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  1. Hunter94

    Holy $#@& Phil Steele

    anyone have a list of 4-8 programs that finished 10-2 the following year........or better........? just wondering how common the phenomena might be?
  2. Hunter94

    Holy $#@& Phil Steele

    not only did we have less talent back then, we got out coached a lot too!
  3. Hunter94

    Get with The Program

    marketing, nothing revolutionary here........boot camp basics.......yawn.
  4. great thoughts..........where do we draw the new line?
  5. Hunter94

    Mo wash cited for drug paraphernalia

    this should be interesting to say the least....punishment ahead of a charge seems punitive? what if he is cleared of wrong doing?...........just sayin, this could be a tough call.
  6. Hunter94

    Mo wash cited for drug paraphernalia

    if all this is pushed back and forever pending, wonder how Frost and the school will view his eligibility?
  7. Hunter94

    College Football Is Weird - Example #872

    stats of all kinds out there.......too often distorted and meaningless.
  8. this keeps up and we lose more recruits to Colorado!
  9. wow..........kids keep smoking in their dorm rooms and expect never to be caught.......damn guys, come on, wake up! take it off campus!
  10. #8??? really??????????
  11. Hunter94

    CJ Smith Enters Transfer Portal

    yes, it is now all about playing time for the recruits.........loyalty and playing for the team are not concepts readily important to the kids now.
  12. Hunter94

    Pass Rush... Who's "The Guy"

    we have no natural pass rusher......we will need to develop one.
  13. Hunter94

    Mo wash cited for drug paraphernalia

    making his punishment conditional on performance is ludicrous!
  14. Hunter94

    Mo wash cited for drug paraphernalia

    exactly..........his lack of judgement and taking up a roster space, while needing a round the clock baby sitter........i don't think Frost wants this in the team identity and culture. if it is allowed, it opens up the door to bad behavior from everyone else......nip it in the bud now or it will continue. if he does not kick Mo off the team, then his words ring hollow. it's not about the weed, it's about poor judgement and disrespect.