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  1. Hey, what do ya know, Redux eas right again. 5th year for Frost. I'm gobsmacked.....just gobsmacked I tells ya.
  2. NU 52 PU 29 Run 226 Pass 271 Seriously? f#&% this, I'm out. I check my notifications and 90% of the time it's a stupid Laugh reaction. You got your wish douche, I'm done.
  3. Frost gets another year but if staff changes aren't made then why even bother keeping him.
  4. If Iowa can lose to Purdue, they can lose to Illinois or NW.
  5. Bo had the misfortune of bringing Nebraska out of the depths, but he was able to with strong talent already on the roster. Then the program moved conferences and it really threw a wrench in the gears. But during that Bo refused to adapt what didn't work and wouldn't adjust his staff to get over humps. Had :01 never happens, maybe Bo and Nebraska are both still in the Big 12. But Einhorst was an awful AD and Harvey....was Harvey. But it's not hypocrisy. Bo got 7 years and he did enough yo keep us in the top 25 or in the conversation. But we weren't scaring anyone, we weren't upsetting any amazing teams really. We beat the crap out of the bad teams, beat the average teams, and narrowly lost or got blown out by the teams that we should've been competitive with after 7yrs. That hasn't changed. Bo had a bad attitude and wouldn't accept that he was doing anything wrong. Just look at his YSU tenure, look at his LSU return season. When he's bad, he's really REALLY bad. You wanna make comparisons between Frost and Pelini, watch a game from this season VS the stacked deck of ranked teams and see how we fared against the way Bo would get us absolutely shellacked against anyone with media attention. The blowouts got to be too much and it eventually caught up to Bo. Frost, the losses are catching up to him. If he doesn't buck that trend he'll suffer the same fate. But he's getting a 5th year, almost regardless how this season finishes.
  6. ......no kidding. The point was an undeserving team winning the division.
  7. 4 games left people. If we go 0-4, then it's a real discussion. Until then, I wouldn't worry much about if he'll be retained or not yet.
  8. This would be like when Wisconsin went to the title game in 2012 even though they finished 3rd
  9. I've decided to give him the last 4 games to see how they play out. As most people should, firing mid season has never worked out better than waiting until the season ends that I can remember.
  10. He deserves a 5th year based off of how the team has played, even in defeat, this year. I'm basing it solely off this season. You don't have to agree, I'm not in the CHANG MUH MIND business. Whether you or I think he deserves it or not is completely irrelevant, he's getting a 5th year barring an 0-4 skid to end the year. You really think potential candidates aren't aware of how our coaching history has gone the last 20 years? You're fooling yourself. This place is looked at like a career killer with a nice payday. Any talk of replacing him with 4 games left is preposterous.
  11. They are backed up by the goal line, it's not like our guys didn't know they would be pressuring. Come on
  12. Interpret it how you like. I'm looking forward to the Purdue game. I wouldn't suggest watching it, might br closer than you can handle
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