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  1. We are going to torch their Defense. 42-21, next
  2. What if Willie Beaman never replaces Cap Rooney?
  3. What if Smokey never stepped over the line in that league game?
  4. Yes, yes you did. That made me laugh, I gave you a laugh emoji for it because it still counts as a +1 which you get for all that. There's absolutely a ton of stuff that needs little tweaking or fixing. I too thought some stuff off camera could have made it in to cut the whole casino crap. I also thought Rose saving non melting Finn was....weird. But again, I stand by it. The general story that is told, it works as a story. Film or video game, it could have worked really REALLY well. Unfortunately Rian either over thought or just ignored all the bad s#!t.
  5. Gotta again disagree. If this were a side story with different characters and villains, that happened between TFA and whatever Ep. 8 would have been, it would have worked. So much happens yet nothing happens in this movie. Take out the Luke and Rey stuff. Replace Finn and Poe with a couple other characters. Add in the Knights of Ren as the bad guys plus some other weird sorcerer to replace Snoke. This whole thing works as an off shoot. To be completely honest, keep everything the exact same but make this a video game instead of a movie. The pacing works, the twists work, the story works. As a game this would have been an instant classic. As a movie, it feels like it wasted an important part furthering a story.
  6. People say TLJ was poorly written, I disagree. I think if you took the same movie and made it a standalone with different characters we didn't know, it would have been a lot more accepted.
  7. Have not watched Solo yet. I will just not that motivated to.
  8. Well in hindsight it should have been Leia that was the big death in TLJ. Unfortunately we got Space Poppins.... There are going to be a lot of middle fingers to Rian I get the feeling.
  9. What?! You can't let me dream?! If he can force project, why can't he double force project?! Don't be nerf herder!
  10. -Not stoked about the name, feels click baity... -the teaser was a little bland, but did give glimpses of some pretty exciting stuff -The Palpatine cackle is intriguing as is the Death Star remnants -No hints of Snoke being resurrected -The red sky Kylo scene is a flashback FYI, he has no scar on his face -This will assuredly NOT be a ROTJ remix, half of ROTJ sucks -Really hoping they retcon the Luke death and show that his presence on Ahch-To was also a force projection, he was actually on Dagobah the whole time.
  11. It's cute I have a new eye roll stalker. Or the old one is back under a new name.
  12. Redux

    2019 Spring Game - April 13 @ 1:00 CDT on BTN

    It felt like the defense was everywhere today. Didn't matter what the play was, there were like 2-4 guys there all.trying to make the stop. That's something that I haven't seen in a long long time. And the offensive play makers looked like they had more hunger to fight for extra yardage. I'm really excited for this season.