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  1. Hunter94

    Martinez for Heisman

  2. Hunter94

    2019 Spring Game - April 13 @ 1:00 CDT on BTN

    Frost wants him to play center........he must be the best fit we have.
  3. Hunter94

    Way Too Early 2019 Depth Chart

    running back will surely be by committee......but we need one go to guy back there......still very concerned. need Mills or Washington to make a splash......can't see Washington (even in the best scenario, legally) not getting at least a 3 game suspension...... asking a lot from a true freshman, it's a rare breed that makes a big impact.
  4. Hunter94

    Way Too Early 2019 Depth Chart

    the RB room is the most confusing part of them all......lots of variables, scary.
  5. Hunter94

    The Running Back Room

    the RB room seems to have a revolving door?? Mo is batting in court Mills is battling with grades/credits and one inbound freshman has had surgery on both knees. and the guys on hand are maybe average... not good
  6. Hunter94

    Spring Practice Notes

    makes me wonder.......is the D that good or is the O a bit behind?
  7. Hunter94

    Spring Practice Pressers

    good plan, sounds like he is big on rotation?
  8. Hunter94

    Hank Bounds Stepping Down

    i guess more to come. makes me wonder.
  9. Hunter94

    Taj Griffin

    sounds like Griffin is a bit of an unknown.....a diamond or a lump of coal.....or insurance with some experience?
  10. Hunter94

    Huskers And The 2019 NFL Draft

    Patriots seem to like Nebraska kids.......
  11. Hunter94

    Discontent in the AD?

    so true.......yawn.
  12. Hunter94

    Taj Griffin

    nothing ventured, nothing gained.
  13. Hunter94

    Changes on offense 2019

    wondering if there might still be some talented transfer guys hanging out? especially receivers? i know there was talk of saving a spot if one came available?
  14. Hunter94

    Changes on offense 2019

    Frost is looking more comfortable.........he is aware of what positions are weak and he will adjust. we really need some wide outs and a great TE.
  15. Hunter94

    Changes on offense 2019

    agree, there is no Morgan like receiver on the horizon.......JD is it.........Warner is a possession guy at best.......Wan Dale will be heavily used out of the slot.