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  1. Casey was practicing today, Chubba out, high ankle sprain. Whip to the press box.
  2. Mickey cued up, Garrett and Travis follow.
  3. Logan https://youtu.be/tIsY40oVFPo Garrett https://youtu.be/N4RDQp98-O0 Travis https://youtu.be/Ep82t3_zatc Colton https://youtu.be/BD2F8hGf-pM Hausmann https://youtu.be/v5jzBOqpPgs
  4. I'm 15 minutes north of A2. It's 38° and slight breeze with very light drizzly snow right now.
  5. What shoes was Michigan wearing in 2018 that their rank dropped to 24th?
  6. "Have you ever been a 28 point dog?"
  7. Buford, Piper, then Vok. The stream started late so MJ's first comments are missing, HuskerOnline has the first few minutes.
  8. Next man up! I live 15 minutes from the Big House, I had been looking forward to this game but I losing almost any reason to go.
  9. I think Chris is the one who gave me the trophy.
  10. I just called Regent Pres Ted Carter's office. There is no meeting scheduled for today.
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