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  1. Georgia thinks highly of Glenn Schumann as they are paying him $800k to be a co-dc with Mushamp (same pay).
  2. he avg 9.8 ypc rushing...kid has some speed as well.
  3. AHC and DC haven't been announced. Two most important spots imo
  4. A few feelers the new coaches have put out so far. Demon Clowney (Edge) https://olemisssports.com/sports/football/roster/demon-clowney/3847 Braden Fiske (DL) https://wmubroncos.com/sports/football/roster/braden-fiske/12323 Jaden Shirden (RB) https://www.espn.com/college-football/player/_/id/4775270/jaden-shirden
  5. A few names to look out for: Rico Walker (Edge) https://247sports.com/player/rico-walker-46102074/ Lincoln Kienholz (QB) https://247sports.com/player/lincoln-kienholz-46130719/ Kyran Bourda (DL) https://247sports.com/player/kyran-bourda-46114751/ Zion Fowler (WR) https://247sports.com/player/zion-fowler-46116135/ Aeryn Hampton (CB) https://247sports.com/player/aeryn-hampton-46112708/
  6. I would think if the DC was Snow we would know already....be interesting to see who we go with.
  7. I believe the old staff was the following as of recent: so about a $1.5m bump for the new staff. Whipple $875k Chinander $850k Joseph $600k Dawson $550k Beckton $450k Fischer $450k Duval $425k Busch $400k Applewhite $325k Ruud $325k Raiola $325k ------------------- $5.575m
  8. def can tell his dad is a pastor on how he speaks...
  9. the Jet with a slip? seemed to say Mickey was retained...
  10. Is there a formal press conference today on B10 network?
  11. Nah, in this case you certainly can. You won't get a better WR coach at Nebraska.
  12. Was this our best win since 9-4 Minnesota in 2016??? People don't realize how far we fell and what Mickey picked up. Dude did great for what he had to work with. I wouldn't hire a HC who said he wouldn't take Mickey on his staff.
  13. Not to mention bringing in Coleman and Miller for next years class. Lengthy athleticism
  14. I would rather have him get recruits and be a tough nose ACH/WR....
  15. Keeping Mickey Joseph is vital to all of this. I'm fine if he isn't HC but dudes gotta be on staff.
  16. Trev wanted Campbell 100% last year....but he is now going to be 4-8 and has lost as many close games as Scott Frost. Be a tough sell at this point.
  17. Were there any legitimate P5 schools that Luke Fickell has turned down? He is in year 6 at a non-P5 school and went 6-7 in his one year at Ohio St
  18. While I agree I think that is more of a fan's take than a current player who has had 3 coaches and we also have a lot of new transfers especially on offense. Defense should hopefully relay the message...Tannor, Nelson, Newsome, Reimer
  19. Nebraska media doesn't have a clue imo. They've named like 20 coaches
  20. Iowa is rumored to be without their tight end LaPorta (who leads team in receiving) also without their starting FB. This at least can't hurt our chances though I don't know the players mindset right now given all that is going on.
  21. Not my first choice but Klieman wouldn't be a bad hire. Would have a high floor at least I think at Nebraska. Fits the B10 west style of play.
  22. Maybe...rumored to be a press conference Sunday/Monday after the Wisconsin game
  23. DeBoer loves to throw the ball around....not sure that would be what Trev envisions right now.
  24. Correct. I've expressed before he isn't my favorite but funny how under the radar he is to be Nebraska's HC.
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