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  1. Yes, and in this instance it still doesn't justify waiting. At all. I was scrolling TikTok earlier because I'm a vibrant young man and totally hip and cool, when one of those military surprise homecoming vids popped up. Someone started cutting onions near-by or something. But it's that reunion that makes me frustrated thinking that we sre waiting even longer than necessary to make these moments happen. 5 months is a lifetime in this scenario and if something happens to prevent it, I'm going to be extremely disappointed.
  2. That's not breaking news, that's been known all along. So again, complete waste of lives and resources. If you can't give me a good reason why waiting until September is necessary then there is no reason to wait that long.
  3. That's a cliche, not a justification
  4. So justify waiting until September
  5. That's a grammatical error, not a typo
  6. So they say..... So we stayed past the mission, let some other bad guys take control and now we're just like "welp we gave it a shot". Give me a break. 20yrs, nothing. Complete and utter waste of lives and resources. Get them home yesterday.
  7. True, we have to have a puppet show before we appoint them now. So that'll be fun I guess.
  8. And then when a Republican gets the White House back we'll add more to make it lean their way. Eventually we will have 30 of the lifetime payroll spots, wonderful!
  9. Correcting a typo doesn't mean adding more letters
  10. There are already 9, majority can win out. Adding more just ensures the majority you WANT wins out.
  11. So in other words we completed our mission almost immediately then decided to loiter for no good reason.
  12. Packing the court is like offering to be the banker in Monopoly and skimming off the treasury while everyone watches you do it. Ridiculous.
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