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  1. Just doesn't seem like a kid that ends up at Oregon or Georgia. Just my opinion. I see why he chose Ohio St initially. USC vs Nebraska
  2. Rahmir is an east coast kid and has speed (two things this staff recruited). He stay may leave but I think he can bring value to this team.
  3. Tommi Hill Tamon Lynum Richard Torres Logan Smothers DeShon Singleton Braxton Clark Tyreke Johnson Noa Pola-Gates Emmet Johnson Javier Morton Garrett Snodgrass Seth Malcom Shawn Hardy Chris Hickman Brodie Tagaloa Victor Jones Janiran Bonner Zavier Betts or IGC
  4. Game reminds me a lot of Wandale...can be utilized in a lot of ways.
  5. Those are my worries, especially with Teddy. Rhule has been known to move guys around even positions so will be interesting to see.
  6. Wonder who the staff moves inside - especially if any injuries occur. Turner and Anthony might have to see time inside now. Be nice if Teddy and Hood can be ready to go with Turner at RG.
  7. Wager convinced two basketball players to play football their SR years and both might end up in Lincoln.
  8. Speights and Johnson are originally from PA...wonder if we get one of them to visit as well.
  9. IF Fidone can stay healthy I won't worry about the tight ends. Otherwise we are def weak there going into this season
  10. fair enough but 0 catches on the year...I know Bowers is the best TE in the country but I like to see production if we are already 9 guys over
  11. I assume we see a few tight ends hit the portal....also the Georgia kid didn't see any action this year.
  12. Do people realize all they do is watch plays and give from -2 to +2 each play (based on their opinion)? It isn't that deep...
  13. People live and die with PFF way too much...average a$$ service.
  14. Teddy Nouili Scott Turner Rouse Lutovsky, Piper and Benhart who have good experience off the bench. I wouldn't complain.
  15. That's what I am seeing. 14 total reception in two years at varsity? Many on this board did more than that. That isn't to say this kid won't be good, but reminds me of Neville who had like 275 yards as a SR and was a "top" WR...he has now transferred twice.
  16. Iowa missed out on Rouse and settled for Daijon Parker. This is a two way race that I feel good about with OU.
  17. in 7 games...He had a solid year prior so what happened this past year? Hampered with injury? 2022 SEASON STATS REC 16 YDS 116 TD 0 AVG 7.3
  18. Two pretty good Syracuse DBs in the portal. You'd hope if Tony wants them he could get at least one. https://www.on3.com/db/jahad-carter-50615/ https://www.on3.com/db/darian-chestnut-39305/
  19. https://www.hometeamsonline.com/teams/default.asp?u=MARTINFOOTBALL&s=football&p=coachprofile&coachID=21365
  20. I'm actually impressed with his footwork and throws a pretty good ball. Release is iffy but with his legs can make some plays which I like for Nebraska going forward.
  21. He doesn't hold an offer from either NDSU or SDSU?
  22. You'd hope the parents see through the nonsense that is Prime at Colorado...he went there for the check or to get in and bounce like Mel Tucker.
  23. Def has potential but lets not forget he didn't play his first two years while at Florida
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