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  1. And on paper, knapp should like Tulsi Gabbard. I think the DNC is higher on her than you assume. She makes an impact, regardless of whether or not she deserves to. She has a presence, whether she should or not. And she is a young fresh, FEMALE face. After a long stringn of old rich white guy Dems and Hillary, she is kind of exactly what the Dems need next time around. Honestly Idk who the Republicans could put up against her.
  2. No, but you can't tell me they aren't chomping at the bit to get her in a caucus.
  3. That's probably accurate That's not accurate. She will be 31 in October, come the 2024 election she would be 35 by voting day. Is there a grace period or do you HAVE to be 35 before you run? Edit* looks like you just have to be 35 when you're sworn in. So....
  4. Could be! But I think they are grooming her. Next cycle, she's eligible. I can't stand her. But she will be a force in 4 years and Trump will be out of eligibility. And as for her tending bar 4yrs ago, well we've seen tbat prior experience and resume mean diddly concerning who runs for POTUS.
  5. I just think it's crap people are giving the Dems a pass and already resorting to blaming the voters a half a year ahead of time. They had 4yrs to come up with someone, they had an entire caucus to promote a contender. Not only did they fail, they ate themselves alive. Part of me (The tinfoil hat side) thinks they don't want to win this one just so that after 4 more years of Trump it will be that much easier to get AOC elected. Because that's the ultimate goal.
  6. So when moldy potatoes loses we already have the stage set to blame the voters for not voting correctly. Incredible.
  7. I honestly don't think so. Partly because I think the peak of this thing is being downplayed and the lasting ramifications will be long term. But also because this program is cursed.
  8. Joe needs a clear cut and believable VP because a lot of people voting for him don't expect to get 4 full years out of him.
  9. All Biden has to do is give a few reasons to vote for him. Thus far, none. The campaign of "I was Obama's VP" only gets you so far. At least Al Gore promoted himself as a crazy person. I find it utterly sad Biden and the Dems have to rely on people on social media preaching that unless they vote Biden out of Default they are voting for Trump.
  10. Why would you waste a Wal Mart trip on Natural Light, it tastes like dirty sink water?
  11. Curious, is there any source that shows the age range of confirmed cases/deaths/recoveries
  12. We kinda need crude oil to not completely tank. But yeah that's just s#!tty timing.
  13. Seriously, what in the actual f*****
  14. Unfortunately it's a necessary cost, clear as day in light of things. Cost of material and product on the other hand, that's another evil.
  15. Someone should have mentioned it's hot in Florida and Texas and California and.....
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