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  1. Agreed, that's a much .ore se sensical hire
  2. The first 7 should be 7-0 at best, 5-2 absolute worst. But just because Cincy and Central Mich are in title games today doesn't mean they'll be great next year. But the last 5 games are a gauntlet. I'd say our best case scenario is 8-4 and I'm hoping for 6-6 honestly.
  3. My money is on the surgery
  4. Sure, but we all knew losing Stanley Morgan leaving would affect recieving yards. This did not affect his decision making, his ground game or his situational awareness. Those were mental problems stemming from off the field issues.
  5. A good portion of Martinez's issues were and are mental.
  6. Martinez's issues were mostly self induced
  7. Draft picks mean squat as far as chemistry and buy in go. If a unit gels it doesn't matter. That UCF unit gelled in clutch situations. Frost's Husker squads have not.
  8. It is. And he HAS to know now that losing close games is not going to cut it in year 3.
  9. Sure. But they had talent clicking to make that happen.
  10. I wouldn't go that far. He just coached the team he had. He hasn't done that here yet.
  11. O'Hanlon was my spirit animal
  12. Could be, probably am. But we will know soon enough if we are going to trend up or stay the course.
  13. So where are we? We got our dream hire. We got the guy most of the other top programs looking for new leadership wanted in 2017. We got a home grown guy. We got a guy who HAS won a natty, here in dear old Nebraska! So two years in, we are 9-15. We haven't sniffed a bowl game since Mike Riley was our coach. We haven't beaten Iowa in 5 tries. We lost our home and home to "rival" Colorado. We aren't gaining any ground in recruiting yet. We aren't any better off than we were when he got here. So what does it mean? Does it mean Riley sunk us even more than we thought possible? Maybe a little. Does it mean the rest of the conference is that much further ahed of us? Maybe a few teams, definitely not most of them. Does it mean Frost isn't as good as we thought? Unfortunately, that might be it. Fact of the matter is, he hasn't exactly blown any of us away yet with teally anything he's done. Recruiting is about the same. We barely improved record wise this year. And so far his game management has been fairly suspect in many crucial situations in must win games. Let's face it, he had a perfect storm at UCF. He inherited a team with talent that wasn't well oiled. He got them oiled quickly. Plus he didn't have to look far for new players. And the league he was coaching in was ripe for the picking. When he left he had built something. But it wasn't the Boise State story some expected. Truth is, he is still a coach learning the ropes. We can't forget that. He has a total 4 seasons under his belt as a head coach now. He will undoubtedly get better. And this team, it's going to get better. I expect we take that year 2 leap a year late in year 3 and a much better one in year 4. I'm trying to be patient because I have no choice. I'm sick of saying next year. It makes me sick. 5 years of absolutely putrid football. It needs to improve damned soon.
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