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    Get with The Program

    These things are more or less just a business industry. Some smart entrepeneurs found a way to become beneficiary middle men, and once enough people were doing it everyone decided they had to because everyone else was doing it. We've been doing this exact training since at least 2012.
  2. Landlord

    Racism - It's a real thing.

    Also probably at least a little bit in part because she had a direct causal relationship to the government's oppression and misdeed. Reparations for slavery seems like a nice soundbyte and/or red herring depending on which side most people fall on. What does that even mean? Is it to all black people? Does Oprah's white chauffeur get his paycheck taxed and re-given back to Oprah? What about mixed race? How mixed? Even recent African immigrants? Is it to all minorities? If Hispanics are involved, does a son of a Chile bank CEO get reparations? Is it only black people who can prove their lineage to slave labor? Is it money? Is it programs? Do we possibly trust the government to, even if they have best intentions, efficiently execute them in a way that actually works? Is there good data that reparations is even helpful? If it's paid to individuals as an income stream, does that dis-incentivize work? If it's paid as a lump sum, does that expose people (Americans in general are wildly financially illiterate and lacking any sophistication) to a lot of predatory business opportunities like subprime lending? Congress passed a reparations act for Native Americans after WWII and it was lauded as being a groundbreaking development and that Congress had actually properly listened. But bureaucracy made it impossible to implement and the whole thing was made a total mess of. They also didn't give control over all the money directly to the recipients due to a fear of them not necessarily having the competency for dealing with an appropriate amount of money given back (which there is an argument for; how many lottery winners go bankrupt? It's like giving a 14 year old in Driver's Ed a Ferrari). North Carolina set aside 10mil for reparations to victims of a eugenics sterilizing program (victims were mostly poor, black and/or disabled), but so many conflicts over who was eligible and how it could be proven made it a clusterf#&%. We paid reparations to Japanese put in internment camps after WWII. That's the best example we have, where in '48 we paid out 37 million to 26,000 claimants, and then in '88 we paid out $20,000 each to every Japanese American that was put in internment. We've also had several reparation programs for African Americans over the last 50 years that have been helpful and harmful to varying degrees. But those were all directly to direct victims. Not to an ambiguous history of descendents of something which legally ended several generations ago. I'm certainly open to legitimate plans of how/why details of a reparations bill, but I'm skeptical it's possible, practical, equitable or wise, and committing ourselves to a solution before we have any idea if it's workable or worthwhile is an irresponsible reaction to our racial dilemmas imo.
  3. Landlord

    Trump and the Press

    you're presupposing a benefit of the doubt onto the social media companies. Being banned from more than one social media platform does not imply you have earned that ban. I think I understand why you would, having been a moderator on here, but social media megaliths don't operate anything at all like huskerboard.
  4. Landlord

    Trump and the Press

    Okay but what does that have to do with the argument being put forth that, "Shutting down others is intellectual laziness."? You're not addressing the point being made, you're just saying a thing that exists. Being banned from the mall is like being banned from a football stadium. You behave in a way that doesn't follow the rules (right or wrong), you get banned. Okay......and? So what? Based on what? The private and unknown but also definitely for sure 100% implicitly presumed good and noble intentions and honorable decision-making of private companies?
  5. Landlord

    Trump and the Press

    I actually pretty much agree with this.
  6. I wonder where he'd be willing to go if he got hotter. He seems somewhat like a Chris Petersen type where he doesn't really want to leave one region (midwest). Looks like his entire career playing and coaching (maybe his entire life) he's only spent 5 years outside of the Great Lakes midwest region.
  7. Landlord

    Will Bolt Named New Husker Coach

    Erstad was a first time anything. He'd never been a head coach, never been an assistant coach, never had any coaching capacity whatsoever other than a year of volunteering. Anyways, I don't know if this translates the same way into baseball, but in football previous head coaching experience is no proven barometer of future success. Any given year you look at the top 25 and 30-50% of the teams are led by first time head coaches. Anyways still, Bolt has four years of head coaching experience, three years of experience as an associate head coach, and five years of experience as an assistant coach.
  8. Landlord

    Happy Anniversary, Nebraska!

    This looks pretty good, except the names of central and north. Wisconsin and Minnesota are north of Michigan/Michigan State, and Iowa/Illinois are north of Purdue/Indiana. I know it doesn't really matter that much but I wouldn't mind some of the pods having non-direction names, like the Plains Pod or the Great Lakes Pod or something.
  9. Landlord

    The Trump Impeachment Thread

    Oh, it's illegal huh? Sure it is. I mean we have so much evidence of our President being punished for having already done it.
  10. Landlord

    The era of "All Gas, No Brakes"

    Head first, eyes closed, can't lose!
  11. Landlord

    USWNT Sportsmanship vs Thailand

    If Melvin Gordon had that performance against Wayne State but it was in the National Championship game, leg fart and celebrate and dance your damn heart out Melvin. You've reached the pinnacle and achieved a once in a lifetime dream, enjoy it.
  12. Landlord

    Happy Anniversary, Nebraska!

    Indiana is further East than Purdue is.
  13. Landlord

    USWNT Sportsmanship vs Thailand

    Yeah at first I thought it was kind of dumb to celebrate like that that late in a blowout, but then I thought about how amazing it must be to score a goal on that stage, even if it's 100 to 0. I'd be celebrating my a$$ off having so much fun.
  14. Landlord

    College Football Is Weird - Example #872

    It is a weird and unexpected stat. But also not in any way an impressive one. The Clemson team we beat was 7-6 (their second worst team in the last 10 years, although this one's a bit of a weird one because Dabo only coached the last 7 games of the season) The Oklahoma team we beat was 8-5 (tied for their worst team in the last 10 years) The Ohio State team we beat was 6-7 (their worst team in the last 10 years) The Wisconsin team we beat was 8-6 (their worst team in the last 10 years) The Oregon team we beat was 4-8 (their worst team in the last 10 years)
  15. This is what B1G teams have been saying for decades before we arrived and Northwestern still finds ways to pull them off with semi frequent regularity.
  16. I find them entertaining when they reinforce my ideas and I find them manipulative when they attack my ideas.
  17. uhhh.... if that's the working definition memorial is a rat hole too
  18. I've personally been to Georgia, Michigan, UCLA, Tennessee and Washington.
  19. Refuse to click the link but if it says #8 I'd say that's actually quite generous or maybe pretty spot on. I think the outside facade of our stadium is beyond beautiful and the best in the nation, but interior a lot of schools have us beat (at least as far as design aesthetics, IMO). Mainly due to a massive overabundance of endzone seating compared to sidelines, and our erector set pieces that don't fit together the best. Georgia, A&M, OSU, Bama, Michigan, UCLA, and LSU all beat us for sure (IMO). Tennessee, FSU, USC, Washington and Clemson are all arguments but I'd say we're somewhere between 7-12.
  20. Landlord

    Baseball Coach Search

  21. Landlord

    Happy Anniversary, Nebraska!

    Proud of us bae we did it. 7 years strong and still in love.
  22. Landlord

    Baseball Coach Search