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  1. He started for Michigan this past season and you think he would come here to be a backup? 0%
  2. Ohio St & Oklahoma have shown to be the only teams not beatable, though IMO both will be slightly less good than they were in 2020. All other games are toss ups outside of SE LA & Buffalo (though a sneaky good team). 9 games you have to come out and coach/play smart football. I think our experienced defense will help a ton this year and getting the three main transfers in January helps as well. Illinois is the most critical game in Frost's tenure. Must win game where we can build off and get this thing going forward.
  3. 8/10 since we joined the conference and were never in the same division...that's very high.
  4. can you add Weaver to the top 6? I'll prolly be the only one to do so
  5. You know the drill....I didn't include transfers Thomas Fidone Ru'Quan Buckley James Carnie Randolph Kpai Teddy Prochazka Jailen Weaver Sleeper: Koby Bretz
  6. if the numbers don't end in 'th' then that's how many we had on the year. Ex. we allowed 16 sacks on the year and forced 13
  7. B10 Ranks Average Yards Per Play Offense (6th) Average Yards Per Play Defense (6th) Average Yards Per Carry Offense (T-2nd) Average Yards Per Carry Defense (6th) Average Yards Per Pass Offense (9th) ranked ahead of NW and Iowa who went #1/#2 in the West Average Yards Per Pass Defense (7th) First Downs Per Game Offense (5th) First Downs Per Game Defense (7th) Red Zone TD% (51%) need to get this to at least 60% and we would see a large improvement Third Down Conversion Offense (10th) Third Down Con
  8. I'm not saying to stop recruiting them, but they can no longer be the focal point of the offense like we tried to run through Wandale. We aren't Ohio St and won't get those type of guys to compete where we want. Running a no huddle with average playmakers = very bad offense.
  9. I get not all of these guys were recruited to specifically be the duck-r but we were told these smaller shifty WRs would make this offense go. Tyjon Lindsey - transfer Miles Jones - transfer Jaron Woodyard - transfer Mike Williams - transfer JD Spielman - transfer Marcus Fleming - transfer Wandale Robinson - transfer *Class of 21' - no WR under 6'2 Time to run the power spread Mr. Frost -- and I think you have figured that out with bigger WR, TE, RB. Let's turn this program around. #GBR
  10. You don't need a waiver anymore...get one free pass
  11. I'd take TJ Carter from Memphis. Instant starter for us in the secondary -- if he would give us a look that is.
  12. I said the same thing. He is 5'8 without top end speed. He def is a loss and a good player but I think kids feel if you aren't in the playoff you can't go high in the draft.
  13. It was a list I made a few days ago for players I would take from the portal. Twitter can be an indication but isn't the end all. I've seen many kids like and retweet stuff of other schools then commit here.
  14. (RB) Markese Stepp -- USC (CB) Tyrique Stevenson -- Georgia (WR) Charleston Rambo -- Oklahoma (OG) Liam Dobson -- Maine (OLB) Owen Carney -- Illinois (OG) CJ Thorpe -- Penn St (DB) Jordan Moore -- Texas A&M (DB) Julius Brents -- Iowa (WR) Ricky Smalling -- Illinois (RB) Kevin Marks Jr -- Buffalo
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