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  1. Hans Gruber


    Anybody that year would have been throttled by Miami in the Rose Bowl. I think Florida and Oklahoma we're the only two teams in the country that may have kept things close. Florida because Spurrier was still there and the Gators we're also pretty loaded. They still would have lost by two or more touchdowns. Oklahoma because the Sooners had such a good defense, conceivably, they could have held Miami to 17 or 20 points. But the Oklahoma offense would have struggled to get to six points against that Canes team.
  2. I don't like the pods idea. However, if we were going to do it, I'd be ok if the Big 10 kicked out Rutgers, and somehow added Oklahoma, Texas and Missouri. I hate Texas and don't trust them, but I'd be ok with it if the other two came also. And I have no interest in the Big 10 adding Kansas. They already have Rutgers, what do they need another one for?
  3. Hans Gruber

    WR Wandale Robinson [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    I agreed with your post as a whole, but this is easily the most important part. Unfortunately, too many people forget this. I can't speak for all of us, but I think it's safe to assume that most of us were at least a little dumb (whether occasionally or constantly) when we were 16, 17 or 18. IT's even worse when adult do it.
  4. Hans Gruber

    WR Wandale Robinson [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    Agreed. It's a bigger problem for me when I'm watching games. I always assume ever flag is on Nebraska, every opponent's deep pass will go to a wide open receiver, every Nebraska deep pass will be intercepted and that every time an opponent has 3rd and long it will be converted for a 1st down. Maybe I'm just pessimistic while I watch games, but the last 15-20 years has colored my negative thoughts. Weirdly though, I'm usually pretty positive during the week.
  5. Conspiracy theory: Meyer does not and has never had a cyst in his brain. He and Ohio State are using that as an out. He's obviously one of the best football coaches ever, but I'll never believe a word that comes out of his mouth.
  6. Hans Gruber

    Big announcement coming?

    Oh man, my inner eight-year old has come screaming to the surface. Make it a slide! No, a water slide! No, a water slide with tunnels and stuff! NO, A WATER SLIDE THAT USES SWEAT FROM PLAYERS THAT JUST GOT DONE WORKING OUT IN THE WEIGHT ROOM! IN THE BRAND NEW WEIGHT ROOM THEY BUILD!!!!! WHERE THEY WORK OUT BY BUILDING MORE WATER SLIDES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! /giggles uncontrollably Oh man, we're going to win so many national titles now
  7. Hans Gruber

    *** 2019 Recruiting ***

    No one asked me (and I'm a bit late to the party) but here are my thoughts/opinions on the tunnel walk for recruits. 1) Like most Nebraska fans, I love the tunnel walk. 2) I'm not sure it's all that important to most recruits. 3) I don't think the tunnel walk matters at all in big/close games with a good atmosphere. Like 2018 Michigan State, 2016 Oregon, 2015 Michigan State, 2014 Miami etc. The atmosphere for the entire game matters, not the bit before the game starts. 4) However, I do think the tunnel walk helps in bad games against vastly inferior teams like 2018 Bethune-Cookman, 2016 Fresno State, 2015 South Alabama, Illinois most years. In games like that when most fans in attendance expect it to be 45-6 at halftime, the tunnel walk is one of the few times everyone in the stadium is excited and into it. 5) Sure, ideally you'd want them to be there for the start of the game and the tunnel walk. I think that the one-on-one time that a player and his family get with coaches after a game is far more valuable though.
  8. Hans Gruber

    JUCO OT Keenan Walker

    Is that the Independence JUCO in Kansas? If it is, then that means he'll be on Last Chance U next season. ... And if it's a different Independence, then he probably won't be on it.
  9. Hans Gruber

    Obligatory "Is Iowa a Rival" Thread

    Is Iowa a rival to Nebraska? Kind of. It's getting there. Look, it's never going to perfect like Oklahoma was. We just need to accept that Nebraska will never have another Oklahoma again. I can come up with a scenario that essentially would make the two full-blooded rivals for the next decade. It will only to take two games over the next year and one week. 2018 game next week: Nebraska comes out and pummels Iowa like they did to Colorado in 2005. Nebraska scores late, goes for two and gets it. Nebraska beats Iowa in Iowa City 46-14. Most Nebraska fans mock Iowa after the thrashing and say Iowa may never beat Nebraska again. 2019 game in a year and one week: Nebraska enters at 9-2 and ranked around the top 10. Iowa enters at 7-4 enduring a standard Kirk Ferentz ho-hum year. Nebraska would clinch the west division with a win. They don't win though. Iowa rolls into Lincoln and stuns Nebraska 24-20 after the Hawkeye D has a goal line stand in the final minutes to preserve the win. Iowa fans mock Nebraska about how they failed to win the division again and that they never will again. This scenario makes Iowa the biggest rival for most Nebraska fans for the immediate future. Not forever. but for at least a while. And the more games like the two above and the further entrenched they become as rivals.
  10. /channeling my inner J.R. voice "Oh my God! Harbaugh is turning on Frost! He just nailed him with a steel chair! Frost is done for. He just got his head split in half!" /Harbaugh attempts to pin Frost, but Frost kicks out at 2 "By God! Frost kicked out! He kicked out! That's instinct! He's just going on instinct right now!" /the Michigan State fight song plays "Wait a minute. No, it can't be! That's Mark Dantonio's music! The only man that hates Harbaugh more than Frost right now!" /Dantonio nails Harbaugh with a chair shot as Frost stumbles to his feet "Oh God! That sickening thud of a steel chair shot to the head! And Frost has Harbaugh in his cross hairs now!" /Frost sizes up Harbaugh as Jim slowly rises to his feet, then Frost hits the spear "By God! Frost just split him in half! It's elementary now!" /Frost pins Harbaugh for the three count "Frost wins! Frost wins! Harbaugh's plan backfired horrendously! Now he's made an enemy for life. We'll see if he continues to attack each day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind now. And I don't know if this unholy alliance between Dantonio and Frost will last, but for at least one night, they gave Harbaugh what he deserved."
  11. I went with Frost now and Pat Fitzgerald in his prime. I think Frost and Fitz are head and shoulders above everyone else right now. * I assume this is to the death, inside a steel cage at Wreslemania.
  12. I suppose you could do it. There would be a few logistical problems/hurdles to clear. 1) It wouldn't be an official NCAA game, so technically the NCAA could dole out punishments for competing in an unsanctioned game. 2) Since it isn't an official NCAA game, you'd need someone to pay for all the officials, chain gang, instant replay crew, etc. The tickets may pay for that, but ... 3) How many Nebraska fans would you expect to go? Because whatever number that is, that would be the total number for paid attendance. I don't think Florida State fans would go this year even if the tickets were free. They want to forget this year. 4) You'd have to convince both teams and staffs to do it. Nebraska may want to do it because they look much better now than in Sepetember. I doubt Florida State players would want to play. 5) Similar to point 1, any practices Nebraska had would be illegal since they won't be bowl eligible. Practicing could lead to minor sanctions. If the game was somehow allowed, neither team would be allowed to practice ahead of time. In all honesty though, I'd watch it if it somehow happened. Apologies if I sound like a wet blanket. It's an interesting idea.
  13. Hans Gruber


    I don't think so, but it definitely wouldn't help.
  14. Hans Gruber

    Nebraska vs. Michigan ..... in 1997

    Never mind. I see I'm the third person to bring up that half of Michigan's ranked wins weren't ranked by the end of the season. Brought to you by the Redundant School of Redundancy.
  15. I don't know if Arkansas-Pinebluff is LITERALLY the worst team in division 1 football, but if they aren't they appear to be pretty damn close. I also don't know if they have had any games cancelled, but they appear to really suck.