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  1. What is the status on these three? Rahmir Johnson Deontai Williams Damion Daniels
  2. Graduating Samori Toure JoJo Domann Deontai Williams Marquel Dismuke Ben Stille Levi Falck Connor Culp Would be 5th year + Adrian Martinez Austin Allen Cam Taylor-Britt Damion Daniels Caleb Tannor Deontre Thomas Travis Vokolek Matt Sichterman Jordon Riley Oliver Martin Chancellor Brewington Damian Jackson Will Honas Possible transfer portal Tate Wildeman Noa Pola-Gates Jackson Hannah Marvin Scott Sevion Morrison
  3. I will saying as far as kicking I'm not sure what else you can do. Culp was 1st team B10 last year and made all the "simple" FGs and XP last year. We even tried the backup last game and it didn't matter. Big trouble is we look to have no plan on returning any kick or punt.
  4. Not saying I want him fired etc, but it is mind boggling to me both him and Frost have underperformed thus far by a wide margin. The ol' Leathernecks were 5-21 last season and 2-14 in the Summit.
  5. The toughest part of all this is that everyone knows next year is make or break. A lot of coaches don't want to touch the situation we are in
  6. Special Teams Coordinator - Bill Busch Offensive Coordinator/Wide Receivers - Mark Helfrich OR Mickey Joseph OR Brian Hartline Running Back - Ra’Shaad Samples OR Marquel Blackwell OR Kevin Faulk OR Ron Brown Offensive Line - Frank Verducci OR Sam Gregg OR Donovan Raiola (current Bears OL assistant)
  7. 2 TE sets every single time in the red zone for blocking and height/length for catches. Seems obvious but we enjoy going shotty and handing off to Rahmir up the middle.
  8. Like I told others that Frost will be back Trev isn't going to say hey we need 8 wins or you're gone. Just isn't going to happen. Obviously at minimum have to be 6-6 or he will be fired. I think 7-5 is more than doable and expect to be 8-4.
  9. I wonder if both Daniels and Riley come back at NT...also have Rogers, Robinson and Thomas at DE still. That doesn't include the freshman on the DL like Hutmacher and Buckley.
  10. possibly losing 3/4 starting DBs he would be a vital pickup
  11. Possibly could have last year but we will never know. Had Central Michigan and South Dakota St on the schedule. Were't supposed to open @ Ohio St either
  12. Regardless Frost needs to bring in better players or develop better so end of the day it doesn't matter. I think we have a few skill players who are up there but it's only a few kids. Our defense is good enough to keep us in games most of the time. The offense is just a big mess - remember we only have 1 SR who starts and he's a grad transfer. We have lost our best playmaker each season and that sets us back even more. Maurice Washington, JD Spielman, Wandale Robinson. Toure graduates this year and wouldn't doubt if someone else transfers. We do have some good young talent just not sure we will ever get to see it all the way through. Next season we would need to run 2 TE sets all game and rely more on RB and not have the ball in Martinez's hands all the time if he does comeback and starts.
  13. "With a new AD in place at Nebraska there is almost zero doubt that Frost will be gone at or before the season's end." interesting hot take that I think is incorrect
  14. Let me preface. Scott Frost has been disappointing, obviously. I did say whoever we hired in 2018 should get 5 years regardless of the results unless we were winning 2 games a year and losing by 30+ this and previous seasons. I know we all hate the close losses, but it does show improvement whether people want to admit it. Teams who can 'break through' usually have close losses the year prior and show a good SO/JR class - which we have. I give him the ultimatum of a bowl game or he is 100% let go. I think even himself would agree with that at this point. 1. 2021 is the toughest schedule Nebraska has ever had that I'm aware of - the only game that is complete garbage is losing to Illinois in the opener. No excuses for that one. I do think we are a slightly better or on par with Minnesota (starts 5 SR O-lineman) and Purdue (who has 2 All-Americans). We beat the other 3 teams who we clearly are better than Buffalo, Fordham, Northwestern. We still have to play a top 5 Ohio St team, and more than likely a 8-3 ranked Iowa team and ranked 7-3 Wisconsin. 2. The free covid year helped all teams including Nebraska, but I think next year will be a tougher step for any team as the B10 is loaded with 5th/6th year seniors and 4th/5th year juniors this season. Taking away transfers and draft status Nebraska can return 10/11 offensive starters. Losing Toure will hurt but we still have some solid WR behind him along with TE Allen, Voke and will add in a big playmaker in Fidone. The offensive line started 2-3 freshman this season and having them all back only helps as it is hard to be an OL as a young player especially in the B10. RB is still up in the air but Johnson and Yant have been decent the last few weeks, get Ervin back and a full year of Stepp. Can also look for a transfer or juco possibly. The main question mark is obviously Martinez. Does he come back? Do we want him to come back? If not, do we need a transfer or can Smothers/Haarberg take that step? 3. The defense loses some key pieces but the main core remains. JoJo, D Will, Dismuke, Stille and I assume CTB are gone. I feel real good about the 3 Nebraska kids in Reimer, Henrich and Nelson. Robinson, Rogers, D Thomas, Daniels can all return. Maybe another year Riley helps him as well and we haven't seen Hutmacher yet. Payne, Tannor, Kolaravic and even maybe Honas return at LB as well. The secondary to me could be shaky and I think we for sure look at transfers and juco market there, Farmer and Newsome have a good amount of experience at this point. 4. The 2022 schedule lines up to have more wins as we drop Ohio St and Michigan St and replace with Rutgers and Indiana. Our bye week is also after game 6 and not game 7 before heading to Ann Arbor. We have a real chance to start 5-2 or 6-1. 5. Fire Greg Austin and there is no doubt the offense line improves which is vital to any teams success. There are some rumblings of not retaining Held or Coach Verdu, but I would keep Held for now and replace a special team coordinator in Verdu's spot. Will he be able to overcome the close losses to stupid plays and penalties? Maybe not. But I think if we can look good next year there could be some good success in the near future. The only somewhat intriguing realistic as of now HC candidates to me would be Chadwell from Coastal Carolina or Josh Gattis the OC from Michigan. Bill O'Brien would be an okay hire if possible. Fickell isn't coming here. Campbell isn't coming here. Some random NFL coach isn't coming here. To me the only coach that I could see that possibly would take the job and I would be okay with at this point is Chris Petersen. I wanted Nebraska to go after him hard in 2015 and we settled for Riley. With that said I hope Frost gets one more season even though I see why some don't think he deserves it. Gets to 8-4 and we start to look like a football team. He has proven that our guys have gotten bigger and stronger than 2015 and that we can compete with anyone, literally. Just can we win against anyone? That's the question. Oklahoma 8-0 Michigan St 8-0 Ohio St 8-0 Michigan 7-1 Minnesota is about to 7-2 and has a chance to win the West Wisconsin will be ranked when we play them and more than likely wins the division again Purdue is 5-3 and has played actually pretty well this year Iowa will be ranked when we play them and could be or 9-2 or 8-3 when we play Played 3 top 10 teams far all who still have a chance at the playoff to 1 score. I get these aren't wins, but he has proven we can play. Now gotta fix the dumb stuff and win some of those games. I think he can. #GBR
  15. Has Frost been underwhelming? Of course Has Nebraska not won a conference championship since 1999? Yes Wake up to reality. Stick with Frost and things can slowly go the right way. 2022 should set up to be the turning point.
  16. The reason our defense is better than years past is because of the LBs...period. We used to have sh*t LBs for almost a decade. Reimer, Henrich, Jojo, Nelson. 3/4 will return next year as well. Greg Austin - Fired Coach Verdu - Fired ...hire a ST coordinator with this spot.
  17. I think it will be crucial Saturday to get out in front of Michigan St...any team for that matter - we are only avg 2.5 points in the 1Q this year. Lone TD was against Fordham. We have done well so far keeping drives alive and with our kicking game I wouldn't mind seeing us go for it on 4th down once we cross midfield anymore within reason. To go with that something not talked about enough is our terrible punting and how bad it has been for the last few years. We rarely pin teams or flip the field -- our net punting is 107th in the nation. Illinois: 0 Fordham: 7 Buffalo: 0 Oklahoma: 3 #GBR
  18. I've watched football for a long time and have never seen RB/WR randomness like this staff has done. I know others have outlined it but it makes absolutely zero sense some of the decisions we make on the depth chart. Start a true freshman in Ervin game 1 & 2. Stepp starts game 3. Rahmir Johnson starts game 4 -- had 4 carries for 9 yards the week prior. I personally wish Yant and Scott had more carries thus far in the season particularly vs Fordham and Buffalo. Either way with our OL play our RB haven't done much of anything. And for the WR everyone in the world knows Betts and Manning should always play ahead of Liewer yet he continued to play and start. This isn't the first year this has happened either.
  19. Has Jordon Riley played the last 2 weeks? Any update on Oliver Martin's injury? Will Marvin Scott start this week given we enjoy tossing out random RB every game?
  20. Niles Paul...significant no but he was pretty good. Betts could be the next
  21. I agree - that's why I said 'years ago'
  22. I remember looking years ago and really liking the 2022 schedule. Only lose 1 starter on offense (possibly) and will have a real strong front 7 on defense.
  23. Stepp Morrison Yant Scott Johnson Ervin - this person started the first 2 games....18 carries 50 yards (2.8 ypc) Toure Martin Betts Manning Brown Falck Liewer - this person started the first 2 games...2 catches 13 yards
  24. Did people watch the game last night? The only gap between us and those teams is the O-line. Period. Ohio St has 5* athletes but they are the exception in the B10. MN showed that with a good OL they can hang. Their defense is def not as good as ours.
  25. Something I always found off when Frost brought his offense is that we run a lot of pass play to get ONE player open. Sometimes it works like when AM missed Liewer on the TD pass and when Hickman was wide open, but I've seen many times that option isn't open and then it's on AM to scramble or the receivers to then try and be open. I hate that style of offense for a QB. I still think the bigger problem is the offensive line and our ability of not being able to establish a run game. Greg Austin is cheeks.
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