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  1. Mitch Sherman should never report on Nebraska. Dude wanted his clicks. Completely out of context
  2. This all started because MITCH SHERMAN (who is a douche) cherry picked the quote and inserted Luke's name to make Frost look bad. He wants his click bait and got it.
  3. I think the 4 team only benefited the top 6 teams in the country as we saw. So yes, when we were great then it would have been a luxury. For everyone else though it was horrible. No one cared about even the old "BCS" bowls like they used to. And to me the last 7 years has been a snowball effect for teams like Bama, Clemson, Ohio St. Recruiting even more easy, better chance at winning a natty for them etc.
  4. I am for 12 over 4 easily. I think no playoff was better than 4 for multiple reasons - one being the bowl games still had meaning. 8 was probably better, but 12 is still fine with me. A few things they will need to have discussions on... Let's say Nebraska made the playoff and hosted a playoff game. I'm going. 100%. BUT how many would go to the 2nd game knowing there is a chance of a 3rd game? For money reasons that will impact a lot of fans decisions. Teams like UCF, Cincinnati, and Boise St now have the upper hand over middle tier P5 teams, yes even Nebraska at this poi
  5. Yant needs to be the story of the year...and hopefully he can be.
  6. I went back and watched games again from last year...Wandale will be missed. Too bad he couldn't hang on to another year where he would have fit in better with the taller WRs and TEs. Less focus on him.
  7. I'm hearing good news on Tyreke Johnson...
  8. A Riley recruit who never made it to campus is now a grad transfer CB...he has the body that T Fish looks for. https://247sports.com/player/elijah-blades-88047/
  9. We ran an offense in the 90s where you only had to recruit like 3 main guys on the whole offense. Everyone else we could get within 250 miles. And to top that off sometimes you got lucky with a great RB from Nebraska like Green. With all the recruiting services it makes it so easy for the top teams to stay on top. Back then there was a lot more film watching, coach calls, travel etc.
  10. Fist game jitters. The Illinois game seems to be a must win game if we want to head into the right direction. In Frost's first season we lost the opener to Colorado who went 5-7 after having a rain out vs Akron. In 19' we played a very average game vs South Bama 35-21 win, followed up by a collapse at Colorado the next week. In 2020 we played a great Ohio St team, started off hot, but ended up losing 52-17. Running back production. The Huskers return less than 100 yards rushing from the RB position. That is a pretty big red flag when you combine that with transfer Markese Stepp being sid
  11. Coach leaves = you leave with no penalty Otherwise athlete sits one season.... Problem solved.
  12. They lost some to the portal due to the coaching change but wild that Illinois has added 9 players already from the portal.
  13. Is what it is but I think with a fourth year Maurice Washington this offense could be where we wanted it to be.
  14. He didn't prove me wrong...
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