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  1. So in the last 9 months or so I've become quite the whiskey snob. The best bottle I have on my shelf now is this bad boy: This is a love it or hate it bottle. Some consider it far too weak for the price and not complex enough. For me, this is some of the finest stuff I've ever had. Smooth, sweet, fruity, no burn what so ever, spices in the right place. If you're looking to drop some cash on a nice bottle I recommend it if you like Fiddich. The best bang for your buck is still hands down the 15yr though. The 18 is excellent as well. And Bourbon lovers should pick up th
  2. Definitely not seeing any Pat Forde praise in here, but people tend to hear what they want to hear. I think it's pretty unanimous that Forde is an asshat.
  3. Comparing any player to step into the spot Suh left is completely unfair. But that said, everyone to follow had their share of problems and inconsistencies. Bo was never able to replicate the machine that was 2009. Again, not fair to ask but Defense got consistently less dependable. The Big Ten move was not a good transition in that area.
  4. The 2015 Miami game was in Miami was it not? Miami was Home under Bo in 2014.
  5. 2012 is when I began feeling the hump was more like a 100ft wall. By the end I was ready for a change, but I'd went so All In on Bo my fandom took a major hit because the following hire was so uninspiring.
  6. Yeah it's pretty weird he gets brought up when he references Nebraska.
  7. For news and stories sure, I think that's universally agreed upon.
  8. There's no realistic way to gage trh fan base as a whole. Therefore it has to be taken in samples. And even 100 people surveyed for Family Feud there are weirdos answering things nobody would normally think of. But as a majority, and I'm not alone on this, our fanbase has been largely insufferable in terms of our schedule. Go back a couple months. Was it any better when people were trying to convince eachother that going back to the Big 12 was a legitimate option or a good idea. This off season and the threst of no football brought some real stupidity out, whether it was out of
  9. Eh, avoid Facebook Husker fan pages. I have little doubt in my hypothetical. The poop gets deep.
  10. When Nebraska was campaigning to play no matter what, I think the national perception was in our favor. That ended when they announced a start date and we didn't like what we saw. Moos had a legitimate gripe, but I wish that would've stayed in the war room. Unless we actually have some form of plans to seek greener pastures there is no reason to continue a grudge match with the Overloards.
  11. What Forde says comes from a place of disdain. But underneath the disgust towards us is a lot of harsh truths that many clearly don't want to admit. What Desmond said came from a place of knee jerk reaction from a 3rd rate analyst only there because....I honestly don't know why he's there.
  12. Nebraska fans pretending national perception doesn't matter (to them) might be one of the funniest things I've ever seen.
  13. And if we opened with Rutgers and didn't play Ohio State at all the narrative would be "The Big Ten is trying to keep us out of the title game by making our schedule too soft! They don't want us to make a title game or get ranked too high!". It's more than a few. And we went from champion of fighting for football to whiny asses in a matter of like 24hrs. Our 15 minutes are up, gotta get back to actually winning games now to get attention.
  14. It's the same schedule minus Rutgers. We used to get mad when we didn't get enough marquee games. Now, during an 8 game schedule, even our own AD is complaining our schedule is too hard. Like, I can't even.
  15. A lot of them do have an axe to grind because they do remember our more successful times. Even though he's exaggerating, he's not wrong.
  16. He makes direct digs at Frost for saying we want to play, players suing, and then Moos saying we deserve a break. It's a hit piece. He's trying to be an a$$h@!e. And he isn't wrong. I love that Moos is fighting for our best interests. But he didn't need to say that stuff. Just accept it, say we look forward to the challenges because WE wanted football the most and we are excited for the big games. And our fanbase has been absolutely cringe worthy on social media concerning this whole process. I completely avoided the 2020 football thread because no thanks from wha
  17. https://www.si.com/college/2020/09/21/nebraska-football-schedule-complaints-forde-yard-dash Here ya go Husker fans, this is what all your complaining looks like to the rest of the nation. What little respect we had previously is quickly dissipating, a good chunk of football fans and recruits weren't even alive last time we were relevant. You can say it doesn't matter to us all you want, deep down we know it stings quite a bit. We spend all Covid off-season fighting for football, praising the fight to play. We finally get it then immediately start playing pr
  18. Some folks on here made it a point to revise history when it came to Bo. He was far from perfect and his tenure came to an end because of his own doings. But he was as consistent as it gets. I have nothing but fond feelings towards him.
  19. Half joining the ACC feels like a worse punishment
  20. I have no expectations of winning at Ohio State. But if you're going to play tOSU, why not do it when both teams are rusty and at a disadvantage? You really wanna do it when they are a well oiled machine halfway down the stretch? Catch em early, probably our best case scenario of having a shot. The Big Ten isn't screwing us over, everyone has to play someone. Get over it Karen's. People complained and complained because no football, now complaining about opposition. Go figure.
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