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  1. My son worked the 2nd and 4th quarters. His shot on the Liewer's TD was replied on HuskerVision. The kid is living his dream, he wanted to be on the field on game day. The Spring Game is his way of getting his foot in the door for fall football. He's worked several events, M/W gymnastics, W Senior Day basketball, softball, baseball, and soccer.
  2. I'm looking for 4 tickets to the Spring Game. TL;DR Two years ago my son and I drove from Ann Arbor for the Spring game. It was a last minute decision. We were there for two reasons, football and to tour HuskerVision. The tour worked, he choose DONU and enrolled in the j-school. He's interning at HuskerVision. He's been doing a lot of baseball and softball games. He put in for the Spring Game. He feels getting a slot here is key to getting a slot for fall football. He got it, Cam4 in the sw endzone. So Mom, Dad, and his gf are coming out, Grandpa is coming from KC.
  3. I was at a pharmacy in Jackson, Michigan yesterday. I dropped a "GBR" on a gal wearing a Husker shirt. We did the usual were-you-from-were-you-at stuff. Turns out her dad is Dave Goeller. I'm too young to remember him. He would have played behind Rodgers and then Davis. He got a decent number of carries and a few catches, 689 yards and 8 TDs. Fun conversation.
  4. I wish we were playing a rival on Black Friday.
  5. Let's turn Pakhtakor Central Stadium red!
  6. The girl second from the left is my cousin. I think I'll buy the 4 for $100, it'll be me , Frost, Chin, and Mario. Devaney, TO, and McBride.
  7. Is it possible Bo's pass defense is at the wrong Tiger Stadium? This screen cap: https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/gametracker/live/NCAAF_20200926_MISSST@LSU/
  8. Does this count as a diamond? If so, I hate it. I've been putting Husker games on in the background since C-19. YT might run out of content before this is over. Gonna put the 2000 Notre Dumb game on next.
  9. SKDKnickerbocker is a PR firm that represents Time's up: SKDK Time's Up. The D in the name, SKDKnickerbocker, is Anita Dunn: SKDK wiki Dunn is a Biden senior campaign adviser: New York Times
  10. https://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/mens-basketball/anything-can-happen-husker-hoops-heads-to-indy-with-reinforcements/article_17df724c-18ae-50e7-a9cf-0167eacbbd97.html
  11. If I was Bo, I'd head to this a-hole's house on my way to Baton Rouge and burn a few donuts in his yard and throw my empties in his driveway.
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