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  1. Gosh it would be swell if we could spoil this bratty fanbase's season today on the heels of our coaching announcement. We've been through enough Football God's/Solich Curse/Pelini Voodoo Doll, let us have one. Please?
  2. USF would be perfect for him IMO but a Miami would be something he could move onto after a few years.
  3. I'm at the point I wish we never let him go to UCF to begin with and replaced Bo with him. I hated the idea of firing a first time head coach and starting over with another first time head coach, but in hindsight that would've been far better timing and situation than what he was handed off the heels of Riley.
  4. I haven't been truly excited for a new coach since we fired Callahan. The Frost speculation and hiring was up there, but I also knew what a mess he was taking over. Never expected him to fail so spectacularly after plenty of time. I'm not all that jazzed about this new hire. Honestly would be happy to get back to Bo Pelini level numbers, maybe sniff a conference championship appearance once in a blue moon. Just tired of being the new Minnesota/Vanderbilt/Kansas
  5. The right coach can have it done in 2, look at some of the legitimate contenders this year vying for a playoff spot. That said, here at Nebraska and knowing the situation and hurdles, 3 or 4 is more likely. And we have run out of patience. This likely becomes a revolving door school, already kinda has, and we slip even further. It's unfortunate but it's what we've been dealt.
  6. Yeah go ahead and revisit this post in a few years and tell me how many conference championships this program has accumulated. I bet it's none. And at this rate we won't see a bowl game until 2023 if we're really lucky. But let's pretend I'm wrong.
  7. Well, considering the Cubs gutted themselves alive the last year or so...
  8. He can't and won't. Mickey lost his shot after the 3rd quarter last Saturday.
  9. Revisionist history I guess. Still trying to forget the 4th quarter of that Iowa game I went to last year
  10. Haven't won a conference title since 1999, we're approaching three decades of hardware drought in that area. Haven't even been bowling since 2016, coming up on a decade there too. Every time we make a move it ends up being the wrong one. When we do make the right move, other circumstances deter it from working. Cursed, snakebit, voodoo doll in Solich's closet call it what you will but this program is definitely cursed.
  11. Osborne finally slays the national championship dragon, retires a few years later Predecessor Solich given shorter leash, can't control staff, fired Raiders flop hired to revamp destroys program with new AD Osborne comes back to save us and hires Pelini Pelini with flops talent almost puts us back in title mix but can't get out of own way Conference switch essentially buries Pelini Osborne replacement fires Pelini and hires smiley version of Raiders flop Smiley guy sucks a$$ and gets canned, prodigal son Frost becomes hottest coach sought aftet in the country returns to Lincoln Prodigal son handed a cesspool of a program, has first game canceled because of lightning, misses bowl Prodigal son can't get to a bowl in year 2 Prodigal son ready for year 3 turnaround.......covid hits Prodigal son finally ready to put it all together has the most perplexing 3 win team (not a 4 win team ,f*****g Iowa) of all time coming within a handful of points from being essentially an 11-1 team Prodifal son gives up and has one of the worst starts to a season maybe ever and gets canned 3 games in finishing WORSE than both Raiders flop and Guy Smiley at an embarrassing 16-31 First African American coach in program history handed the dumpster fire, can't exactly resurrect this mess will be replaced by someone else who either won't be able to do it or won't be given time to do it. This program is cursed. We were gifted a couple of strong and legendary runs decades ago. At this point we should be thankful our landlocked state even enjoyed that bit of success. We aren't blue blood anymore, never will be again. The game has evolved and the disadvantages stacked against us will prevent us from rising again. It's not fun anymore, the last streak we have is looked at as a farce and incoming players look at our last bit of success like a phonograph. It doesn't matter who we hire, the loyalty and passion for this program is dying and the amount of effort to rebuild it is more than most coaches would want. We should've been happy with Solich and let him fool around with anyone he wanted to, or at least just said screw it Bo Pelini makes us relevant to the media and is entertaining as hell to watch and wins. I'm not even interested at this point to see who we get because even if it were Nick friggin Saban all I would be thinking is "wow.....Nick Saban is about ot destroy his legacy sinking with this ship".
  12. Honestly hope the Frost to USF buzz pans out.  He can go back to an area and level of program when his life was better and it should translate to him winning again.

    1. man eating mastodon

      man eating mastodon

      Frost can f#&% off. 

  13. I say we put Leipold and Arnada on a team and then Mickey and Campbell on another team for best two out of 3 beer pong. The winning team faces off in a sack race. Whoever wins the sack race meets Urban Meyer in an undisclosed location for 10 rounds of bare knuckle Battleship to win the opportunity to maybe become head coach of Nebraska (after a committee possibly forms to maybe discuss it)
  14. We'll stand by the road
  15. At this point I'm way more invested and nervous who we hire at this spot than the head coach
  16. This doesn't really remind me of the 2009 game very much
  17. Iowa is going to look awful in every game this year. Except their last one.
  18. We have an identity....we just stole it from Minnesota
  19. I for one am so grateful I got to watch Scott Frost losing his job over 4hrs live and in person with my oldest almost 7yr old and his 2 cousins. Got home at like 1am with them.....thanks Scott... It started with a cancelation and a loss following. Ended with a loss to a glorified FCS team dumping just shy of 800 yards on them. And some people are confused why he was fired.
  20. I once heard, (not a typical source I would use), that Frost had an unusual relationship with the maid. Not like a sexually based relationship, but more like a caretaker interaction. Would do like puzzles with him, like she were "babysitting" him in a way. Again, never heard anything else in that realm again, so I still question the validity.
  21. Scott Frost's nervous and regretful expression never changed during his entire tenure I fully believe the guy never truly wanted to be here. It always felt forced and he never looked comfortable. Rumors of his home life, speculation of troubles betwixt he and his wife, it all culminated on the field. If he would've been hired before taking the UCF job, I believe it would've gone much differently. He's still, maybe, a good coach. And I hope he finds success (and comfortability) somewhere sunnier and less stressful. But for us, he leaves us in no better shape than he found us, maybe worse.
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