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  1. He led the nation in points at UCF - I get that was a small sample size but you can't avg 48 ppg by accident. When he took over they avg 14 ppg two years prior. We had a good offense in 2018 with a young team and completely new system. He was also efficient as OC at Oregon
  2. I said from day 1 this was going to be an issue. I only liked Fisher for the guys he brought over. People kept telling me how much they loved Dewitt, Walters etc. There is only 1 thing that needs to change and it is DC...Chin goes and we see a major improvement I'd bet anything on it. Only way I see Frost getting rid of Chin is a bad season in 2021 and Moos says he has no choice. Frost has proven to score points - Chins has never proved anything. Not one P5 team would want him if we let him go -- that should be a big sign in itself. Our offense has not been good this year I get th
  3. Our RBs are avg like 3.6 YPC this year...not enough discussion on this. Add in that our best options for that and WR are Freshmen makes for a tough offense to run. O-line has been atrocious. Play calling and personnel just as bad.
  4. Luke needs to work on passing the ball - of course he does. I remember people complaining about Taylor Martinez as well but he won football games. I'm okay with Adrian in as well - Luke was the better option last week. Adrian would've done better today. That is where we are at. We also have a center who cannot snap a football after 3 seasons. We have a head coach who has been a terrible play caller. I haven't liked our DC for one second since he showed up. We are the most undisciplined football team I've ever watched. Just overall s#!t show. I will however stick with Frost. He has
  5. You just need 6 games to qualify for B10 title game so the one less game will not come into play if you hold the H2H win. I think Wisconsin beats NW and Ohio St beats Indiana this weekend. That is why I have them where they are...
  6. I will edit the OP but as of now these would be the match ups for Championship weekend w/ some slight prediction adjustments if WI and OSU win this weekend. 5 more games leaves a lot of re-shuffling to be had. (1v1) Ohio St vs Northwestern (2v2) Indiana vs Wisconsin (3v3) Maryland vs Iowa (4v4) Rutgers vs Purdue (5v5) Michigan St vs Minnesota (6v6) Michigan vs Illinois (7v7) Penn St vs Nebraska
  7. Some players I thought we would see some of or more of by now: Rahmir Johnson Jamie Nance Eteva Mauga-Clements Jackson Hannah Sevion Morrison Niko Cooper Chris Hickman
  8. Do I want Riley? Yes Do I think we land him? No. Will we be fine with Fidone and Carnie? Yes
  9. https://www.etsy.com/listing/828370655/nebraska-5-titles-newspaper-set-huskers?ref=shop_home_active_4&pro=1
  10. I am not arguing that but will reserve judgment until we have a few more games.
  11. We will see over the next few games but too early to tell on the defense imo. Ohio St scored 52 and NW has the worst offense in the B10
  12. Luke's numbers coming off the sidelines in two games. 16/21 (76%) 129 yards rushing (7.5 ypc)
  13. I'll keep it simple. Luke is better than Martinez. AM is now the back up. It's clearly evident and I won't hear otherwise Frost continues to be one of the worst red zone play callers I've ever witnessed...442 total yards and end up with 13 points. 6 or 7 red zone trips!!! 13 points Chinander still loves to lay off on crucial 3rd downs. NW is the worst offense in the B10. Thrive off turnovers and field position Reimer and Henrich should be on the field. Period Who in God's name teaches our secondary players to tackle?? So many piss poor attempts where
  14. Alvarez had this game cnacelled once Mertz was positive. Saw this coming a mile away
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