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  1. Lol no, Ivermectin as a treatment killed nobody. What an absolutely ridiculous thing to say. Incredible I guess this is the point where Disinformation takes back over the Disinformation thread? Lolz, have at it gents.
  2. There's actually been valid discussions, though some are so terrified of it that they resort to smear campaign style posts. Nothing new though. I'll just say this and we can all move along There shouldn't be such pushback or unwillingness to incorporate a safe medicine into the fight against covid if we can study it and deem it even slightly effective. And mislabeling it as animal medecine was beyond counterproductive. Potatoe potato
  3. This is bold faced nonsense, Ivermectin killed nobody. Saying such is obviously more nefarious than me hoping for a treatment to coincide with vaccines. Actually this makes you sound really kind ot awful, I'll give you a chance to try this post again. Ivermectin is essentially harmless and if people died after having taken it, I'm guessing their Covid was a hospitalization scenario and they either refused it or weren't afforded that luxury. Please show me the numbers though, how many people died after taking Ivermectin, lol. You're painting with such a broad brush here I don't know that anything you say at this point will matter I'm afraid. Ivermectin doesn't kill you.
  4. That would insinuate that the only other choice is stupidity
  5. There's a pretty distinct difference between speculation on the sex or a former first lady and having concerns over the stigmatisms thrown at a medecine. You're trying to paint me as a right wing nut, I casually am brushing that notion off. No harm no foul.
  6. I find it really depressing that freedom and stupidly have become something people correlate
  7. You equated Ivermectin to Michelle Obama having a wang. So your post should be taken as satirical at best.
  8. I reference it solely as a reason that they are putting efforts into other medicines over Ivermectin given the direct viral effects. Ivermectin takes a vastly different route (theoretically speaking) to deal with the symptoms of Covid.
  9. No I typically don't seek out an edit from pages prior. Putting the talons away, I honestly don't know. I literally just found this and haven't read through it all the way yet. https://www.merck.com/news/merck-and-ridgebacks-investigational-oral-antiviral-molnupiravir-reduced-the-risk-of-hospitalization-or-death-by-approximately-50-percent-compared-to-placebo-for-patients-with-mild-or-moderat/ And this from over a year ago https://www.merck.com/news/merck-statement-on-ivermectin-use-during-the-covid-19-pandemic/ So as far as I can find no they haven't, and I can only assume why that might be. Yet other countries continue to research it so take that for what it's worth.
  10. I think the correlation is largely speculative. Again the media coverage painted a pretty piss poor light of people's hesitancy towards masks and vaccines as a whole in favor of "horse dewormer" style journalism. Worldwide the usage of Ivermectin and trial results have been very inconsistent from what I gather, some very positive and others ineffective. You know what you're doing, I'll leave you to it.
  11. I could speculate, but that wouldn't be a genuine answer. I hope they end up doing so if they aren't already.
  12. I'm disheartened an concerned harmless medicines were stigmatized by the media and in turn large portions of the public which eventually hurt trials and eventually led to it being deemed ineffective. Take the politics out of medecine completely, if we did that the hesitancy to at least discuss Ivermectin as a treatment would be far less tumultuous.
  13. The trial of Ivermectin has been largely inconsistent across the board. I'm not so conceited that I wouldn't want an honest trial and honest results.
  14. Actually it speaks volumes I had to continuously explain a blatant instance of Left Wing Disinformation on the Right Wing Disinformation Machine thread. Had CNN not openly lied about Ivermectin, much of this pushback wouldn't exist and let us be frank, less people would have been stupid enough to take the animal version.
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