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  1. Watching back the Wisconsin game back last year Mills was in prime form. We get our entire O-line back, AM has started 2 seasons - no reason we shouldn't be able to run that ball more efficiently this year.
  2. I said THIS season though.....Brown will be the only one getting serious PT since Fleming is gone from the sounds of it.
  3. I meant if we had Wandale, JD, and Manning that would have been a damn good starting 3. JD obviously left. After Wandale our leading WR is Warner who had 101 yards total receiving last year. I think Manning and Betts are going to be great but haven't played a D1 snap yet. I'd say if two walk ons are playing your WR room has a few issues at least for this season. The running of Mills and AM is going to be vital along with getting our good TEs involved.
  4. Losing JD was big. Would have been a very solid 3 starters....now we have Wandale and a lot of unproven guys at WR. Actually are short handed if injuries. I think the two walk ons could see the field this year in Falck and Martin
  5. Any team has a better shot at winning their division with easier crossover games - that is a proven fact. Our fanbase says something like "Can't wait for Ohio State" then we are a 5 win team that got destroyed by them last year and should shut up. OR we say well isn't that ironic they place us on the road week 1 vs the best team in the B10 and we are like that's petty by the B10. "CRYBABIES!"
  6. Wisconsin played Ohio St 3x in the title game and was also in their division for 3 years...either way I don't see that as a major difference than what we have. This still has NOTHING with us playing Ohio St....we were already going to in 2020. It's the fact we were the most vocal team and the B10 on purpose put us week 1 @ Ohio St. It's just a petty move. Deal with it and come out swinging Oct 24th
  7. Iowa has played Ohio St 2x since we joined the B10 - we are now at 7x...that isn't a coincidence. Either way we need to start holding up our side of the bargain and win some damn football games.
  8. GET KIDS WHO FIT THE CULTURE AT NEBRASKA...not sure when we will learn.
  9. If the B10 and P12 start in November and the kids choose to play that would cost them a year to play...
  10. Sh*t or get off the pot B10...no one cares about playing by ourselves in November. I would never waste a year of eligibility to do so. Lets get this thing going Oct 17
  11. Aren't you against having the season?
  12. Day is great actually. Thanks for bringing nothing into the discussion
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