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  1. We're going to find out pretty quickly. I hope not, was one of my big reasons I'm not real excited about him.
  2. Don't worry, won't have to use stock footage soon from the sound of it.
  3. They can make excuses and say whatever they want. They are being painted as price gouging entities because they are price gouging entities. Red tape is a piss poor excuse. I work in Ag, the Obama administration implementation of the Veterinary Feed Directive was aimed at not allowing livestock to be jacked up with whatever drugs the farmer wanted to put in them. However, all it did was add red tape to those who need to give them simple drugs during seasonal issues and become more cost to the farmer.
  4. Saw someone say he signed an order to eliminate affordable Insulin and Epinephrine, anyone want to weigh in as to why?
  5. Canned meat, while obviously not the ideal offering, do you consume it?

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    2. Enhance


      @Redux (Abridged) story about canned chicken. My wife wanted to make a few casserole meals for a friend a few weeks ago - one of them was a spicy cajun chicken pasta. She bought the basic Kroger's canned chicken because they eat that a lot and we knew they wouldn't notice if we had spent $15-$20 on real chicken breast or $6 on the canned stuff.


      Anyways, I had to leave the room when we cracked open the first can. I don't know what that smell was but it wasn't chicken.

    3. Redux


      @Enhance yeah it's pretty much the whiff of death, drench it in cheese and dressing as quickly as possible 

    4. knapplc


      I have a couple cans of roast beef hash in the pantry. I need to have one of those for lunch soon.

  6. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9138773/CIA-declassifies-two-million-pages-UFO-documents.html?ITO=applenews
  7. Got to try some hard to come by stuff last night: Jameson Crested and The Dalmore Dominium. Have a bottle of Teeling Single Pot ready to sample as well.
  8. Okay, what exactly do you propose? Because your big issue seems to be rural states having an impact on electoral votes.
  9. You've explained nothing, just hurled snark. I understand how it works fine, it just doesn't anger me.
  10. That's not what we're talking about
  11. No it doesn't. What am I ignoring? I'm not the one pretending some votes count more than others because I wish the system worked a different way.
  12. And if we eliminated the process of winning states their voices would be ignored. The only mathematical fact that matters is 1 person equals 1 vote in the state you vote in. You can continue making the case that they should all be thrown in a bag and states don't matter. But they do. Nebraskans are not overrepresented, you keep saying this but it's not true.
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