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  1. BIG ERN

    DE Lloyd Summerall III

    I would be real surprised if we could pull this one off. Would be an all-timer for a kid who everyone said isn't leaving the state
  2. BIG ERN

    JUCO CB Tony Wallace

    Be nice to lock him up. We need corners
  3. I hear that but don't believe that as much. I think the top teams have the same advantage, it's just that the lower teams are better than what they used to be. Bama has dominated the last 10 years like we've never seen before. Clemson also has a ridiculous record as of late. Ohio State, Oklahoma etc.
  4. BIG ERN

    CB Tavian Mayo

    This is where I'm going with it. Safeties look solid, but we don't have many true CB. Even L Jackson was strictly a safety in HS
  5. It will eventually be 8....I think that kind of changes things in regards to National Titles. Nebraska has 0 losses in the 5 NC we have. Nick Saban has only gone undefeated once out of his 6 national titles. 8 teams would allow the elite teams to lose a game each year and still be in the top 8 to still have a chance at the NC.
  6. BIG ERN

    CB Tavian Mayo

    He's good enough to play either. Most project him as a safety though
  7. BIG ERN

    CB Tavian Mayo

    Even if they pan out we are way thin at CB from where we should be. Some of that is from the last staff though - hope we at least land one more this cycle
  8. BIG ERN

    Will KSU Rise Again?

    There are no more divisions in the B12 (as of now). I don't think KS will ever be what it was under Snyder. It's probably the toughest P5 job to recruit to. He did such a great job getting JUCO kids and developing average talent.
  9. BIG ERN

    CB Tavian Mayo

    Seems like we are Nebraska alum (Wright) away from not getting one CB this class when we have no depth there. Pretty disappointed overall unless we land Wallace or someone else out of the blue
  10. BIG ERN

    JUCO DE Datona Jackson

    I didn't realize at first that he is 23 years old and would be 25 when done at the D1 level
  11. BIG ERN

    2019-20 Huskers

    Until Roby improves his shot and dribbling I don't see how we feel he can leave yet. We will be very small again.
  12. BIG ERN

    ILB Garrett Snodgrass [Nebraska Commit]

    Anyone on this board watch him play this year? I remember some people feeling Riley stretched an offer on him last year
  13. BIG ERN

    JUCO DT Tony Fair

    My bad - forgot he used his redshirt already