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  1. This is the best news I've had since I took back those detonators that McClain stole from me.
  2. I actually saw this kid play once in the season opener last year. Honestly, I don't remember him sticking out. That isn't a knock or indictment of him though. They beat Aberdeen Central 35-0. Central is terrible. It was similar to the Holiday Bowl against Arizona in 2009. The thing that stuck out wasn't individual play, but how much better one defense was compared to the other team's offense. And he may have had a good game. I truly don't remember. I had no clue there were any D-I prospects there, so I wasn't looking at the game that way. I just quickly realized that Wa
  3. Does Frost and/or Verduzco and/or Martinez just not like tight ends? (Insert sex joke) Because it seems like they never throw to tight ends and haven't for years.
  4. I don't think Diaco is as bad of a D coordinator as some people make him out to be. He didn't have talent at Nebraska. I think the previous two years after Diaco have shown that Nebraska has a talent issue. But he isn't going to have talent at Purdue either.
  5. A few things. I remember reading that article a few years ago plus a few times Sports Illustrated has written about it too. I'm not an expert but this is my understanding of how this stuff works. 1) The head coach rarely has anything to do with this stuff and is shielded from it. It's plausible deniability. Just like in politics people shield presidents and senators from things. 2) A booster doesn't need any connection to the football program to pay a kid. All he needs to know is if a kid is in town on a visit (and he can easily find this out online now) and he can mag
  6. Where are all the new commits? I need someone else to commit to play football at Nebraska. The pace of getting a new guy every 10-12 hours got me addicted to recruiting. Now, I'm going through withdrawals.
  7. I know absolutely nothing about this kid but I wish Nebraska got him just because his name is sweet. I will never look at a picture of him to ruin the image I have in my head. I hope he has a shaved head, no mustache or goatee, and has the most awesome side burns.
  8. All I know is we're all going to be really disappointed on Wednesday night or Thursday morning when Nebraska stops this new-recruit-commits-every-11-hours pace.
  9. I don't remember how to post GIFs, so run/IceCubeTodayWasAGoodDay/execute. (I also don't know how to program or code either, but thankfully Nebraska knows how to recruit.)
  10. Haha. Good times. https://images.app.goo.gl/sB7NZEAFiM16FFRV7 Apparently I don't remember how to post GIFs.
  11. I can get behind the Stormtrooper all whites. I do think they look slick. I've never liked red on red though. Too much red on a uniform looks bad, which is why I'm guessing someone designed Nebraska's uniforms the way they did decades ago.
  12. True, but the same can be said with Nebraska over the past few years getting pounded by Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa. We all think Nebraska will be better long term over Arkansas but he might not.
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