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  1. I will punch a baby bear in his s#!t

  2. No time for Tiger King. I've been on a Covid-19 lockdown binge of Ozark. The first season was blah. But the 2nd and 3rd seasons are awesome!
  3. ^^This. Griner should be seated around 2 or 3 in the bracket. Seating her down at 13 is absurd. Goes to show how much espn knows about college BB.
  4. Oh the irony. That the toilet paper is owned by ... Rusty. lulz
  5. The first seven games we play should all be wins. (*SHOULD! ) Will we go 7-0? Probably not. WIll we win six of the first seven? Maybe. If so, we go bowling. If not we'll have to find a way to win one of the last four games. The last four games is a brutal stretch. But hey, it could happen. I think we'll go bowling. Just a gut feeling that this is the year it clicks, and Frost gets us playing like a team.
  6. No. My spirituality is not affected by Covid-19, cancer, car wrecks, or any of life's other calamities. God "sends rain on the just and the unjust alike." (Matt 5:45) I don't think Covid-19 is any sort of judgment. The faithful as well as the faithless will die. Covid-19—like all diseases, natural disasters and imperfections—is the result of mankind inviting sin into the world. I feel sorry for people who lose faith over things like Covid-19. I have to wonder about people who gain faith as well. Yes, for a short time. All sorts of people profess faith when they think the end is near. But when it turns out not to be the case they generally drift away again.
  7. How many people will die in the U.S. from Covid-19?


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    2. Redux


      I'm far less concerned about the testing at this point than I am with actually treating it.  Case numbers will only go up, treating it and lowering the death toll stat is what I'm worried about.  And people are stepping up to help manufacture equipment and find treatments and get that moving.

    3. Toe


      @Redux If you're pinning your hopes on treatments being found in a timely manner, well, good luck with that...

    4. Redux


      Obviously not.  The 18 month pipe dream is not happening either.  But I'd feel kuch much better hearing updates on that front instead of everyone complaining about test numbers being factual or unfactual.

  8. I'm a doctor at Nebraska Medicine. Here's what I'm telling my family about COVID-19 By Daniel W Johnson, MD, Nebraska Medicine critical care anesthesiologist Published March 17, 2020 <snip> If anyone hears from family or friends who think this is “no big deal,” or that the USA’s response has been excessive, please know that they are very wrong. I’m sure you have all read about the many reasons that this is NOT “just like flu.” The numbers of infected, worldwide and in the USA, are extreme underestimates (because many infected have not been tested). The best metric to use, right now, is talking with hospital workers in the hotbeds, and asking them what their situation is. I have been in communication with a friend who is a critical care physician from the Lombardy region of Italy. The health care workers there are living in a nightmare, having to decide who lives and who dies from lack of oxygen because their health care system is overwhelmed. LINK ================================================== An article from last week. Seems very relevant though.
  9. Covid-19 tracking data: LINK Their data looks to be up to date.
  10. Out-of-work strippers are delivering food through Boober Eats www.whiskeyriff.com LINK ================================================ We still have some choices for spicing up mealtime.
  11. Return of Deontai Williams excites Husker coaches, players By BRIAN CHRISTOPHERSON www.247sports.com March 25, 2020 <snip> What didn't need to be repeated is how significant the blow was when Deontai Williams had last year cut short one quarter into one game. Shoulder surgery was required. His return to the field for the Huskers, whenever football starts getting played again, is as large as any newcomer addition you can name. Just ask someone like junior Cam Taylor-Britt, who had to fill the gap at safety for many snaps. Williams' injury not only took away a top talent, but challenged Nebraska's secondary depth from the opening gate in 2019. "He's so fast he can move and get to the ball when he needs to," Taylor-Britt said. We need that, especially with us. LINK ============================================================= Finally a ray of sunshine in an otherwise bleak spring of football! Glad to see Deontai back with the Blackshirts.
  12. Heh, I'm seeing those same ads fr Thai and Filipino women. I'm pretty sure I've never done any search that would result in that. Experiment: I tried an experiment just now: I googled "lazy boy barcalounger sale" (not in quotes though), and opened an ad for a barcalounger. I'm not in the market to buy a chair--just wanted to see how it affected my HB ads. Result: Within one minute I was seeing barcalounger ads on HB. The big ad right in the middle of a thread! lol
  13. What is the most biased news source?  

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    2. macroboy


      Can infowars really be called a news source?

    3. Toe


      @macroboy So long as there are people who treat it as such, yes.

    4. commando


      infowars had white house credentials given to them.   someone was treating them like they were a news source.

  14. Former Kansas City Chiefs Great Will Shields Donates To Families Impacted By Coronavirus By Oliver Vandervoort March 21, 2020 www.inquisitr.com Shields announced earlier this week that he was donating 96,000 meals to Harvesters, as well as the Food Pantry at Jewish Family Services. Both organizations are well-known to the Kansas City Chiefs community. LINK
  15. Exclusive: Elite hackers target WHO as coronavirus cyberattacks spike By Raphael Satter, Jack Stubbs, Christopher Bing WASHINGTON/LONDON (Reuters) - Elite hackers tried to break into the World Health Organization earlier this month, sources told Reuters, part of what a senior agency official said was a more than two-fold increase in cyberattacks. <snip> Urbelis said he picked up on the activity around March 13, when a group of hackers he’d been following activated a malicious site mimicking the WHO’s internal email system. “I realized quite quickly that this was a live attack on the World Health Organization in the midst of a pandemic,” he said. LINK ================================================= Heh, I wonder why this, and now? Weird.
  16. It's morally repulsive how corporations are exploiting this crisis. Workers will suffer By Robert Reich www.theguardian.com Sun 22 Mar 2020 09.27 EDTLast modified on Mon 23 Mar 2020 12.03 EDT <snip> In normal times, corporations get special favors from Washington in exchange for generous campaign contributions, and no one bats an eye. Recall the Trump tax cut, which delivered $1.9tn to big corporations and the wealthy. The coronavirus should have altered business as usual. But last week’s Senate Republican relief package, giving airlines $58bn and billions more to other industries, is pure Burring. The Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell, tried lamely to distinguish it from the notorious bank bailouts of 2008. “We are not talking about a taxpayer-funded cushion for companies that made mistakes. We are talking about loans, which must be repaid, for American employers whom the government itself is temporarily crushing for the sake of public health.” But the airlines are big enough to get their own loans from banks at rock-bottom interest rates. Their planes and landing slots are more than adequate collateral. Why do airlines deserve to be bailed out? Over the last decade they spent 96%of their free cashflow, including billions in tax savings from the Trump tax cut, to buy back shares of their own stock. This boosted executive bonuses and pleased wealthy investors but did nothing to strengthen the airlines for the long term. Meanwhile, the four biggest carriers gained so much market power they jacked up prices on popular routes and slashed services (remember legroom and free bag checks?). LINK ==================================================================================== Good article by Robert Reich. I like the way Reich explains things—although I don't necessarily agree with all of his political views. There is an excellent documentary by Reich on Netflix right now.
  17. Robert Reich's documentary, "Saving Capitalism". It's a good watch. While I don't agree with all Reich's political views, I enjoy the way he explains things.
  18. Not a complaint, but just a general comment about ads: You can't stop the ads on this site, but you can influence their content. Last week I decided to try a new brand of golf balls. So I googled "srixon Q-start yellow sale" (not in quotes). I got a decent price and bought a couple dozen. So then for the next several days about half my ads on HB were for golf balls! I'd rather see ProV1X ads than ads for some random s#!t I'm not interested in. Last week a friend asked me whether I though a used Flightscope is a good deal (golf ball flight sensor). So I googled that. This morning all seven ads on the front page of HB were for different golf related products. Summary: You can't stop the ads, but you can at least influence their content by making a few directed google searches. Using the word "sale" in the search seems to increase the influence of that search. The searches I make daily for my job never result in related ads (I think) because I'm not looking to buy something or compare prices (and don't use the word "sale" in the work searches). So there's that.
  19. I watched that scene a couple of times, and stopped framed it to see it more carefully. It turns out that ...
  20. Coronavirus Ravages 7 Members of a Single Family, Killing 4 By Tracey Tully NY Times March 18, 2020 Grace Fusco — mother of 11, grandmother of 27 — would sit in the same pew at church each Sunday, surrounded by nearly a dozen members of her sprawling Italian-American family. Sunday dinners drew an even larger crowd to her home in central New Jersey. Now, her close-knit clan is united anew by unspeakable grief: Mrs. Fusco, 73, died on Wednesday night after contracting the coronavirus — hours after her son died from the virus and five days after her daughter’s death, a relative said. On Thursday, another child who had contracted the virus, Vincent Fusco, died, the relative, Roseann Paradiso Fodera, said. Three other children remain hospitalized, two of them in critical condition, said Ms. Paradiso Fodera, the family’s lawyer who is Mrs. Fusco’s cousin and is serving as a spokeswoman. LINK
  21. RIP Gambler.    


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    2. NUance


      I wonder if he died in his sleep?  It's the best you can hope for.  

    3. commando


      somewhere in the darkness...the gambler he broke even

    4. TonyStalloni


      My youngest son's father in law had a band years ago that opened several concerts for KR. They were supposed to do several more but their van died on the way and they couldn't get there. That ended that gig.

  22. Good hudl video. He LIKES to hit! This was a good get for us at a position of need.
  23. On the street where my office is located we've had a lot of turnover. Little business start up, and they within a few months they go belly up. I've seen at least a dozen little businesses turn over within a block of my place in the past four or five years. Several months back a new little business opened up a few doors down. At the time I thought, "this place won't be in business for long." I was dead wrong. The business: "Dinner in a Bag." btw, By mandate of the governor all restaurants in the state of Illinois are closed through at least April 7, and I'm sure that will be extended. Takeout places like Dinner in a Bag are scoring big time from this. Talk about incredible timing in opening a new little business.
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