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  1. (SO) Teddy Prochazka / Brant Banks (SO) (JR) Nouredin Nouili / Ethan Piper (SO) (SO) Turner Corcoran / Trent Hixson (SR) (rFR) Henry Lutovsky / Kevin Williams Jr (JR) (SO) Bryce Benhart / Anthony Hunter (JR)
  2. They would have a great RB and solid OL but what weapons? I think their top 2 WR and TE are gone.
  3. Offered...large kid with upside. https://utsports.com/sports/football/roster/chris-akporoghene/13300
  4. He would be our best RB prospect if he commits
  5. Hearing we are in good with Brown from UNI...look for him to be added soon. I assume at least two DBs are leaving
  6. 39 Career Games Played: 34 fumbles - 18 fumbles lost 30 interceptions 80 total TDs 48 turnovers
  7. HOT TAKE....CT is the 2nd best QB in the B10
  8. Yeah more than likely won't happen. I was hoping Applewhite or Casey Thompson could make a call to someone to bring in.
  9. IMO we need a pass rusher much worse than a NT. Robinson, Rogers, Riley, Nash are good enough. Nelson and Payne can slide down to DE in a 4-3.
  10. Omar from UNI would be a solid pick up (Kolarevic might help). Our DB room is all over the place on who is starting outside of Newsome. All other 3 spots are open game. I still think the best realistic portal option is Ochaun Mathis...we need a pass rusher off the edge. But it sounds like he is leaning Texas.
  11. Lets be honest about the RBs...Rahmir and Ervin are the only two that the staff trust. Unfortunately both of them have had injury issues and that is why we are seeing Yant and Stepp out and I think Jackson and Grant in.
  12. Film and stats are pretty impressive even at the Juco level. Has some play making abilities and speed, can catch out of the backfield. Can also be a return man with Palmer. Class of 18' recruit so I would assume he would be 22 years old to start the year. Started at FSU then went Juco route.
  13. Player: Anthony Grant Hometown: Buford, GA School: New Mexico Military Institute Position: RB/ATH Height: 5-11 Weight: 210 Power 5 Offers: Visits: Twitter 247 Composite: Overall; #16 RB; .8644; 247: RB; Hudl
  14. There is no doubt that either Stepp or Yant is leaving. Maybe both idk
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