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  1. If anyone is at Eppley, feel free to buy me an overpriced drink.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. JJ Husker

      JJ Husker

      Oops, my bad. I figured Fairy Nectar was some foo foo drink. I actually really like hoppy IPA's. I would try that.....and b!^@h about paying $10 for one :lol:

    3. Savage Husker

      Savage Husker

      @JJ Husker pinkies out! It’s one of the best local IPAs, in my opinion. 

    4. Redux


      I prefer the German Lager but yes they have a nice brewery.  I can't wait to try the Dark Paradise Amber Ale.

  2. Redux

    Bo to LSU?

    You're advocating against someone we dumped after the 2014 season. Nobody is making excuses. It's possible to look at it retroactively without a bunch of grudge clouding your judgment.
  3. Redux

    Bo to LSU?

    Keep up badmouthing him and Eichorst may fire him from Nebraska!
  4. Still holding out hope for a MySpace return?
  5. Redux

    Bo to LSU?

    Ohhhhh, you're one of those "incapable of discussion" types that just likes making the same hot garbage takes you made 6 years ago. Got it.
  6. Redux

    Bo to LSU?

    It's not an excuse, we watched it for 7 years. His schemes aren't the problem, it's the in game adjustments he struggles with BECAUSE he doesn't recruit the exact personnel he needs. If he has a stud at each key spot, his schemes work outstanding when you have a guy in those spots like '09 and '10 and to a lesser extent '12. Recruiting.....that's the problem. Not an excuse. If you read what I wrote, he succeeded at defending the Big 12, that's not calling him a guru. FFS, Baylor had the best Defense this year I think.
  7. About what I did before. Bernie is a very well spoken dude, go figure he's an old politician. He has some really great ideas. I just take issue with how easy he thinks some of those things can be obtained without affecting the general population. Joe brings up minimum wage tier based off of under 18yrs and 18+ and Bernie shoots that down even though I think it makes a lot of sense if you want to eliminate the idea that adults are living off min wage and kids don't need it. It gets min wage lifers a decent pay grade while still cutting business some slack in terma of the HS kid that you replace every 7 months plus doesn't encourage people to seek out min wage jobs because they pay just as well as the other jobs out there (which Bernie doesn't seem to think would be an issue). And $15hr is great in theory, but how do non retail chains or mom and pop shops necessarily afford that. Maybe it could work, but I see a lot of those small businesses folding because of it which wouldn't build up those small town areas he also talks about building up. He talks about making Amazon pay taxes, absolutely they should. But then factor in the 15hr wage rate and these giants take a hit that they will try to recoup on us in some shape or form. All about free education and student loan forgiveness. Just can't imagine it would work as quickly as he thinks. He wants extensive background checks for firearms, great with me. Prevent multiple gun show purchases that can then be sold privately to people who shouldn't have then, also great. Wants to ban assault weapons, fine in theory but I'd like to know how he classifies them. Says he believes in 2nd amendment then immediately says we all just need to make sacrifices. Admits we have a mental health problem and it could be addressed with proper healthcare, agreed. Thinks kids are overly medicated, agree to a degree. Legalize potand decriminalize it, yes that's good. His ideas on fossil fuels, we need alternatives soon. Yes we absolutely do. Making them stop selling cold turkey, yeah never gonna happen. Good idea, not a strong plan in place to do it. Same with his natural energy ideas. A lot of good ideas. But when it comes down to execution I think it's more of the same. Tax the rich to reward the lower middle and lower class. That's great in theory, but you can't do that without it hurting those you aim to help.
  8. I'm listening to his appearance on Joe Rogan, I'll get back with you.
  9. Redux

    Bo to LSU?

    Coaching good Defense in the Big 12 is a big difference vs coaching good defense in the Big Ten. I think Bo's problem was he relied too much on the cupboard and didn't restock it. Nebraska would have fared much better Defensively in 2011 and beyond in the Big 12 under Bo, but mostly because of the pass happy and Offense first lifestyle.
  10. N Street Liquor had it on sale last month, think I got it for like $15 off.
  11. Facebook and YouTube would be my prime targets
  12. I think it's probably just a mild form of OCD
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