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  1. I think it will be crucial Saturday to get out in front of Michigan St...any team for that matter - we are only avg 2.5 points in the 1Q this year. Lone TD was against Fordham. We have done well so far keeping drives alive and with our kicking game I wouldn't mind seeing us go for it on 4th down once we cross midfield anymore within reason. To go with that something not talked about enough is our terrible punting and how bad it has been for the last few years. We rarely pin teams or flip the field -- our net punting is 107th in the nation. Illinois: 0 Fordham: 7 Buffalo: 0 Oklahoma: 3 #GBR
  2. I've watched football for a long time and have never seen RB/WR randomness like this staff has done. I know others have outlined it but it makes absolutely zero sense some of the decisions we make on the depth chart. Start a true freshman in Ervin game 1 & 2. Stepp starts game 3. Rahmir Johnson starts game 4 -- had 4 carries for 9 yards the week prior. I personally wish Yant and Scott had more carries thus far in the season particularly vs Fordham and Buffalo. Either way with our OL play our RB haven't done much of anything. And for the WR everyone in the world knows Betts and Manning should always play ahead of Liewer yet he continued to play and start. This isn't the first year this has happened either.
  3. Has Jordon Riley played the last 2 weeks? Any update on Oliver Martin's injury? Will Marvin Scott start this week given we enjoy tossing out random RB every game?
  4. Niles Paul...significant no but he was pretty good. Betts could be the next
  5. I agree - that's why I said 'years ago'
  6. I remember looking years ago and really liking the 2022 schedule. Only lose 1 starter on offense (possibly) and will have a real strong front 7 on defense.
  7. Stepp Morrison Yant Scott Johnson Ervin - this person started the first 2 games....18 carries 50 yards (2.8 ypc) Toure Martin Betts Manning Brown Falck Liewer - this person started the first 2 games...2 catches 13 yards
  8. Did people watch the game last night? The only gap between us and those teams is the O-line. Period. Ohio St has 5* athletes but they are the exception in the B10. MN showed that with a good OL they can hang. Their defense is def not as good as ours.
  9. Something I always found off when Frost brought his offense is that we run a lot of pass play to get ONE player open. Sometimes it works like when AM missed Liewer on the TD pass and when Hickman was wide open, but I've seen many times that option isn't open and then it's on AM to scramble or the receivers to then try and be open. I hate that style of offense for a QB. I still think the bigger problem is the offensive line and our ability of not being able to establish a run game. Greg Austin is cheeks.
  10. Coach T has done a great job. We have solid depth at DL and I hope we use more 4 man fronts this season
  11. Now that Porter is out for the year NW basically has lost their entire team from last year. Back up RBs transferred, good DE transferred, DC retired, QB graduated along with best WR and two very productive LBs...they have a stud DB and that is about it now.
  12. Nicked up could mean missing the Illinois game...I don't like that
  13. check the OP....I knew there was something here and people said there wasn't... https://www.sltrib.com/sports/byu-cougars/2021/08/12/byu-football-walk-ons/
  14. For now...I think he will pass one or both of them shortly
  15. Ervin Morrison Stepp Scott Yant Johnson This seems to currently be the order BUT I think many of these guys will get carries the first 3 games and we will see it all shake out. Ervin has potential but makes me a little nervous if he starts game 1 against Illinois. But also no one on the roster has done anything at Nebraska yet so it doesn't matter as much. If it was me today I think it should be Stepp, Morrison and Yant for this season. Maybe Ervin will surprise me more than I think since his HS highlights he is very balanced runner and has no real weaknesses as a rb.
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