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  1. Walk-on spot...one of the perks Nebraska has been utilizing well with NIL.
  2. QB is the trickiest of positions for depth, especially with a freshman that we know is going to start.
  3. It would actually make me happy.
  4. Why would Howard come to Nebraska at this point? I'd obviously take him, but from his standpoint I don't see why he would. Terrible offense this year, didn't make a bowl game, questionable OC, average NIL and no good veteran receivers as of now.
  5. Fair enough but we thought that with Sims and Thompson. I was hoping for someone better than Kaelin, especially if we want a running QB going forward.
  6. I'm for the portal but to land an elite QB would take a lot imo. We have to take a look at a QB for sure but I won't hold my breath.
  7. Can't wait to get the offseason juice flowing with the next Lamar Jackson again...btw I'm not against a portal QB but everyone acts like we will land some big shark.
  8. He's played in 5 of the 8 games this year.....14 tackles, 8 TFL, 4 sacks (leads the team) He may have peaked already in HS but is still a solid choice overall.
  9. Any input where to find 4 tickets for this weekend? So many scammers these days and Seat Geek makes you spend an extra $37/ticket for "fees"

    1. BigRedBuster


      Football or Volleyball?  :D


      Unfortunately, if you don't know someone personally with tickets, sites like seatgeek are your best bet to make sure you're not being scammed.  

    2. BigRedBuster


      Honestly, looking at the prices on there, even with the fees, it's not bad.  There's some for $16 in the corner or roughly $30 at the 30-35 yard line.


      Volleyball...on the other hand......

  10. Correct. He is a pocket passer. I think once we missed on Raiola we wanted to make sure we got the two WRs from Bellevue and felt Kaelin was good enough, but not sure Rhule feels totally solid on him.
  11. Which is why it is a little puzzling we recruited Kaelin for 24'
  12. Phil Snow was always his DC and Satterfield was at Temple from 2013 - 2015. Glenn Thomas took over from there till he went to the NFL. 2013 Temple - 24.9 ppg / 29.8 2014 Temple - 23.1 ppg / 17.5 2015 Temple - 29.8 ppg / 20.1 2016 Temple - 32.4 ppg / 18.4 (new offensive coordinator. Satterfield left to be HC at Tennessee Tech) 2017 Baylor - 24.3 ppg / 35.9 2018 Baylor - 29.5 ppg / 31.7 2019 Baylor - 33.6 ppg / 19.8
  13. 68-12 66-0 28-0 54-0 Not so fun for other teams thus far
  14. Looks like he could fill in for a role like Javin has right now
  15. These injuries suck big time but at least Grant is a veteran player who I like when he is in the game personally. Has some shiftiness and also isn't afraid to lower his shoulder.
  16. What Deion is doing is great, but I hate when the media says historically. This is all NEW territory with NIL/transfer portal. Years ago kids had to sit out a year and many wouldn't transfer due to this. I can see this being hey come play with us here next year mudslide with a select few teams - already kind of is. Looks like the AAU basketball circus.
  17. Rhule can go out and win at Colorado Saturday to ease a lot of this talk. People also need to realize that we brought in a lot of young players for the near future. Sanders brought in ungodly amount of transfers with experience to win now. It doesn't mean he can't keep it up, but just two different approaches. I can tell you I'd rather have Kent St's old HC as OC than Satterfield at this point.
  18. I would like to see more Lutovsky for Piper...hopefully Teddy can get healthy but I won't be holding my breath.
  19. Just some plays that stood out to me: Piper had a couple whiffs in the run game Corcoran had some whiffs in the pass game Reimer came down to the ball nicely Singleton had some good sticks from the Safety spot Wright had a few nice plays DL was alright. Nash made some havoc in the middle DBs were too far off the ball most game Only getting one possession in 1Q (starting from the 1 yard line) wasn't ideal Sims with some nice runs (obvious poor decisions passing) Two false starts inside the 5 were absolute killers Throwing 3x in a row after getting ball back with 12 min was mind boggling dumb Commercials and the new running clock are going to massively suck vs teams who bleed the clock
  20. I also think Butler helps once he is healthy to get more pressure and TFLs.
  21. We gave up 530 yards to Northwestern last opener which was a massive red flag. The D then gets blown by GSU and Oklahoma...bright spot was the run defense.
  22. Lindenberg is MN's best LB....no one else was expected to be on their two deep.
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