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  1. Gage County

    Offensive Efficiency

    Skers won that game 69-19 after dropping 48 in the 3rd. Welcome to the Big 8 Bill McCartney!
  2. Gage County

    Former Players Jealous of Current Players

    Pretty cool that a guy on a 4-4 NFL team with a shot at the play-offs wishes he was back in Lincoln.
  3. Gage County

    This guy made flags for every Big Ten team

    Not to mention the very page you clipped says, "alteration may be permissible upon approval." (I'll stop here before I find out where the woodshed is)
  4. Gage County

    This guy made flags for every Big Ten team

    A very nice tribute logo for a great kid and you're bent out of shape about it?
  5. Gage County

    This guy made flags for every Big Ten team

    I liked this old logo from @Landlord's link, I don't think I've seen it before. Her flag is mo better than the Union Jack derivatives.
  6. Gage County

    Look at this moron right here:

    He's really found his place and his rhythm. We're we're talking about how he doesn't get a lot of YAC. That's not his style, he doesn't shed tackles and drag guys 10 yards but what he does do is pretty fun to watch.
  7. Gage County

    What if Nebraska has TWO games canceled this year?

    Sounds like B-CU has a Shawn Eichorst of their own.
  8. Gage County

    Just To Be Clear...

    I think there were 3 in the first half where they cut to the action after the snap. They made some half time adjustments and didn't do it in the second half. And yes, they didn't show replays on some of the more important plays. Drives me friggin crazy.
  9. Gage County

    Officiating Bias Against Frost?

    Now do Ohio St., they're the 16th most penalized team in the nation.
  10. Gage County

    Has Owen left the building?

  11. Gage County

    Yards per Point

    6. We have 7 total yards of punt returns, averaging .58 yards per return. We have to shorten the field, that'll put more big plays on the scoreboard.
  12. Gage County

    Martinez Sets Husker Freshman Passing Record

    Single game passing records 1 Joe Ganz Kansas St. 2007 510 2 Joe Ganz Colorado 2007 484 3 Sam Keller Ball State 2007 438 4 Zac Taylor Iowa St. 2005 431 5 Tanner Lee Purdue 2017 431 6 Ryker Fyfe Purdue 2015 407 7 Joe Ganz Kansas 2007 405 8 Tanner Lee Penn St 2017 399 9 Zac Taylor Kansas 2006 395 10 Zac Taylor Colorado 2005 392 11 Sam Keller USC 2007 389 12 Adrian Martinez Purdue 2018 384 13 Tommy Armstrong Jr. USC 2014 381 We can throw on Purdue!
  13. Gage County

    Good bye Greg Bell

    One reason OSU is a transfer designation is they're on a quarter system that has their classes starting so late. The "Last Day to Add a Fall Term Course Online with Dept. Approval" was Oct 7th. So a transfer can use the 4 game red shirt rule, get enrolled, and start their transfer sit-out year. (At least that's how I understand it.)
  14. Gage County

    Spielman Breaks Receiving Yards Record

    Coming into the season, Morgan needed 10 TD recpt to tie Rodger's career record. I think he has 1 this year. Doesn't look likely but I'm still rooting for him to do it.