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  1. Frost sucks. Nebraska has that game. He continues to ignore the fact that Martinez is atrocious. This is all on him.
  2. Playing for OT with the worst kicking situation in all of college football
  3. Screw it. Whatever point Frost is trying to prove ill just concede. This game is winnable with competent coaching
  4. He’s just...bad. No idea what happened since last year and no longer care. We have a talented QB on the roster. Time to make the move
  5. Seriously someone needs to ask this. It’s lunacy that he keeps going back to it. When Matt f#&%ing Millen is openly wondering why you are doing it, you know it’s bad. My god I just can’t wrap my head around it. How many promising drives has it killed today alone?
  6. Mills should be in on every play unless he needs a rest for a few. It’s I sane how underutilized he is.
  7. I would love to see the season statistics on yards gained/lost on the WR screen for the season
  8. If we throw a WR screen on this drive I may break something
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