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  1. I've had a lot of free time during quarantine and made a few Husker prints. I can ship them out and would accept PayPal. 11x14 inches $20 + 4.95 shipping
  2. Ervin rushed 180 times for 1,212 yards (6.7 per carry) and 12 touchdowns while splitting carries with two other Division I running backs.
  3. Not surprised on this one....Malcolm and Kpai probably end up ILB - Payton and Schweitzer OLB. I would have also offered Ratzlaff from MN and Weerts from IL
  4. This will be a nice pull for Lubick....was he hurt last year though? Only had like 292 yards and 2 TD.
  5. I saw a Husker account retweet their new link and checked out the site. IMO this preview is incredible for only $5. They have all the things you read in magazines except all the teams have their own pages online - they have a sample link to Clemson on their home page. I'd recommend checking them out. They have our projected win total at 7.2 games and preseason 27th overall. Link: The Spread Sports
  6. He already released a statement that he talked to the Iowa staff and is still full-go with them. Funny how Clester praised Kirk and Co. before this all came out...good riddance. We will get better options 100%
  7. Wandale and Manning need to be elite....fill the rest in with Warner and the youngins. Helps that we have a solid TE group right now as well
  8. This kid is overrated. Fidone is not
  9. We can't even get all kids who signed their LOI to get to campus. We are supposed to be happy about a verbal?
  10. "Experts" don't have a clue what is going on or what this 'virus' is. SARS 2.0 has now become a vascular disease. I'll leave it at this. I gave up when MILLIONS of people tested positive but still have not had one symptom.
  11. There should be a spike like no other coming very soon where people are dropping like flies....or....well, I think you know where this is going.
  12. Stop the nonsense. It's time to play some football.
  13. This would not be good.
  14. Of course we need to recruit nationally, but everyone in Florida knew this kid's 'commitment' meant basically nothing. I'll still stick with Gifford has a better college career.
  15. I'm aware, but it seems like you didn't understand my post then.
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