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  1. Redux

    2019 AP Preseason Top 25

    Wasn't gonna post this, but why not
  2. Redux

    Healthcare Reform

    2 major problems rolled into one right there. People abusing assistance when it could be going to people who actually need it, @LumberJackSker , and the absolutely insane cost of medicine and treatment. I can't stand it. It literally makes me angry to think about it. I hope you're illness is at least manageable. It's not just seeing someone like that, it's knowing or working with someone like that. Not going to get deep into it but yeah this is a very real thing around here and it absolutely does take away from good people in real need. Obviously it's not a majority of the abuse happening to the system, and even the more than able bodied people who are just flat out lying about an injury for their entire life aren't taking a majority of the funds. But again it's a real issue to me. I just want to know that if something happens to me or a loved one we will be able to get assistance if necessary. From the sound of it, a real example, those in actual need have a tough time getting it.
  3. Redux

    Healthcare Reform

    Sounds good in theory, and it probably would solve a lot of the problems.
  4. Redux

    Healthcare Reform

    I see no reason we can't focus on large and smaller problems at once. The real problem is people are too busy picking sides and worry about the other one so no problem will ever get fixed. You don't say....
  5. Redux

    Healthcare Reform

    Relatively small based off what? Not everyone has the same amount of income. And Okay, but liability is cheap compared to bare minimum of health insurance. And car insurance is in place primarily for people getting into accidents. If I get into an accident with another person, my healthcare doesn't pay them. Hell it barely pays me.
  6. Redux

    Healthcare Reform

    We are talking about insurance, that's the only comparison. In America we are forced to pay for Insurance that's more expensive than anywhere else to pay for medicine and treatment that's more expensive than anywhere else. You can't tell me a penalized fine is really necessary. Don't they take enough as is?
  7. Redux

    Healthcare Reform

    So you're counterpoint is that the people allowed to take advantage if it isn't as big a problem as the astronomical price gouging. Yeah, I too would rank that higher. But I think it's turning a blind eye to a real problem. Not completely but partly. Faking sickness or injury or whatever in order to get assistance because they are too lazy to work. Auto Insurance isn't really something that is life or death for some people.....not a great comparison imo. And I disagree, I think there are ways to stop price gouging without finding people who can't afford healthcare and opt to take the penalties because it's cheaper.
  8. Redux

    Healthcare Reform

    I guess I'm not sure what you're getting at here? The prices we pay for medical supplies, treatment and medicine is beyond stupid. I don't think that was ever in question.
  9. Redux

    Healthcare Reform

    Yeah I'm not really concerned about the color of someone's tie, red and blue are both sleazy when you get to the core of it all. The numbers are varying across the country. This has been discussed several times over, but just in my tiny town and county there are a lot of people taking advantage of the system, of welfare, of handouts. People not being able to get health care boils down to the cost of it. I know I'm not nearly as educated as most on the matter, but I still stand by the fact it was absolutely absurd to force us to purchase something without regulation on the blatant price gouging of rates. Pay for this insanely expensive thing or we will fine you to pay more money to the guys who ate price gouging you to begin with. Absurd.
  10. Redux

    Healthcare Reform

    I can appreciate why government assistance exists, but why people are allowed to completely take advantage for life is beyond my comprehension. Wouldn't it be better served to give a little kick back to those actually paying in ad opposed to those who screw it six ways from Sunday? Look at DirecTV, they finally figured out giving back to loyal customers instead of new customers might be a fruitful endeavor. About 6 years to late, but I digress. But overall I don't think it matters who we elect, reform and universal healthcare will not happen until the sleaze politicians benefitting the most from it can find a way to stay rich or get richer off a new system. It's the same way the BCS cartel didn't change until they found a way to make a play off work for them.
  11. Redux

    Huskerboard Fantasy Football 2019

    Yep 27th should be gravy
  12. Redux

    Healthcare Reform

    The way the system works my wife and I would be better off if one of us quit our job and accepted assistance. That's insane to me but 100% true. Not going to do it, but yeah it's the way it works. I think the reason we haven't seen real movement towards a health care system that comes out of taxes is because we obviously have too many lifer politicians in do nothing positions. And many of them are in bed with big pharma reaping the benefit of that to boot.
  13. Redux

    Healthcare Reform

    It was implied, but okay. I can see your point in why you assume I'm talking conspiracy ut I'm not here. And it's not playing the victim, all I was trying to do was join the discussion. But it gets difficult when 3 people assume immediately I'm being difficult. I have 3 kids 3 and under, trust me I want free healthcare.
  14. Redux


    Pretty smart dude to be able to turn cameras off from his cell so he could suicide without an audience