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  1. That sounds an awful lot like a subscription
  2. It's more like I went to my Mom's for brunch every Sunday for years. Then one day she was like "You can still have the brunch, but you gotta listen to Uncle Barry tell his colonoscopy story while you eat it. Or I can charge you for it."
  3. Uh, we have been back. And we're here to stay!
  4. Things are starting to come together for my woeful team
  5. Well, I still think this schedule is kinda weak, should not be as difficult as we are making it out to be. Wisconsin, somehow, just reloads year after year after year. I seriously can not WAIT for the year they stumble. Iowa, still not sold on them. They'll likely smack us around again but who isn't this year. Nailed the Ohio State prediction, but Ryan Day is keeping the monster well fed thus far. See if that continues (I kinda doubt it). Colorado sucks, we just suck a little more. Maybe if things click nezt year?
  6. Every Freaking Year Why do we need this pointless thread EVERY freaking year? Yes, the sellout streak dying is the way to turn around our woes. Smfh.
  7. Other than the obvious low post per page count, how has this gone 4 pages?
  8. My body is ready, bring it on upgrade.

  9. I think we still finish 6-6, maybe 7-5 if things REALLY fall into place. But no, I haven't seen anything up to this point that really shows a big improvement. If anything I'm really let down on the steps backwards.
  10. Can't look much worse honestly. Minnesota is 6-0 but I still don't think they are nearly as good as billed. They gave us everything they had, they made a statement. They will still get absolutely curb stomped by Wisconsin, I expect them to finish 8-4.
  11. Making a bowl doesn't automatically mean we have improved as a team. Last years squad could just have easily finished 7-5 and went to a bowl, this years squad could just as easily finish 4-8. I'm looking at stats after 12 games and making my decision. So far, minimal to zero improvement. Year two is supposed to be where a lightbulb goes on or things start to click, but mostly we have been regressing week to week. Something has got to give. But yeah, a better record is nice if you only care about the short term.
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