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  1. tattooedhusker

    What did we learn: Ohio State

    That there is no pleasing some mother&$*+ers in this fan base
  2. tattooedhusker

    How much offense do we lose?

    Good to hear, Riley played the "what-if" game.... "What-if I was good enough to justify having this job?" I don't like the what-if game much lol
  3. tattooedhusker

    Here it is the: What are you doing for the first game?

    Multiple cases of beer, smoking a brisket and losing my damn mind because of the excitement!
  4. tattooedhusker

    BTN Bus Tour

    I did the same, but I am gonna pick up Hulu w/live tv or YouTube TV to get it back. $40/no is a small price to pay
  5. tattooedhusker

    Pre-Season USA Today Coaches Poll

    Agreed. That would not warrant a top 10 ranking in any way shape or form
  6. tattooedhusker

    Pre-Season USA Today Coaches Poll

    Don't tell that to the delirious UCF fans
  7. tattooedhusker

    Who starts at QB?

    POB starts The transfer process
  8. tattooedhusker

    Frost’s QB Room

    If they are as dead set in their prognostications, yes
  9. tattooedhusker

    BTN's Dienhart's Priorities for Nebraska

    Am I the only one who believes the OL will be/have the biggest improvements?
  10. tattooedhusker

    Westerkamp vs. Swift

    This was the toughest one yet. Eerily similar, but I went Westy simply for the behind the back catch from a couple seasons ago.
  11. tattooedhusker

    Post-Practice Presser - April 10

    My wife has a she-boner over Coach too lol
  12. tattooedhusker

    Post-Practice Presser - April 10

    This was more along my lines of thinking as well
  13. tattooedhusker

    LJS - Most Intriguing Huskers 1-25

    I like that they've heard Gebbia is near 195lbs now
  14. tattooedhusker

    Pre-Spring Presser - March 14

    Maybe it's just me, or I'm just sunshine pumping, but...Can't you just sense the buy in, and general excitement of the players in these interviews?
  15. tattooedhusker

    Who starts at QB?

    My money is on Gebbia.