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  1. I doubt we have a chance but Antonio Reeves from Kentucky is rumored to hit the portal. Had us in his top 5 out of HS. Averaged 14 ppg last year.
  2. Is Nebraska still at 2 open roster spots?
  3. Plays a lot like Luke Reimer
  4. Fidone dwarfs Riley Ducker and others https://twitter.com/qbcoachnewcomb/status/1658863852535132161?s=46&t=i5EkReXoS09Ur5GYf422pA
  5. 88 but we could technically be lower if someone has accepted the 'retirement package' I assume there will be two LBs to hit the portal this week
  6. Obviously I wanted CT to come back but I think Nebraska is better with a true mobile QB going forward. Always felt like this was our bread & butter.
  7. 90/85 but I assume the staff wants 3 more portal players. If 8/10 of these leave I wouldn't be surprised to get to that number. Javier Morton Seth Malcom Kaine Williams Tommi Hill Emmett Johnson Tamon Lynum Jalil Martin Chase Androff Isaiah Garcia-Castaneda Ajay Allen
  8. Only 7 more to go but I'd guess 10 since we need a few bodies at certain areas.
  9. Grant many times last year wouldn't get vertical to get the extra yard and drove me nuts. Ervin has shown he doesn't have the best vision, but with QB being under center it will help him more. Allen is more of a shotgun zone read guy but either way I hope he stays. Rahmir is someone who I still like and he has the straight line speed and toughness to be effective. IMO so far I'd have my three as Grant/Rahmir/Ervin in that order. Allen has lots of potential if he can dig deep to find it under this staff.
  10. It will be interesting to see if Teddy returns healthy does that put Turner at LT over Benhart or slide to guard over Piper?
  11. Who wasn't available yesterday besides Teddy? Reimer, Robinson, Henrich, Gunnerson, Borders, Wright, Farmer, ICG?
  12. We have a new coach and haven't made a bowl game since 2016 and Husker fans are gonna melt over not getting the #1 QB...I get he is a legacy but we have other things to worry about. And yes, I would obviously want him to commit here I just don't hang onto commits anymore with how the past staff was. Can't bandaid a bad program.
  13. In the world of the portal we aight. Sims is a good QB who will get us dubs for the next two years. I'm more worried about running the ball and playing defense. That has to come before the extras
  14. If healthy the OL doesn't have any excuses this year imo besides a new playbook. We have a good enough QB and decent backs, WRs to get the job done. I have actually been more impressed with the drills in practice that Raiola runs than the DL. I also wouldn't doubt that if we miss on Dylan we could be in a good spot for the younger son Dayton if he keeps improving.
  15. Nebraska +8 vs Minnesota in the opener. Which way would you bet?
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