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  1. Selling 4 tickets to BC game....only asking $25/ticket. Msg me if interested

    1. ScottyIce


      Gave mine away to a buddy. I've done quite well this year on selling my tickets, figured I could donate these ones. Hope you find someone!

  2. BIG ERN

    OT Bryce Benhart

    Frost to Greg Austin....
  3. BIG ERN

    OT Dohnovan West

    You'd think by now we would have some sort of picture 'place' for recruits like every other school nowadays. I get the field and locker room pics are good, but it would be innovative to get more creative with white backdrop, green screen, or something.
  4. We will never have a defense that holds teams to 12 ppg under Frost, and if we somehow did we would have a NC to show for it. We need to get around 20 to be elite since I feel at that point our offense will be light years ahead what it is now.
  5. Total defense can be a pretty misleading stat. UCF in 2017 only gave up 25.3 ppg - their offense was the best in the nation in scoring and teams had a lot of extra possessions because of it. If you really think they were 91st you never watched them play.
  6. We gave up 36.4 ppg last year - 166 points in the last 3 games alone. We came closer to WI than we did last year, and I think we will make Ohio St punt at least once which we haven't made them do in the last 2 seasons. I also don't think both Minnesota and Iowa will score over 50 points on us like last year. As mentioned we had zero pass rush last season, gotten slightly better. We have the worst secondary I've ever seen at Nebraska. We have on okay D line if we were in a 4-3 but we aren't. Somehow we expect them to play 3 on 5 and get to the QB. Gifford is okay, but without Ferguson on the other side that LB has been non existent the last few weeks. The athletes are for sure lacking on defense and it shows. In time Taylor, Tannor, Daniels and Jones will be upgrades. I don't care about Riley anymore. He left us with a flat out mediocre team. He took over a 9 win team, not a down spiraled 4 win team with all the 'top' recruits bailing. We beat: Arkansas St Rutgers Illinois Purdue I hate losing more than anyone trust me, but this team isn't quite as bad as our 0-6 record shows. I still have no worry we will look completely different even next season. Doesn't mean we will win the B10, but we for sure will make people settle down as a fan base. It's going to take time for us to get Frost kids in and let them get experience, weight room etc. Going to be a complete over haul.
  7. BIG ERN

    JUCO OG Desmond Bland [Nebraska Commit]

    This is one guy we cannot afford to lose in this class
  8. BIG ERN

    JUCO Recruiting

    I wouldn't mind throwing an offer to this kid. Massive. Had some great offers out of HS, but had academic issues OG: https://247sports.com/Player/Lavante-Epson-75713/
  9. BIG ERN

    *** 2019 Recruiting ***

    Haba has 9 sacks through 6 games
  10. BIG ERN

    This is the week

    Very well could happen. UCF more than likely finally loses this weekend as well - maybe that's a sign!
  11. BIG ERN

    JUCO OT Bamidele Olaseni

    Yeah a lot to be desired ha....he is an over seas kid that hasn't played football that long. His pass protection is solid, but run blocking needs a lot of improvement. Kid is a mountain though which never hurts if you can develop
  12. BIG ERN

    Chinander Defense

    To win the B10 we first have to win the West. The top two teams have been Wisconsin (by far) and Iowa...we are 1-7 against Wisconsin since joining the conference. We have lost the last 3 games vs Iowa. I'm not saying we have to become them by any means, but we have to figure a way out to win those games.
  13. BIG ERN

    Chinander Defense

    We gave up 36.4 ppg last year and are currently at 39.2 --- I get he took over a bad unit, but I think at times he doesn't put us in good positions against run first pro-style teams. I was impressed with Chin several times last year so it's not like I don't think he can turn it around. Just that it's going to be tough to find a machine like he had in Griffin which impacted that defense so much along with 1st rounder Hughes.
  14. BIG ERN

    Chinander Defense

    Something that he has to realize and figure out is 'numbers' football. I waited to make the topic as I thought he would change it up more for Wisconsin, but I didn't see it happen. There have been countless times this year where teams are running 2 TE and a FB, on 3rd down, and we still sit in our base 3 lineman down defense. It even has happened multiple times when it is __ and Goal. To me this is flat out common sense football. To beat Wisconsin you have to make them throw the football, and I saw many times where our safeties are WAY off the LOS as if they were actually going to throw the ball down field to some play making receiver. Hopefully we see a little more Daniels at NT Some guys I feel lack getting it done... Lamar Jackson (Doesn't start now but sees PT) Dedrick Young (Honas getting hurt didn't help) Alex Davis (Ferg has been injured I believe) Neal & Reed (Thought both Williams play a little better out there together) Overall I don't want it to seem as if Chin doesn't run a good defense. Our punting and offense put us in bad spots in the 1st half and the D played well and also forced two FGs on a good red zone offensive team. I just hope in the future we have bigger D lineman and figure out that we have to line up and beat people up front if we want to win the West division. Wisconsin for sure and even Iowa has shown some good teams and they are identical. We will almost always have the better athletes, but need the physicality to go with it. Outside of probably 3 guys our LB play has been abysmal since we joined the B10. This is more of a rant post than cause for concern since I'm aware we lack some talent/depth right now. Just frustrating to watch us put ourselves in non-favorable spots with this team when we claim we are a 'multiple' defense. 3rd and 1 ... we have a safety 15 yards (can't see him) off the ball and 3 down lineman. They picked up 15 yards on this play
  15. BIG ERN

    JUCO DT Tony Fair [Nebraska Commit]

    Daniels is only a rFR...we do need depth and bigger d lineman though