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  1. Not a Netflix or Hulu thing, but the film "Saint Ralph" is on Youtube. Here: LINK It's an excellent movie, IMHO. Highly recommend.
  2. ALL Northwestern fans are upset. This would have been the first undefeated season in the history of Wildcat football.
  3. I asked whether hospitals were receiving a payment for reporting Covid-19 deaths in a status. I asked this because of the sketchy circumstances surrounding the sole Covid-19 death in the town where I live. I was told hospitals do receive a payment.
  4. I've not seen that Fox New video. And I haven't watched even one minute of Fox News in over two years. But nice try.
  5. I was responding to a poster who asked a question. This line of conversation came from a status in which I pointed out that a 50-something year old woman in my town was on hospice care, dying from cancer. She had a heart attack at home and was resuscitated. They took her to the hospital where she died. The hospital reported it as a Covid-19 death. Is this a case of over-reporting?
  6. If the government pays a stipend to hospitals for Covid deaths, then hospitals will liberally report Covid deaths. You realize that's pretty much how all people and organizations operate, right? If something is incentivized, it will tend to increase.
  7. Ha ha! That's exactly what I was thinking. On the far side it seems like they have people far enough to the right (even with the top of the down ramp) that there wouldn't be a problem. But some of those folks on the near side have more faith in the guy than I would.
  8. No front page banner for Cerni??  Punters get no respect.   

    1. Toe
    2. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      This positionism shall not stand, man.

  9. They come in different sizes. The one I have is smaller than those shown in Knap's video above. It wouldn't produce enough light for a porch.
  10. This is comparing apples to oranges since (presumably) the car would have killed her anyway. A better example would be pneumonia. Quite a few patients with serious illnesses have pneumonia at their end stage. Was it the pneumonia that killed them, or the underlying disease? Do hospitals record the cause of death as a pneumonia death? But the real point I made in that status that apparently got your goat is that, while I suspect there is some under-reporting of Covid-19 deaths, I'd guess there's probably even more over-reporting. Any time there's money involved it skews the s
  11. ha ha! Yeah, they are pretty cool. A client gifted me one just a couple weeks ago for a project we're working on.
  12. Gee whiz. Thanks for using small words so the humble rabble like myself can feebly attempt to understand the wisdom of your superior intellect.
  13. Looks like they found the right trainer. I LIKE some of those exercises!
  14. Awesome! This has got to be the first football player we've had from Australia, right?
  15. It hasn't been proven to us (fans) that incoming talent is better than outgoing. But the staff knows. They do all sorts of testing each year and in each camp. They know who their best players are. And where our roster is weak too. But you're right--it does take at least two years for us fans to get a decent gauge of player talent. I agree that incoming talent is better than outgoing. It absolutely has to be. Just look at the huge exodus of talent after Mike Riley got fired. The guys who voluntarily left after Riley's departure were among the most talented on the roster.
  16. Are hospitals getting a federal payment for each Covid-19 death?   

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    2. ZRod


      @commando that wasn't really called for. Nuance seems to have genuine questions and is brave enough to ask them in a public forum. Some people haven't followed this as close as others, and may not understand it as well as you do. Being a jerk doesn't really encourage them to learn more.


      As to your hospice death @NUance, if she had COVID-19 odds are it accelerated her condition and was at least partially responsible for her death. I would trust the doctor's diagnosis (that's what they trained for). There are a number of symptoms and complications related to COVOD-19, one of which is cardiac issues as was noted before. 


      If you're a hemophiliac who is shot and bleeds-out did you die from hemophilia or a gunshot wound?

    3. commando


      thing is....it's the entire right wing that is swinging towards saying that the y are overcounted  my question is  if they are actually overcounted...what is causing all the extra deaths?

    4. ZRod


      Then ask that question and don't be condescending about it. It's not that hard.

  17. This thread is full of off-season win!
  18. "These are God's People". An excellent overview of the bible from a historical perspective. I read this last year. It was so good (and I want to learn more) that I'm re-reading it. I just started the section covering Jesus' life this morning. I'm also reading "That's In The Bible". But it's not so much a book as it is a series of quizzes. Each chapter has a short intro on the topic though.
  19. I see what your intent is, but I think you mean to open the draft up to everyone rather than eliminate it. The main point of the draft is to allocate talent across the league rather than letting the wealthy markets accumulate all the talent and dominate.
  20. I agree with the second part. Players should be able to consult with agents about their draft potential. Then again, I'm not too confident that agents would be truthful about their advice.
  21. Yeah, I don't necessarily disagree with his comments that I've read. But I do think it's poor form on his part to take parting shots at us after commiting to Iowa. He would have been better off to take the high road and not say anything. /jmho
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