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  1. At this point I think it's safe to say we fired the last two guys who got this team to it's ceiling. This program will likely never be back in elite ranks. It's hard to even care anymore. That said, Defense should be good again next year but it won't matter if the offense and turnovers don't change significantly (and I don't expect them to until year 3 under Rhule).
  2. I'm still trying to get over the 30yr old Punter trying to Rugby kick/maybe fake run it from his own goal line
  3. This would be an impressive showcase of not putting away a game if it were intentional
  4. I'm getting really tired of having to wait 2-4yrs to see if something is going to work out and actually make things better when I look at Boulder and see a 3-2 team being shoved down the worlds throat. We had to endure Riley and Frost grinding an average team into a terrible one. That said sukket Deion, still wouldn't want you here
  5. We ask for a chance that's fair
  6. Huskers 35 Gophers 30 Passing 110 Rushing 210
  7. Rutgers was never designed to be an on field success. Academics, TV market and a patsy for the two top teams to beat.
  8. They just don't offer much in terms of market value, it's all in academics unfortunately for them. Cal doesn't pack a house and Stanford hasn't done much since the Harbaugh era. Neither team will rise up in a new home without the LA rivals.
  9. If the figure heads of the PAC and MW can work together and reach a merger disguised as a "dissolution" that sees the MW join the PAC, everyone will be better off for it. But then again the PAC had the chance to merge with the B12 and scoffed at it, bet they wish they'd considered it now
  10. Cal and Stanford are gonna be in ACC move limbo until Clemson/FSU announce the Big Ten move. If that falls through, the Mountain West could still pull a last minute move to get the remaining 4 from the PAC. Kinda interesting to see how it'll shake out.
  11. As of today, Cal an Stanford are likely ACC bound. Oregon State and Wazzu will be lucky to land in the Mountain West from the sounds of things.
  12. Northwestern should leave for the Ivy League
  13. Goos thing the BIG E......ast isn't still a Football Conference
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