win more he should have played better.
  11. IDK the "Rattler sucks" stuff is pretty wildly out of proportion. He was one of the best QBs in the country as a freshman and was a more efficient passer than Williams last year and has a tremendous ability to create out of structure, which would have been great for us considering our O-line. I know that won't be popular because of his personality but I would have loved to have brought him from a pure on-field standpoint.
  12. I think we would all be better off if we acknowledged that outside from a few serious/good/insightful writers, ESPN at this point is mostly a Disney-backed click and engagement farm and that they say and write outlandish things to get video and page views. Casey Thompson is obviously not as bad as his ranking but getting in a froth about this stuff is silly and is giving them exactly what they want.
  13. It looks like us not being in the OU, MSU, Michigan or OSU games where he kept our offense afloat because our tackles couldn't block a third grader. Sound like a lot worse season to me but don't let me stop you from getting in some smarmy whining.
  14. He'll fit in with the "Klieman Offense" (really just the Snyder offense because Klieman is completely coasting off his coattails in every sense) very well because it plays to AM's strengths (option run game, play action shots) and doesn't ask him to do the things he struggles with (quick game and 3-step passing concepts) very much.
  15. Adrian played his a$$ off for us through injury and I think a lot of our fans are about to realize he was covering up a lot of deficiencies and was not really part of the problem. Wish him nothing but success personally, even if I want to see K-State lose every game as a KU alum. Getting upset about some player speak on his new team is very silly.
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