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  1. Do you feel you have seen flashes of a good defense though? I'm having a hard time. It looks just like last year...S. Bama is 122nd, NW is 128th and N. Illinois is 110th in scoring just an FYI there. The other 4 teams scored 34+ pts on us
  2. Henry Gray said he is the best peer recruiter in the nation. We will see....
  3. While I agree this kid is truly a Guard who just plays tackle because in HS he is considered big and taller than once he goes D1. Jaimes should be a RT and Farniok should be a Guard. That's what no depth will do to a team
  4. I bet even if we had Chase Young Chindander would have him stand on the outside waiting for blockers and occasionally trying to chase WRs accross the field. Until our defense improves this team will be behind the 8 ball.
  5. Understand but this was done from the jump. Not play sparingly 3-4 games. They started 2 years in a row
  6. I'll say something that I did like that Fleck did when he got there. He played all freshmen. He took some licks the first year. Got a little better year 2 and now you are seeing the improvement year 3.
  7. You can't really go over the past 20 years when the B12 and P12 are drastically different, even the B10.
  8. Imagine if we had Jim Leonhard as our DC....and before him we had Dave Aranda....
  9. We use our OLB to just sit and react most plays. There is no point for someone to stand there. At least the DL would be able to take on blockers better.
  10. I believe we have the lifting down, but I would love to see more cardio
  11. We have had 0 turnovers the last 2 games and have a combined 20 points. Of course not turning it over is great, but so is making plays to be able to score.
  12. Nebraska Offense Starters SR: 1 JR: 5 SO: 3 FR: 2 Nebraska Defense Starters SR: 6 JR: 4 SO: 1 FR: 0 Minnesota Offense Starters SR: 2 JR: 2 SO: 6 FR: 1 Minnesota Defense Starters SR: 7 JR: 2 SO: 2 FR: 0
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