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  1. Hopefully we bunker down the next 3 months and get the players practicing mid July to start the season on time....
  2. I don't see much benefit (only for a few players). We are a young team that needs more practices, weight room, film room etc. than most teams on our schedule.
  3. Ohio State line last year was +17 and we lost by 41...and that wasn't even the preseason line which was even lower
  4. It will def be interesting. Football of all sports needs to have practices to trot a team out there. Especially one our caliber lately. 15 practices is a lot, and with no travel/contact with recruits will be even more of a challenge going fwd.
  5. I feel that he will be better at guard, but because someone isn't as bad as the other players doesn't make them a good player. I feel that has happened a lot with Nebraska lately.
  6. Why are we giving Farniok a pass? Jaimes also been exposed badly when we play good DEs
  7. As a former QB, I'd be more concerned about his snapping abilities than his weight training.
  8. I still think it's an overreaction...it's a bad case of the flu. You don't fall over and die if you get it. Gobert was going to play an NBA basketball game last night before testing positive. Fred Hoiberg couldn't even coach a game with influenza A.
  9. The no fans of March Madness 2020. What an over reaction
  10. This will last another 3 months, maybe a few more after that in some places. The vaccine for flu doesn't do much either because strains are basically a guessing game. Young kids can get it but aren't really getting sick - just passing it along. You don't have to be over 70 and not healthy, but that is the majority of the severe cases. Gloves and masks don't work. You can get it through air particles. This virus is more deadly than other things listed in the past, but it isn't going to be catastrophic. Are most people overreacting? Yes. Should we be idiots and do nothing to contain it? No....People comparing numbers don't realize when you double things, it takes time. 8, 16, 32, 64, 128.....2,000 4,000, 8,000 16,000 32,000 etc.
  11. If 2AM isn't injured he is 100% the starter. No questions asked. Now, if he starts playing like buns I know Frost will roll in Luke this time around. He will then give AM the reigns for the next game and if it happens again Luke will be the starter. BUT overall I think we see 2AM for 90% of the snaps this season at QB barring inury.
  12. Couldn't anyone then pay the players $20k for a signed football? I smell $EC
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