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  1. I'll agree on Ozigbo but not Mills. He didn't get patient with blocks until half way through the year
  2. I woulda offered. We have way worse kids on scholly. He was the only bright spot on ST
  3. He didn't do anything that jumps out at the juco level. I heard he got out of shape once he left UNC and was a lot more nimble in HS. If he comes here hopefully some S&C can get him where he is a reliable backup
  4. Coaches stopped by his school today
  5. https://247sports.com/player/ben-kreul-46055301/
  6. Decommitted from Tennessee https://247sports.com/player/art-green-46046012/
  7. He reminds me a lot of Gregory - who went Juco route initially. Kid has a lot of length and upside
  8. Henrich, Hannah, Reimer are all gonna be rFR next season, Nelson a Soph. I think this is the perfect time to bring in Juco LBs. We need someone to stick and this past year was too hard to watch our LBs play so bad
  9. I always felt Held would be a better option at ST than Dewitt
  10. He decommitted on his visit to Miami so most think that's where he ends up. Kid is def a talent and be big if we can get him to OV here
  11. Time of possession - we run a no huddle. We don't eat the clock and times we have this year is because Frost didn't trust this offense.
  12. Visiting this weekend: https://247sports.com/player/pheldarius-payne-46079782/
  13. Both are to blame but Frost is the HC so he needs to worry about the team and not just the offense. I felt the defense should have been better than what we were with the experience we had on that side. 6 SRs with a lot of PT and added Daniels as a grad transfer. The offense doesn't lose anyone besides Noa. Mills and Wandale were asked to handle the load with both being new and the o-line not performing most the season.
  14. I think TFL and sacks usually go hand in hand. It shows you are being disruptive behind the LOS. Khalil was underrated all season long imo. I don't expect to get an Epenesa anytime soon but he changed the whole game last Friday. 2 sacks and 5 TFL in one game.
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