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  1. He ended the war in Afghanistan like a year ago didn't he
  2. TO also had talent coming from across the country to play in his system. And how often are we missing out on top in state talent, it feels like a lot.
  3. Test post, Biden shouldn't piss off Syria
  4. We just lost how many transfers the last 4yrs because the kid wanted to be closer to home. The players want to play for a winning team, if the home town team wins they'll stay. That simple, win games keep the in state.
  5. Maybe stop deflecting and talk about Biden pissing off Syria to a boiling point
  6. Partisan outrage isn't the problem, strings of Presidents fighting imaginary wars is. Justifying them or denouncing them based off of whose in office is one of the most hypocritical thing possible.
  7. Conspiracy Theroy??? Are you kidding me? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9301807/U-S-carries-airstrike-against-Iranian-backed-militia-target-Syria-officials-say.html https://www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/ncna1258912 That's a conspiracy theory? Give me a break. He's already moved troops through against their will, now this supposedly responsive measure. Keep sugarcoating it all you want, this is going to keep heating up.
  8. 37 days in, he's about to "officially" invade Syria and use some warped justification. I can't even see the true underlying reason for it, we can't even use the oil caveat here.
  9. Biden was pissing off Syria like a month ago when he moved troops through against their wishes. This was happening regardless.
  10. I remember making a big thread and chart chronicling Bo's losses. It was pretty interesting to gauge everyone's reactions to them, and a few years later many were still fresh in people's minds. At this point I can't even remember who all or how we managed to lose our games a few months ago.
  11. This isn't a good defense. Public partisan outrage isn't an excuse. Why do we need to be invading Syria?
  12. THIS: https://theathletic.com/2408790/2021/02/24/nebraska-recruiting-misses-top-prospects/?amp is why Frost needs to swallow his pride and win games with the team he has in the short term and not play with the team he WISHES he had. Over his tenure thus far, I feel like it's fair to say half the losses could and should have been victories. But mismanagement of some fashion...
  13. 3 million customers without power and she used it as an opportunity to be snide abour her green new deal. It's hypocritical on a couple levels to me.
  14. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.newsweek.com/how-much-power-texas-renewable-coal-gas-wind-turbines-1570238%3famp=1 Precautions should be taken regardless of how rare a harsh winter is. But chastising people in a bad situation is something certain politicians would get ousted for. Not her.
  15. How about AOC chastising Texas for not being green enough while they are literally in a bad situation, even though roughly 1/3 of Texas is green.
  16. We don't actually have to agree about Trump's level of guilt in this instance to both realize the government needs a ton of work. You subscribe to a different narrative concerning Trump, that's okay. I myself never voted for him and am unaffected (thus far) by his loss. But this sham impeachment was never about cleaning anything up. It was the Dems trying to flex, it was the Dems getting their extra tarnished legacy, it was the Dems almost preventing the chance of him running in 2024. If his idiot supporters never broke into the Capitol they would have found a different reason to Impeach
  17. If we had that I'd never let my MAGA friends hear the end of it because it would be undeniable at that point. If we had that, we could skip the charade of Impeaching an out of office President and we could move right into a real trial. But we don't have that. We have a typical Trump speech where he has delusions of grandeur and metaphors. Thus, not guilty.
  18. Says "you must fight" in a rhetorical sense AntiTrumpers "OBVIOUS INCITMENT" Says "Go Peacefully" in a literal sense, AntiTrumpers AntiTrumpers "JUST COVERING HIS TRACKS" Lol, I have enjoyed the mostly peaceful discussion. But none of it changes anything. Shoddy trial, assumption based evidence and an expected acquittal. This is why I consider it all Political Theater.
  19. And those words specifically included "go peacefully". Hence, ya know, the acquittal. They probably should've had a better case.
  20. Lol, it still was FAR from rock solid. But you appear determined to plant your foot here. The Republicans are too spineless to convinct, well there's a newsflash . I'm more interested why the Dems didn't want witnesses. And confirming Trump's guilt off of the articles the Dems wrote and convicting him in the court of public opinion isn't a compelling argument either. Regardless of his guilt, the actual case was weak and he ended up aquitted. End of story
  21. The articles could have included allegations of kicking a puppy in 1988, it still doesn't matter. His body of work as a whole has been under fire since before there was a body of work to critique. Yes and that is WHY impeachment is more political theater than actual trial. Again, the ones moving to impeach wrote them to paint him ugly. This isn't shocking and didn't get a conviction, so it's proof of nothing. Mitch sucks, I've never disagreed with this. Be mad at the refusal to go through with witnesses though, as I've mentioned many times. Maybe they sh
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