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  1. It's worth it, just an awful awful Fball team to boot. Colorado for Geography, USC or Oregon if they swing for fences
  2. If you asked me last week I would say no chance of Iowa Sate. But it's Kevin Warren so.... But the PAC and 12 meeting is probably a reactive one, my guess is a PAC school is looking to the B1G.
  3. Kansas heating up as a candidate for Big Ten in last 24hrs. Warren must've worked out a deal for that BBall baggage..
  4. (Texas, talking to every conference that will listen to their idea of killing the Big 12 to make a Super Conference with them, OU and some Texas schools) (Colorado leaves) Texas: This is terrible, they're trying to sink us all! (Tries to join Colorado with other Texas teams) (Nebraska leaves) Texas: They don't care about tradition and morals and the rest of us! They are trying to kill the Big 12! (Makes Longhorn network, contemplates independence) (Missouri leaves) Texas: A sad day indeed (Nobody cares) (A&M Leaves) Texas: Oh w
  5. Guess that would kind of negate the whole getting vaccinated will save other people thing
  6. "Vaccinated people who contract the COVID-19 Delta variant can spread the virus just as easily as unvaccinated people, the CDC reports" https://twitter.com/i/events/1421165256374513664?s=09
  7. Sounds about right. Mutation is vital to a viruses survival, this is really nothing unexpected. Just don't need to turn this into a new round of fear. Get your shot and have a better chance of not getting it, or don't and be susceptible. Not sure what's humorous about this post
  8. It's almost like that wouldn't be an issue if these dips#!t politicians would stop politicizing a virus
  9. I omitted a few words and amended it. You doube and triple downing on my honest omission is low hanging fruit because you've got nothing else.
  10. I know, honesty can look untrustworthy when you're used to propaganda
  11. What a great time to hate Texas Longhorns
  12. I'm sorry it was difficult to understand honesty
  13. Here, I updated it for a few of you. Hope this helps.
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